Chapter 1 The Decision

It was a peaceful day in Adventure Bay ,and the pups were finally relaxing after their long term rescue missions .At the lookout Ryder was reading a book and watching over the pups .Some of the pups were sleeping ,others watching the clouds ,all in all everyone was resting and relaxing .

"I wish we could stay like this for at least 1 week " said Rubble .

"Yeah me too! Cuz I can't resist any longer if we keep going like this " said Zuma .

"I think it's a miracle that we didn't got any save requests from the citizens of Adventure Bay this days " said Chase .

"Good point ,but still it's not enough though " said Rubble .

"Yeah I know what you mean dude" said Zuma .

"What are you two talking about ,I'm confused?" asked Chase .

"We were referring at what will do after this break is over " replied Rubble .

"Oh yeah that's a good question indeed " replied Chase .

"Oh well whatever it is, I'm sure it will be fun " said Zuma .

"Yeah totally..." mumbled Rubble while closing his eyes to sleep .

In the meantime Ryder was working on his ATV ,when he heard someone calling him .He turn around and was met with a face he recognised immediately.

"Brand? I can't believe it! How much had it been?" Asked Ryder with a smile at seeing his best friend .

Said person replied with a chuckle, one that was rather happy met with excitement as well .

"It's great seeing you again Ryder! And it's been 7 years since your depart from Los Cabos" replied Brand with a smile .

"This is really a surprise, i never thought you'll gonna visit this soon?" said Ryder.

"Neither do i to be honest. But here i my visit will only be for a short time" replied Brand with a sad sigh .

"Oh! I see, it's rather sad to know you're not staying much more .I would have like to stay and talk like old times" said Ryder understanding the situation.

"Well the feeling is mutual my friend. Though i will depart after some time. I came here to ask for some help if you don't mind?" Asked Brand.

"Of course ,it's always a pleasure helping a friend in need .So what do you need help with?" Replied Ryder while asking .

" remember that my father used to work as a captain on cruise ships?" Asked Brand reminiscing about those days .

"Yeah! I remember very well ,what about it?" Replied Ryder with a question as well.

"The company that's sponsor the Comet Ships has been renewed and all the captains that retired years ago has been recalled to take their job again." Replied Brand.

"That's great news! I'm happy to hear about that. Now your father can work again." Said Ryder happy about this news he heard.

"Well good as it may seems my father refused to come back saying that he was too old for it. I kind of understand." Replied Brand.

"So that leaves the company without a captain ,right?" Asked Ryder humming.

"Yes it does ,and they even tried to persuade him to come and retake his job. But sadly for them Pops reminded them of the rule that was added before he retired years made them stop." Said Brand.

"But something tells me this is not the end of the story yet ,right?" Asked Ryder.

"As good as it may sound, it isn't. Because of my father refused to come,they tried to hire me to take his place. But just like Pops i refused them, saying i already have a job as it is." Replied Brand.

"Hmm...still i don't understand why are you so stressed about this. I mean you said yourself that you already have a job." said Ryder confused about the situation his friend got involved .

"Though i said that...i still can't shake the feeling that something will happened if i don't accept the job." Sighed Brand.

"Well if it make you feel any better i think i know the right guys for the job." Replied Ryder while calling for the pups to gather at the lookout.

"That would be great. Thanks for your understanding. And soryy for making you resolve this problem, instead of completing it myself." Said Brand walking to Ryder's side.

"Hey! We're friends aren't we. And friends help each other, even when situation calls for it." Replied Ryder while making his way towards the Lookout with his best friend.

While their make pace to the tower. The pups woke up from their afternoon sleep and headed to the tower after receiving a call through their necklace from their leader. Three of them were already heading to the tower discussing about today's event.

"So? The requests list have start already? Or is just my imagination?" Asked Rubble a bit sleepy, even though he slept a lot.

"No, you're not imagining it. It really happens." Replied Zuma.

"Guys! Even though you don't like it. We need to do it. After all, we're the only team in charge of this as of the moment." Said Chase putting his serious leader mask on.

"Chill dude! We just woke up, and it's not even day!" said Zuma

A few minutes later...