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Cook tries to persuade JJ to smoke some weed but Freddie comes to his rescue and faces Cook down on the subject. Freddie has another deep conversation with Effy about the 'love triangle' but Effy leaves the decision about who she is going to choose hanging in the air. Cook instigates a Tequila slammer session after which Naomi and Emily disappear into the ladies for sex. Angela discovers that Pandora is not asleep in bed and sends an angry text to Panda ordering her home immediately. Cook drags Katie, not exactly against her will, downstairs to the bar area where the two proceed to have sex. Naomi and Emily can hear them from upstairs in the ladies loo. The police knock loudly on the pub front door just as Katie is pondering whether to let Cook screw her again.

PLEASE NOTE: I have decided to edit the original final chapter and split it into two parts as I realised it was far too long (over 7000 words). Apologies to those of you who have already read this final chapter in full as this is not a new chapter for you! For those of you who haven't, it will make little difference except that both chapters are of reasonable length now instead of being one overly long chapter as it was originally.

Chapter 8 FINALE PART 2: 03.00 – 06.00

Part 1

When Thomas and Pandora left the pub, they said a muted goodbye to the others and made their way off in the direction of home. Pandora took her phone out of her pocket to check if she had received any messages and was aghast to see two missed calls and one text from her mother. With a sense of dread and impending doom she read the short and very explicit text message Angela had sent and her heart sank to the bottom of the ocean. 'Oh shit!' she cried. 'Thommo, I'm in deep doodoo now.' She showed Thomas the text message and he was forced to agree that this wasn't great news.

'I am going to be in such trouble, Thommo. She's going to ground me for the rest of my life. I'm probably never going to see you again, not ever.' She looked so utterly miserable and tearful that Thomas put his arms around her, gave her a huge bear hug and told her everything was going to be alright, even though he had his very considerable doubts.

'Look, she'll probably go absolutely ape when you get home, you've got to expect that. And she'll probably threaten to lock you in the house for months. But that's just a Mum being a Mum. She has to be seen to be punishing you for tonight, at least to start with. But she'll come round in the end. Mums always do. They can't stay angry with you for ever.'

Pandora looked up at Thomas dubiously. She hoped and prayed he was right, but he didn't know her Mum. Angela wasn't like other Mums. She really knew how to hold a grudge like no other. She had turned righteous indignation into an art form. Her house rules were very strict, and she did not expect to be disobeyed or defied in any circumstances. It was her job to protect her innocent little girl from all the bad things in life, like boys, alcohol, drugs and the like and if she found that you had wantonly disobeyed her clear and simple rules, her retribution could be swift, prolonged and painful.

'Do you really think so, Thomas?' Pandora asked but the sadness in her voice betrayed her anxiety at what would be waiting for her when she arrived home. She imagined she would have to prepare herself for World War Three or, at the very least, a small, contained nuclear explosion. Thomas saw Pandora back to just a few doors down from her house, being the gallant gentleman that he was, as well as a kind and considerate boyfriend, and they said a tearful and emotional farewell to each other. Pandora clung on to Thomas for dear life, unable to rid her mind of the fear that it might be a very long time before she saw him again, and almost had to be press ganged by Thomas into going home and facing the music.

'Call me or text me, Panda and let me know how it goes, yeah?' was his parting shot before he waved her goodbye one final time and reluctantly turned away to make his own way home. Pandora trudged slowly up towards her house but before she even reached the front door, the door opened and Angela stood in the doorway, her face like thunder, glaring at her miserable-looking daughter who waited with a pounding heart and sweaty hands for the bombs to go off.

'Get inside right now, Pandora and go straight to bed. We will talk about this in the morning, young lady, I can promise you that. We will have a very, very long discussion about the new rules of this house.'

Pandora nodded silently and went inside, not even daring to look at her mother whose incandescent anger and rage she could sense and almost taste without even needing to look at her face. She let out an involuntary burp as she passed by her mother whose nose twitched as she began sniffing the air around where Pandora had just passed and belched.

'Pandora! Have you been drinking alcohol?!' she yelled accusingly but before Pandora could reply, she felt her stomach heave violently and sensed that another massive chunder was imminent. She didn't wait to answer her mother's question and tore up the stairs, heading for the sanctuary of the bathroom, with her furious mother in hot pursuit. Fortunately she reached the toilet just in the nick of time and managed to throw up inside the pan as opposed to all over the bathroom floor which it was safe to assume would have served only to intensify her mother's fury which was already bubbling just below boiling point.

Despite her obvious rage with her daughter, Angela couldn't just leave her to fend for herself and deal with the unpleasant consequences of her self-inflicted wounds alone. Her natural, maternal instincts kicked in and she spent the next few minutes, sitting on the floor with Pandora, holding her long blonde hair back away from her face and rubbing her back with as much sympathy as she could muster in the circumstances.

