It's Showtime!

The audience was booming like crazy. Onstage, Cristian presented the show, "It's Monster Week on LADUWS" shouted Cristian, "And to kick things off, we have Messiah, Faith, Ginger, Nadine, Jessie, and Dorothy performing Everybody!"

Onstage, Messiah came out as Dr. Frankenstein, while his backup dancers came out as monsters. Faith was a were-cat, Ginger was a vampire, Nadine was Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Jessie was The Phantom Of The Opera, and Dorothy was a mummy.


I chose Dr. Frankenstein because I was one of the peasants in the play. I mean, why can't they give me a larger role.


My friends and I dressed up like the Boys we were close to. B-Rok is cool and all; it's like having a one on one coach time.


Nick Carter, he is such a dreamboat!


Kevin and I are cool together; he'd even showed Holden the wonders of Kentucky. The only thing my little brother could thing about Kentucky is the fried chicken, which is one of his favorite foods.


Howie D is like the brother I'd never had. I have an older sister though, but she always bullies me for no apparent reason and makes fun of me at Club Obsidian.


A. J is like a Danny Zuko in the real world.

After ending the dance with a Giani Guidi dance called, 'The Buffet' Cristian came onstage, "Let's here what the boys say about Messiah's performance" shouted Cristian.

"Picking our song, "Everybody"" Nick said, "It's like going five years back in 1997. To me, that's an 8.1"

"Messiah's Doctor Frankenstein is great", Howie D, "But your timing could use a little adjustments. I'm giving it a 6.5"

"Dressing like Dr. Frankenstein and the backup dancers dressing like our monster counterparts," A. J said, "Definitely a way to bring Young Frankenstein to Broadway and showing of how we would look if we were female. So that's a 9.0"

"I was a child star on Broadway" Messiah bragged.

"Seeing you girls with your jazz squares an our Backstreet Back dance combined," B-Rok said, "That's a major combo. Also, Faith dressing like a werecat does diversify the dance. I would take it as a 7.7. Also, surprising us with The Buffet, a Giani Guidi dance was fascinating."

"All of you working together to pull a surprise dance from the early 60s," Kevin said, "I'm going for a 8.8."

"And now" shouted Cristian, "Let's here from our guest judge: Vivian Sweet"

"Starting off with a reenactment of Frankenstein with five other monsters, recalling an early 60s dance and changing the werewolf to a were cat" Vivian said, "A 10"

Combining the current score to the previous one, they got a 143 on the scoreboard.



"Before we continue any further," announced Cristian, "Let' give a warm welcome to our guest judge, 'Vivian Sweet' and her latest hit, 'Banished By Scare'.

Onstage, Vivian began to sing her new song, 'Banished By Scare'. Ryker accompanied her on guitar, while Lucille and Kamil came out in stunning gypsy clothes.

People say accidents are a scare

They are the things that should be aware aware

Plus sometimes it's considered a dare

I've Banished By Scare

They gave me a mean glare

It was the thing I couldn't bare

And it's a problem, I Swear

I've been Banished By Scare

After the song, everyone cheered for her new hit. "Thank you" shouted Vivian as she headed back to her seat.

Kamila headed back to change while Lucille stayed on stage, "Why do you have such lovely Gypsy clothes?" Cristian asked.

"Because my number has a gypsy stile" smiled Lucille.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Cristian announced, "Give it up for Lucille, Raquel and Rosalee and their contemporary dance to Come Little Children, from the movie Hocus Pocus.

Raquell and Rosalee came onstage wearing gypsy clothes.


Raquel and Rosalee are my little sisters, they really wanted to be in the show


We sound just like Wucy from I Wuv Wucy


We wemembew seeing Daddy watch videos of them and listening to the Weiwd Al song, 'Oh, Wicky'.


This is just like the time I played long lost identical twins, 'Adel' and 'Eliot' on the soap opera The Loved and the Loveless. I mean they had to keep the plot a secret from me until, I read the 'Stetson' was making out with Eliot on the balcony, only for Adel to pop out of nowhere and cried about her double, whom unknowingly is her twin sister, make out with her fiancé.

