This is an alternate universe and is Slash. There is a mention of a relationship between the two male cousins. Bo had gotten married and had one son, named Elijah. At age 10 Elijah was on his way to a church retreat in Chickasaw County with 3 other kids. They never made it. They were kidnapped by a preacher who brought them to a religious compound in Texas. Bo and the other town folk looked for 2 years for the missing children, with no luck. Bo had put fliers up at truck stops in several states. He mailed hundreds of others to every truck stop that he could find the address for. One day a miracle happened, one of the boys escaped from the compound and called the police. All the children and young adults that were kidnapped were found and sent home. Four other adults were arrested for kidnapping and other crimes.

Word spread quickly around Hazzard about the great news. Three out of the four boys that were kidnapped from Hazzard were found alive in a religious compound in Texas. Bo's happiness was replaced with sorrow when he found out that his son Elijah was not one of them. One of the boys told an officer that Elijah took off to find help.

^^^^This takes place after Elijah called the police for help.^^^^

The preacher man that took them went after Elijah. Elijah was waiting at the truck stop for the police when he saw the preacher's car. He looked around and saw a truck driver getting into his truck. When he saw the Georgia tags, he ran up to the driver.

"Hey, mister? Can you give me a lift?" The driver looked at Elijah with suspicion.

"I'm headed to Sweet Water, Georgia."

"That's great! I live in Hazzard."

"Get in." After Elijah got into the cab, the driver turned and looked at him. "Where are your parents, son?"

"Long story, I just need to get home."

"You look familiar. You're not running from the cops are you?"

"No, sir. Just want to get back home."

"You look tired, you can crash in the sleeper." The driver pointed to the small bed behind him.

"No, it's okay." The driver could tell that Elijah was leery on fully trusting him.

"It's okay, son. I have two boys at home." He pointed to the picture of him and his family, that he had taped onto the dash. "I ain't about to hurt ya. My wife passed away last year and they are staying with my folks while I'm on the road." They set out for Hazzard and before long, Elijah fell asleep. They made a couple stops before they made it to Hazzard, 20 hours later. The truck driver stopped by the depot that was near the bakery. As Elijah was about to make his way out of the truck, the semi driver looked at Elijah and replied. "I'm glad you're safe, Elijah." When he saw the scared look on the child's face, he showed him the lost child poster. "I told you, you looked familiar. Are you sure you want me to drop you off here?"

"Yes, sir. My dad helps out at the garage on the weekends. He'll be here in town anytime now. Thank you."

"You take care, son." The driver waited until Elijah got into the bakery before he left.

Elijah ran to the bakery happy. It was the place that Bo would take him every Saturday, while he helped Cooter at the shop. Elijah walked into the little shop and looked over to the corner by the window, where he would play for hours two years ago. There on the wall he saw a picture of him, Bo and his mom in front of the General Lee. His cars that he always played with, were still there on the shelf where he had left them.

"Morning, son."

"Morning, ma'am." He walked up to the picture on the wall, it was two years since he was here. The lady didn't recognize him because his hair was dyed red and he was several inches taller and skinnier.

"That was the owner's family."

"Was? Who's the owner?"

"Bo Duke."

"What happened to his family?"

"His only son was kidnapped along with three others on their way to a church retreat. His wife was killed on her way home from church six months later. Then to make matters worse for the poor man, his childhood home where they had lived, burned down three months after she died. He lost everything. I think he bought this place to save the memories he had of his boy."

"Where does he live now?"

"He stays with his cousin Luke on his farm, or he sleeps at Cooter's Garage. Cooter fixed the loft up for him."

"Where can I find him?"

"I think Luke took him to Cooter's Garage last night, down the road." Elijah smiled, he was so close to his dad. He was glad Bo wasn't at Luke's farm, otherwise he would have to find a ride for the half hour drive over there.

"Why are you so interested..." She trailed off as she realized who the boy may be. "Dear Lord!" Before she could approach him he opened the door and ran towards the garage.

