It has been a few years since after the engagement party. Singapore still hadn't seen anything like that that in years.

Rachel and Nicolas had a beautiful wedding that was held in the gardens of one of the most elegant mansions. (Peik Lin was crying throughout the whole thing) It was a very beautiful wedding.

When it came time for them to buy a house to live in and start their life together, Rachel decided for them to move far away from Singapore to a fancy penthouse apartment in another city. Nicolas simply agreed. It was very hard for him though to say goodbye to all of his family members but he promised them to stay in contact with them. Rachel and Nicolas have been living in their nice high class apartment ever since and that is how our story begins~

It was a sunny morning in the brightly painted room they slept. Jennifer Young, the middle daughter of Rachel and Nicolas, was sleeping cozy in her bed until she was woken by the sound of her older sister, Angela's voice.

"Jennifer, rise and shine!",Angela shouted.

Jennifer rolled out of bed and onto the ground, and tried to get herself stand up on her own two feet. Her sister came close to stopping her from trying to get up from the floor.

Jennifer looked up. She could see her sister was in a bad mood already. Her arms were crossed.

"Are you kidding me!? Thats not how girls get up early!",shouted Angela angrily.

She turned away in a huff, walking out of the room.

This caused Jennifer to groan, as she finally got up from floor to follow Angela.

"So much for a peaceful getting out of bed routine.",mumbled Jennifer under her breath.

She went downstairs to join Angela, Dan and her parents to eat breakfast with them.