Once they finished the dance, Cristian came onstage, "Boys, Viv!" he announced, "What do you think of Lucille's Come Little Children?"

"Come Little Children" Nick asked, "Most of the backup dancers are teenagers, this is definitely a 10."

"Lucille " announced Howie D; "You coming onstage in the homage to Sarah Sanderson, Sarah Jessica Parker would've loved this. So a 9.5"

"Those twirls" said B-Rok "I'm giving it a 10, you really captured a triple twirl with twin 5-year-olds."

"In those gypsy outfits" said A. J, "I say, 7, you used too much pink for such a dark song."

"It's okay" Lucille smiled, "At least I'm being myself."

"Good point" A. J replied.

"Lucille summoning the little children to complete the song," Kevin continued, "I would go for a 6.6"

"Look at you" Vivian replied, "Pulling of 96' Hunchback of Notre Dame with a mixture of Hocus Pocus, 8."

Adding the score to the previous one, Lucille got a 142.5.

Lucille walked off the stage with Raquel and Rosalee holding her hands. "Before we can continue," Cristian said, "Let's All Look At Some Footage."

The footage showed a dark night at a Latin-American cemetery, "This is Jessie and A. J coming to you from Holguin Cemetery, A Latin-American cemetery here in Orlando." Jessie announced, "A. J and I are here at the Muerte de Primavera Fiesta."

"It's a local Orlando festival where Latin-American citizens bring Dia De Los Muertos to the spring times." A. J explained, "It was founded by Josefa Fontana in the 1930s. At the time, her husband, 'Sergio' worked there as a groundskeeper. One day while coming home from working as a maid for a successful hotel owner, Josefa saw some Latin-American parents feeling sad because they have to miss out Dia De Los Muertos due to The Great Depression. To make sure no one misses out on it, Josefa decided to make an early Dia De Los Muertos called, 'Muerte de Primavera'."

They showed footage of Matias doing calica face painting with Jessie's sister, 'Nella' then she pulled a prank by doing the old rubber snakes in the can trick. When a patron opened the can of fake Mexican candy, alebrije rubber snakes come out. Instead of crying, they laughed at Nella's little joke.

Later, they showed A. J breaking a piñata with Latin-American kids running around and hitting the cupcake piñata. Once he removed his blindfold, he sees Jessie going around doing her A. J impressions and smiles.

"And now" announced Cristian, "Let's put our palms together for Paiselee and Remington's waltz to Grim Grinning Ghost featuring Vincenzo, Lewis and Braxton."

Paislee and Remington came out dressed as masquerade ball dancers while Vincenzo, Lewis, and Braxton came out as The Hitchiking Ghosts.


One time I went to Disney World's Halloween, and the director for the Haunted Mansion Waltz performance mistook me for one of the performers. Maybe it's because I wore the same color scheme as the dancers. Luckily, my mom, who was my manager at the time straighten the mess out. A little word for all future stars, never let your parents be your manager.

When they finished it with their curtseys, Cristian came onstage, "Now Boys, Viv, " he announced, "What do you think of Paislee and Remington's waltz."

"Picking a song from a Disney World ride" said Nick, "I give it a 9.6."

"Pais and Rem" Howie D continued, "You two displayed massive waltzing, so it's a 9.9."

"That yellow taffeta dress with those chiffon ends," A. J said, "And the lacy, embroidered cuffs. That's a 8.9."

"Remington" continued B-Rok, "The way you went through the whole thing without stepping on Paislee's feet, 7.9."

"And the three hitchhikers staying out of the way while they waltz," said Kevin, "7.5"

"Paislee, Remington" finished Vivian, "I remember seeing behind the scenes videos of Disney World and was amazed on how you captures the ballroom of The Haunted Mansion. 8.4."

Adding the score to the previous one, they got a 140.4.

After Paislee, Remington, Vincenzo, Lewis, and Braxton, "It's a good thing i'm not dressed like a hitchhiker, Braxton." bragged Lewis.

