Simon and Teagan

I don't own the characters from 7th heaven. This is a story based on some speculation that some people had about a character and would have liked to have happened.

How it had happened neither of them knew but from a friendship between roommates became something else that one of them had never thought about at all.

Simon had temporarily returned from college mainly because he wanted to try somewhere else. He had looked around at what was available to him and even looked at ones in Canada. He had eventually decided that with the money he had saved up over the years, with what was left in his college fund and he had also spoken with someone from the University who had said that he would be able to get a job in the student coffee shop, which would help out a lot. The place that he had applied to was Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, which was about as far from Glen Oak California as he could get.

His Mom Annie and his Dad Eric had come with him to help him settle into his dorm room. The university had a rule that all first-year students had to live in the student residents. Simon had apparently been lucky as he was put in one on the main campus as the ones on the west campus were hard to get to and from the main campus if you had classes there. When Simon had arrived, his roommate was settling in as well his parents were Roman Catholic, so Eric and Annie were happy as at least they were religious even if they didn't believe everything in the same way. His roommate was called Teagan Murphy, his father was an orthodontist as well as being a deacon at the church that they attend his mother was the receptionist at his father's orthodontist office and was also a minister of the Eucharist at the church as well Teagan had also been an altar server since he was 12. The boys helped each other settle in and organize their stuff after that both families went to a local restaurant for lunch. Annie and Eric had booked a hotel room for the night as they would be flying home the next day. Since they were only going to be there for a day, they had only brought carry on bags for themselves and had used their luggage allowance for Simon to bring his clothes with him even then he had only needed two bags.

Teagan Murphy had red hair like his mother well his father's hair was a little bit on the liter side of red. Teagan had also been born deaf and his parents had made what a lot of people in the deaf community deem to be controversial and had gotten him cochlear implants at the age of two, Teagan had also learned sign language as well though and had taught himself to read lips for the times that he didn't have his hearing aids on. Simon found this out quickly the first night when he thought that Teagan was ignoring him when he was trying to say something to him. Teagan realized quite quickly that he hadn't actually said anything to Simon or his family about him being deaf and put his hearing aids back on and said to him "I'm sorry I guess I forgot to tell you that I was born deaf and when I was about 2 years old I had surgery to put implants into my ears so that I can here normally. At home I usually rely on sign language too talk to my parents when I don't have them in."

Simon replied, "that's pretty cool I've never met a deaf person before I just figured that you were ignoring me or something."

Teagan replied "I'm sorry about that it was my fault I'm just used to everyone knowing about it. I can teach you some signs of you like and I can even point you to some websites that will help too."

Simon then said, "I don't want to sound rude, but I didn't think that deaf people could talk?"

Teagan replied "yeah most of them can't but because I got implants at an early age before I had gotten too old to understand language, I was able to understand it more. Although there are sometimes when it is still hard for me though like when I'm in a large group or I've never heard a word said before it's harder for me to learn it. Like for example your last name is a bit hard for me right now."

Simon replied, "its ok you can just call me Simon."

Teagan replied "cool and you can call me Teagan, Teag or Tea. Also, if you want to you can also use my name sign. It's a special sign that a deaf person gives you. One of my friends at home is deaf too but he doesn't use hearing aids though." Teagan taught Simon his name sign and a few basic ones and how to get his attention if he can't hear him. Teagan and Simon also told each other about their families. Teagan only had an older sister who was married and had her first kid on the way. Simon told him all about his family and most of the stories about them.

They both held things back though too, one of the biggest things was that Teagan was gay and he secretly already had a small crush on Simon and had already thought he might have seen signs that he might not be as straight as he says he was. However he didn't want to act on anything yet and wanted to take things slowly with him as he knew he was the son of a Protestant minister and he knew that just like the Catholic Church they might not be as tolerant about him being gay. Most of his family that knew were ok with it or at least they didn't ever say anything directly to him or to his parents. The only member of his family that hadn't really been told was his great grandmother as they figured that she probably didn't understand it anyway. Teagan did however tell Simon that he was a diabetic and what he needed to know just in case anything happened to him.

