Previously on Let's All Dance Until We're Sick

18 patrons, six pairs and six duos come all the way to Orlando, Florida to compete on the first ever Let's All Dance Until We're Sick. With a little help from The Backstreet Boys, they'll be able to shimmy and shake til their ankles break. It was Beach Week and no one got voted off. But in this episode, someone will take The Long And Winding Road.


Matteo's score 40.7

Lucille's score- 49

Amira and Josue's score - 41.5

E-Waves score- 39.3

Elliana's score- 29.9

Gabrielle and Jorge's score- 37.7

Jax and Millie's score- 38.7

Kaia and Kaden's score- 42.4

Madilyn and Emilio- 42.7

Paislee and Remington's score- 38.7

Kamila's score- 46.5

Messiah's score- 42.2


It was a bright and sunny morning and Matteo was doing some morning yoga when Jax and Millie came in. "Hey, Matteo" greeted Millie, "You going to join the others for breakfast?"

"I'll be there in a minute Cool Chick," responded Matteo, "Now I need to handle my ninja pose."

"Yoga is similar to ice skating," recalled Jax, "Remember when I took those lessons, Mil?"

"I remember," replied Millie, "You had such flexible legs."

On their way back, Jax and Millie could see Elliana practicing her modeling poses, "Elliana" said Millie sternly, "You know Cristian won't allow it if you use a coffee table as a modeling stand."

"Just one more pose" replied Elliana, "And this is one where I kiss Jaxxy."

"It's, 'Jax'" corrected Jax.

"Whatever" replied Elliana.

Jax and Millie were petrified because Elliana was being too clingy.

Confession Cam


Elliana doesn't respect privacy at all man. Millie told me that she auditioned for Genuine Planet: At Sea and got rejected for her dreadful and nasally voice.


I'm telling you, Elliana has been wooing every straight guy here. Her nose could tell if someone is gay or not.


Elliana even once did a little Psycho-Killer routine to me by adding strawberry shampoo in my hair. I hate the taste and smell of strawberries. That's more of Kaia's scent and I'm more of a blueberry.

Later at Studio 25, Cristian welcomed The Dancers and had an announcement, "For this week" Cristian explained, "You will be dancing to songs from the 1950s, a time of Elvis, poodle skirts, and malt shops.

Confession Cam


The Fifties, PLEASE, we would look like dolls and I don't mean voodoo dolls.


I can't believe that we get to do Hand Jives, Twists, and Madisons, just like in Grease


Millie and I were Rizzo and Danny on Grease On Ice, for kids

"Millie and Jax will do a jazz dance, Kamila will do a rock and roll, Amira and Josue are going to do a cha-cha, Lucille will do a jitterbug, E-Wave will do a boogie woogie, Matteo will do chapylso, Kaia and Kaden are going to do a charleston, Elliana will do a stroll, Paislee and Remington will do a contemporary, Gabrielle and Jorge will do a salsa, Madilyn and Emilio will do a jive, and Messiah will do a tap." explained Cristian.

At a studio, Howie D was teaching Lucille, Kaia, Kaden Millie, and Jax a little hand jive. In order to prevent Jax and Millie from cheating about their idea, he sent Millie and Jax outside for a few minutes. Kaden looked and Lucille and blushed, much to the joy of his twin sister.

Confession Cam


It's not fair; Howie gets to kick us out of the dance studio just so he can talk to Lucille. I thought he was, 'The Nice One' of The Backstreet Boys'. I can't believe I wasted all my money on their Into The Millennium concert stop at the FleetCenter.


Millie can be a bit hotheaded sometimes. Plus she hates it when her ice-skating dresses get ruined.

Howie D explained to Lucille that he only kicked them out so they won't steal ideas from her. Lucille was relieved because copyright infringement is illegal. "Looks like they won't get any dessert," joked Lucille.

"Now Luce" Howie D replied, "I've been assigned to be yours, Kaia's Kaden's Jax, and Millie's choreographer for the season. Now tell me what you're going to do for your dance?"

"I'm going to be a beautiful butterfly" explained Lucille, "Cristian did say I was going to do a jitterbug and last week, Lewis told me to stop, 'bugging him' after I touched his lucky scarf.


It was an adorable scarf. Like the ones from a men's clothing store on Rodeo Drive.


I'm starting to develop a huge crush on Lucille. They way she becomes optimistic and gives people hugs, I love a girl who knows how to make friends and reminds us not to jump to conclusions.


It's our fault we judged Kamila for being rebellious, but I never knew she had a thing for astronomy and family, like us. Mom and Dad use to take us stargazing as kids. I'm glad Cristian got us that telescope for an activity.

