Jennifer was just starting out her junior year of high school. Her school class schedule pretty competitive. Each class was filled with juniors, all looking to do well. Meanwhile, Dan was in his first class which was filled with freshmen, just like him. Dan,trying to have the teacher like him, made sure he was in his seat in the middle- front of the class. When the teacher walked in, the class around him started with the fake abrupt silence of people trying to get on the teacher's good side. That was fine with Dan, he didn't felt like talking to anybody. He was in the middle of reading his book. By the time that the teacher had come he had put the book away. Everyone else had stopped talking and turned their heads to the teacher,

"Lovely day, huh ? I'm , nice to meet you all and I want us to get the day started." ,said .

She, then , looked over at Dan and pointed to him.

"You there, what's your name?",asked .

"Daniel Young, but I like to call by Dan." ,answered Dan.


"Daniel Young, aren't you related to Jennifer Young?",asked

"Yes, that's my sister.",said Dan, as he waited for a reaction from the rest of the class.