"Come on, man" replied Braxton, "You always said that you looked awesome in the suit."

"And now" Cristian announced, "Give it up for Amira and Josue's ballet to Backstreet Boys' Set Adrift on Memory Bliss, featuring Ryker.

Amira and Josue came out dressed as genies while Ryker came in as a country-version of Jafar.


I never seen a country-version of Jafar before, it really suits the real Ryker.


Jafar has been one of my favorite Disney villains of all time y'all. My grandaddy use to tell me stories how he wrangled rattlesnakes in Texas where he grew up.

After they finished it with grabbing Cowboy Jafar, Cristian came onstage, "Arabian Nights to Arabian Days" announced Cristian, "Let's hear what The Backstreet Boys and Vivian have to say"

"Amira, Josue," said Howie D, "You two were like modern/genie versions of Jasmine and Aladdin, that's a 8.5."

"The way you two did those arabesque" said B-Rok, "That's a 7.1"

"I liked it when you two trapped Jafar," continued Kevin, "Giving him a taste of his own medicine, 7.9."

"I have to admit," said A. J, "Adding a touch of those extra beads really brings out Saudi Arabia where your from. That's a 8.4."

"Choosing Set Adrift of Memory Bloss" said Nick, "It feels like your bringing back memories of an Arabic desert, mixed with a country desert, 6.1."

"And you two" Vivian finished, "Seeing that you guys were acting like your killing rattlesnakes, 8.2."

Adding the score to the previous one, they got a 127.2


Okay, okay, Grandpa was also an old timey pest control person, making sure little younglings don't get snake bites nor poisonous plant problems. One time, my big brother, 'Stefan' mistook poisonous berries for eating berries. I'm glad survival manuals told me to stay away from black and yellow berries, most are poisonous to humans."

When Amira, Josue, and Gabrielle got offstage, Cristian came on, "Alrighty" shouted Cristian, "Who here remembers The Addams Family?"

Everyone in the audience cheered.

"So" he smiled, "Let's give it up for Gabrielle and Jorge's tap to The Addams Family theme song."

Onstage, Gabrielle came in dressed as Morticia, Jorge came in as Gomez, Blakely came in as Wedensday, Zion came in as Pugsley, and Matias came in as Lurch.


During a Halloween show, Jorge and I were Morticia and Gomez, we figure that if we can do it once, we can do it again.

After they ended their routine with the signature 'snap, snap,' Cristian came onstage, "Creepy and Kooky" he announced, "Boys, Viv, what make this number spooky."

"Gab, Jorge" Howie D said, "You two really captured Morticia and Gomez, 5.9."

"That trip that Zion did" B-Rok continued, "Good catch, but a little off the wall, 5.4"

"Jorge, Gabrielle" A. J said, "You really added that black light but that orange velver fabric is a bit bright, 6.1"

"About your song" Nick continued, "How you got the audience to participate with the snapping, that's a 6.9"

"Blake, Zi, and Mat " Kevin said, "You three captured on how you play with Lurch, that's a 6.5."

"And I have to admit," Vivian finished, "You guys adding those Halloween colors to your costumes and snapping and tapping, 6.8"

Adding the score to the previous one, they got a 121.4.

Gabrielle, Jorge, Blakely, Zion, and Matias walked off stage while Cristian came on, "Anyway" announced Cristian, "Let's give a spooky welcome to E-Wave, Ginger, Jessie, and Dorothy to their hip hop to Beatles' Come Together.

E-Wave came onstage dressed as a fortuneteller while Ginger, Jessie, and Dorothy came out as ghosts of Princess Kazu, Frida Kahlo, and Princess Diana of Wales.


I've been like going to séances to contact the peaceful spirits since I was a little surfer dude. If you totally notice that Jessie was dressed as Frida Khalo and not a princess is of two reasons. 1. Frida Kahlo is one of my favorite artist, and 2. I want to show that women's rights are strong. Just ask my little sister, 'Sarai'.


I could recall meeting Princess Diana in 1996, when I was just a little girl. A year later, she got into that terrible car crash and I thought I could commemorate her by dressing up like her.