^^The morning before^^ These events happened the same time Elijah was making his way home.^^

That afternoon when Bo found out that Elijah wasn't among the kids rescued, he left the Police Station. He made his way to the Boar's Nest and bought a bottle of whiskey. He rarely drank whiskey that they didn't make themselves but today he made an exception. 14 hours later, Luke found Bo at Hazzard Pond.

"Hey, Bo."

"Hey, cuz." Luke could see that Bo was quite drunk.

"I'm sorry."

"I know, Luke."

"They said that one boy got away. If that was Elijah, he may have hitch-hiked home. He could be home by early tomorrow if he got picked up by a trucker." Bo looked at Luke with a small smile.

"Oh, Luke. How could I be so..." Luke interrupted him. "It's alright, Bo. Come on, let's get you sobered up." Bo raised his hand and Luke helped him up.

"Take me to Cooter's. If he got a ride he might go to town." They drove in silence to Cooter's Garage and Luke managed to get Bo up the ladder to the loft and he laid down on the bed. Several hours later Luke woke up when he felt Bo moving. Luke saw Bo sitting on the edge of the bed with his head in his hands, crying.


"Why, Luke? Why me?" Luke sat next to him and pulled him into an embrace.

"I don't know. But everything will be alright."

"No, Luke. Things will never be alright." Luke held Bo tight for several minutes, until Bo lifted his head and looked into Luke's eyes. Bo placed his hand onto Luke's cheek, while Luke sat there unsure of what Bo was thinking. Bo figured since Luke was bi, he wouldn't object to his advances. Bo pulled Luke into a passionate kiss. They kissed for several seconds until Luke pulled back out of the kiss, unsure of Bo's intentions. Luke had been in love with Bo for years, now he had no idea if Bo was acting on loneliness, lust or love. When Luke pulled away, Bo thought maybe he took things too far.

Bo turned away from him and mumbled. "Sorry, Luke. I didn't..." "Bo, it's alright. I'm not mad at you, just surprised." Not many knew Luke's secret, only Cooter and Bo.

"You sure you want to continue?" Luke asked him. Bo only nodded. "Bo." Luke turned Bo's head so he could look him in the eyes. "I need to hear you say the words."

"Yes, Luke. I want this."

"There's no going back."

"I've wanted you for years. Couldn't tell you because I was afraid of you rejecting me."

"I wanted this too, Bo. For so long." Luke gently caressed Bo's face and pulled him close.

Bo knew that Luke would never do anything to hurt him emotionally, so he didn't hesitate when Luke pulled him into a kiss. They kissed passionately until Luke pulled him back onto the bed.

"Bo, if you want me to stop, you best tell me now."

"No, I want you. I need you so much."

"How far do you want to take this?" Bo smiled and showed Luke just how far he was willing to take things. Afterwards, Bo slowly fell asleep wrapped in Luke's embrace. About an hour later, Luke woke up once again when he felt Bo move. When Bo came back from the bathroom, he looked at Luke and replied. "I'm sorry, Luke."

"For what?"

"Using you last night."

"Bo, you didn't use me last night."

"Yes, I did. I knew you were bi, so I figured you wouldn't object to my advances." Luke shook his head.

"Bo, you didn't use me. I wanted it as much as you did." Bo smiled. "Would you like more, like a relationship?"

"Yeah, Luke. I would like that." Bo got into bed next to Luke, who was laying on his side propped up by his arm. Bo laid on his side facing Luke.

"Bo, I need to know that you really want this. That you won't have second thoughts about us, two weeks or two years from now. It'd break my heart to loose you."

"I do want this. How long have you felt this way about me?" Bo asked.

"For a very long time. Since we was kids I knew I loved you. And you?"

"Before I got married, I thought I had feelings for you. I pushed them aside when she got pregnant. When I lost Elijah, Sally-Jo blamed me and was going to leave. When she went to church, I didn't go with her because she was going to her sister's house right from there. When I lost the house and you let me stay with you. All those feelings that I had for you, that I buried out of shame, came back to life. I knew that the feelings I had for you went beyond just family love." Luke smiled and replied.

"Come on, it's too early. It's only 3 am. Lets go to sleep and yes, I really mean sleep." They went back to sleep and woke up 4 hours later to the sounds of two men talking.

