Previously on Let's All Dance Until We're Sick,

The 18 competitors bopped and hopped during 50s week. We looked at footage of the Orlando Ice Cream Festival and Miami's National Smile In the end, it was Millie's temper that got her and Jax voted out and take the Long And Winding Road. Who will be the next one voted off on Let's All Dance Until We're Sick.

Kaia and Kaden's score- 96.6

Messiah's score- 92.9

Lucille's score- 91.4.

Paislee and Remington's score- 88.2

Matteo's score 87.2

Madilyn and Emilio- 85.6

Gabrielle and Jorge's score- 83.8

Kamila's score- 81.4

Amira and Josue's score - 81.1

E-Waves score- 78.9,

Elliana's score- 54.6


In the Studio 25 greenroom, the remaining contestants were chatting and enjoying themselves. Elliana was brushing her hair, Amira and Josue were reading a poetry book, Matteo and Lucille were playing Goody Land, Messiah was doing a jigsaw puzzle, Kaia and Kaden were reading the latest Tween Bleep magazine, Paislee and Remington were doing celebrity crosswords, Madilyn, Emilio, Gabrielle and Jorge were playing Immortal Wombat on the Nintendo 64, Kamila and E-Wave were learning origami through the book Origami For Morons. As Matteo was finishing his turn, he spots E-Wave and blushes. Looking through the hippie's eyes, Lucille could tell he loves E-Wave.


Matteo staring at E-Wave can mean one thing, he's gay. I just love it when I meet a gay or lesbian. They all have rainbows.

As Matteo was about to profess his feelings to E-Wave, Cristian came in with exciting news, "It's Monster Week" he announced "That means we get to have blinding thrills and chills. Also, we get brought a Rainbow Swirl singer, can anyone guess who?"

Everyone was confused, because they couldn't figure out on whom Cristian brought. In his bag, Cristian got out a bunch of clues, which were a prop banana, a microphone, a miniature Statue of Liberty. Looking closely, Gabrielle and Jorge guessed, 'Vivian Sweet' who is the lead singer of the band, and they were right.

By the door, a red-haired girl in yellow came in and in her hands was 12 white cloths. "Remember what Cristian said about a 'blinding surprise'?" she asked as she blindfolded Matteo, "Easy, Freaky Friend" replied Matteo, "My eyes are delicate."

The contestants were blindfolded and were guided by the Backstreet Boys, Cristian and Vivian, "Is there a surprise going on, " asked Lucille, "I like surprises."

"Te gusta todo, Lucille" groaned Kamila, "Except schemes in crime, music being boring, and seeing people sad."

"I know" Lucille admitted.


Why does Lucille have to be so optimistic?


A few minutes later, The Contestants removed their blindfolds and saw that they're in a replica of the Backstreet's Back music video set. Unlike the original, this one was blue. "This is my kind of color, man" E-Wave commented.

"Dude" smiled Emilio, "Now this is a haunted castle."

"You can say that again" Madilyn replied.

As they were looking around, Kamila looked at a werewolf panting with a pink moon, much to her disgust. Just as she was about to leave, the set turned and she was gone. Unfortunately, nobody noticed. "Okay now" announced Vivian, "The reason why i'm here is that my latest song, 'Banished By Scare' there's a scary knight going around the set and be sure to find him before all you get captured."

Everyone was scared about the challenge, except for Emilio and Madilyn.


Oh come on, we've delt with scary things before.


Yeah, and there's nothing scary about neither a haunted house nor a reenactment of Backstreet's Back.

In the replica of B-Rok's werewolf room, Gabrielle and Jorge could see that the carvings on the bed had a familiar symbol, "These are Chinese symbols" Gabrielle explained, "Coming from a Chinese-American family, and I know these things."

"Wanna know which dragon I can think of?" asked Jorge, "Lewis, at the flea market he laughed at me for wearing a jester hat."