The next morning both boys had breakfast with Eric and Annie before they made their way back to the airport. Teagan's parents had joined them as well and said that they would be there if Simon needed anything. Also, at breakfast Teagan told Simon's parents about him being deaf and how he was going to teach Simon some signs so that they could communicate with each other all the time. As they were leaving Eric noticed that Teagan had a brace on his knee and asked him about it. Teagan replied and told them about how he had slipped on a wet floor when he was rushing and he did something called hyperextending his knee which meant that his knee has bent the wrong way and he said that he had needed surgery to fix it but because it was something that could happen again he had to wear a knee brace so that his knee would only bend the right way. Teagan's parents as well as Teagan let them know that he was open to discussing anything about himself. Teagan then added "we spent some time last night talking about our families and how important they are too us."

Simon replied, "yeah it was pretty cool talking about that." Simon was thinking about many things at that moment one he had never met anyone quite like Teagan before one he was a redhead who had green eyes, well there were some redheads in his high school he never really knew them personally but there was something in the back of Simon's mind that was beginning to stir and he wasn't exactly sure what it was yet. It felt a bit like when he had a crush on a teacher or a girl at school, but he had never had one over a guy before. He saw that sometimes when he thought that he wasn't looking that Teagan would be looking at him, he wondered if that meant that did Teagan feel something for him too. He also thought about the Bible and how it was a sin for a man to lie with another man. Simon decided to keep it to himself for now and maybe try to do some research on it.

Later that day after both of their parents had left Simon and Teagan started talking about each other's religious beliefs, even though they knew that it can often be a sticky subject for some people, but they figured that they should be ok as they were both Christian and if wasn't like they worshipped different gods they only worshipped Him in different ways. Simon first told Teagan about how they would start with a hymn then his dad would lead a prayer and then they would have a couple of readings from the Bible then his Dad or whatever minister was presiding over the service would call the children forward and then they would preach a short sermon to them before they went to the church hall to have lessons and a discussion about the readings from that day and for the younger kids they would do an activity. Teagan replied "I did stuff like that too we called it Sunday school, except we would go down to the basement of the church after the opening prayers and they would have volunteers from the Parish who would go through the Gospel with us and then we would do an activity about it before coming back up to help with the offertory procession"

Simon then replied, "yeah that was about the same for us we would come back after they collected the tines and the bread and grape juice."

Teagan then asked, "what are tines?"

Simon replied, "it's a gift of money that people give to the church each week."

Teagan replied "ah ok we do the same thing too. People who are full time members of the church can get envelopes to put that in and get a tax receipt at the end of the year. We call it the collection and sometimes there can be more than one like once a month they will have one to help with the costs of the church like mortgage payments, heating, and maintenance." Simon nodded and said, "so um do you guys have bread and grape juice too?"

Teagan replied "no so our offertory has people bring up small bottles of wine and water which have a pouring spout on them there called cruets, they also bring up one or two dishes called Ciborium that hold the unconsecrated host or communion wafers, which are a type of flat unleavened bread that's kind of dry and hard."

Simon then asked, "what does unconsecrated mean?"

Teagan replied "ok so this is where things get a little complicated. In the Catholic Church we believe that the bread and wine becomes the body and blood of Jesus Christ during a set of prayers called the consecration" Simon looked a bit confused about that as Teagan continued "so basically what happens is first the priest or the Deacon takes the bread and wine and blesses it."

Simon then asked, "what's the water for?"

Teagan replied "its for two purposes one a little bit of it is mixed with the wine by the priest or Deacon when they bless it, I think it has something to do with Jesus turning water into wine at a wedding at Canyon." Simon nodded and said, "I've heard that Bible story a few times." Teagan then said "so after that we say some more prayers as the congregation before the priest then calls us to the altar to commemorate the last supper where Jesus took bread said a prayer broke it and then said to his decuples and told them to eat his body and then he did the same with a cup of wine and told them to drink his blood. In the Catholic Church we believe that at that moment when the priest holds up the bread and then the wine it changes from being just bread and wine to actually being the body and blood of Christ."