'Thanks, Mum,' said Panda some five minutes later when she could throw up no more and she felt well enough to get to her feet. Angela nodded in silence, not trusting herself to say much in case she really lost her temper and said some things that she would regret the next day.

'Bed,' said Angela as she guided her still slightly unsteady daughter towards her bedroom door. 'Get some sleep. You'll need it for what's coming tomorrow. There are going to be some big changes, I promise you.' Pandora went inside her bedroom and closed the door, leaving Angela shaking her head in disappointment and bewilderment outside.

Part 2

Still wearing his face mask and protective gloves, which he hadn't taken off since arriving at Cook's party many hours ago, JJ inserted his key into the Yale lock of his front door, turned the key and crept into the house on tiptoe, as quietly as he could. The house was shrouded in complete silence, the only sound to be heard was the loud ticking of the clock in the living room. JJ went into the kitchen to pour himself a glass of water and from there he went back into the hall and climbed the stairs, one step at a time after removing his shoes first. He remembered to avoid putting too much weight on the one creaky step around halfway up and reached the landing without making any undue noise that might have woken his parents.

He crept silently into his room, dumped his bag down by the side of his bed and out of sight of anyone entering the room and sat down on his bed, heaving a sigh of relief in the process. Mission accomplished, or so it seemed, he thought. He quickly got undressed and put his PJs on, climbing into his cold bed, which he had left unoccupied for once all evening, but which now appeared so comforting and inviting. He let out a huge yawn and lay back into his fluffy, soft pillows and reached for his phone which he had put down on his bedside table. He wanted to send Freddie a quick text before he fell asleep which he imagined he would probably do the minute his closed his eyes. His fingers and thumbs worked furiously for a few moments and after he had composed the message, he read it back, nodding appreciatively to himself, before hitting the send button. The text read:

'Thanks for looking after me tonight Freds. You're a real mate. Hope you got back home safely without waking anyone up! I'm off to sleep now. Speak to you tomorrow. JJ'

Naturally because it was JJ, the message was delivered in immaculately written and grammatically correct English, unlike texts sent by almost any other normal person. But JJ was not like other seventeen year olds, of course, so these things mattered to him. If something was worth doing, it was worth doing properly. He saw no need for standards to slip just because you weren't writing an essay for school. He smiled one last time, put his phone back on the bedside table, closed his eyes and within a minute he was fast asleep, dreaming of tequila slammers and bright yellow and orange pools of vomit.

At around the same time as JJ was creeping quietly into his house, Freddie was doing likewise at his. His father was a heavy sleeper and wouldn't be easily woken if a hurricane were raging at the foot of his bed, so Freddie had few worries on that score, but his sister Karen was a different proposition altogether. She had an annoying tendency to wake up in the middle of the night and go downstairs to make herself a cup of coffee so he knew there was a reasonable chance he might run into her. Sure enough, the minute he stepped in through the door, closed it and made his way into the kitchen, the first thing he saw was his sister sitting at the table, holding a mug in her hand and casually flicking through a magazine.

'Where the hell have you been?' she said with a look of astonishment and she glanced at her watch to see what the time was. 'Do you know what time it is? Have you been out all night?'

'So what if I have? What's it got to do with you?' Freddie growled at his sister as he took an empty glass from the draining board and filled it with cold water.

'Well, I told Dad you were hiding in the shed and wanted to be left alone. So, you might be a little more grateful, Freddie. I could have landed you in the shit if I'd wanted to.'

Karen stared hard at her brother and raised an eyebrow, daring him to drag the matter out further but Freddie declined to play ball. He just wanted his bed and half a decent night's sleep. But Karen wasn't going to let him off that easily.

'I bet you've been with that Effy, haven't you,' she said with a sly grin as she took another sip of her coffee.

'Maybe. Not that it's any business of yours,' replied Freddie, wondering just how far his sister was going to take this line of questioning.

'Did you shag her?' Karen observed her brother closely to see if she could spot any giveaway signs that she was right, but Freddie was determined to remain as impassive and unemotional as possible. He didn't want to give her the satisfaction of seeing she had got under his skin and touched a raw nerve.

'No,' he said in his calmest and most controlled tone, as if the question was of no interest to him at all.

'Aaah! Don't you fancy her anymore?'

Freddie ignored this follow-up question and poured himself another glass of water to take up to bed with him. He made a move to leave the kitchen, but Karen wasn't going to have him turning his back on her and pretending she wasn't there.

'Or was Cook there too?' That question made Freddie stop dead in his tracks. He didn't turn round to confront Karen, but he didn't need to. The mere fact that she had made him stop was sufficient proof that she had guessed right. 'That's it, isn't it? That's why you didn't shag her. Cook being there stopped you!'

