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Ch 2 The Pontifex

Quinella look at the small boy who hides behind the golden knight, Chuldukin has a disgusted look at the child "How dare-""Chuldukin, please clearly this child is terrified of meeting new people. So please be kinder to him." His face was shocked that her eminence would show sympathy for this commoner. She slowly walks to Harry and knelt to meet his eye level.

Harry peer from Alice's back looking at the Administrator's eyes, she smiles at him and he slowly made his way out. "Hello little boy, I am Quinella the Pontifex of the Axiom Church. I have heard from one of my Integrity Knight's that you were mistreated by what they've told me were your relatives." She said, "Yes, ma'am." he said politely. Quinella was squealing inside at how adorable and polite this child is, she reaches out and petted his head. "You're so adorable Harry…Harry," She pounders at the sound of his name she did not like it, it's way off for a soon to be a knight. "Mmmm, tell me Harry do you want to be an Integrity Knight?" she asked the small boy. Alice and Chuldukin eyes widen emitting a small child-like Harry into the Knight order are barbaric. Letting a child onto the battlefield and witnessing horrors of battle isn't for a young child. "Your eminence, you can be serious? Letting Harry at this age join the Order is…is irresponsible!" Alice said not believing what she is hearing.

"I do have to agree with Number Thirty, the apprentices here are around the ages of eleven to thirteen and this…boy is too young, he can't even defend himself from his relatives." The prime senator protest, Quinella smooth down the hair of the child giving a warm smile. "Alice, take Harry outside my chambers. I need to speak to Chuldukin for a moment." She said calmly as the golden knight took Harry's hand and went to the elevator Harry look back at the Pontifex then back at Alice confused about what's going on. They left the chambers leaving both the Prime Senator and the Administrator alone.

"Chuldulkin, have you heard of the Wizarding World before?" she ask the small man. "Indeed I have, those miscreants think that are so much better in their society and that there above everyone else. I swear if they put a toe out of line then I will personally see to it that they are eliminated in your name." he said in anger "That boy, Harry is a wizard a highly idolize person in the eyes of those people for killing a dark mage." She said to the man, his eyes widen that the small child is one of those people, "Then we should-" "Chuldukin, I want to teach those people that they should never go disrupting my beautiful empire, and the way I would do that is to make their idol a knight that is loyal to me and the human empire." She smiles sadistically at the thought of Harry being one of her precious Integrity Knights and how he would stand above those fools sword in hand.

"Ah, I get it now. He'll act as a tool to get them under your control." Chuldukin said. "Yes, but we need to treat him with kindness and respect, so he won't fall into their hands." Quinella explains to him, "Right, so who'll train the boy?" he asked she walks back to her bed and sat down. "Let one of Alice be the one, the boy has taken a liking to her and sees her as a mother figure." He nodded and went out to recall the duo back inside the chambers. Alice held onto Harry's hand tight as they were face to face with the Pontifex. "So, Harry will be an Integrity Knight under your tutelage, Alice." She said to the knight. Her eyes widen and look at the boy. "Though he will be trained as a knight then hell undergo the Synthesis Ritual, are you fine with this Alice." The head of the Church asked the young knight. "Yes, I am." She answers her.

"Good, until then you'll raise Harry, or should I say Hadrian as an Integrity Knight then when he comes of age he'll undergo the ritual, you are dismissed." She said as the two left the chambers. Harry like the name Hadrian and decides to go by it, he looks up to the knight as she leads him back to his room. "Uh, Alice?" He called her name which got her attention she looks down at the child "Yes Har-Hadrian?" she asked, he shyly looks down his two feet "I…I…I-" he tries to get a sentence out but can't find the will to ask her something. She knelt down to his eye level "Hadrian you can tell me anything, you know that? So, tell me." She asked.

He looks at her and took in a deep breath "I-I was wondering if…if I can call you m-mommy? Since both my old mommy and daddy died when I was a baby and…and-" he was interrupted by a hug by the knight "Of course, and I would be honored to be your mother for you." She cupped his face and smiles brightly; tears pour down his face as he finally has a mommy to call his own. "Lady Alice," a familiar voice cause Alice to turn around to see her old apprentice Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-Two walking down to her. "Eldrie, what can I do for you?" he salutes her before speaking "My lady, I heard what happen by Merek Synthesis Twenty-Five about a boy you rescued from a mission." He said no noticing the boy, "Oh, is that him?" Hadrian hid behind Alice shy of the new man who stood in front of him. "Oh, Eldrie I want to meet Hadrian he is my new apprentice and my son." the knight was shocked to hear what she said. "S-S-S-Son!? Milady why would you take the boy as your child? As a knight you are busy taking care of a child, let alone being your new apprentice!" He shouts causing the boy flinched.

Alice saw Hadrian flinched and sighed "Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-Two, I choose to be his mother and mentor so I can teach him to be a knight. This child has suffered enough by his relatives and I intend to raise with love and affection by me." She said stamping her foot on the ground. Hadrian looks up at her with wide eyes that she would do that for him. Eldrie step back at his mentor's sudden outburst, "But Lady Alice-" "Eldrie, all I'm asking is to respect my decision in this and to respect Hadrian. Can you do that?" she pleas with him, he look at the boy who was hiding behind his mentor with shy eyes, he close his own and though over what she said. "If that is your wish, then I would accept it." He said before walking past them to meet with the Prime Senator. "Thank you, Eldrie." She spoke softly thinking no one can hear her but the knight did.

"Mommy?" Hadrian said getting her attention, she looks down to see Hadrian rubbing his eyes motioning that he was tired. Alice looks at the window seeing it is still dark and it's late for a child to be awake. "Come on Hadrian let's take you to your room so you can sleep." She said to him as he nods, she picks him up and yawns before he drifts to sleep in her arms. Alice looks at Hadrian's face and she finds that his small snoring is adorable. From that on forward she will protect him and raise him to be a person who protects the innocents.

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