Simon then asked, "so how does that work?"

Teagan replied "it's what we call the sacred mysteries the phrase that the Catholic Church uses is called transubstantiation which is a big word from Latin or Greek that means that the bread and wine are substituted for the body and blood of Christ in a divine and unseen manor."

Simon then said, "so it's not just changed from bread and wine but substituted?"

Teagan replied "sort of it's a bit more complex than that but it's sort of true, what we believe is that it's not just changed but the bread and wine is replaced by the body and blood of Christ but the actual Brad and wine doesn't change form or substance." Simon looked confused so Teagan replied "don't worry about it it's confusing to me too. I don't really think that most Catholics understand it either unless they have studded all of the church teachings." Simon needed and said "it comes down to Faith and beliefs then" Teagan replied "yeah pretty much"

Teagan then asked, "so um do you have people who serve on the altar with your dad?"

Simon replied "not really I've seen pictures of Catholic churches and we don't have a lot of that stuff like you do like the big table in the middle of the front area, or that box thing at the back of it."

Teagan looked confused for a second as he said, "box thing?" Simon then said, "it's that thing with the candles around it and people knell funny in front of it?"

Teagan replied "ah you mean the tabernacle, it's where they keep the concatenated bead in. Usually they have more than what the priest blesses at a mass and it's kept in there. The candles around it are there to tell us that Jesus is physically present in the church. The weird kneeling, we do is called genuflecting it's were we make reverence to Christ being the king of kings."

Simon then said, "oh ok so where does that come from exactly?"

Teagan replied "it's from the tradition of doing it before Kings and Queens and Emperors except in their case you go down on your left knee instead of your right knee, don't ask me why I don't really know."

Simon then said "wow that sounds complicated. How do you learn all this stuff like when to genuflect, when to knell and stuff like that?"

Teagan replied "well mostly from your parents and from watching everyone else. It's the same thing with the responses we have to prayers and stuff. Like for example when the priest greats the congregation at the start of mass we say, "and also with you" meaning that we are wishing him the same." Teagan then said, "ok enough religious talk what' it like at home for you with all your family."

Simon replied "um I don't know I guess I'm used to it when we're all around we all help each other out like for example the older siblings would help look after the younger ones so that mom could do things like cook and clean. My mom did go back to school for a bit though but that was when my dad took a bit of a break from the church after he had heart bypass surgery."

Teagan replied "oh man that sucks. With me my sister is about 4 years older than me, so she didn't really do much with me until I was a bit older. When she was a teenager my mom and dad would sometimes have her look after me well, they were working."

Simon then said, "it must be odd to have both parents working?"

Teagan replied "I guess but like you said you are used to what you know. Like for me the idea of having 6 siblings sounds crazy."

Simon replied "yeah it did get a bit crazy when we were all living together. Now it's a bit different as my three older siblings my brother Matt, and my sisters Marry, and Lucy are off with their husbands and wives and family. So, at home now it's just me my sister Ruthie and my twin brothers Sam and David."

Teagan replied "all biblical names I see although I'm not sure where Lucy fits in."

Simon replied "yah I guess I never thought of that. So, what about yours and your sister's names?"

Teagan replied "well my name is Scottish and Irish so pretty much just a regular Celtic name. My mom liked it from somewhere. My sister's name is Mary too and her husband is called Mathew, he's a dentist and my sister is a dental assistant."

Simon replied, "that's cool do they work in the same office?"

Teagan replied "yeah their next door to my dad they took over my old dentists' practice after he retired last year. They had both been working for him since they finished school." Teagan replied ", Matt's really nice although I didn't really like it when he said I should get braces again as my dad got mad at me for not wearing my retainer like I was supposed to."