E-Wave couldn't think of anything for me, but after looking at my history homework on Princess Kazu of 19th century Japan, I decided to do her. I'd even that for a little extra credit.

After they ended the dance with the three spirits going around E-Wave, Cristian came onstage, "Okay now" Cristian said, "Let's all get some spiritual advice."

"That is one way to conduct a séance" A. J continued, "And adding those rainbow colors, sequins, and bows to the dresses, that's a bright and color 9.1"

"E-Wave" Howie D continued, "Your timing was five seconds off, so that's a 6.4."

"And your song, 'Come Together' Nick continued, "I say that's a 6.7' the song feels a little upbeat to be a spooky song, but that's okay."

"Girls" B-Rok continued, "Your dancing short dressed versions of world famous female figures, that's a 6.8."

"The three of you surrounding E-Wave at the end of the séance," Kevin continued, "That's a 7.1."

"Jes, Dorth, Ging" Vivian finished, "You three captured the meanings of what a woman should be, brave and independent, not the typical helpless damsel in distress. Princess Kazu, Frida, and Diana would've been proud of you. 9.7."

After adding the score to the previous one, E-Wave got a 124.7.


I know i'm gay, but I like totally give the gnarly ladies respect.

"Alrighty folks." announced Cristian, "Let's All Look At Some Footage."

The video showed Braxton and Zion were at Lake Eola "Yo" shouted Zion, "This is Braxton and Zion coming to you from Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando, Florida."

"It is home to the Walt Disney Amphitheater, where they displayed many events." Braxton announced, "We're here to reenact Creature From The Black Lagoon. A 1950s movie about a sea monster who takes women as his brides."

During the filming, Braxton and Zion go around a swan boat while flirting with teenage girls.

"During the movie" explained Braxton, "Scientist to their best to catch the monster and study it. Just like in the 1980s movie. 'E. T, The Extraterrestrial.'

"Now actor, 'Ricou Browning' had to hold his breath four times in order to stay in character." Zion explained, "Looks like we have a winner for a breath-holding contest. But don't you worry about a thing, Eola Lake doesn't have any monsters."

Back at Studio 15, Cristian turned his head to the audience, "Now let's welcome to the stage," he announced, "Elliana, Braxton, and Ryker and their Jazz styling of That Old Black Magic."

Elliana came out in an elaborate witch dress while Braxton and Ryker came out as two wizards."


Every year on Halloween, I use dress up as a witch. It's true, and I'm a witch in real life too. By that, I mean I'm mean and cruel to every girl who's as pretty as Lucille.


We had to team up with the Wicked Witch of LADUWS


Someone get a torch and burn her, her nasally voice is making me nuts.

After they ended the dance with Elliana tying up Braxton and Ryker, Cristian came onstage, "Okay, now" he chuckled nervously, "Let's here what The Boys and Vivian have to say to this witchy number.

"Elliana," A. J started, "Using that Satin and Crepe witch dress and those dark purple shades, that's a 8"

"If you must know" Elliana replied, "I use to go to an expenseive crepe shop called, 'The Satin Crepe' only the richest of the rich can get in."

"Ell" Howie D said, "You coming out in a broomstick, like in all those other witch movies, 7."

"And your song, 'That Old Black Magic" Nick said, "I give it a 6."

"Ell, those jazz squares really bring out how you can capture a man," said B-Rok, "I say 6.4."

"And the three of you do reenact a love triangle" continued Kevin, "So that's a 7.7."

"Elliana" said Vivian, "You taking a Jersey version of Betwitched's Samantha Stephens. I say a 8.2"

After adding the score to the previous one, Elliana got a 97.9.


When Elliana and the two backup dancers walk to the green room. They saw Lucille playing Ring Around The Rosie. "Hey, Hargrave" greeted Elliana rudely, "Jealous of my Black Magic number?"

"Not really" Lucille replied, "My mom loved Betwitched as a child."

"Liar" growled Elliana, "Your suppose to be jealous."

