By the moment that Jennifer and Dan got to school in time just before it had even rung to start the school day Dan had immediately turned over to his sister "

"Hey,Jen.",he began.

"Yes Dan?",she asked.

"I-I..before the bell rings.. I need some advice. You know about being a freshman. I was wondering what your freshman year was? I mean, like, for you. Maybe, I could do the same stuff you did.", said Dan.

Jennifer had first found it sweet that her younger brother wanted to get advice from her, but, it had got her thinking about her freshman year. Looking back at it, she really thought it was awful for her, the reason was she is the daughter of a rich man.

EVERYBODY at school knows her,her sister,her father,her mother and even her brother. When he starts school everybody in the school building will be running up to him and shout his name out!

"Uh.", said Jennifer.

She bit her lip as she was trying to figure out what could be the good advice that she would give to her brother about being a freshman. This was even though her experience as a freshman was terrible.

"Just be yourself.",she said.

That was all the best that she could say to a brother like her brother. He responded with a smile on his face.

"Alright, thank you, Jennifer.",he said as the school bell rang.

This meant that school just started and that everybody needed to be in the building. So, Jennifer and Dan gave one last glance towards each other, then, they walked into the school building with all the other students.