'Look, can't you find someone else to annoy, Karen?' Freddie was getting fed up with the abuse and the banter being a one way street and decided he would get a few blows of his own in before retiring to bed. This time he did turn around to glare at her with a face as surly as Mr Grumpy on a very bad day.

'At this time of night? Are you having a laugh? Who else is around to taker the piss out of if it isn't my little brother?'

Karen got up from her seat, rinsed her mug under the tap and placed it on the draining board before skipping over to Freddie with a huge grin on her face and ruffling his hair with her hand as she went past him.

'Don't do that, Karen!' said an infuriated Freddie as Karen went out of the kitchen giggling and back upstairs to her room. He swore under his breath and was tempted to follow after her with a random insult or volley of abuse when his phone announced that he had received a text which made him turn back and read it. He read JJ's text and smiled, his grumpy mood of a few seconds ago dissipated by his mate's thoughtful and cheery text. There were times like these when he would have happily swapped his sister for a brother like JJ, for all the occasional issues that might have presented.

Part 3

After saying a tearful goodbye to Naomi, which involved much hugging and kissing, while Katie waited impatiently nearby, her foot tapping the ground in irritation accompanied by occasional sighs of frustration, Emily finally joined Katie in a long and largely silent walk home. As they approached their house, their hearts started beating faster as they wondered whether they would be successful in getting into the house unnoticed and get away with the evening scot free. The house was in complete darkness which gave them some cause for optimism. Surely if they had been rumbled, all the lights would have been on and their mother would have been looking out of the living room window and would have spotted them creeping up towards the front door. The twins looked at each other and nodded encouragingly.

Within a minute they were inside the house and tiptoeing up the stairs. There was not a sound to be heard and it seemed as if everyone was fast asleep. Almost hugging themselves with glee that they had got away with the greatest escape since the Second world War, they turned the door handle of their bedroom very slowly and crept into the room, closing the door noiselessly behind them. The room was pitch dark and Katie fumbled her way over slowly to switch on the lamp on her bedside table. Suddenly the room was filled with enough light to enable them to see their mother sitting on Emily's bed, with a face like thunder, her eyes narrowed, her mouth firmly shut, looking like she was going to explode with anger right in front of them.

Both girls let out a scream of shock and horror and almost jumped out of their skins. Their eyes bulged wide and their mouths flew open as they realised they had not got away with it at all.

'Where have you two been all night?!' Jenna screamed at them, not caring if she woke up Rob or James in the process.

Even though they both knew resistance was futile, faced with the might of their mother with all the weapons at her disposal to wreak maximum havoc, Katie at least tried to put up some kind of feeble defence. Emily knew better and stayed silent, thinking she might be given a slighter more lenient punishment if she didn't attempt to bullshit her way out of an impossible situation. A far as their mother was concerned, they were both as guilty as a puppy sitting next to a pile of poo.

'Sorry, Mum,' said Katie in her most convincing apologetic voice. 'We just… popped out to see a couple of friends.'

'You just popped out, did you?' roared Jenna, her eyes positively blazing now. 'And how long ago did you just ''pop out''?' Emily closed her eyes in despair. This was going to be like witnessing a car crash, she thought. She couldn't bear to watch Katie write her own suicide note.

'Um, maybe a few hours ago,' said Katie unconvincingly. 'I'm not sure.'

'Well, it's funny but I don't remember the pair of you saying cheerio when you left. How did you manage to leave the house without any of us seeing you?'

Both girls fell silent for a while until Emily decided that honesty would be the best policy. Making up a whole bunch of unconvincing lies that could be easily disproved wouldn't earn them any brownie points or time off for good behaviour later on.

'We climbed down the drainpipe,' Emily said, nodding towards their bedroom window.

'Well that window's going to be boarded up tomorrow,' said Jenna and if she didn't know better, Emily could have sworn she could see steam rising out of her mother's ears.

'Who did you meet up with and where did you go?' Clearly Jenna wasn't quite finished with the third degree treatment. She wanted to pull out a few more fingernails before she was done with the twins for the night.

Both girls fell silent again. Emily knew that if she mentioned Naomi's name, her mother would seek to lay all the blame for her part in this unacceptable incident at the door of her girlfriend and she was terrified of the potential consequences for their relationship. But if she left her name out, her Mum wouldn't believe she hadn't been there and that a lie would be punished even more severely.

'The usual crowd,' said Katie eventually, still not daring to look up at their mother. 'Cook, Freddie, JJ, Effy, Panda and Thomas.' There was a slight uncomfortable pause before Emily completed the list of partners in crime. 'And Naomi.'

'Oh, I might have known she would have been involved!' shouted Jenna, as she got up from the bed and started pacing around the room, her body almost shaking with anger.

'And where did this coordinated orgy take place?'