A while back, Gabrielle and Jorge were going around the flea market looking for accessories to wear for their shows and to give to the needy. While at a costume stand, Jorge found a jester hat. As he put it on, Lewis spotted and laughed at him. He was there because he wanted to upstage The Boys. Instead of getting in a fight, they just left and headed for another stand.


In a control room, Lewis was wearing a dragon costume and imitating like a real one, "Roar. Roar. Roar." Lewis moaned as he took off his dragon mask, "Why can't I be the knight?"

"Because your not a 'knight in shining armor'" answered Cristian.


I've known Gabrielle for a log time since we started becoming coworkers.


Hey, my cousin, 'Jiang Hu' gave me an opening on the Getaway Anthem where they were in need of a dance instructor. Jiang Hu also worked their as a Mandarin/English linguist. Jorge was also a Spanish/English linguist there.

As Gabrielle and Jorge were looking around, they spotted a mysterious knight coming in. Not wanting to get captured, Gabrielle and Jorge danced their way out. Just as they got to the door, a trapped door activated.


In the replica of Howie D's vampire room, Matteo, Amira, and Josue, "These coffins look beautiful" commented Amira, "I remember my father building coffins for a living."

"Yeah" Josue replied, "Including for a couple of stray dogs back in our homeland.

"Easy, Dude and Dudette" replied Matteo calmly, "Hearing the words of darkness is brutal."

In a distance, Josue could see the mysterious knight observing them. Very stealthily, they followed the mysterious knight until they stopped by a secret bookcase, leading to a hideaway.


In the replica of Kevin's laboratory, Messiah, Remington, and Paislee were confused on the fake chemicals. "Why did we have to pick the Jekyll and Hyde room?" Paislee groaned.

"Because Cristian assigned us to them." answered Messiah as he looked at Paislee in a flirtatious gaze, "You know, you can be my 'Emma Carew' if you want."

"Dream on, Showboy" answered Paislee.

Just then, Paislee pressed her heels onto a different floor. It was a little odd, because the tile of the floor was a bit hollower than the others. Once she pressed it again, she revealed a secret passageway, "If I remember anything from my civil war movie, 'Live in the Past'" she said, "It's that some people built passageway for slaves to hide from union soldiers."

Wondering where it leads, they decided to follow it.

But little did they know, is that the mysterious knight was spying on them.


Paislee played the role of the slavemaster's daughter, who fells in love with the leading man.


Those kisses were as beautiful as the time I kissed Leo DiCaprio.

In the replica of A. J's banquet, Lucille, Elliana, Kaia, and Kaden were going around looking around for a key. Kaia and Kaden remembered taking a haunted house challenge one Halloween and that they had to find a key in one of the fake foods. "I'm not touching the fake foods" groaned Elliana, "What if it's actually real?"

"Come on now" replied Lucille, "You didn't want to get your nails ruined."

Angered by Lucille's cheerful behavior, she barged through and tore up the fake foods. After she tore a fake cake, a key fell out. "Wait to go, Elliana" cheered Kaia.

"Yeah" cheered Lucille, "You are so smart."

"I did pass my sewing and acting classes" Elliana bragged, "Too bad I got kicked out of the spring musicals for my nasally voice."

Looking around, they couldn't find any keyholes. Thinking hard, Kaia figured that it wasn't a keyhole, but a carving. As she found a carving of the key by the back of The Phantom's Chair, a slide popped up. "Ooh" Lucille said, "A slide like on the playground."

"Hargrave" growled Elliana, "Your too old for playgrounds."

"Not unless you join children's activities during your summers in Angel Grove" replied Lucille as she jumped onto the slide.

With a regretful look on her face, Elliana joined in. Then Kaia and Kaden jumped on and rode the slide.


After I started middle school, I was feeling a bit disappointed because I was going to miss recess and Fairytale Time, which was a monthly program for kids at Angel Grove Elementary. The principal at Angel Grove Middle School at the time knew how I felt about change, so he let me join a summer's children programs so I can be a kid at heart.

