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Ch 6 Kidnapped

After Hadrian's visit to his parents he is content with them for betraying the Human Empire. He currently in the courtyard of the Axiom Church overseeing the training of the Human Guardian Army soldiers. He has taught them how to parry with a sword and how to block with it as well, Bercouli has stationed him with Eydis and given him command of the backup unit. At first Hadrian out right refuses wanted to be Alice or Eugeo at the front lines, Fanatio explains to him that it was his mother's request to put him in the backup unit so he can be far away from the battle so he can be safe. Hadrian doesn't disobey his parents so he obliges to his mother's request.

Hadrian was in deep thought not hearing the soldier calling out for him "SIR HADRIAN!" he shouts finally getting his attention. "Uh, Yes?" he asked the soldier, "Sir Hadrian, Commander Bercouli is calling all the Integrity Knights for a meeting." He informs his knight captain, "Oh, thank you, you all can have a small break." He said as he made his way over to the Central Cathedral. Once there he noticed there were including him twenty-two knights gather where the knight commander is standing. "Hadrian, over here!" Fizel motions the emerald knight over to the twins. "Hello Fizel, Linel" he greeted the twins. "Hello Hadrian," Linel said before Bercouli starts the meeting. "As you are aware next year on Seventh-day on the Eleventh month the Dark Territory will invade, we are training the Human Guardian Army the best we could as of right now the rest of the Integrity Knights aren't waking up anytime soon so we have to divide our forces." Once he said that whispers between the knights spread before Bercouli could continue.

"Our plan is that four knights will be on patrol at the Northern, Western, and Southern gates while four will stay here to protect the church. Two knights would be leading the backup unit, leaving us at a disadvantage." They all talk to themselves seeing if this strategy was the best that their commander would come up with. "I know that you all have some concerns about this plan, but we will come up with a strategy that would be to our benefits." He said giving off charisma making them a bit more confident. After the meeting Hadrian and the others went off training with the army.


The Order of the Phoenix has gathered in Dumbledore's office to discuss what to do regarding the missing Potter boy. "Albus, what's the plan of finding Potter?" Moody asked the old Headmaster. He went over to the school roster to check over the place where Harry Potter is located if it has changed, it did not. "We're going to the Axiom Church in Centoria, in Hogwarts's roster it's written that Harry is there." He told the order, Moody thought over the name trying to remember where he has heard it. "It sounds like Harry is a religious person," Sirius said as they went over to the fireplace. "It sounds like that Sirius," Remus said as the Order floo to the Leaky Cauldron to head over to Centoria.

Axiom Church

The Order of the Phoenix walk on the streets of Centoria in awe of the buildings and the people. "I-I thought Centoria is a muggle place, but it looks like we're still in the Wizarding World," Remus said as he walks to the center of the town. "This place is weird," Moody said as they approach the church. Once there they saw something, they thought they never saw before knights training with swords and some colorful knights overseeing them.

As the order snuck in they saw a black-haired boy in a uniform sitting back against the wall eating a sandwich while looking at the knights training. In an instance Dumbledore notices the messy hair that was recognizable to everyone who has seen it, it was Harry Potter. "Remus look! It's our cub!" Sirius said before Albus grabs him covering his mouth. "Sirius my boy, if we want to retrieve Harry we must do it as quietly as possible. The Shaggy man nodded as he cast a sleeping spell at Hadrian. Hadrian felt tired suddenly before his eyelids felt heavy and went to sleep. Remus moves in to pick up his nephew and went over to the order Apparate back to Hogwarts. Unaware of it someone saw what happen and went off to report it to the Commander.


Hadrian woke up in a strange place that he never saw before he got up from the bed and looked around. "Definitely not the Church's infirmary." He said as he made his way to the window. Hadrian looks through the glass and saw that he's definitely not the church. "Mmm, if I am correct, I'm pretty sure someone would come and get me." He said to himself when he grabs a pole and thrust it behind him making that person yelp. Hadrian slowly turns around to face the kidnappers face to face. "Harry, my boy could you…put that thing down." the old man asked the knight.

"First, tell me who you are and who is the two under that invisibility cloak." He said as the two wizards remove the cloak. "Very well, I am Albus Dumbledore Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. These two are Sirius Black and Remus Lupin your godfathers." He said as they made their way to him. "Harry, do you remember me I always took care of you when your parents are away. You always call me Padfoot and this is Remus you call him Uncle Moony." He said as Hadrian blink not recognizing the man. "I'm sorry, but I do not remember you two at all and if I remember that Mom and Dad never met anyone by those names."

They were confused of what he was saying, mom and dad. Sirius couldn't take it, his cub doesn't remember him. "Harry, both your mom and dad; James and Lily Potter died saving you from a Dark Wizard from killing you." He said to him as tears pour down from his face. "Harry, your full name is Harry James Potter, you got to remember us at least," Remus begs him. Hadrian's face is unchanged from their outburst of tears. Hadrian sigh as he places down the pole on the ground.

"Though you seem to know me, I regret to tell you this but I'm no longer Harry Potter; I am Hadrian Synthesis Thirty-Four Integrity Knight of the Axiom Church and have no memories of you or my past life." He informs them making them surprised. "B-B-But-" "Sirius let it go, the Harry we know is gone we just accepted that now." He said to the Animagus. Dumbledore uses Occlumency to peer inside the young knight's mind to see if he told the truth, inside was two hallways one is white and the other is a deep purple. He enters the white hallway to see that everything is blank just a pure white hall. He tries to enter the purple one but it won't let him.

He got out of the Integrity Knight's mind and look at the two. "He's telling the truth; he has no memories of anything of being Harry Potter." They remain silent as they were trying to accept their new Harry Potter. "Har-Hadrian I am wondering if you want to attend Hogwarts since your original parents went here before it would be a way to honor them," he said hoping he'll accept. Hadrian thought for a moment before answering him "Sure, if it's a way to honor them then I would like to but I have to return before next year, I got something important I need to do." he said to the headmaster. "Of course, though I'm curious of what you need to do?" he asked him, Hadrian shakes his head "It's a secret that only members of the church knows of." "Very well, let us get you sorted. It's passed the first day of school but I'm pretty sure we can get you caught up." He said as he led the boy out.

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