Chapter 4 'A Day In The Life'

Quick question: Who else types on a keyboard like a typewriter? As in, by tapping keys with your index finger and thumb. I know about the other style, which is 'touch typing'. I never learned that. As I don't really have good motor skills- I can't tie my shoelaces, and touch typing is very confusing. My dad taught me to type like you're using a typewriter. The plus side is I don't make that many accidental typos. Yes it is embarrassing that I am 15 and I can't perform a simple task that 5 year olds can do. (Tying shoelaces)

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I decided to focus on the other characters, and what they do. I will write chapter 5 today, which will feature Ted. Also will edit chapter 2. Ted lives in an apartment. Anyways lets get on with it! (that aged well)

Enjoy or suffer.

It's a normal day for Corey. He has been painting a self portrait, it may not be as good as Phillip's paintings, but for a bird, he is very good. Corey is secretly very interested in the arts, be it film, theatre, painting/drawing, sculpture, books, music, etc. He keeps it a secret because he doesn't want to be known as a nerd bird. Yes, its irrational.

Corey has a fairly large portfolio, spanning 10 years. He started as a juvenile, painting abstract, messy pictures. He didn't care that it looked like total shit, he and his owners were proud of it, because an animal showing artistry is very rare. His skills improved over the years, he still paints abstract, and impressionistic artwork, but he also expanded his styles, painting portraits, still lifes, and landscapes.

Corey took a step back and admired his now finished painting.

''Beautiful.'', he said proudly, with a smile. He signed it and took it off the custom built easel. (Made specifically for him. Built by one of Phillip's friends, who runs a woodwork shop)

He placed the canvas in his pile for it to dry.

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I decided to announce that I have writers block in a chapter. I am not dead. I don't know why but I just can't write, I am so sorry for the 11 day wait so far. I won't continue this story, but I decided to at least upload this chapter. I may start writing soon, as I feel like I may be ready to start again. I have a few ideas, including a surprisingly original idea for a story, which I won't reveal yet. I'll start writing for chapter 4 of Too Ugly To Be Loved soon.

Again, I'm sorry for being gone for so long. Also I'm aware this story sucks, especially without the chatroom elements. Also the chapter names are in reference to song names from The Beatles. I don't listen to their songs though. I prefer King Crimson, Jimi Hendrix and System Of A Down.

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