At the end of the slide, they realized that they were in a dark room, Kaden was looking around with a worried face, "Oh no" he murmured, "It's very dark."

"Your still scared of the dark, aren't you Bro" Kaia teased.

"Sis" replied Kaden, "This is the first time I've gone without a nightlight, it's totally different from home."

"What is wrong with you" hissed Elliana, "I had cousins who outgrow being scared of the dark by the time their 10. Another thing that's really scary is Kamila's temper."

Hearing this, Lucille was starting to worry about Kamila. So, she decided to look around for her.


In the replica of Nick's burial chamber, E-Wave, Madilyn, and Emilio were searching for the knight when they spotted a replica of Nick's mummy chamber. "Dudes" E-Wave said, "When are we like totally going to start rescuing Madilyn from the spooky knight."

"In my mind" Madilyn explained, "There's no such thing as a 'damsel in distress'."


I am a tomboy, which means no frilly dresses, glitter, and bows.

When they got close to the sarcophagus, the knight came up. E-Wave was scared at first, but Emilio and Madilyn decided to take them down, their way. As the knight was barging up to them, Madilyn and Emilio spun around and pushed him into a giant pot. E-Wave thought it was a bit rude, so he decided to help the knight out. And just to their surprise, they saw that the knight turned out to be Vincenzo.


Usually knights in shinning armor are strong and handsome. I'm just weak and timid. So, Cristian suggested I could get the feeling of being a knight in his little game for the dancers to do to get ready for Monster Week.

"Vicenzo" asked E-Wave, "Like that was crazy."

"I know" Vincenzo replied, "Luckily, my experience at Club Obsidian taught me to be myself when it comes to impressing people."

"I was quite nerdy as a child" explained Remington "Glasses, braces, sweaters."

E-Wave was happy on Vincenzo's words of wisdom, but Madilyn and Emilio were annoyed. "Congratulations" shouted Cristian from behind dressed as Sherlock Holmes.

From behind them The Boys came out dressed as dark angels while Vivian came in dressed as Cleopatra.


Seriously, seeing The Backstreet Boys dressed as dark angels. Usually their goody-two shoes.


Vivian looks like a rejected Elizabeth Taylor from her movie, Cleopatra.

"Congrats on figuring out the identity of the mysterious knight" commented Cristian, "As a bonus you two get to join Vivian on a vocal lesson."

"Right on" E-Wave replied, "I've been wanting to sing Surfin Safari for when we have karaoke."

"You know" replied Emilio, "We could learn how to sing softly, cause parents have been complaining about their kids hearing the words we say in our songs."

Not wanting to get in trouble with parents, Emilio and Madilyn decided to take the reward.


At the mansion, Lucille, Kaia, Kaden, and Amira were going through a reptile book for fun, "Aren't lizards cute?" Kaia asked.

"Let's not forget their distant cousins the chameleon" replied Amira.

After they turned the page to a lizard, Kaden pressed down onto Lucilles hand. Lucille and Kaden looked at each other and blushed, "So" said Lucille, "Have you wondered what the other are going to dance to?"

"If I know from Vincenzo" recalled Kaden, "Messiah got Jazz, Madilyn and Emilio chose Hip Hop Paislee and Remington got waltz, you got contemporary, Amira and Josue got ballet, Gabrielle and Jorge got Tap, E-Wave got hip hop, Elliana got jazz, Matteo got contemporary, Kamila got contemporary, and Messiah got hip hop, and Kaia and I got samba."

Lucille wishes them a congratulations and heads off to check on her ramen noodles.

To Be Continued . . .

Note: The secret passageway and the line, 'If I remember anything from my civil war movie, 'Live in the Past'" she said, "It's that some people built passageway for slaves to hide from union soldiers.' is a nod to Scooby Doo on Zombie Island. Also, the finding of the key in the fake key is homage to the Total Drama episode: Monster Mash, where Owen found the key in one of the fake foods and mistook it for a speed-eating contest.