Madilyn, Emilio and Kamila were with A. J doing their chorography when Emilio purposefully tripped Kamila, "Hey" "That was no Accidente villano!"

"Come on" laughed Emilio, "Your such a lame-o Kamila!"

"Yeah" agreed Madilyn, "Your not fit for dancing."

A. J was so annoyed by their insults, he took Kamila outside and to the cafeteria where no one could hear them, "Kamila" A. J said, "I know this is difficult, but you shouldn't let those two bullies get to you."

Confession Cam


It's true, Mad and I ARE bullies. We use to steal kids lunch money and stuff dorks into lockers. The good old days.


Kamila is such a weakling, I mean growing up in the poor streets of California, LAME!"

"So Kam" A. J said to Kamila, "What are you going to do for Rockin Robin?"

Knowing that A. J trusts her, Kamila decided to confess what she's going to do, "I'm going to do a house-wife adrenaline makeover" Kamila explained, "To symbolize more women working outside the home. My dad left my mom before I was born, but it doesn't stop her from working to raise me."

"I know what you mean about growing up without a dad." A. J agreed.


Kevin was choreographing Gabrielle, Jorge, and Messiah when Messiah started to sweat. Gabrielle and Jorge laughed because Messiah was sweating again. "Messiah," said Kevin, "You need this sweat, it's for the show."

"It's repulsive" Messiah replied angrily, "And I feel like something from a Richard Simmons commercial."

"Come on" Jorge chuckled, "Gabrielle and I always dealt with sweat on our cruise shows. You got a mellow out."

"I don't mellow out with a bunch of modern-day titanic show-offs." insulted Messiah.

Little did they know is that Lewis heard the whole thing from outside.

Confession Cam


Messiah and I have been getting along find. We both love stealing the spotlight and we love show business. I don't know about him hitting on girls, but he's okay by me.

After Messiah left to get hydrated, Gabrielle and Jorge explained to Kevin that they're going to do homage to I Love Lucy, which is their favorite interracial sitcom. Kevin was delighted because I Love Lucy was one of the earliest interracial romances on TV. Also, Desi and Lucille are married in real life.


B-Rok was choreographing E-Wave, Amira, and Josue. While they were working on some dance moves, E-Wave did a surfing routine in homage to Hawaii's foundation in the 50s.

Confession Cam


I've never seen anyone did a rock and roll/surfing fusion dance before. I had a co-worker who took surfing lessons as a teenager.

"Gnarly" commented B-Rok, "You sure got some radical waves E-Wave."

"Righteous, B-Rok!" responded E-Wave.

In a corner, B-Rok suggested to E-Wave that he should do a Hawaiian-themed dance. Afterwards, E-Wave left to check on Matteo. Once he closed the door, Amira and Josue told B-Rok that they're going to do their song 'Shape Of My Heart' much to his delight.


After a little dance rehearsal with Elliana, Paislee, Remington, and Matteo., Nick came in with a large bag of fan mail. He explained to the four dancers that they've been getting a ton of this since last week. While looking for the perfect fan mail, Elliana and Paislee staired at Nick lovingly.

Confession Cam


Dorothy may have a crush on Nicky, but I'm older than her and I get to do what I want.


Nick Carter is such a cutie pie. I remember seeing him at the Kids Choice Awards 2001, where he tossed his jacket towards the audience, it was passionate.

As he placed on his glasses, Nick started to read the letter, "Constanza from San Francisco writes-" he said as he adjusted his glasses.

Dear Elliana, how does it feel to be pretty?

After Elliana grabbed the letter and kissed him on the cheek, she writes back.

Constanza, in order to be pretty you must have a million bucks and look swell in purple.

This was pleasing for Elliana, Paislee and Remington, but terrible for the other two, because looks aren't everything.

Confession Cam


I have a younger sister living in Denver. She was teased for being obese but she doesn't care. She prefers to be fat. That's what I told Jamir from Oklahoma City about being an overweight dancer.

"Now here's what Oaklynn from Wichita, Kansas" Nick said as he gave it to Paislee and Remington.

Paislee and Remington, I saw you on TV and again and I can't believe that you two get to dance with The Backstreet Boys. I'm so jealous.

Thinking with devious looks, Paislee and Remington decided to write back.

You should be Oaklynn, now mind your own business!

After writing letters to Deborah from Portland Oregon and Tomas form Casper Wyoming. Nick decided that he should talk to Matteo about on what to do for his next dance, "If it's okay with you" Matteo explained as he kicked off his sandals, "I'm going to most of my dance numbers in bare feet and in slow tempo music. I already picked out Banana Boat by Harry Belafonte, he's my favorite singer of all time."

Nick remembered that Matteo is the non-violent type. To make sure that he doesn't go wild, Nick decided to let him dance to slow-tempo music.