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Story Start!

Two young couples.

"Ringo, Saibai, we have some news for you."

"Actually, Minato and Kushina, we've got important news for you two as well."

The two couples were Ringo Yuuki and Saibai Yuuki sitting on one half of a table in a family dinner. A beautiful young woman with light brown hair, hazel eyes, and the figure of a model that wore a pleasant business suit that showed the curves near her hips. She was out of her work attire and in her normal attire, which was somewhat similar to her work clothes.

Then her husband, Saibai Yuuki who was more gruff looking with thick eyebrows, black hair that was spiked back and long. His clothes were loose and comfortable, including sweat pants since even though he wasn't working, he was just coming from their house and his work.

Opposite to them was the other couple.

Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, although they were a married couple, Kushina didn't believe in taking her husband's last name so she kept her own.

A tall man, taller than Saibai himself was with a lean frame. He looked un-Japanese with peach colored skin and blond hair, complimented by his blue eyes and more gentle features. Where Saibai was gruff looking, Minato Namikaze was always described as a pretty man. He was dressed in loose fitting clothes, but he wore them well since they were more akin to something that you could wear in public without raising an eye at.

Kushina Uzumaki, like her husband, didn't seem the least bit Japanese either. With super long red hair that went down to her ankles, and bright grey eyes, she had fair skin that was a few shades lighter than her husband. A more heart-shaped rounded face, and perfectly proportioned curves that were above average in the ways that allowed her natural beauty to shine through.

"Oh, you guys go first then." Kushina offered them with a gentle wave.

She could wait to give her good news to them.

"No, I insist... since I'm your fashion designer, it would be bad karma for me to go first." Ringo stated as she gestured for Kushina to continue instead. More than that though, her good news was something that she just couldn't resist shocking the young couple with. She had known them since she was a school girl, having gone to school with Kushina and went to college with Minato. "How about you Saibai, don't you agree?" Ringo asked her husband, who blinked.

"I kind to go first."

"I couldn't allow that, I'm so used to you telling me your crazy ideas. As your Editor, I inist you two spill the beans." Minato passed the offer to them.

To say the four of them chased dreams together wouldn't be a lie.

Saibai was a highly talented Mangaka, and Minato was his Editor with the company he worked for. Saibai's dream had been to create manga, and Minato's dream had been to help others create manga for everyone to enjoy. The two of them worked together, and they barely ever allowed their friendship to get in the way of the way they worked together.

Minato managed Saibai's manga.

Kushina was a highly valued model, being featured in several magazines. She had started off as a pop idol when she was in school, though that career ended when her nasty temper got the better of her and she beat up a fan who tried to feel her up. Ringo had always had a passion for clothes, and designed her outfits. She also had a talent for keeping Kushina's temper under control, so she eventually helped Kushina get a modelling job with the agency that she herself worked for as a designer.

Ringo was something of Kushina's manager.


"Well, your first idea of a manga where a Ninja boy saves the world by bringing peace to it... it was absolutely great, but it was really crazy how it worked. Where do you get these ideas?" Minato laughed with Saibai as they made fun of one of his ideas that Saibai didn't actually publish to the public. In the end, he had made it private, since he was afraid that his first manga would have failed.

He still had the notes and sketched that he did for it.

"I liked that one, and I don't even really read manga... I loved how the character never gave up, and I absolutely loved his name... Naruto..." Kushina muttered the name with a soft expression. She stopped her hands from going to her belly, which they wanted to go to on pure instinct.

Minato sighed in relief.

"I just had that idea while eating a bowl of ramen-"

"I know, that is even better... a multi-meaning name, and who doesn't love ramen? Anyway, I insist that you two tell us your news first." Kushina snapped her fingers.

Ringo nodded.

"Honestly though... we aren't going to get anywhere like this... lets just blurt out the news on the count of 3." Ringo stated with a sigh. She could see that they were both too nice to go first, and nobody wanted to reveal their secrets first anyway. The shock value of what she wanted to tell her friends was too good.

Minato nodded.

"Sounds fun!" Her husband agreed to it.

"I don't see the problem... okay then... 1... 2... 3..."

"We're pregnant!"

Absolute silence as Ringo looked at Kushina in shock, and Kushina looked at Ringo in equal shock. They stated the exact same thing, at the exact same time. Saibai looked at Minato with his jaw dropped, before he gave a massive grin and extended his fist towards Minato.

"Nice job." Saibai gave his congrats to his fellow man.

Minato bumped his knuckles.

"Ooooh, what's your due date!" Ringo asked with sparkles in her eyes as she looked at Kushina's belly. She couldn't be happier for her friend, that she was going to be a mother. Kushina's parents had passed away when she was a young girl, so getting a family of her own was like a dream for the girl. Not to mention her husband Minato became an orphan when he was growing up, so until now, it was just the two of them. "Mine is October... mid-October!" Ringo announced.

Kushina became smug.

"October... early October. Meaning my baby will be born first... ow..." Kushina was flicked by Minato in the nose when she bragged about something so trivial. Ringo seemed a little annoyed by the bragging.

That meant Kushina won their competition.

The first person to have a baby was the winner, since they had both been trying for children for months now. Kushina was super competitive, so this was always the best way for her to get herself excited for it.

"His name will be Naruto... Naruto Uzumaki." Minato stated with a meaningful look at Saibai.

