Miraculous Ladybug does not belong to me...

"Tikki?" Marinette whispers, staring up through her skylight, biting her bottom lip.

"What is it Marinette?"

"Is Adrien Chat Noir?"

Sitting up she turns to look at her kwami. Tikki is wringing her hands, eyes shining. With a small wail Tiki slams into Marinette's cheek. Marinette cups her, nuzzling back as a sigh leaves her.

"I can't have him as a partner if that is how he acts in real life…" She states, climbing up to her terrace. Tikki joins her as she looks toward the Agreste Manor. "Already I have to think about the other miraculouses, with Master Fu just up and leaving."

"Whatever you think is best." Tikki floats up to hover in front of her face. "You are the best Ladybug I've ever had. Your instincts haven't led you wrong yet."

"We need our Bee for back up."

Turning back around, Marinette crawls across her bed to the top of it. Pulling out what looks like a sewing box, she opens it taking out a yellow and black striped carton. Climbing back up she looks at Tikki again.

"Spots on!"

With a flash of pink light Ladybug is swinging across Paris' rooftops towards Le Grand Paris. Plopping down on the balcony, she quietly walks to the glass doors and knocks. A shape jumps up from the large bed before rushing over and throwing open the door.

"Chloé Bourgeois, this is the Miraculous of the Bee." She holds out the familiar hair comb, Chloé's eyes begin to water as she reaches out for it. "I need your help protecting Paris. Can I trust you to use this only for the good of the people?"

"Yes," Chloé breathes, placing the comb in her loose hair. Pollen flashes out and laughs before cuddling into Chloé.

"Queen Bee is retired. You need to think of another name and suit."

Chloé smiles before a yellow flash surrounds her with the whispered words, "Buzz on." When the light disappears Chloé is now clad in a similar suit. The yellow now a dusty orange, and her hair pulled back into a long braid. Her hair changed from blonde to the dusty orange; blue eyes changed, the sclera a black while the rest is a dark brown.

"What's your name?"


"Well, follow me. The black cat ring is going to be taken away."

Leading her away from the hotel, Ladybug explains why Chat Noir is being retired. After that they are quiet until they come to rest on the open window of Adrien's room. Both fall to the floor silently in a crouch. Plagg flies over to them, green eyes sad as he holds the ring out to her. Ladybug hugs him to her cheek before placing the ring in her yo-yo, Plagg going with it in a flash of green light. Looking back just once, Ladybug sighs softly before following Hornet out and to the top of the building.

"Do you know who is getting the ring?"

"I do. Let's go get him." Ladybug takes off and swings towards the river. Looking back to make sure Hornet is following, she stumbles and falls onto a roof. Her body turned the fall into a tumble and jumped back to her feet. "Oh, no."

"Ladybug!" Hornet comes to a stop next to her, worry clearly in her eyes. "What's wrong?"

"Look," Hornet follows her finger and feels cold water travel down her spin. Sitting at the top of the manor on the backside, is a beautiful stained glass window of a butterfly with metal sitting behind it. "Does that mean-"

"I was right, Hawkmoth is Gabriel Agreste." Ladybug murmurs, turning back toward the river. "Come on, let's go get our new Black Cat."

Taking off Ladybug leads Hornet to the Liberty; the closer they get the louder the strumming of a guitar fills the air. Silently they touch down behind Luka, who turns to look at them, fingers still moving across the strings. Ladybug settles down in front of him, opening her yo-yo and taking the ring out. She pats the spot next to her and Hornet settles down, brown eyes watching Ladybug.

"Spots off," Hornet gasps as Ladybug is replaced with Marinette, before she lets go of her own transformation. Marinette glances up at Luka who simply smiles down at her, gaze soft. "Will you be my black cat?"

"Whatever you need," Luka slips the black ring on and Plagg appears in a flash of green light. "Will you tell me why you need a new one?"

For the next few hours Marinette slowly explains about Adrien and Chat Noir. How Chat had been acting like a spoiled brat when she tried to explain why she couldn't tell him certain things. How he threatened to stop being Char Noir if she didn't; how he wouldn't stop flirting with her even when she told him she liked someone else. How Adrien knew about Lila; how he left her to deal with it all by herself; how her feelings stopped mattering as long as Lila was happy and he could stay in school. Tears slowly falling down her cheeks, she explains what her and Chloé just found out about Hawkmoth.

"Do you want to wait a few days before getting it?" Luka asks, moving to the floor next to her, clasping her hand in his.

"The sooner we can get Nooro and Duusu back the better." Marinette states, wiping the tears from her face.

"Then let's go."

Chloé stands up and swiftly becomes Hornet, Marinette becomes Ladybug. Both turn to Luka who smiles at Plagg, "Claws out." With a flash of toxic green light Luka stands dressed in black leather pants, black leather lace up knee high boots. His shirt is a dark midnight blue pirate shirt, an open black vest. Sticking up out of his hair are real black cat ears, a black cat tail swinging lazily behind him. A cutlass hanging from one hip and a black lyre from the other.

"What do we call you?"

"Triton, at your service." Triton bows, tail curling at the tip.

"Let's head out." At her command, they all take off into the night back towards Agreste Manor.

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