Chapter 12

Raj stood in the corridor by Jace's office listening to the meeting he was having with Izzy, Underhill, and the new guy. He had been instructed to listen and report anything that he heard relating to demon sightings and strange activity in the down world. He saw Underhill leaving Jace's office and knew the meeting was over. He headed to the ops center to finish his shift there. Raj had 30 minutes left before he needed to head out on patrol. He needed to figure out how to lose the others in his patrol group so he could go report to his mistress what he had learned. Little did he know that had he waited a bit longer he could have learned more than just what they had answered about the demon sightings and the attacks on Luke's pack.

The warehouse had stood unused for years and therefore, that made it the perfect base of operations for their team. They had been working on the plan for years and it was almost time for them to move forward with the final step of the plan. The werewolf attacks had gone splendidly and they had enough teeth and claws for the potion. They still needed to get vampire fangs and seelie blood, but both of those would happen soon enough. The New York Institute was being kept busy trying to figure out the meaning behind all the recent demon sightings and by the time they figured it out it would be too late for them to do anything about it. The potions her boy had created this morning were done to perfection and would give her the last few ingredients needed for the next potion without anyone being the wiser about it.

The last attack on the werewolves had gone accordingly, the tattoo had been spotted, it was known that shadowhunters had attacked the wolves, and Hodge had been spotted. When Hodge had approached her all those years ago, when Maryse had first been pregnant with her boy, she couldn't imagine that everything would work out so well. She had been able to inject him with her own blood even before he was born and Hodge had been in the perfect place to keep an eye on him after he was born in order to continue the injections until he had turned five. Her boy had started exhibiting powers around his eighth birthday, but Hodge couldn't get her anything concrete about his powers. She made the decision to start visiting the institute so she could see for herself what was going on with her boy. Right before his twelfth birthday she finally saw what she needed to see. Her boy's magic was amazing and strong, it would work nicely with his shadowhunter abilities to complete her plan and years of hard work.

"My lady, the others have returned," one of her guards stated entering the warehouse.

"Thank you," she said turning around, "Send them in. I'm anxious to hear what they have to say."

"Of course," the guard replied moving aside to let the others enter.

She'd sent a spy to the infiltrate the institute after Hodge had left. She needed to be kept up to date on what was going on, but without anyone in the institute knowing. She had recruited Raj, who served her well and later on Simon who aided her boy in leaving the prison she had created for him. Raj was an underling which made him the perfect spy, he could gather information without causing too much suspicion from those around him. Simon, although a mundane, was a good friend of Clary Fairchild's and his friendship with her gave him access to the institute and knowledge of the shadow world.

"Thank you for coming so quickly," she said facing Raj.

"Of course, my lady. All is going as you expected and the shadowhunters are still looking into the demon sightings and trying to figure out what the drawings mean. They met with Luke today about the attacks on his wolves and know that Hodge had been seen with them," Raj explained walking up to her.

"That is what I want to hear. While they are chasing him and sorting out the demon sightings, I can make my move. My boy is close to being ready and will start the final potion when I have the last ingredients for him. I need you to take these potions and get them to my contacts amongst the vampires and seelies. They will see that I get the last of what I need."

"Of course, my lady. I will make sure that it is taken care of. I will let you know as soon as it is taken care of."

"Thank you, you have been a great help to me in making sure that things have gotten done."

She watched as Raj left the warehouse with the potions. She knew that he would get it taken care of and get the final ingredients to her as soon as possible. The final potion would take a week to brew, but that would give her boy time to finish training Simon. She had been planning this for ages and now she would be able to meet her father and hopefully get his help in opening up his realm and allowing the demons that resided there, free access to the mortals here on Earth. She had researched for years to learn how to bring him here and knew that the potion was a major part of being able to bring her father here. There were other things she needed to do as well, but the potion was the first of the biggest thing that needed to happen.