Simon and Teagan

I don't own the characters from 7th heaven. This is a story based on some speculation that some people had about a character and would have liked to have happened.

How it had happened neither of them knew but from a friendship between roommates became something else that one of them had never thought about at all.

It was now mid-October and Teagan had gone home for the weekend because he had an appointment with his dad to get his braces tightened, it wasn't unusual for him to go back home a few times for that sometimes Simon would accompany him. Teagan's dad had even looked at his teeth once and said that they were straight and that he was lucky that he never needed braces. This one weekend Kyle approached Simon about helping him with a prank on Teagan as Teagan had already done one on him a few weeks before.

Teagan had coordinated with Kyle's roommate to know when he had gone to take a nap one afternoon he then went in and changed all of the clocks in Kyle's room including the one on his computer which Kyle didn't notice until a couple of days later. Teagan, Simon, and a few others then went into Kyle's room a few minutes later wearing clothes to go out for drinks that night and made Kyle rush until he released what the actual time was.

Kyle had planned his revenge prank down to the last detail first they would move all of Teagan's stuff out of his room and store it temporarily in Kyle's room then they would put up an official letter that said that Teagan had been transferred to the west campus for inappropriate behavior. Simon had helped with moving his stuff to Kyle's room. When Teagan returned his parents had come for a visit as well. When they saw the note, they were shocked by it as Teagan hadn't said anything about any sort of problems with him. They went into the room and saw all his stuff gone from his side of the room. Simon looked up from his bed and said, "they came yesterday and moved your stuff."

Teagan could already tell that Simon wasn't exactly telling the truth and was about to call him out on it when Kyle came by and saw Teagan's parents there he was about to say something when Teagan gave him a look that said he was pissed off. Kyle then apologized and said that it was all a joke and that he had all his stuff in his room. They went to his room and saw everything there; the rest of the day was spent with moving all of Teagan's stuff back to his room. Kyle had explained to Teagan's parents about how he hadn't known that they would be going to visit Teagan that weekend and that it was only meant as a prank to get back at him for the one that Teagan had pulled on him before. Teagan's parents were a bit mad at Kyle however they did agree to not say anything about to his mother.

A few weeks had passed again, and it was now mid-November and time for American Thanksgiving. Teagan and Simon had already made plans to fly to California to see Simon's family that weekend, they had left on Thursday morning and arrived around lunchtime. Simon's sister Lucy who was now the deputy minister at the church that their father worked at would be meeting them at the airport. Also, Simon's older sister Mary had said that she was coming and had a surprise. Matt and his wife Sarah had also gotten the time off to come as well.

After they had arrived at the house and Simon had introduced Teagan to Rutty, Sam and David as well as Lucy's husband Kevin. Simon then took Teagan to his room so he could leave his stuff there as he would be sleeping on a pull-out couch in the living room as all of the other rooms would be occupied because of everyone else coming home. Matt and Sarah were the next to arrive when he had found out that Teagan was deaf, he said that he had a girlfriend once that was deaf and did a couple of signs that he had remembered. Teagan completed him and said that it was nice of him to learn sign language to talk to her he then told them that Simon was doing the same thing as well. The next question was what Mary had to tell their speculation ran from her being pregnant or engaged however she wouldn't be coming until later that evening.

Just as dinner was being put out on the table there was a knock on the door. Eric went to open it and saw Wilson West and his son Billy at the door. The last he had here from him he was dating another woman who had a baby when she was a teenager like Wilson had, then he saw Mary come up to the door. The three of them came into the house and Mary explained that she had broken up with her last boyfriend and at the same time Wilson had broken up with his girlfriend. Mary had found out about it when she had been the flight attendant on a flight that Wilson and Billy had been on. Annie welcomed them all with big hugs and commented how much Billy had grown since they had last seen him. She then introduced them all to Teagan. Teagan then said that he understood a bit of what Wilson must have gone through with Billy as he was also a teenage father but hadn't said anything to Simon or his family yet.

Teagan then said to Wilson "was it hard having a kid as a teenager? I know it is for me sometimes."

Everyone looked at him as he just dropped that bombshell on them. Simon then said, "so wait you mean that your little brother Liam is really your son?"

Teagan nodded and said "yeah when I was 15 I um got a girl pregnant and she died in childbirth, her parents didn't want anything to do with Liam so I was left with making the choice of what to do with him. My parents made it easier for me and said that they would help out as did both sets of grandparents."

