Hi guys,

It's been a while. School's been keeping me busy, and I left all of you to just hang and dry didn't I?

Well here's the thing, I have a bit of a problem.

I'll write out a story, I'll get busy, then I'll come back to it and completely forget where I was going with all this.

I can find out what I was going for pretty easily again, but after reading this through again, and while it had some great moments, its become really chaotic and far-fetched. Even for fanfic.

So I'll ask you guys, would you like to see this story continue, or would you prefer I reboot it with a proper plan, and hopefully a semi-regular schedule? If I do reboot this, I won't work on any other stories, as we all know how well that went last time when I up and abandoned this piece.

I'll take some of your suggestions in the planning phase too if you want, or I'll just plan it all myself, but not while writing. I also want to keep Earth somehow relevant to the story, so I'll keep that part.

Hope you guys have stayed safe!

Update: Just to let you guys know, this story alone has gained over 53,000 views! That is completely insane! I'm so grateful to everyone who has kept up with reading thus far! The plan for the reboot has officially started too, so the reboot is now confirmed since the majority of reviews I've received thus far want to see a reboot. (Albeit there was only a few reviews but still).