"This is when Troy and Gabriella see each other at school." Elena said.

"Oh yeah, your first day at Easy High and you got a detention." Troy said.

"Yeah, because of you, most of us had detention." Gabriella said nugging him.


Troy and the others sitting on their desks talking

Gabriella walks in and hands Ms Darbus a paper


Ms Darbus


Do you remember the night before?


No, not at all,

All I remember is like, pink jelly,


Gabriella walks past Troy and the others and they look at her


Excuse me

Gabriella walks past Ryan and Sharpay and sits at the back



Troy still looking at Gabriella

Sharpay stands in front of Troy


Hi Troy



Troy still looking at Gabriella

"Dude, your still looking at her." Zeke said.

The bell rings

Ms Darbus:

I trust you all had splendid holidays,

Check the sign up sheet for new activities in the lobby,

Mr Bolton

Troy turns around and sits in his seat

Especially our winter musicale,

We will have singles auditions for our supporting roles,

Chad mouths 'You ok?' and Troy nods 'Yeah'

And pairs auditions for our two leads



Ms Darbus:

Mr Danforth,

This is a place of learning,

Not a hockey arena

"How did you get basketball mixed up with hockey?" Coach Bolton said.

There is also final sign up for next week Scholastic Decathlon competition,

Troy takes his phone out and calls Gabriella

"Wait, How did you get her number?" Chad asked.

"After we sang, we talked and exchanged our phone numbers." Troy explained.

Chem club president Taylor Mckessie can answer all your questions about that

Gabriella's phone goes off

Ah, the cellphone menace has returned to our crucible of learning

Sharpay and Ryan check their phones

Sharpay and Ryan, cell phones and I will see you in detention,

Sharpay and Ryan put their phones in the pot

Gabriella turns her phone off

We have zero tolerance for cellphones in class, so we will get to know each other in detention,

Cell phone

Gabriella puts her phone in the pot

And welcome to East High, Miss Montez,

Mr Bolton,

I see your phone is involved,

So we will see you in detention as well


That's not a possibility,

Ms Darbus,

Your honour,

See, we have basketball practice and Troy...

Ms Darbus:


That will be 15 minutes for you too,

Mr Danforth,

Count 'em,


That could be hard for Chad,

He can't count that high,

"Hahaha!" Everyone was laughing at Taylor's comment while Chad was pouting.

Ms Darbus:

Taylor Mckessie,

15 minutes

Taylor gasps

Holidays are over people,

Way over!

Now, anymore comments,


Jason raises his hand



How were your holidays, Ms Darbus?

Everyone looks at him

Everyone sighs at Jason's stupidity


The bell rings and everyone leaves the classroom

Troy leaning against the wall

Chad walks up to him


See you in detention


See you later,

Gabriella walks out of the classroom

Troy taps her on the shoulder




I don't


Believe it


Well me



"You guys are good at finishing each other's sentences." Zeke said.

But how?


My mum's company transferred her here to Albuquerque,

I can't believe you live here,

I looked for you at the lodge on New Years Day,


We had to leave first thing


Why are you whispering?

"Yeah, why are you?" Chad said.

Walking through the hallway


What,Oh, uh,

You see my friends know about the snowboarding,

I haven't quite told them about the singing thing


Too much for them to handle?


No, it was cool,

But, you know,

My friends, it's, uh,

Its not what I do,

That was like a different person

Gabriella walks to a different direction

Troy stops walking and smiles

"You know Troy, that's like the only girl you've ever talk and feel comfortable around and not just talk about basketball." Chad said.

"Well then, I'm honoured!" Gabriella said to Troy and most of the girls felt jealous.

So, uh... anyway,

Welcome to East High,

They stand in front of the bulletin board

Now that you've met Ms Darbus,

I bet you just can't wait to sign up for that,


I won't be signing up for anything for a while,

I just want to get to know the school,

But if you sign up,

I'd consider coming to the show,


Yeah, yeah,

That's completely impossible

"No it's not!" Taylor said.

Gabriella giggles