Wilson replied, "that's good that you had support from your family."

Teagan replied "yeah it is. When I was in high school at the end of June we would have a day where we would have a walkathon to raise money so I brought him with me from when he was about 4 months old until he was 3."

Annie then asked, "what did your school think of that?"

Teagan replied "they were pretty cool with it. The toughest thing for me when he was younger was finding places to change him."

Eric then said, "really I wouldn't think that would be a problem."

Wilson then said, "let me guess not all men's restrooms have changing tables in them?"

Teagan nodded and said "yeah"

Annie then said, "you should have told us about him before and you could have brought him here."

Teagan replied, "well I wasn't exactly sure how you would react to it plus he's in school right now." Teagan then explained that their Thanksgiving was in October, so Liam didn't have the same time off as they did. He told them that because they have American students the university doesn't have any classes during that time.

Mary and Matt then asked if there had any frat houses there. Teagan and Simon looked at each other before Simon replied "they don't have any. I think they used to years ago, but they band them for some reason." Teagan added "they got rid of them in favor of having people bond with everyone at the school rather than just one group of people."

Matt then said, "that's interesting so there aren't any wild parties then?"

Teagan replied, "no they still happen it's just that students who rent houses and apartments in an area called the student ghetto put them on." Both him and Simon then told them all about their first week at university. Trey also got up and did a performance of the school song to show them what it was. They told them about going to the home football games and singing it when they got a touchdown or scored points.

Annie then called everyone to dinner. Once everyone was seated Eric said grace before carving the turkey and served it.

After dinner, the boys all helped with the dishes including Teagan and Wilson. Well they were drying the dishes together Wilson and Teagan both talked about being teenage father's, well some things had changed since Wilson had Billy who was 14 now but at the same time things hadn't. Teagan talked about how when they were in a restaurant he would usually go and check if there was a change table in the men's room if there wasn't, he'd usually get his mother to change Liam. Wilson asked what he did when he took him to school with him for the walkathons. Teagan told him that he'd usually have Liam in a stroller and he usually ended up just changing him on a desk that he'd would wipe down afterwards or use a picnic table. Wilson then said, "wow I would never have thought of bringing Billy to school with me."

Teagan replied "well the first time wasn't actually planned. At the last minute, my grandparents couldn't look after him because my grandmother had a cold and my other grandparents were away on a vacation with a senior's group they belonged to."

Mary then said, "I bet the girls at school must have been all over him."

Teagan replied, "yeah they were even a few that knew his mom."

Eric then said, "if you don't want to say we can talk in my office, but I'm curious about how it happened?"

Teagan replied "well she was one of the hot girls in school she asked me out we went on a couple of dates. We went to a party and ended up drunk and slept with each other. She got pregnant, and we made plans for what to do. Then when she went into early labour there were complications and she didn't make it. Het parents wanted to give Liam up for adoption. Fortunately for me my mom's brother is an adoption lawyer and he had all of the paperwork drawn up that would give me custody of him once I told him about what happened."

Wilson then said "that's good. So, does he know about his mother?"

Teagan replied "a little bit but he's only 4 so mostly what he knows is that his mommy died and is in heaven but that his daddy loves him very much and so do his grandparents and great grandparents. "

Eric then asked, "do you miss her?"

Teagan replied "sometimes I do like when he's sick. I know I always want mine when I am."

Matt then said, "I think all guys want to their mom when there sick."

Wilson replied "yeah I know Billy usually did. But he'd always settle for me."

Billy then came over and said, "yeah it was hard for me to sometimes like for example making a Mother's Day card in school when I was younger."

Teagan replied, "I guess that's something that I'm going to have to deal with them."

Billy then said "yeah probably. I know stuff like that was always hard for me. How old is your son?"

Teagan replied "Liam is 4 now, he's in kindergarten right now. My mom and dad look after him well I'm at school and he also goes to a day care after school."

Billy replied "yeah I remember stuff like that. I also remember my dad being there for me too for things like doctors' appointments, dentist appointments and orthodontist appointments."

Teagan replied "my brother in law took over my old dentists' practice and my dad is my orthodontist so thankfully I have that covered with people he knows. Plus, I take him to my old pediatrician."

Billy then said, "man that must suck to have your dad be your orthodontist."