Tegan flashed back in his mind to when he had come home from his dentist appointment. His dad had asked him to sit down and he said, "I got a phone call at work today from your sisters saying that you needed to be booked for a consultant for braces again."

Teagan mumbled "do I really have to."

His dad replied, "look we've been through this before you want to have nice straight teeth, right?"

Teagan replied, "um yeah I guess, next thing you're going to tell me is that I should have been wearing my retainer, right?"

His dad was about to say something when Teagan said "look I know I'm not perfect ok sometimes I forget to put it in or leave it at home when I'm at a friend's house. It's like when I sleep in my contacts because I forgot to take them out or forgot to bring my stuff for them. Just spare me the lecture about wearing my retainer ok."

His dad then said "ok I will but I do want to see you at the office after school tomorrow ok. If I don't, I'll bring you in for a morning appointment."

Teagan replied, "ok can I just check my agenda to see if I have anything on?"

His dad said ok as Teagan pulled it out of his bag. Teagan then said, "actually the morning would work better for me as we have a late start tomorrow morning because of a staff meeting."

The next morning Teagan's mom woke him up early to remind him about his appointment. Teagan had gotten up had breakfast then showered before he put on his school uniform. That morning he had decided to wear a dress shirt and tie along with his school sweatshirt, he had his sleeves rolled up under it like he always did and the top button of his shirt undone with his tie slightly loose just like always, most of the older guys at school wore theirs like that as the teachers didn't really care too much about it.

Teagan sat on the back seat of his parent's car with his backpack beside him well he was looking over some notes from the day before as he had a math test later that day. Once at the office Teagan left his backpack in the cupboard were patients left their coats and stuff, he also had his skateboard and helmet attached to it so he could get to school from the office after his appointment. He went without being told and sat down in one of the exam chairs and waited for his dad who came in with his file and said "ok buddy I know you don't want to do this so I'll make it quick and as painless as possible ok." Teagan nodded as his dad said, "I'll start with some x rays and then I'll get some molds ok." Teagan smiled and said, "ok good thing I brought my toothbrush and toothpaste with me." His dad smiled back and said, "good boy," as he ruffled his son's hair. Since Teagan was the only patient at the time everything went quickly once he was done, he brushed his teeth and said goodbye to his dad as he grabbed his stuff and headed out. As he was leaving another young man from his school come into the office with his mom, Teagan figured that he was probably in grade 9 or 10 and said to him "are you hear to see the orthodontist?" The young man replied, "yeah I'm getting my braces on today." Teagan replied, "good luck and I'm sure he'll be gentle." Teagan made a note well he was on his way to school to see if he had any of the gel he used to use on his gums and check when his braces bothered him. After school he saw the young man again and said, "hey um if you need this, I found that this helps with the pain." The young man smiled and said "thanks"

A couple of days later when Teagan had a day off school, he found himself back in his dad's office once again getting braces on. It sucked because he knew that since he was in his last year of high school that he would probably have them in when he started at University.

Simon then said, "I guess I'm lucky I never needed to get braces."

Simon then said "can I ask you something. I can see you have a couple of piercings were your parents mad when you got them?"

Teagan replied, "not really they let me get my first two when I was 13 and then I got the one at the top of my ear when I was 18."

Simon then said "mine got mad at me but I did kind of do it without asking because I knew that they would say no."

Teagan replied "yeah makes sense I used to know another minister's son, but he wasn't as well grounded as you seem to be. He was pretty rebellious and um he had a lot of problems."

Simon then said, "can I ask what happened to him?"

Teagan replied, "um yeah he told his parents something that they didn't like, and they kicked him out and he ended up committing suicide."

Simon then said "man that sucks what was so bad that his parents did that?

Teagan replied "um I'm not really sure", Teagan actually knew the answer as that young man had been his first boyfriend, Teagan's parents had no problem when he had told him but unfortunately the other Young man's did have a problem with it.

