At the Magic Kingdom, Kamila and Lucille were both nervous. They were in their separate dressing rooms getting ready for their final numbers.

Mama Rodriquez came up to her daughter and comforted her. "Miha." she said, "How's it going sweetheart?"

"Muy Bien Mama." replied Kamila, "I can't believe that this is my final dance."

"There's something about a girl like Lucille I like." Mama Rodriquez replied, "Always optimistic and making sure school music dept. gets a proper funding."

"Si." replied Kamila, "That chica sure knows how important going to school is."

Kaden and Blakely walked into Lucille's room, "Hey Lu." replied Kaden, "I know long distance relationships don't usually workout. But I have an Aunt living near Los Angeles whom I can work for."

"That's right," recalled Lucille, "'Aunt Talia' right."

"Of course." replied Kaden, "You're the most amazing girl I ever met and I hope you win."

"No matter who wins." Lucille advised, "We're all winners."

They both peck kissed, which warmed Blakely's heart, "Sis." she said, "No matter how much money you earn, we're giving it all to Angel Grove High's music dept."

Lucille promised her dad the money, but she wanted to spend half of it for someone else.


Later at the Magic Kingdom, the LADUWS finally was going on; only it was really an attempt for Lewis to become BIG again. "Ladies and gentlemen" announced Mr. Hightower, "I regret to inform you that LADUWS will not be performing anymore. Instead, please enjoy the pilot episode of The Lewis Hightower Show, featuring those loser dancers from LADUWS and my boy, "Lewis Hightower III"

From the blue and silver lights, Lewis Hightower III appeared in a Michael Jackson like outfit and the LADUWS dancers were annoyed and angry, so were everyone else.

Just as Lewis took the last step, lights came out and The Boys song Friends Never Say Goodbye started playing. Kamila, Lucille and The Griff Gals popped up and did some modern dancing. This was good new for the audience and the dancers, but bad news for Lewis.

"LADUWS has been saved," shouted Ariyah.

"There is No Let's All Dance Until We're Sick!" shouted Lewis.

"There is now" Faith shouted, "Ladies and Gentlemen The Backstreet Boys!"

All five boys popped out in elaborate outfits while singing Friends Never Say Goodbye. When Lewis stands in the middle, DJ Jalen activated the trap door, leaving behind his hat. After The Boys left for the judge podiums, everyone posed.

Before they could begin, Lewis and his father barged up to the stage, "This is an outrage" shouted Mr. Hightower, "This is my one change to let Lewis III be the star of Studio 25 again!"

"Oh yeah" replied Howie D, "What about the fact that you were once a boy band member of Howers Hope, The Hollybrook Boys, and Firebranch?"

"I remember going through those CDS when you tried to turn Young Explorers into a mini-studio" recalled Nick, "You were really traumatized by the names."

"Those guys are losers," shouted Lewis II, "They kicked my out because I was a stage hog!"

"A major stage hog" laughed A. J, "And check out this little footage of When Landlords Gloat!"

On the video footage, they showed Lewis II's meeting with Big G, "Listen old man" shouted Lewis II, "My dad gave you Studio 25 cause of your "Loyalty In Family" and your, "Belief In Discipline" plus you didn't get rid of The Backstreet Boys"

"They may be a nuisance" admitted Big G, "But they saved my family from falling apart and Studio 25 from shutting down."

"Once The Lewis Hightower Show airs tonight" shouted Lewis II, "I'm going to band every boy band in Orlando from my TV Studios so I won't bring up the rejection. If you tell anyone else, I'm going to give you a lashing of a life time."

Big G gulped and ran off.

After DJ Jalen showed the footage, everyone glared at the evil landlord and booed at him, "Father" shouted Lewis.

"I know," replied Mr. Hightower, "Run!"

Before Lewis and his father could escape, they got hit with hacky sacks.

Everyone glared at the father and son duo and arrested them for Fraud, Plagiarism, Sexism against girls, and many other things.

"What are we waiting for folks?" shouted Cristian, "Let's continue with LADUWS. To kick things off, we would like to see the Maniac On The Floor. Here's Kamila to her finale to the Michael Sembello song featuring Jessie, Nadine, and Faith."