Teagan replied "yeah a little bit. Around this time last year, he got a little mad at me because I hadn't been wearing my retainer as I was supposed to, so I had to get braces again."

Billy replied "that sucks. I only got mine a couple of months ago."

Matt then said "I noticed that you wear cochlear implants. Were they your choice?"

Teagan replied "I was born deaf, my parents decided to have me get them because they found some research that if you give a child implants at an age before they develop language then they will be able to function more normal."

Matt then said, "if you had a say in it would you want them?"

Teagan replied "I've had some deaf people ask me that a couple of them didn't really like that I have them. I'm not sure if I would make the choice but I do like that I can hear, and I don't have to realise on interpretations all the time. Plus, I kind of feel like it's ok to be able to hear with them but still know sign language. My parents also though had me learn sign language too, plus they learned it too."

Simon then said, "his dad actually signed during Mass and they also have another person who signs other things too."

Teagan replied, "yeah there's another deaf person in the parish too though so it's not just for me though."

Matt then said, "I know from when I dated Heather, she exposed me to a lot of deaf culture."

Teagan replied "yeah I try to be a part of it too, but I have both hearing and deaf friends. Some of my deaf friends have implants like me, some have hearing aids and some just sign. Personally, I look at it like choosing to stay with the religion you were born into of changing it when you are older."

Matt then said, "you're pretty smart for someone so young."

Teagan replied "yeah well the whole deaf thing I've had since birth. I think a lot of it depends on if you had deaf parents or hearing parents and at what age you went deaf at. For example, when Joanna was pregnant with Liam, she asked me if he were born deaf if I would get him implants like me?"

Eric then said, "what was your response?"

Teagan replied "I said we would talk about it if it happened. Fortunately, he was born hearing and I didn't have to make it. I have taught him sign language though. He actually has a friend who is deaf at school that he signs with."

Matt then said "that's cool that he does that. Have you met him yet?"

Teagan replied "yeah a couple of times when I've picked him up after school when I've gone home for a weekend. His parents are deaf too, but there understanding about me having cochlear implants."

Matt then said, "and they have their kid in regular classes?"

Teagan replied "they have an interpreter for him, and he has a couple of one on one sessions with a sign language teacher too. It's a lot different now than when I was his age though. I don't really look at my implants as being something that cured me of being deaf, I'm still deaf when I don't have them on, they are just an aid to help me hear just like how my knee brace is an aid to me not injuring my knee again."

Matt then said, "I was wondering about that I remember that Mary injured her knee, but she doesn't have to wear one."

Teagan then explained how he had hyperextended his knee and that the brace was to keep it from happening again. Matt understood right away and explained it a little bit more

After they fished the dishes Annie walked over and asked Teagan if he had any pictures of Liam, he pulled out his wallet and he had one from his school picture day. Annie then said "he's pretty cute. I think he looks you."

Teagan replied, "yeah he has my hair, and eyes but his ears are his mother's."

Annie then said, "I know from talking to Wilson how hard it is but I'm sure you're a great dad to him."

Teagan replied "thanks I try my best with him. Plus having my parents willing to help out really helps a lot."

Wilson replied "having a good support system is the best thing to have when you're a teenage father. Um just curious but do your parents treat you differently? Like for example mine would get me drug tested."

Teagan replied "wow, nope they've been great they really trust me a lot and if I have any problems with Liam there a big help. Like for example my mom taught me how to change his diapers when he wore them and then even helped out with toilet training him too."

Teagan then said "when I was in my last year of high school, I took a parenting class where we had these fake babies. Liam cried less than mine did. I actually brought him into school one day well I was doing that, so I had both him and the fake baby to deal with. The teacher gave me a pass on it for having a kid."

Wilson then said "we had that in my high school. I never bothered with it."

Teagan replied, "I only took it because I needed an extra credit to graduate and it was either that or take a night school class or a summer school class."

Simon then said, "I remember seeing kids with them too when I was in high school compared to the twins, they seemed way more needy."

Teagan laughed and said "yeah and that's why I brought Liam in the day after. One because I just ignored it at home because I had to deal with a two-year-old who had a nightmare. I think the teacher had sympathy for me because I came in with Liam in a stroller and a coffee because I didn't get much sleep that night."

Wilson replied "I remember those nights and days too. Although I never thought of bringing Billy into school though. Although I did use him to help pick up girls by saying he was my brother."

