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"I hate it when Naruto and Lala go out together."

Mikan hated it when Naruto tried to be an actual boyfriend to Lala, not even out of jealousy, but because she had wanted to go to the market with Naruto. She also wanted his opinion on her clothes and to get her sizes, she was in the middle of a growth spurt and she needed his opinion on bras and panties... and stuff.

Why Naruto and not Rito?

Rito was awkward as could be when it came to underwear, while Naruto was the type that told it to you as it was. She both loved and hated the fact that he was able to help her pick out panties from a man's point of view. Wearing cute or sexy panties just made her feel more confident, panties that were meant to be seen were nice, even if she had no plans on letting the immature boys at her school see them.

Naruto had good taste in what he personally wanted to see, and because he was super honest, he couldn't lie.

"... So you're breaking into his room when it's locked?" Momo asked as she walked up on Mikan picking the lock to Naruto's room.

"Whenever he locks it, that means he is hiding something. Shouldn't you be going back to space to be with your twin Nene or something?" Mikan asked as she carefully picked the lock. If Naruto was going to go on a date with Lala, then she was going to check out what sort of thing he was hiding from her.

"It's Nana... and... yeah, I guess I should go back to space." Momo muttered to herself.

That was a good idea.

She needed some time to come up with good strategies, make some good allies ahead of time as well. She could go and collect items and plants that she could make great use of, stuff that she did not have access to in her own timeline. Everyone in this world thought that she was 100% their Momo, but that was not true. She had an advantage that she should take full advantage of, which meant that should she back off now and make plans, she might be more successful.

"Oh... so you're going to stop sending Naruto lewd looks then?" Mikan asked as the lock clicked, and she gave her fist a tiny bump in mini-celebration. "... Changing the lock, he must not be comfortable with his hiding place." Mikan stood up and walked into the room. She took one step in the room, and she stopped and looked towards Momo. "... Want to help me?" Mikan asked with a smile.


Mikan had been sassy and protective of Rito, which a sprinkle of sarcasm and slight lewdness, in her world, but this Mikan was a damn Mama Tiger. She was very confident, and she took no bullshit that she didn't need to. The best parts of Mikan from her world were still here, but they were even greater due to the influence of having two older brothers to make her even tougher. Momo didn't want to get on this girl's bad side, that was to be sure.

"Is it trapped?" Momo looked into the room.

"No, because the last time he did that, he forgot and stumbled into it himself. He must bought a new porn mag or something-"

"Nothing wrong with that!" Momo defended Naruto before Mikan could get mad.

Mikan just raised an eyebrow.

"Of course there isn't anything wrong with it. He's a healthy boy, he's at that age... if anything, Rito is the weird one for NOT having any of that stuff. Why would I be mad at him for that?" Mikan asked Momo, since she heard the defending way Momo said that. She had TWO older brothers, and she had a mangaka father, and a pervert mother. She was understanding of how men's sexual needs worked, it was women's sexual needs that she didn't understand or know how to deal with. It was other women that made her uncomfortable.

"... Oh." Momo stated with a sigh of relief.

Right, even the Mikan of her world wasn't actually a prude that cared about porn. She would sooner tease a person for having porn, then get mad at them for it.

-With Naruto/Lala-

Lala just smiled and waited with her hands behind her back, patiently waiting for Naruto as he brought flowers into a fenced off area. Naruto had bought flowers at a shop before coming here, and she noticed this was the same place Naruto stopped by before. He passed by this fenced off spot a lot when he walked with her, and he almost always stopped by here on the way home from school.

He never brought her in there with him though.

Oh well, she was just super happy to be going on another date with her fiance.

'This is a graveyard... I wonder who he keeps visiting?' Lala couldn't help herself from thinking, when she noticed the sign on the fence. She just noticed that, and it finally stuck with her that Naruto was visiting somebody who passed away. She thought of how Naruto was feeling, and her heart beat painfully for a brief moment, causing her to put her hand on her chest. '... Thinking about him being sad hurt.' Lala had felt real sympathy for the pain that Naruto must be going through.

When Lala saw Naruto come out with a smile on his face, she rushed towards him and wrapped her arms around him.

"I'm sorry for your loss."


