Axel and Lioness After Double Image

Lioness' POV

After all we'd been through these past few hours we all sat down.

"Richter cleared all of us including my Dad it was cool to think even for a little while he might still be alive." Said Axel and I put my hand on his shoulder for comfort.

"Sometimes the truth isn't all it's cracked up to be." Said Shark showing…

"WOOFY!" called Hawk.

"Those are this week's underwear!" snapped King as he and Hawk began to chase Shark.

"Give it back Herbert!" demanded Hawk me and Axel looked at each other and started laughing when we finally stopped laughing I spoke to Axel.

"Axel you had me worried when you disappeared and hardly spoke to us." I told him.

"Sorry I had my Dad was seen and I wanted to see if it was true." Explained Axel and I put an arm around him.

"Richter should know one thing about you your hatred for Paine out ways working for Paine." I said. "And I'd wear high heels if you ever worked for Paine."

"Really?" questioned Axel.

"No sorry bad literal thing so you know I never believed the rubbish Richter came up with you working for Paine." I Said.

"I believe you and I thank you for it." Smiled Axel.

"You're welcome." I said and hugged Axel. "And I personally think your Dad would be proud of you for trying and you will stop Paine."

"I'm glad someone believes in my Dad being proud of me." Axel smiled.

"Friends make you stronger remember?" I smiled and kissed Axel on the cheek.

"Thanks for the reminder." Smiled Axel and then we saw Hawk, King and Shark still chasing each other and we began laughing again.

The End