The man took a moment.

"Naruto... so... wait... are you saying that... you two are making us the godparents?" Saibai was shocked, stunned, and most of all filled with joy that his friend had chosen them as the godparents for their child. The title of god parent was only ever given to the person you most trusted to take care of your child if something ever happened to you. To give your own flesh and blood to a person to raise as their own was an amazing honor.

Ringo looked at Kushina with shock, before she smiled softly.

"... Funny enough, we plan on naming our child Rito if he's a boy, and Mikan if she's a girl... since my name is Ringo I was hoping the apple wouldn't fall far from the tree. A naming scheme... I feel a little awkward... but we wanted to offer you two the position as well... having our children be around the same age will make it easier too." Ringo stated with a confident smile. She was confident that Kushina would accept. She extended her hand and grabbed onto Kushina's hands. "Please?"

Kushina snorted.

"My hands... usually you grab my tits first. We accept, and gladly. Lets hope we get to all happily raise these children to the best of our ability, for their sake." Kushina pumped a fist in the air.

"I get to be a daddy and an uncle... I'm totally going to be the cool uncle, and show him my sweet fighting moves... let the boys wrestle." Saibai flexed his non-existant muscles, since he was a rather skinny man. Minato just laughed in a good natured way, while Kushina looked downright insulted.

"I am sorry, but the only one teaching my son how to kick ass will be ME! I'm not called the Red Hot-Blooded Habanero for nothing!" Kushina exclaimed with a wicked laugh.

Ringo sighed.

"They only called you that because when they called you the Tomato-Face Model, you beat everyone in the room into a pulp." Ringo added in, since Kushina left out the details of just how she got that nickname. "Eh, Tomato?" Ringo added in for good measure.

Kushina blushed tomato-red, making her bangs frame her face in the perfect way for it to resemble a tomato.

"Shut up ya'know... ah damnit... it slipped. I hope my kid doesn't inherit any of my weirdness." Kushina sighed and rubbed the back of his head. "Oh well, I can always raise my Naruto to be an upstanding person... without any weird verbal tics." Kushina rubbed the back of her head when she realized that this was her son she was talking about.

Of course he would be weird like her.

They all laughed.

-9 Months Later-

There was no laughter.

Ringo could only stare with tears falling down her cheeks as she looked at the Namikaze/Uzumaki house's burnt remains. The fire fighters had already put the flames out, but the house itself had collapsed in on itself. Ringo was still pregnant, and her due date was to happen at any time. They had arrived at their friends house with the hopes that they could see the new-born Naruto, since he had just been born. She had gotten a call from Kushina that they were taking their son home.

Saibai was on the ground, crying as well as he looked at a bodybag that had Minato in it.

"Please sir... can you confirm the body?"

"That... that is him. Even half-burnt, I recognize that face..." Saibai felt like he was drowning as he looked at his friend's face, and realized that this was very real. There was a second bodybag next to him, and though Kushina was far less burnt than Minato was, there was a large hole in the middle of her stomach where part of the house had collapsed onto her.

Minato tried to shield Kushina from the flames.

Kushina had been stabbed through the stomach.

"Ah... aaaaaah!" Ringo let out a howl like a wounded animal as she collapsed onto her knees, and grabbed onto her husband to seek any strength.

Saibai didn't comfort her.

He just stared at the faces of his friends in stunned silence.


"... Was there a baby boy with them, please tell me that their son wasn't with them! He was just born... he wasn't with them right!?" Ringo scrambled to get to her feet. She grabbed the nearest police officer who was walking by, and she yanked on his shirt. The man was shocked, before he heard the desperation in her voice.

Instead of being angry with her for shaking him, he gently grabbed a hold of her hands and smiled proudly at her.

"Your friends, Kushina and Minato, were amazing parents. We found them shielding their son from the fire and the rubble with their own bodies. We it not for their sacrifice, we would not have been able to save him in time. Would you like to see him?" The officer spoke to them.

Ringo and Saibai looked at each other dumbly.

"C-can we?" Saibai stood up on shaky feet, and he purposely avoided looking at Minato or Kushina as the medical personal zipped the bags up. He grabbed his wife's hand for both her support, and to support her. He should have supported her earlier, but he had been to filled with dread.

Ringo watched as an offer gestured for a doctor to bring a small wrapped up bundle of clothes towards them. She and her husband both saw a small tuff of blond hair in the bundle, and very softly sleeping was a baby boy.

He had Minato's hair, and Kushina's facial features already, but his skin was a darker than hers but lighter than his father's skin.

He had bloody bandages on his cheeks.

"Some of the rubble managed to get him in the face. The part of the house that Kushina stopped with her body had nearly crushed his head, but thanks to her only part of it touched his face... still he's going to have scars on his cheeks from this."

"Can... I hold him?" Ringo asked in a dull shock as she looked as the doctor lifted their friends son and gently placed him into her arms. "He's beautiful... just like his parents. They died so that you could live... those two... were such damn awesome parents. That's it Saibai... Kushina beat me for sure, showed just how badass she was." Ringo hiccuped as she forced a smile on her face.

The day Naruto Uzumaki was born.

The day Naruto Uzumaki became an orphan.

The day Naruto Uzumaki became a member of the Yuuki household.

Chapter End!
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