"Eh?" Lala responded when she noticed that Naruto seemed confused. "... You're visiting a grave, so aren't you sad?" Lala asked with a tilted head.

Naruto seemed confused.

"Oh... OH, I didn't explain that this was a graveyard before now. No, I'm not sad, I just need some courage is all. This date has my heart pounding, so I wanted to ask for some bravery was all." Naruto grinned, and Lala noticed his face was slightly pink around his nose. That seemed to be normally how he blushed when he was embarassed, and she was starting to be able to read his expressions better.

"... Courage... bravery?" Lala didn't get why he would visit a graveyard for that.

"Right, two of the bravest heroes I know are buried here. I don't have any memories of them, but they gave their life to save mine a long time ago. I've got to become a man worthy of them giving their lives, so whenever I feel like I need some help, I come here to remind myself of that." Naruto spoke with a grin.

"You've had your life saved before?" Lala asked with some surprise.

Yet, Naruto seemed so upset when she mentioned wanting to protect him, but he proudly spoke of these two people helping him. That just seemed a little weird to her.

"Yep, and because of that, I need to save others. I'm only alive today because of the sacrifice of others. My life was giving to me by heroes, so I need to become a hero to others. Lets get back to the date... I'm starving!" Naruto called out when his stomach growled. The talk they were having was starting to get to him, and his stomach gave him the perfect out.

They found a place to eat.

10 minutes later, Naruto wished they had not.

"Ooooh, this isn't even the GOOD type of spicy!" Naruto stated as he loosened his shirt and wiped ths sweat from his face. He and Lala was sweating up a storm, to the point their clothes were starting to become see through.

"It's so YUMMY!"

Lala did not agree with him.

"It's free if you two can both finish it, you're giving me more than enough of a show to make up for it."

"... Pervert." Naruto deadpanned at the stand owner who cooked this monster up for them. It wasn't even a ramen stand, it was a curry maker who they stopped by. Lala's nipples were nearly visible, and he would have said something if he weren't sure that Lala didn't care about them being visible or not.

Thunder boomed.

"Oh, it's going to rain today?" Lala asked as she looked out of the stall, finishing her food with a lick of her lips.

"Rainy season, you never know when the rain will hit. I've some cash on me, we can take a bus, or stay at a hotel tonight if we need to. I can call Mikan and let her know if we get caught in the rain... I don't need to get sick again." Naruto shivered at the thought. He did not remember all that much of what happened, other than the fact that he was pretty sure he murdered an alien that tried to kill him... but he could not remember for the life of him what he did with the body.

Did he just dream up the fact that he murdered an alien, the more time passed by, the more he was sure it was just a dream.


Naruto looked over and saw a young girl, maybe 4 years old, with her parents were standing underneath a tree. They had a small kitten stuck near the top of a tree, the thunder having frightened it into climbing the tree with no way back down. Naruto finished his meal quickly, before he got up and jogged over to the tree.

"Don't worry you guys, I'm good at climbing. I'll be right back down." Naruto started to climg the tree without hesitation.

Lala walked after him and watched him climb with a smile.

"He's my boyfriend, he likes to help people a lot. He goes out of his way to help others like a hero... isn't he the greatest?" Lala was just happy and proud to watch her guy do the right thing.


"He's great with animals." Lala reached out with her arms and caught Naruto when he fell out of the tree with the kitten in his arms. He had scratchs on his face from where the kitten went scratch crazy. "Gotcha."

-With Mikan/Momo-

"Found more porn."

"No new porn mags... but... maybe on his computer, a new game?" Mikan questioned as they looked all over the room. She recognized the stuff that Momo had found, so she went over to Naruto's computer and turned it on. "Password should still be the same... nope, he changed it." Mikan stated as she crossed her arms.

"His password was EatRamenBeHappy?" Momo sweatdropped.

She would not have ever guessed it at least.

"...WakeMeUpInside-SaveMe... I can't believe that worked." Mikan raised an eyebrow when she literally tried the second password that she could think of. "He hates that song... so I would never guess it." Mikan grinned when she realized that Naruto had figured out that she had figured out his older password.

"This is a total invasion of... that's a REALLY good game." Momo muttered.

She should know.

She masturbated to this game MANY times in her world.

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