Simon then said, "I hope I never have to tell my parents something that would make them want to kick me out." Teagan thought to himself yeah me too.

Just then there was a knock on their door. Teagan got up to answer it and saw his cousin Kyle Murphy who was their too. He came in and Teagan introduced him to Simon and then quickly signed to him not to mention anything about him being gay yet. Simon asked what that was about. Kyle replied, "just something between us." Kyle then invited them both out with some of the other guys from the floor. Simon seemed a little bit reluctant until Teagan said, "if you don't want to come it's ok."

Simon asked if there would be people drinking. Teagan replied "probably but you don't have to if you don't want to. Just so you know though the drinking age here in Ontario is 19 not 21."

Simon decided to go and to meet some new people and who knows maybe even have a drink or two. He grabbed his wallet and followed the two boys out.

At the bar they found a quiet table with a few other guys who ended up going off with some other girls. Simon wasn't sure if he wanted to hook up with someone right away. He just sat back with a sprite and looked around at everyone. Across from him Teagan and Kyle were having a conversation that involved both some spoken words and sign language too. Simon only caught a few things as Kyle was the main one talking well Teagan signed to him. Kyle was asking Teagan if he had found anyone yet that he was thinking about. Teagan signed to him that he was starting to think that Simon was kind of hot. Kyle replied "just be careful with him you don't want it to end up like with Shawn." Teagan nodded and said he was going to get a drink. Simon had heard Kyle mention someone called Shawn and asked Kyle about him. Kyle already knew that Teagan had mentioned about him committing suicide to Simon so he told him that he was the guy who had some problems with his family and had jumped in front of a train. He also told him that Teagan had felt like it was his fault. Simon understood it a little bit as he still felt guilty about hitting that guy with a car even though the charges had been dropped because he was high on drugs.

At the bar Teagan asked the bartender for "three measures of gin, one of vodka, and a half measure of kina lillet or any other type of dry vermouth they had preferably white." He then asked for it to be shaken until it was ice cold and served with a thin slice of lemon peel. The bartender surprisingly knew what he was talking about and actually had all of the ingredients and even asked Teagan if he would like Gordon's gin and a bit of bitters in it. Teagan nodded and said "sounds perfect."

Teagan came back to the table and said, "something told me that my ears were burning." Kyle told him that he had told Simon about Shawn. Teagan asked "how much" to which Kyle replied "only as much as you."

As Teagan sipped his drink, he raised his glass and looked up for a second. Simon then asked what that was about. Teagan told him that he was just toasting Shawn and said he would tell him about him later.

A little bit later Teagan looked over to Simon and said, "are you good or do you want to go back to the dorm room?"

Simon replied, "yeah but only if you want to go back."

Teagan turned to Kyle and said, "I'm felling a bit tired and I think I'll go back with Simon." Kyle nodded and said "text me when you get back" Teagan nodded and said "no problem."

On the way back to their dorm Simon asked Teagan about the drink he had ordered, Teagan told him that it was a drink from one of the James Bond books called Casino Royale and was invited by James Bond in the book and he called it a Vesper Marti after the women he was socializing with in the book.

Once they got back to the dorm Teagan sent a text to Kyle and then said to Simon "I saw how you looked at Kyle when he told you that I felt guilty about Shawn committing suicide."

Simon replied "yeah I was just wondering why plus I kind of had something similar happen to me. It wasn't suicide but I did accidently hit someone with a car."

Teagan looked at him and said, "oh wow and I had you figured to be a clean-cut pastor's son who never got in trouble."

Simon replied "well I'm not really. I mean yeah I got in trouble sometimes but I not completely perfect." Teagan nodded as Simon continued and said " well he was the same age as my younger sister and he was on a bike without a helmet and he was also high on drugs."

Teagan replied "oh man that's though. If you want to talk about it let me know. Um so about Shawn like I said he told his parents something that they didn't like and they kicked him out and he got really depressed and jumped in front of a train. I never got to say goodbye to him. He was a good friend of mine."