Teagan replied, "yeah I know what you mean whenever I'd bring him into school, I know some of the girls would go crazy over him."

Billy then jokingly said "maybe I should have a kid then."

Wilson and Teagan both looked at him and said, "no way!"

Billy replied, "don't worry I'm not really going to be that stupid after all I remember some of the stuff that dad went through with me."

Wilson then said, "good because when I was your age the last thing on my mind was, was having a kid."

Teagan nodded and said "same with me Liam was a happy accident but if I could make the choice again to I would. It's not that I don't love him every day of the week but it's because I missed out on a lot of things because of him."

Willison replied, "yeah it was tough I was only about a year older than Billy is now."

Billy then said "wow um well it does sound like it's cool to have a kid in high school I definitely want to wait until I'm older. I'm actually thinking about taking the parenting course next year though at school kind of just to see why they teach me."

Wilson then said, "that's cool I wish we had one when I was your age."

Billy then said, "um this is a really awkward question, but do you consider me to be an accident?"

Wilson then took a moment before pulling him into a hug a saying "not anymore, I know when I was in high school and had to juggle both you and school, I did but that didn't make me love you any less than I still do."

Teagan smiled as he felt the exact same thing about Liam. Annie then said, "let me guess you're missing your son right now.".

Teagan replied, "yeah I'd call him but he's probably in bed right now." Just then Teagan got a call on his cell phone it was his parents' number he excused himself to take it. When he answered it, it was his Mom and Liam on the phone his mom told him that Liam woke up with a nightmare and wanted to talk to his Dad. Teagan talked to both and told them about how he had told the Camden's about it and told them about Wilson and his son Billy. After he got off the phone Annie asked him "is everything ok"

Teagan replied, "yeah it is now, sometimes he just likes to talk to his dad about things."

Annie then said "good I'm glad that everything is alright. I also meant what I said before about you and your son being welcome here anytime."

Teagan nodded and smiled and replied, "ill have to think about it and see if something works out."

The next morning Teagan woke up to the smell of bacon frying, he quickly grabbed his shirt and a pair of pajama pants as he had slept in just his boxers on the pull-out couch in Eric's study. He also put on his hearing aids before heading out to the kitchen. When he got there Simon was up helping with the twins well his mom was in the kitchen. Matt came down from the attic bedroom that him and Sarah had slept in the night before. Mary, Wilson, and Billy had spent the night in a motel nearby and Lucy and her family had gone home to their home across the street from the family home, she had also brought over their daughter Savannah.

Lucy grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down in the kitchen next to Teagan she then asked him if he wanted one too and got up to get him one. Lucy then said "so Simon said that your Roman Catholic. I'm an associate minister so I'm kind of curious about the differences between our religious beliefs."

Teagan replied, "well most of them are pretty much the same exact for a few things for example we keep confession to being a private thing between you the priest and God." Eric was also there too listening in as he was curious about it too. Teagan then said "but the biggest difference is how we treat the Eucharist and communion. For us communion is a sacrament as we are receiving the body of Jesus."

Lucy then said, "that's something that has always been interesting to me."

Teagan replied "ok so I'll try to explain it a little bit. What we believe is during the mass when we are celebrating the last supper it is happening in the present just as it was when Jesus broke bread with his disciples during the last supper."

Lucy then replied, "that's fascinating."

Eric then asked, "now you guys believe that the bread and wine becomes the body and blood of Christ, right?"

Teagan replied "yeah we believe that it's transubstantiation into the body and blood. Which basically means in lay man's terms the bread becomes the body of Christ but doesn't change from being bread and the wine becomes the blood of Christ but doesn't change from being wine."

Lucy then said, "Simon mentioned something about you aren't allowed to take communion in a non-Catholic Church?'

Teagan replied "yeah it's because of the different beliefs like for example to you it's still bread and grape juice or wine to Catholics it's the body and blood of Christ made present on earth for us to be in communion with him in the same way he was with his disciples at the last supper." Teagan then added "in the Catholic Church we have what we call the 7 sacraments the first one is baptism which is usually at birth but someone who hasn't been baptized in another church can be baptized later in life."

Lucy asked, "what do you mean by being baptized in another church?"

Teagan then said "ok so for example if say one of you convert to being a Catholic you wouldn't be baptized again as the Catholic Church recognizes a baptism in another church because of the line in the creed that says "we acknowledge one baptism.""

