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Marinette feels the breath catching in her throat, her fingers white around her purse strap. Biting her lower lip fighting back the tears she shoved her way out of the classroom. They don't get to see her cry, they don't. Tears spill down her cheeks as she rushes down the stairs, everything a blur.

She just couldn't take anymore. Alll of them turned on her when all she wanted to do was help them. They had been going to school together since cours préparatoire, but a few words from the new girl and all her friends just hated her.

The words and names Alya, her best friend, had called her, echoing in her head caused her to stumble. Strong arms catch her. Looking up she meets familiar blue orbs.

"Hey, Ma-ma-marinette," Quickly the laughter dies as he catches sight of the tears and trembling lip. "What's wrong?"

"Luka," her voice breaks as she all but falls into his chest, hands fisted in his shirt, sobs shaking her small frame. Gently Luka picked her up and carried her across the street to a bench in the park. Settling her in his lap he rubbed soothingly up and down her back, his chest rumbles with his humming.

Back in the classroom:

"You are all ridiculous." Chloé snaped slamming her hands on top of the desk chair thrown back, blue eyes flashing. Everyone freezes looking at her as she packs up. "You barely know Lila and within a month you have all shunned and torn down 'your everyday Ladybug'." Chloé's voice drips venom as she slips through the room to grab her bag. Snatching up Marinette's as she shoves passed Adrien. "The girl who has done everything she could for you, whenever you needed her. I may not be the nicest person, but right now I'm an angel compared to all of you."

Storming out of the classroom Chloé leaves behind a shocked group. Lila's brown eyes take in the whole class before landing on Alya. Immediately she begins pouting with tears filling her eyes. Alya growls, catching the girl's look.

"Go figure the class bully would side with the other bully."

Juleka squeezes Rose's hand, purple eyes meeting with Ivan and Mylene's gaze. All of them silently agreed to meet at the Dupain-Cheng bakery at lunch. Still worried, Juleka tilts her head so her hair fans out around her, hiding her phone as she sends a quick message to her brother.

With Marinette and Luka:

Luka places a soft kiss on her head as he stares up at the sky, watching for a black butterfly. Slowly Marinette's sobs turn to sniffles and her hands unclench from his shirt. She nuzzles into his shoulder. Luka's arms tighten before he looks back down at her.

"Do you want to talk about it?" His voice soothing her frazzled nerves. She shakes her head and burrows closer to his chest, comfort seeping into her. "Alright."

"Dupain-Cheng." Looking up Luka meets the eyes of Chloé, both take the other in. Chloé steps closer, holding out the pink backpack. "Marinette, I brought your bag. I figured you may want to go home, or if you want to we can go to the spa. Either way I've already handled it with M Damocles."

Looking at her Marinette smiles brokenly, tears staining her face. "I'd like that, thank you Chloé." The blonde girl nods, lips twitching into a smile. Turning back to Luka, Marinette blushes as she stutters out a 'thank you' climbing out of his lap.

"Whatever you need Marinette," his hand cups her cheek, thumb brushing her cheekbone before he leans down to brush a kiss across her forehead. "Text me if you need anything." Nodding once at the blonde girl Luka walks back to the school.

Chloé leads Marinette over to the car waiting for them. No words are exchanged as they are brought to the spa. Shooting off a quick text to her parents explaining the situation, Marinette follows Chloé inside praying for a relaxing time and no Hawkmoth.

Leaning back Marinette sighs softly all the tension leaving her as the warm water soaks her feet. "Thanks Chloé." The blonde turns to her, blue eyes wide, turning back to the polish rack she blushes.

"You don't need to thank me. This is the least I can do considering all I've done." The blonde walks over handing a soft robin blue polish to the lady at her own seat. "I can't believe them. How stupid can they get?" Marinette smiles softly at the blonde, watery bluebells gazing at Chloé.

"It's not all of them." Chloé whips her head to stare straight at the shorter girl.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Adrien knows," Marinette states, leaning forward and handing the wine red polish to the worker.

"I'm sorry, I think I heard you wrong. Did you just say Adrien Agreste, our Adrien, knows and isn't doing anything?"

"He told me 'As long as you and I both know the truth does it really matter?' He was worried about her getting hurt and being akumatized again." Chloé lets out a growl throwing her hands up.

"What about your feelings? Do they not matter?!" Smiling sadly Marinette reaches over and pats Chloé's hand before sitting back.

"You're a good person Chloé, we may not have started off as friends but I would like to think we are."

"Well I wouldn't exactly just take any odd person with me to the spa." Chloé blushes fiddling with her phone. "I just don't understand how none of them even remember, you know, Jagged Stone. You've done what...two commissions for him?"

A bright smile lights up the black haired girl's face, "Yes and they came to the bakery that one time to film too." Leaning back Marinette lets her eyes meet Tikki's peeping gaze. A softness fills her own as she looks at the little god. "Do you want to come over to my place after this?"

Smiling widely Chloé nods, before handing off a credit card. "Sure, I was also wondering if I could commission something from you?"

"That sounds wonderful!"

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