'Round at Cook's,' said Katie. 'At his uncle's pub. But we did all wear face masks and protective gloves the whole evening, Mum. JJ brought them with him. And we kept our distance from each other and washed our hands constantly.' Not while you were screwing Cook, you didn't, thought Emily.

'Oh, well that's alright, then!' cried Jenna. 'I don't know why I'm making such a fuss about it!'

The two girls fell silent and stared hard down at the floor. Great call, Katie, thought Emily. That's really got us off the hook. Why don't you tell her we practiced safe sex while you're at it?

'Right,' said Jenna, 'I'm not going to say any more now but just you two wait until tomorrow morning. Your father and I will discuss what's to be done but you can take it from me you will both be grounded. Not just until the end of lockdown but way beyond that.'

'Mum!' cried both girls simultaneously and Emily's heart sank to the bottom of a very deep pit.

'Not another word! Go to bed. Oh, one more thing. Phones, please.' Jenna held out her hand and made the pair of them hand over their mobiles. 'You'll get them back when I decide.'

Part 4

It was getting on for five o'clock when Naomi slipped into her house and tiptoed into her room. She was completely knackered and longing for her bed, but she was desperate to find out if Emily and Katie had got back safely. She sat on her bed and reached for her mobile. She compiled a very brief text, sent it to Emily and waited for a reply.

'Did you get back alright? See you tomorrow usual time? Love Naomi xxx'

It wasn't long before a response was popping up on her phone and she eagerly read the message, at which point her heart sank and her hand flew up to her mouth to stifle a cry of despair.

'No, Naomi, she didn't. And you won't be seeing her tomorrow or at all for a very long time. No love Jenna XX'

It had been a great evening at the pub with Emily and all the others but now Naomi was beginning to wish Cook had never invited them. Tears started flooding down her cheeks and she threw herself down on the bed in utter misery. She didn't doubt for one second that these would not be idle threats from Jenna. She was one vindictive woman who had never liked her right from the start of their relationship, and she would see this as her golden opportunity to break up their relationship once and for all. For a while Naomi lay on the bed sobbing silently, feeling like the whole world had caved in on her. But gradually, as her head cleared a little and the crying ceased, she began to think a bit more clearly and coherently. She had a few stern words with herself, even resorting to punching the pillow several times to release the anger and misery from her body and mind.

'I am not going to let Jenna get the better of me,' she raged out loud. 'She may have won this battle, but no fucking way is she going to win the war. This is not going to stop me and Ems being together.' As if to prove her point, Naomi thought back to the evening's entertainment and recalled in graphic detail the memories of the fabulous moments she and Emily had shared, especially the half hour or more they had spent in the ladies' loo before Katie had so rudely interrupted them. She lingered long over those very recent memories and played them out again in her head. It wasn't long before she became as horny as hell and instinctively opened up her bedside drawer and reached in for her vibrator.

To her surprise and disbelief, It wasn't there. She sat up and had a bloody good rummage around for it but still there was no sign of it. She sat on the bed, puzzled and bemused, for quite some time. She had a quick look around her room just in case she had left it lying around somewhere in her haste to leave earlier in the evening, but she couldn't see it. 'Bollocks!' she muttered. She would have to fall back on her own devices if she wanted to release her mounting sexual urges. She left the bedroom in a sulk and went to the kitchen for a glass of water before stopping outside her mother's room for an instant. A weird idea popped into her head which she instantly dismissed as ridiculous, but she felt unable to move on and return back to her room. She listened at the door for a few seconds but there wasn't a sound to be heard from inside. Quietly she opened the door to her mother's bedroom inch by inch so as not to disturb her and wake her up and peered round the door frame. She could see her mother lying fast asleep, but it wasn't that which caused Naomi to gasp in horror. It was what she was holding in her left hand which lay limply on the bed. A pink vibrator. Not just any viibrator, but Naomi's personal vibrator, her pink Rampant Rabbit which she had used herself that very morning in the shower. As if that wasn't bad enough of an image for a horny teenager to confront in the middle of the night, then the faint smile of satisfaction that Naomi thought she could detect on her mother's face was a case of pouring petrol on to the flames.

She groaned inwardly, closed the door and retreated back to her own bedroom in disgust. What a revolting image to have to take with you to bed, she thought. How the hell could she be expected to get off to sleep with those disturbing thoughts and pictures flying around in her head? That was the sort of incident that could damage a girl for life. She quickly got undressed and jumped into bed, stark naked as usual. For a while she tossed and turned, unable to get comfortable and incapable of shaking off the image in her head of her mother lying in bed using her vibrator to have phone sex with Kieran. But ten minutes later the exhaustion of the last twenty-four hours finally got the better of her and she dropped off to sleep. It wasn't long before she was dreaming of a plush hotel, a massive double bed, an ensuite bathroom and hours of passionate sex with Emily.


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