Lucy then asked, "so what are the other sacraments if baptism is the first?"

Teagan answered "well next is confession usually around when you in second grade so about 7 or 8 you start preparing for tat and for your first communion. Where I went to school, we had a separate Catholic school board, so we had religion classes as well as regular classes. So, as I said after confession is Communion, basically in the Catholic Church you don't get to receive communion until you have received your first communion. It's usually a big thing wear everyone gets dressed up nicely and if you're in a Catholic school you do it with all your classmates. Then people will have a party with their families." Teagan paused to see if they had any questions before he continued "next is the sacrament of confirmation which is usually done around 13 or 14. When I made mine my school and another school would do it every 2 years because they would have one of the bishops come and perform it, basically what happens is you have a person who acts as your sponsor who is supposed to be someone who is supposed to help guide you to be a good Catholic, basically the same as godparents. During the ceremony, the bishop anoints you with oil and then slaps you."

Lucy then said, "wait they put oil on you and then slap you."

Teagan replied "its not regular oil it's a special oil of anointing in the Catholic Church they have three special oils that they use the three of them are the oil of the sick which is used to anoint some one who is sick to ask for God's blessing to help them get better it's also one of the sacraments too. The next oil is the oil of catechumens which is used at baptism and when new people are joining the church. The third oil is the most sacred of the three and is consecrated meaning that it gets blessed by the holy Spirit and it's called chrism. Once a year during the week before Easter which we call holy week all of the priests in a particular area go to the cathedral and receive the oils from the bishop at a special mass where they bless them."

Lucy then asked, "so what are the other sacraments then?'

Teagan replied "ok so the rest are marriage which is why the Catholic Church doesn't recognize divorce unless you get a marriage annulled which basically means that you talk to some church officials and they decided if you can get one which basically says that the marriage didn't happen. Next is holy orders which usually means becoming a priest or a deacon like my dad."

Teagan replied, "I only know a lot of this because of my dad becoming a deacon."

Lucy then asked, "so why do they only do confirmation every two years?"

Teagan replied "it has to do with the availability of bishops. So, in Toronto where I'm from we have what's called an archdiocese which basically means that the local bishop has a lot of territory to cover so they have auxiliary bishops to help as well. Our current bishop is also a cardinal so when the pope died, he had to go to Rome to help elect a new Pope. Even then having auxiliary bishops it's not possible for everyone of them to attend a confirmation mass for every parish."

Matt then asked, "so how does that all work like who reports to who?"

Teagan replied "ok so basically a parish is usually one church but in some smaller places a priest may have more than one church in a parish. The priest who heads a parish is called the pastor and sometimes will have an associate pastor to help or they have other priests assist them along with deacons. With deacons there are two types one is training to become a priest and the other is a married one like my dad is. Basically a deacon can do some of the things a priest can like reading from the Gospel, giving a homily or sermons to preparing the Eucharist, they can also do baptisms too, my dad baptized Liam when I decided to have him be baptized. So then above priest is a bishop or an archbishop when you have multiple bishops in a large area. Then you have the Cardinals which are Bishops who have been appointed by the Pope to elect a new Pope or bishop of Rome. Then of course you have the Pope who is the spiritual head of the Catholic Church and lives in Vatican City."

Matt then said, "they just got a new one a few months, ago right?"

Teagan replied "yeah the previous Pope, Pope John Paul ii passed away in April, so after his funeral the Cardinals went into what is called a conclave where they are locked in the Sistine Chapel where they pray and vote for a new Pope. After each round of voting the votes are read and if they don't have two thirds majority, they burn them with a chemical to make black smoke come out of the chimney on the chapel. When they have a new Pope and they agree to it then they burn them to have white smoke and they ring the bells at the Vatican and then usually all the churches in Rome will join in too. Then whoever is in charge either the Dean of the college of Cardinals or the sub Dean depending on if one if them was elected to be the Pope comes out on the balcony and announces in Latin we have a new Pope and then gives there names before they were Pope and then what there new name will be also in Latin."

Matt then asked, "so is the Pope always a cardinal first?"

Teagan replied "usually but they can elect anyone who is male and had been baptized, in theory of course. I don't think that anyone who wasn't one has been one for a long time. Basically, if someone isn't a bishop or a priest then they would be ordained as all of them in succession by the Dean of Cardinals, but like I said it hasn't happened for a long time."