"Ellie Belle" chuckled Lucille, "Stop being such a Teenage Witch's 'Libby',"

Annoyed by Lucille's optimistic behavior, Elliana decided to trash her gypsy dress. Before she got a chance to do it, Kaia, Kaden, and Faith took a purple sequin fabric and used it as a jump rope, "Hey there" growled Elliana, "That sequin fabric is not for jump rope."

"Cristiano said it was too tacky anyway" replied Kaden.

"There's nothing tacky about purple sequin fabrics" shouted Elliana.

Before she could slap Kaden, Ginger and Nadine grabbed her and placed her down for time out.


Oh come on, Chirohiro and Lyndon gave me a time out, i'm not in kindergarten anymore.

"Thanks for saving me from suffering the same problem Snow White did" Lucille smiled to The Twins.

"Oh, Kaden" Lucille blushed.

"Oh, Lucille" Kaden blushed.

Ginger, Nadine, and Kaia giggled at each other, because Lucille and Kaden like each other.


"Alrighty folks" shouted Cristian, "Let's give it up for Matteo and Zion and their contemporary of Louis Armstrong's What A Wonderful World."

Onstage, Matteo came out as older Louis Armstrong while Zion came out as younger Louis Armstrong.


I've been thinking about the wonderful life I had, despite my parents being two of the hardest people in Colorado. When Sarai and I were kids, we lived in a house hold with too many rules. Be home by 6pm, do 'all' your choice first and then you can go out, and only make friends in the neighborhood we live in.


Matteo told me about his rough childhood in Colorado, I mean if his parents would mine, I would call a social worker behind their backs. My parents know a couple of social workers in Orlando from their Telenovela Club at the library.

After Matteo and Zion ended the dance by parting each other's ways, Cristian came onstage, "Okay judges" he announced, "What do you think of having two Louis Armstrongs in one place."

"Believe me" started A. J, "Having them in two colored polyester outfits, that's a shiny 7.6

"Matteo" Howie D continued, "You really live in a Wonderful World, 8.7."

"That song, 'What A Wonderful World' said Nick, "It's a good song when your thinking about Louis Armstrong. 7.3"

"Matteo" B-Rok continued, "You and your entries were a little slower, but nice entrance. 6.8."

"The two of you passing the time from the 1920s to the 1970s," Kevin continued, "That's a 6.1"

"You two made a good homage to Louis Armstrong within the years he lived in," Vivian finished, "That goes for a 7.4."

Adding the score to the original, Matteo got a 131.1.

After Matteo and Zion got offstage, Cristian turned to the audience and said, "Who's ready to see Kaia, Kaden, Blakely, Matias, and Vincenzo and their samba to Hall and Oates' Man Eater."

Kaia and Kaden came out in safari clothes while Blakely, Matias, and Vincenzo came out as African tribal dancers.


We got the idea after Kaden and I fixed ourselves jelly sandwiches for lunch this week and Remington thought it was blood. Having strong cravings is a strong trait for The Eccleston.


I'm deathly afraid of blood, don't forget it people.

In the end of their dance, "Before we head off to Kamila's Contemporary with Nadine and Faith," "Let's all hear what our judges have to say about the Cannibal Ghosts."

"Kaia, Kaden" A. J started, "You two really displayed old time safari hunts with those pith helmet. 5.8"

"Also" Howie D said, "The way you two escaped those cannibals as brother and sister, that's a 6"

"Man-Eater" Nick said, "That's a treater, 7.2"

"Those samba conga you two did" B-Rok continued, "I give it a 6.7"

"And the five of you acting like your playing hide and seek" Kevin continued, "That's a 7.5."

"Finale" Vivian finished, "You guys making a homage to African culture, that's a 7.4"

Adding the previous score to the current one, Kaia and Kaden got 137.2.

In the audience, Cristian was in the audience holding onto some little girl, "If your all wondering where my dear nephew, 'Jalen Jerome' is." Cristian announced, "Just look at the stage, everyone."

On the stage, Nadine and Jalen were wearing Haitian/Circus apparel.


