The team touches down on the top of the Eiffel tower, Hornet de-transforming almost instantly. Triton and Ladybug both drop their transformations as well. Marinette holds both the returned miraculouses in her hand as she settles down, leaning into Luka for warmth. Chloé settles in front of the two, Pollen settling on her knee. Tikki pulls out a few cookies from Marinette's purse, handing one to Pollen and sharing another with Plagg. The Kwamis watch as Marinette sets the Butterfly on her knee but cradles the Peacock.

"It's broken," she whispers. Closing her eyes she cups the miraculous against her heart and focuses; remembering what it should look like, how it sparkled and gleamed in the lights. Pink light peeks out from between her fingers for three minutes. Marinette leans heavily against Luka, letting her hands fall into her lap. A beryl light flashes and a blue kwami with peacock feathers appears in Marinette's hands. "Hello Duusu."

"Oh!" Duusu breathes tears welling in his eyes. "You healed me!" His body shakes with large sobs, the other three kwami quickly swarming around him. Smiling gently, Marinette sets them all down between the three wielders. She lets a finger caress the butterfly miraculous.

"Nooroo, you can come out now," Marinette calls lightly. "You're safe now."

A soft lavender light flashes and Nooroo is there floating above her knee. Wide purple eyes stare up at her; before he grins and turns to join the kwami pile. All three wielders watch silently, letting their bodies relax as the realization that it's over wash through them.

"We don't have to worry about akuma's anymore." Chloé voices, blue eyes meeting Marinette's. "Know what that means?"

"Let it all out." Luka chuckles, squeezing Marinette closer. "Are we giving them back?"

"No," Marinette declares, smiling at Chloé's shocked face. "I want you both to help me protect the Miraculous Box and Paris. There may not be a supervillain but that does not mean there aren't villains in Paris."

"Couldn't have put it better myself Marinette!" Tikki exclaims giggling from the pile.

~Three weeks later~

Marinette smiles at her parents as she grabs a few pastries: two honey scones, a cheese croissant, a butter croissant, a lavender and rosemary macaron with blueberry and lemon filling, and three strawberry macarons. Waving goodbye to her mom she runs out the door, hair flying behind her. Coming up to the school she slips past Adrien who tries to grab her arm; stopping by Luka and Chloé. Handing out the pasties to each person, she eats one of the strawberry macarons leaning into Luka's side.

"Do you think he will stop trying?" Luka questions pressing a kiss into Marinette's hair, blue eyes staring down glaring green.

"Doesn't matter," Marinette shrugs, blowing a strand of pink streaked hair out of her face. "That does remind me, Chloé your dress is done. You can come pick it up after school if you want."

"Perfect timing, my father wants me to go with him to a tea party in the Les Jardins du Trocadero." Chloé states, letting her loose braid settle over her shoulder. "Also are those new?" She asks pointing to the black mini skirt and dark blue off the shoulder crop top.

"Yep, what do you think?" Marinette steps away from Luka and does a little spin. The skirt only slightly flaring, the black ankle boots giving her a few extra inches. A black leather choker with the Jagged Stone pick Luka gave her, resting just in the hollow of her throat. Sticking out against the dark blue is an electric blue lyre and black cat hand stitched in, the cat curled around the instrument. Luka grins brightly at her before pulling her in and kissing her right on the mouth. "Well that answers that," she whispers, chest rising and falling rapidly eyes wide.

"Hate to break this lovely moment up but we need to get to class Mari," Chloé laughs. Pulling the shorter girl from Luka with a wave she leads her up to the classroom.

Both of them ignore Lila and the others whispering; they head to their seats in the back and settle down for the class to start. A few hours later and they are packing up to head to lunch when Alya starts her way up the stairs. Marinette slams her head down on the table, Chloé shoving her hand in between to lessen the pain.

"What do you want, Césaire?" Chloé snaps standing up.

"This has nothing to do with you," she growls, eyes flashing to Marinette.

"What did I do this time?"

"So you admit to stealing Lila's sketch book!"

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Marinette snaps, eyes blazing with furry as she slams her hands down on the desk standing up. "Why the hell would I want anything that that bimbo would try and concock in her head?"

"Now Mari," Adrien begins.

"Fuck off." The whole class freezes at Marinette's words, they thought she liked him. "You don't get to call me that or get a say in what I do." She turns back to Alya who is staring at her wide eyed. "None of you seem to have remembered in the past two years since that vixon showed up, but I always bent over backwards for each of you. I have always stood up to liars and bullies, so why would I suddenly start bullying someone?"

The class shifts, murmurs growing. Lila's eyes flickering to the window and back to Marinette, watching the class and trying to think up a way to keep them all under her thumb.

"Did you all forget I have done commissions for Jagged Stone and Clara? Or that Rose is still in contact with Prince Ali from when he visited?" Her hands fly in the air as she speaks. "What about that a fucking napkin, a napkin, can not take out someone's eye let alone someone wearing glasses!" Max slumpes into his seat, cheeks red in his embarrassment. Marinette shoves her finger into Alya's chest, glaring up at the wannabe reporter. "You want me to check my facts? That's not how journalism works Alya. If someone points out doubts, it is your job to prove them wrong! You posted bullshit on your ladyblog because some new shiny person came in and started claiming to have this brilliant life."

Turning around she takes her bag from Chloé and shoves past the classmates frozen in the aisle. Stopping at the doorway she turns around to look back at them. "You've already made a name for yourself as a tabloid writer. Hope it works out for you."

With those parting words Marinette leads Chloé out of the school, meeting up with Luka and heading to her home for lunch. A large smile on her face; all of the resentment and worry floating off her with each step. With Chloé and Luka by her side, the future looked bright.

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