Eric then said, "its interesting that you have all of that hierarchy in the Catholic Church."

Teagan replied, "yeah I guess the Pope bishops and priests are all supposed to be carrying out the role of the disciples of Jesus after he told them to go out and serve in his name."

Eric then said, "that's an interesting way to look at it."

Teagan replied "yeah"

Lucy then said, "ok so what about worshiping Mary and the saints?"

Teagan replied "we don't really worship them in the same way as we worship God. It's different like for example take Mary we acknowledge her as both the mother of Jesus and also the mother of the church and the queen of heaven."

Lucy then replied, "so you don't really worship her then?"

Teagan replied, "not in the same way we worship God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit."

Eric then said, "its funny we always seem to dwell on being different from the Catholic Church but if you look at it, we have many similarities between us."

Teagan replied, "yeah I only know most of this stuff because when my dad was becoming a deacon, I helped him study things and just sort of picked it up myself."

Eric then said, "well I'm sure he was very pleased to have your help."

Teagan replied, "yeah he was."

The rest of the day Teagan and Simon shared some more stories from their time at Queen's university. They told them some stories from going out with their friends on their floor. The Camden's were a bit concerned when the boys mentioned about having drinks at parties and bars but after Teagan told them that the legal age in Ontario was 19 and not 21 like it was in the US, they were a little more ok with it. They were still concerned about Simon drinking though, Simon told them that he didn't usually drink much or often. They didn't mention about Teagan's habit of ordering a James Bond style Martini either.

The next morning was busy as it was a church day fortunately Lucy was going to be running most of the service that day but Reverend Camden had still gone in early to help get things ready as he usually liked to do it anyway. Teagan asked Simon if he did it just to avoid having to deal with helping everyone get ready for day. Simon laughed at that as he was helping the twins get their ties on.

When they got to the church Teagan and Simon had planned to sit at the back so it would be less awkward for him however Annie had insisted that he sit with them. He ended up in the row behind next to Wilson and Billy who had also been invited along too. At the beginning of the service Lucy read off the same speech that had read at Teagan's church she had decided to do it after Simon and Teagan had told the family about it Teagan sat intensively during the service, when it was time for the bread and grape juice to be passed around Teagan abstained from it. Someone behind him asked why he didn't take it he told them that he was Catholic and it wasn't proper for him to take communion in another Church.

After the service, the family all went to have coffee and juice with the rest of the attendees. A few people were curious about Teagan and him being Catholic but they were all very excepting of him. Teagan was still wondering what would happen if he had come out to them as being gay. He did also notice that Simon seemed to be giving him more glances then he usually did, Teagan was thinking that perhaps Simon was getting more comfortable about the fact that he was possibly attracted to guys. Teagan decided to ask him what his thoughts were when they were back at Queen's.

They spent the rest of the day with the Camden's as the next morning they would be heading back to Toronto and then onto Queen's. Marry, Wilson and Billy joined them at the airport as did Matt and Sarah as they were also flying out then too.

Once they had gotten back to Toronto and were in Teagan's Jeep Wrangler, Simon turned to Teagan and said "um do you remember how we talked about things being sins but not really as bad as people make it out to be?"

Teagan replied, "yeah why what's on your mind?"

Simon then said, "I've kind of been looking into some things because I'm not really sure about how or what I'm feeling."

Teagan replied, "oh ok um I'm listing if you want to talk about it."

Simon then said, "ok so um hypothetical question if I knew someone who had feelings for someone who was the same sex as they are it wrong?"

Teagan replied, "I think it depends on how you want to interrupt that like what type of feelings do you mean?"

Simon then said, "well he's not really sure what he's feeling."

Teagan replied "I see well first you aren't the first person I've had ask me that. You know how I won't say much about my friend Shawn?"

Simon then said, "um yeah."

Teagan then said, "first I want to say if you are the one who is having these feelings you can say it to me, I'm ok with it."

Simon then said, "um just curious but was that what Shawn told his parents about?"

Teagan replied "yeah he told me, and I helped him come out to his parents and they weren't very excepting of it. They kicked him out and he ended up getting really depressed and committed suicide because his family wouldn't except him for who he was"

Simon remained silent for the rest of the trip. Teagan didn't say anything else he just let Simon think about it as he didn't want to push the issue with him until he was ready.