I don't usually dance on live TV, but Nadine suggested I play the role of from the telenovela, 'Circo De Volant' just so no one would have to worry about cross-dressing and kisses.


Circo De Volant was a telenovela my mom was in during her youth. It's about a group of Puerto Rican and Haitian circus folk trying to get a long. Sort of a bittersweet Romeo and Juliet.

'Madame Jazmine" Jalen said while getting into character, "Tell me the truth, do you love me?"

"You know I do, Alessandro" Nadine answered while portraying Madame Jazmine, "But your evil mother won't let us date."

"My mom may be the ring mistress" Alessandro replied as he took her hand, "But nothing will keep us apart."

Once the lights dim, Alessandro walked into the night and Madame Jazmine was left along crying. Suddenly, Kamila and Faith came onstage wearing gypsy/Haitian clothes and Paul McCartney's Live and Let Die started to play.


I had to go in dressed as Nadine's long lost half sister, 'Reina' who will do anything to be the star of the show.

After they ended the thing with Madame Jazmine lying down on the ground, symbolizing her death, everyone cried tears of joy and cheered for the trio of girls. "Okay now" Cristian said, "Let's hear what our judges have to say.

"Kamila, girls" A. J, "The Haitian/Gypsy apparel you guys were wearing was a good display of stars. 10."

"Kamila" Howie D continued, "I liked how you pot rayed Alessandro's evil mother, 'Galilea', 9.6."

"I noticed that you added a Paul McCartney song in it" Nick continued, "Involving life and death. 8.5"

"Those cartwheels and somersaults that Kamila and Faith did," B-Rok continued, "I got for a 8.1"

"The three of you reenacting on how Alessandro left and dies later in a fire" Kevin said, "And reciting on how Madame Jazmine dies of a broken heart after not getting over Alessandro. 10."

"It brings tears to my eyes about the deaths of Alessandro and Jazmine" Vivian finished, "It's like a Haitian/Latino Circus of Romeo and Juliet. 8.9

Adding the score to the previous one, Kamila got a 136. 5.

While Kamila left the stage, Madilyn and Emilio came onstage with some sparkling jackets and boots for Faith and Nadine. While Faith and Nadine were putting on their jackets and shoes, "Madilyn, Emilio" Cristian said, "You two always played Michael Jackson's thriller, you'd even met him once when he played at a concert in Vegas 99.

"It was the Rattlesnake Rescue fundraiser in Vegas" Madilyn explained, "We were both there to promote our band cause they say charity work is a good way to give a band 'Good reputation' while Emilio was doing face painting of snakes to the children, Michael Jackson complimented our face painting.


We had to do face painting instead of tattoos, we did that once to an eight-year-old boy., who's mother worked as a graphics artist and she was very mad at us.


We gave the boy a chameleon tattoo on the side of his neck. The boy's mother was so angry, she banned us permanently from her art studio.

"There won't be any face painting here" Cristian announced, "Just a little dancing with The Rockers, The Backup Dancers and their hip hop to Thriller."

All the backup dancers came onstage dressed as Haitian styled aliens.


Jackson's visit is why Em and I did Thriller in the first place.

After they ended the dance with Vincent Prince's laugh, everyone cheered. "Okay now" Cristian said, "Let's hear the thrilling sounds of The Boys and Vivian."

"Mad, Em" A. J started, "The way you two pulled that black sparkly jackets, they looked a lot like leather jackets, 9."

"Now your dancing," Howie D continued, "Acting like a rebel version of Michael Jackson and his date in the video, 9.6."

"And your song" said Nick, "It does bring a finale, yet a little off on the shoulder bit, but that's okay, 7.3."

"All of you acting like zombie aliens" continued B-Rok, "That's a 7.5."

"The 12 of you going around the alien zombie leaders" Kevin continued, "That's a 7.1."

"And Nadine and Faith leading," Vivian finished, "The two of you leading the zombies, that's a 8.2"

Adding the current score to the previous one, The Rockers got a 134.3.

After everyone left, Cristian came onstage, "Who will be voted out next time on LADUWS." Cristian said with a smile, "Stay tuned everybody."