Dancing, the earliest form of storytelling. From the waves of Hula in Hawaii to the tribal dancing of Native American villages. They'd even used dancing to cure the ill and the weak. This is Let's All Dance Until We're Sick, the newest dancing reality show competition. Broadcasted from Orlando Florida.

18 contestants will spend the next three months dancing in the moonlight. They'll compete against each other and be judged by the judges. Every few weeks, our judges will decide who will get sent down The Long and Winding Road. In the end, only one will with 10,000 dollars. To survive they'll battle and each other.

Who will Shimmy and Shake til the ankles breaks

Jump like a Pogo Stick and Dance Til We're Sick.

And Let's All Dance Until We're Sick.

Host: Cristian Brand.

Judges: The Backstreet Boys.

DJ: DJ Jalen

Theme of The Weeks

Beach Week, Monster Week, Hometown Week, Movie Week, Backstreet Week, 50s Week, International Week, Beatles Week, Cirque du Soleil Week, Backups Week, Nature Week, Fairytale Week, Superhero Week, Semifinals and Finals.



Emmanuel, "E-Wave" Abano (The Surfer)

Being from the waves Tahalassee is like totally riding it up. At 28, I've been teaching surfing to middle schoolers, but in my spare time, I do modern dancing and learn hula basics. Being on Let's All Dance Until We're Sick can like help get money for new surfboards.

Messiah Khan(The Broadway Star)

At 22, the theater has always been my passion. Before I came here, I was a big child star in New York City, staring in thousands of productions. After my growth spurt, I starred in thousands of commercials for Mr. Greganmeyer's Laundry Soap. Being on Let's All Dance Until we're sick, it will be my chance to shine again.

Kamila Rodriquez(The Tough Girl)

Coming from the tough streets of Sacramento, I was picked on for my accent, poor class, and natural dancing skills. My mom always told me that the stars can lead you to your destiny. Over the past year, I was working my but off at a karate studio. Now that I'm a 20-year-old dancer on LADUWS, I'll be able to heal my inner scars.

Matteo Mayes(The Dreamer)

Coming from the peaceful town of Lee Heights, Florida, being a 26-year-old bathing supplies shop crew person can be a bit of a challenge. I slew away in dancing in my new home and now I've finally got to display my yoga/modern dance skills on LADUWS.

Elliana Corcoran (The Swimsuit Model)

At 30 years old, being from the richest family Cabin Town, New Jersey isn't easy. There's partying, club dancing, modeling, and looking good. With the 10,000 dollars, I get to live more of the fancy lives and stop anyone who's prettier than mwa.

Lucille Hargrave(The Party Girl)

From the small little town of Angel Grove, California. I always love making new friends, even at 19. I love cheerleading, ballet, modern dance, and gymnastics. I worked at the local music shop as a singing coach and I've had some sort of issues to work out. Being on LADUWS, I'll finally get into the spirit of dancing.


Jax Franklyn and Millie David (The Ice Dancers)

31-year-old Jax Franklyn and 29-year-old Millie David is a second-generation African-American dancer. They both know each other since high school in Boston, Massachusetts. Starting out as miniature figure skaters, ranking up to Ice Capades performers, they decided to raise money for new ice skates for their fellow skaters on LADUWS.

Gabrielle Sun and Jorge Munoz(The Cruise Performers)

27-year-old Gabrielle Sun comes from a long line of Chinese fan dancers and 24-year-old Jorge Munoz is a Cuban American dance instructor. After eight years of being on the Getaway Anthem in Miami Florida, they decided to display what they learned from their experience on Let's All Dance Until We're Sick.

Kaia and Kaden Eccleston(The Twins)

29-year-olds Kaia and Kaden Eccleston loved hip hop and square. Being from an in Atlanta, they grew up in a household where they believe that anything is possible. Their parents taught them all they learned about dancing from Jazz to Swing. Not seeing each other since college, they decided to have a little family reunion on the show. Look out Brady Bunch, here comes the newest Marcia and Greg Brady.

Amira Mishra and Josue Ahmed(The Foreigners)

35-year-old Josue Ahmed and 30-year old Amira Mishra recently moved from Saudi Arabia to Cincinnati, Ohio. For a year, they worked their way as zookeepers at Cincinnati Zoo and contemporary dancers for their Zoo Zap Show. Being on Let's All Dance Until We're Sick, they get to display the importance of protecting endangered species.

Paislee Clemens and Remington Alan(The Movie Stars)

21-year-old Paislee Clements and 22-year-old Remington Alan are famous movie stars from Los Angeles, California. They starred in The Paw Pack, Dangly Knits, Red Chasm, and the soap opera Falcook Strand. Wanting another TV gig, they decided to go on Let's All Dance Until We're Sick.

Madilyn Arai and Emilio Sugimoto(The Rockers)

28-year-old Madilyn and 32-year-old Emilio are the guitarist and drummer for Las Vegas band Rockingside. When they're not performing on stage, they teach ballroom dancing to college students. After hearing from their bassist of the show, they decided to be on the show.

Backup Dancers

Faith Booth, Ginger Chirohiro, Nadine Lyndon, Jessie Gomez, Dorothy Hart, Blakely Hargrave, Ryker Renard, Braxton Triggs, Zion Wheeler, Matias Gallego, Lewis Hightower III, Vincenzo Guidi. (Note: Rebekah Cavey was supposed to be a backup dancer, but broke her leg while skateboarding to the set.)