Faith, Jessie, Nadine, and Faith came up and danced to it.

Confession Cam


She is one groovy chick. Kamila is so cool.


Totally gnarly, and being true to being a lesbian.


Quite the dancer.


Maybe she can guest star on The Anthem Getaway.


We're not rooting for any of them. Cristian said that this is an Audience's Vote.


Everyone voted whom they want to win before they sat down, even the kids helped by using light blue and pink crayons.



After they finished the dance, everyone cheered. "Okay Boys!" shouted Cristian, "What do you think of this dance?"

"A maniac in a good way," B-Rok started, "A drag run into the floor."

"The tempo of the song really rocks." continued Nick, "I've seen many maniacs on the floor before, but you one loco chica."

"Hard-working karate girl to Maniac" Howie continued, "Magnifico, Kammy."

"And your wearing a dark blue beanie" A. J continued, "Usually it's the teal beanie, but it's cool that you're picking up a new shade."

"And the dance feels like you're at an aerobics workout class." finished Kevin, "Way to go, Kamila."

"Before we go on to our final dance." Cristian announced, "We like to introduce a substitute dancer filling in Lewis' dance shoes. He is a gifted singing ninja and Dorothy's sweetie 'Westley Rollins'.

Westley came in wearing a contemporary dance outfit, Dorothy kicked off her shoes and they danced to The Boys' 'More Than That'. During their dance, everyone gazed at the lovely couple's routine. When they were done, everyone cheered.

"Now to finish our show." shouted Cristian, "Here's Lucille's finale dance to Irene Cera's What A Feeling, featuring Blakely, Dorothy, and Ginger."

Confession Cam


Lucille seems like a nice girl, deserves to win because of the importance of going to school.


Yeah, yeah she cares about education, but I really love her hair. She must've used a lot of Stiff Beauty hairspray. I boost my confidence every day with that product.


I never thought that she would be so nice to me. Go Lucille.


Pink is another shade of red. I'm rooting for her.


Lucille has a strong singing.


We're voting for her.


I'm glad that she and Kaden kissed on live TV.


That's my Lucille.


She has such curly hair and shiny blue eyes.


And knows how to use pink.

After Lucille finished her dance, Cristian announced, "Boys! What do you think of Lucille's dance?"

"You do have a feeling Lucille." started Nick, "Proving that education is important and giving your sister a chance to dance."

"And you really bring out Passions Happening." Howie continued.

"That outfit makes you feel like a million bucks Lucille." continued A. J.

"And those twirls are showing your Girly side." continued B-Rok.

"And the way you make it look like a dance audition." finished Kevin, "Beautiful Lucille."

Suddenly, it was time for the audience's vote on who should win. Within one minute, they casted their votes. "Now it's time to announce the winner of LADUWS," shouted Cristian Brand as he opened the letter, "Lucille Hargrave."

Everyone cheered for Lucille. The Disney Princesses came up to her and gave her The Tiara of Dancing, which wasn't part of the show and the check. When Blakely smiled to her big sister, they knew they saved Angel Grove High's music dept. "I'm not sharing the money alone" Lucille explained, "I'm giving half of it towards my best friend, Kamila, which will cover a new life for her and her mom outside the city.

With tears of joy in her face, Kamila hugged her best friend and thanked her for saving her from scars.

"I would like all of you to meet the TRUE creator of Let's All Dance Until We're Sick, ' Jayson Quick', former of Wild Boogie Garden host and my dancing mentor."

"Thank you, child." commented Jayson, "I created Let's All Dance Until We're Sick because recently I've been coming down with terminal cancer. I don't know how much time I have left, but I'm staying strong. Every life is precious and shouldn't be wasted. I'm glad that The Backstreet Boys came and livened my show up."

The Boys smiled at Jayson's speech.

"You see it here, folks.," shouted Cristian, "Let's All Dance Until We're Sick being the Best Dance Show Ever thanks to Backstreet Power! Not to mention the friendship between two different girls from California! Once with a spicy look and a karate chop and one with curls and cuteness! Here we are, 'Let's All Dance Until We're Sick!"

The End.