^^As Elijah was at the bakery the preacher was at Cooter's getting gas^^

"What brings you to these parts?"

"Just passin' through." At that time Bo had woken up and heard two men talking. He looked at Luke and whispered.

"That's him Luke! That's the preacher from the church retreat."

"You sure?"

"I'll never forget his voice." Bo looked over the railing and only saw Cooter. They quickly put their boots on and grabbed their shirts. As Bo and Luke quietly made their way down the ladder, they heard a commotion.

"Hey! Come back here! My bike!"

^^Elijah was on his way to Cooter's when he saw the preacher's car and the preacher looking right at him. He looked around in a panic and saw a young man getting ready to get on a motorcycle. Elijah ran up to him and pushed him away from the motorcycle and got on. Elijah was half way down the road when the preacher got into his car and sped after him.

Bo, Luke and Cooter ran to the man with the bike.

"What happened?" Cooter asked him as both Bo and Luke put their shirts on.

"That kid, he took my bike." The young man looked at Bo then said. "I swear Bo, if he had blond hair he would of looked just like you."

"Elijah." Bo ran to the General Lee with Luke right behind him.

"Hold up, Bo!" Luke ran inside and grabbed Cooter's shotgun. When he got to the General he showed it to Bo. "Insurance policy." They raced down the road as Cooter stood there confused. The bakery shop lady ran up to Cooter.

"That was Elijah!"


"Elijah Duke. That boy was Elijah!"

"Dear Lord, I think that preacher man was the one that took him 2 years ago." Cooter ran to his truck and followed Bo.

"Where are we goin', Bo?"

"My farm."


"If that's Elijah, he'd go to the old horse barn in the north 40. He would always go to that barn if he wanted to be alone." They made their way to Bo's farm and saw the preacher's car outside the old horse barn. Bo cut the engine to the General and they made their way inside the barn.

"Really think you'd get away from me, boy?" The preacher raised his hand to strike Elijah again. Bo saw what the preacher was going to do and raised the gun.

"Step away from him!" When the preacher turned to face Bo, Bo noticed the hand gun. Bo shot the preacher in the chest, as the preacher raised the gun. Elijah laid on the ground motionless, too scared to move.

"Elijah?" Elijah Duke?" Bo yelled as he stood by the doorway.

"Dad?" Elijah whispered and looked up. "Dad!" Elijah got to his feet and ran towards him. Bo laid down the gun, opened his arms and took Elijah into an embrace. Picking him up in a loving hug.

"I looked for you everywhere. I missed you so much."

"I tried to get away so many times. When I finally got away, I called the police. I don't know if the others are safe."

"They are, all of them." Luke walked up to the preacher, checked for a pulse and was happy he didn't find one.

"He's dead." Luke told Bo. Luke placed his hand onto Elijah's back. "Great to see ya again, kid." Elijah turned and hugged Luke as Bo held him in his arms.

"Hi, Uncle Luke." Several minutes later they heard sirens.

"Come on guys." Luke patted Bo's back and they headed to the door, with Bo carrying Elijah.

"Hey, Rosco." Luke waved to him.

"Elijah? Is that you?"

"Yeah, Rosco. He's back."

"Preacher's in the barn." Luke told him. Rosco went inside the barn and saw the preacher laying in a pool of blood, hand gun in his left hand. Rosco went back to his patrol car and radioed for Enos.

"Enos, you got your ears on? Come back."

"Yeah, Sheriff?"

"Elijah Duke has been found alive..." "Woo-ho!" "Enos, the man responsible is dead, self defence. We're at Bo's farm by the horse barn."

Word quickly spread around Hazzard that Elijah was found alive. They all went back to Luke's farm, where half the county was there waiting for them. The town folk quickly set up a welcome home party for Elijah and the other three boys and their families.

Bo and Elijah moved in with Luke and combined their two farms and their farm flourished. Elijah stayed on the farm and eventually married and had 5 sons and one daughter. Bo and Luke rebuilt the original farm house and that's where Elijah and his family lived. No one ever found out about the Duke boy's relationship and they continued to farm the land that their family owned for generations.