As soon as Angela and Jennifer walked down the staircase, they could already see in the kitchen were their parents, Rachel and Nicolas. The younger brother,Dan ,who was already sitting at the table with. his book opened in front of him.

As Angela and Jennifer reached downstairs and were walking into the kitchen, it became clear Rachel and Nicolas were in a middle of a conversation. Angela and Jennifer stopped talking. Rachael and Nicholas smiled and waved to both of their daughters. Dan looked up from reading his book. He watched his two older sisters make their way to the table. At the same time pulled two of the chairs out so they could sit down to have breakfast. There was a moment of silence as the three children watched as their father started making their breakfast food for them. ". So Jennifer.",said Nicolas to his second child.

Jennifer looked up to pay attention to her father.

"Yes Dad?",she asked

". "Ready for your first day of school?"asked Nicolas

Jennifer was quiet. Today was the day she was entering into her junior year of high school. Her younger brother was entering his freshman year of high school, and her older sister Angela was getting ready to enter her freshman year of college.

This was supposed to be a exciting moment for her parents seeing their children growing up. Jennifer didn't feel that ready to start school. Students would always run up to her and ask her if she wanna be friends with them. It was because, after all. she was a relative to the rich Young Family from her Dad's side. Jennifer was also worried for her younger brother as well.

"Jennifer are you okay?",asked Nicolas.

"Yeah I'm fine Dad.",said Jennifer

"Good just checking.",said Nicolas.

He handed his kids the food he had made for them. Jennifer was smiling at the fact that her father cares about her. What she was thinking before almost came back in her head as her small smile soon begins to fade.