Simon replied, "man that sucks do you know what he told his parents?"

Teagan replied, "yeah but I'm not ready to talk about it with you yet." Simon was about to ask when Teagan said "I'd like to get to know you some more before I tell you ok."

Simon then said, "why you don't think I can handle it?"

Teagan replied "look I just want to wait until I figure some things out myself first ok. Its kind of concerns me too and I'm not ready to tell you everything now ok."

Simon nodded and said, "oh ok, whenever you are ready to tell me I'm cool with it." Simon then got up and said he was going to take a shower before bed.

Teagan nodded and said, "yeah sure I guess you're used to it with having so many brothers and sisters."

Simon nodded and said, "yeah it wasn't easy getting privacy or time to myself much at home without being questioned by someone why my door was closed."

Teagan replied "dam that sucks my parents didn't really care if I had my door closed, they'd usually knock before they came in."

Simon replied, "wow they sound pretty trusting."

Teagan replied, "yeah they are."

Simon then went off to shower. Well he was there he was wondering if Teagan was gay or something because he figured that that might be something that he wouldn't want to say to someone like him. He also wondered if maybe that guy Shawn had been gay too and his parents hadn't accepted him. He had thought that he had heard his dad one time talking to another guy in church about something like that but he wasn't really sure as his dad talked to a lot of people about various problems that they had. Simon was also thinking about Teagan and how handsome he looked and he wondered if all of his hair was red too or just on his head, he did see that his eyebrows were red but the hair on his arms was blonde just like his. Simon then said to himself "easy there you're not thinking about him like that." Another part of his brain said "are you sure you're straight?"

Simon came back into the room and saw Teagan on his bed in a pair of boxer shorts and a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off on it. He could just make out that the hair in his armpits was red. Teagan looked over at him as Simon put on his pajamas he had on a pair of pants and a t-shirt and his underwear on too. Teagan caught a glimpse of his waistband as he put on his shirt and said, "you still wear tighty whites?"

Simon looked at him and said, "what do you mean?"

Teagan replied, "your underwear."

Simon replied, "what about it?"

Teagan replied, "nothing really I'm just curious about what underwear guys wear."

Simon replied "I guess I've never really thought about it. My mom has always bought my underwear. I know some guys at school had boxer shorts like you but I never really thought about it."

Teagan replied, "it's cool whatever you like to wear is fine with me."

Simon then asked, "so do you always wear boxer shorts or just to sleep in?"

Teagan replied "fair question, I wear them all of the time. I usually sleep in the pair I wore that day."

Simon then asked, "do you ever wear pajamas!"

Teagan replied "not really at least not since I was 13. I do sometimes though like on Christmas morning. Our mom likes to get matching pajamas for us so that we can wear them for the Christmas card pictures for the next year."

Simon replied "that sounds a bit like my family sort of. I know for a bit I used to wear a pair of pajamas on Christmas morning that I'd had for a while until they got too small for me."

Teagan replied, "nice I know I'm guilty of hanging on to underwear or t-shirts too long too."

Teagan then took his contacts out before going to bed. Simon then said "you wear contacts I didn't notice you out them in yesterday."

Teagan replied "yeah I guess I didn't put them on in front of you. I usually do it when I shower in the morning. I probably took them out when you showed yesterday then "

Simon nodded as he went to bed. As he turned off his light, he saw Teagan take off his shirt before he got under his covers. He noticed a little bit of red hair running from his belly button to his waistband and disappearing under it. He also noticed that Teagan had a small device on his waistband that looked a bit like a pager but had a small tube that went into his body. Teagan saw him looking at it and said " it's an insulin pump I use it so I don't have to give myself shots all of the time , basically what it does is gives me a constant amount of insulin during the day and night and when I need to it gives me a boost of it."

Both boys were sound asleep soon. Teagan laid awake for a moment to watch Simon sleep before he had drifted off himself