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Ch 1 New Home

Alice Synthesis-Thirty was on patrol near the northern part of the human empire when Amayori suddenly flew down in the suburban part of Centoria. "Amayori? Whatever's the matter?" she asked her dragon; she points at the house with the number four on it and decides to check it out. As she walks up to the door, she heard a loud bang from the other side if the door, Alice quickly moves to action and saw a horsewoman smiling as a piglet kicks a small child.

"What in the name of Stacia is going on here?" She exclaims at the horrid sight she's seeing. The horse looks up ready to force the girl out, her face paled at the sight of the gold knight. "We, uh…just um," "We're beating the freak!" the piglet said as he kicks his ribs which made a horrible crack sound. She rushes to him and pushed the boy aside with force hitting the ground as he whines to his mother, "How dare- "she was cut-off by Alice's Osmanthus blade to her throat. "Shut. Your. Mouth." She said in a low tone as she made her way to the boy leaving a trembling Petunia.

She was above the unconscious boy as she held his hand "System Call…Transfer human unit durability, self to left." Both of their bodies glowed as the wounds on the boy healed, she has finished healing the boy but still unconscious. She stood up and walk to them "You two are the most disgusting things I see when the Pontifex-" "What in the bloody hell is this?" she turns to see a walrus standing in the doorway of the house, he saw his wife and son on the floor and charge at her uncaring what she's wearing. Before they knew it, she cuts down the charging walrus with a single slash making a mess on the carpet. They both cried for him as he laid on the floor in half. She picks up the boy and made her way back to Amayori.

She stops to look at them who are crying for that dead walrus. "Know this another integrity knight will come and take you back to the church for your trail," Petunia paled as she left them to their devices. She strapped the boy safely on her settled and gets on and flew back to the central cathedral. Once she enters the runway of the dragon roost in the cathedral she got down and took the boy off.

"Alice!" she looks to see Eydis Synthesis-Ten running towards her. "Eydis," she said surprised to see her. "So, I heard you got a special mission to retrieve something from the Commander." She looks down to see the boy in her arms "So this must be it," she said surprised that it's a child and nothing like an important object, the boy stirred as Alice adjusted him in her arms. Then a white ball enters the room the reforms to the Prime Senator "Prime Senator Chudulkin, what brings you here?" she asked curiously, he puffs out his chest trying to be imitating "Number Thirty, please take the boy in a chamber until he wakes up, when he does take him to her eminence's chambers until then stay with him." He said as he rolled out. The two looked at each other confusedly "That's wired, why would the Pontifex take interest in the child?" Eydis asked.

"I don't know but let's take this little guy to a room." She walks out of the stables with Eydis behind her. Once they found an empty room Alice settled the boy on the bed and sat on the edge of the bed. "So I heard two Integrity Knights have been summoned by the Pontifex." Alice said to her fellow knight "Yeah, let's see…I think their names were Eugeo Synthesis-Thirty-two and Kirito Synthesis-Thirty-Three." Eydis said remembering their names from Chudulkin then the boy scream causing them to look at him "Wh-where a-am I?" the boy said clearly scared of not knowing where he is. "Hey, hey it's alright, you're in the Central cathedral in the Centoria." His eyes widen where he is "A-Are y-y-you going t-to ki-kill me?" they look at him confusedly thinking why a child would suggest that sort of thing.

"Why would you believe that?" Alice asked in a sweet tone at him "B-Because my un-uncle said t-t-that the bad p-p-people a-are taken t-to the C-C-church and be ex-executed." The little boy cried as Alice came to hug him. "Well your uncle is wrong, I brought you here so we can take care of you." She said softly to the boy and patted his head. "Now, what's your name? My name is Alice Synthesis-Thirty." Eydis kneel to his eye level and smiles "And I'm Eydis Synthesis-ten." The light brown-haired knight smiles. He looks face to face and shyly spoke "I-I I'm Harry." He said a bit more courageous to the two knights. "Nice to meet you Harry," Alice said as she stood up from the bed and walk to the closet pick out an apprentice uniform for the small boy. She laid out the clothes on the bed, he looks at them then at Alice. "What's that?" he asked.

"This is an apprentice uniform, there for you to wear when we meet the Pontifex." He looks at her with scared eyes of thinking of meeting the leader of the Axiom Church. "Don't worry, with your adorable face the Pontifex will like you as we did." Eydis ensure the child that there is nothing to worry about. He looks down and tries to change into the clothes, Alice and Eydis chuckle at how cute he is when he sat down pouting that he cannot get the uniform on. "Here, let me help you," Alice said as she fixes him up.

Once he was dressed up Eydis waved bye as she was assigned to patrol the end mountains by a senator. After a while of walking to the top floor Harry was nervous seeing the doors to the Pontifex. Alice held his hand as she did, she gave him a warm smile. "Relax Harry, there's nothing to be afraid of." He took in a deep breath and walk forward still holding on the golden knight's hand. "So, this is the Boy-Who-Lived?" the Pontifex said as she looks at the boy.

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