There's Room for Everyone, Charlie Brown

Chapter 1: And They Were Roommates

It was another beautiful day at the Peanuts Gang's school, and everyone was drawing pictures of their families-except for Carlos, Linus, Sally and Marcie. They were playing with a turtle with Snoopy, Woodstock and Barney watching.

"Hey guys, what're you four up to?" asked Schroeder as Lucy flirted with him. "Good grief."

"Let's find out." Shawn suggested as they put their smocks away and went to join their friends.


There was a little turtle,


He lived in a box.


He swam in a puddle.


He climbed on a rock.


He snapped at a mosquito.


He snapped at a flea.


He snapped at a minnow,


And he snapped at me!


He caught the mosquito.


He caught the flea.


He caught the minnow,


But he didn't catch me.

Sally blinked. "Wait. Why would a turtle snap at a stranded ship?" she asked the others. Everyone shrugged.

"It's just a song, Sally." Lucy shrugged.

"Hey guys." Linus waved.

"Hi guys." Schroeder waved back.

"I do like turtles." Franklin smiled.

"Turtles walk kind of funny, don't they?" asked Tosha.

"Yeah." Charlie Brown agreed.

"Very funny." Heather giggled.

"I read that turtles are one of the slowest animals." Shawn explained.

"Indeed they are." Marcie said with a yawn.

Snoopy giggled as he pretended to walk like a turtle. Woodstock joined him and when the barney doll came to life, he too decided to walk as slowly as his friends.

"BARNEY!" the kids exclaimed as they hugged him.

"Hi…everybody…is…your…turtle…slower…than…this?" asked Barney. Everyone laughed.

"That Barney." Sally chuckled as everyone kept laughing.

"What's so funny?" wondered a very confused Barney. Snoopy and Woodstock too began laughing wholeheartedly. "Snoopy? Woodstock?"

"It's just something behind you." Charlie Brown snickered.

"Oh? What is it?" asked Barney. "That's funny-I DON'T see anything that's funny."

"It's the dollhouse, Barney." Tosha giggled.

"It's stuck to your tail." Marcie added, trying not to yawn again.

"I guess it's a little small for me now." Barney chuckled as the two girls helped take the house off his tail.

"That doesn't happen to turtles." Linus explained.

"What do you mean, Linus?" Kathy asked.

"A turtle's shell is just the right size for him and he doesn't have to share his house with anyone." Linus explained. "No crabby sisters to deal with for the turtle."

Lucy fumed at the comment and slugged her brother one. "It was worth it." Linus said dizzily.

"But your house is just the right size for you and your family, Linus." Sally explained as she helped her 'Sweet Babboo' onto his feet.

"And you have your very own room." Schroeder added. "Just like Carlos."

"Not anymore." Carlos and Linus sighed in unison.

"My blanket hating grandmother is visiting." Linus shuddered. "Until Sunday, I have to hide my blanket from her. She's taking Lucy's room so Lucy and I are sharing the same bedroom."

"Yikes." Franklin shuddered.

"What about you, Carlos?" Linus asked.

"My grandmother's been sick, so she's living with my family for a while." Carlos said.

"I'm sorry she isn't feeling well, Carlos." Barney said as Snoopy hugged him.

"Thanks, Barney. Thanks, Snoopy. The doctor says she's gonna be alright, but she has to rest." Carlos sighed.

"So, what's this have to do with your room?" Shawn asked.

"Cut to the chase." Lucy grumbled.

"Grandma is staying in my little brother Juan's room." Carlos began. "So he had to move into my room."

Tosha smiled. "What's so bad about that?" she asked.

"Juan is pretty cool, most of the time." Carlos began. "And we have fun playing together. But some of the things he does kind of bother me."

"Like what?" Shawn asked.

"Does he carry around a stupid blanket, or suck his thumb?" Lucy asked.

"No." Carlos said.

"Then what about him bothers you?" asked a very impatient Lucy.

"Well…I have to share my bed with him and you know how Peppermint Patty snores, right?" Carlos began.

"How can't we know?" Marcie asked.

"Juan makes this funny little snoring sound every night." Carlos sighed before imitating it. The kids giggled. "And he's always tossing and turning and kicking me in his sleep."

"Anything else?" asked Barney.

"Yes. He pulls ALL the covers over to HIS side of the bed." Carlos explained.

"I wish Linus was like that." Lucy sighed. "But I'm stuck with a blanket carrying, bible reading brother."

"It could be worse." Marcie yawned. "You could be bunking up with Peppermint Patty for the week."

"Not really, Marcie." Carlos replied. "He's always making a mess-he's so messy."

"Messy?" Shawn asked. "Carlos, PIGPEN is messy."

"And Juan takes up ALL the room in the closet." Carlos continued.

"All the room?" Tosha asked.

"Yeah. He does EVERYTHING I do and follows me EVERYWHERE."

"EVERYWHERE?!" Schroeder asked.

"And he always repeats everything I say." Carlos sighed.

"He ALWAYS repeats EVERYTHING you say?" the rest of the kids asked. Carlos rolled his eyes.

"Just like that?" Heather asked. "I guess so."

"I wish we could do something to help." Linus said. "I'd rather be bunked up with Rerun."

"If I were you, Carlos, I'd have Juan sleep on the couch!" Lucy exclaimed.

"Or have a sleeping bag." Sally suggested.

"Good grief." Charlie Brown sighed.

"This sounds serious." Tosha sighed.

"Very serious." Marcie yawned once more.

"That's nothing, guys. Linus took MY pencil!" Lucy explained.

"And Lucy took MY crayons." Linus explained.

"That's my BEST PENCIL, you blockhead! If you don't I'll tell Sally what you said about her!" Lucy hissed.

"Sometimes it's hard to share something important like your room, Carlos." Barney explained. "But I think I have just the thing to cheer you up." With a wave of his hand, Barney put a cowboy hat on Carlos' head.

"A cowboy hat?" Carlos asked in surprise.

"Sure. If your room seems too small, then you need a home like cowboys have where there's LOTS of wide open space." Barney explained. Snoopy and Woodstock laughed. "You need a home on the range."

"YEE HAW!" Franklin exclaimed. "I love westerns."

After everyone got a cowboy hat, they all headed outside.

Carlos and Peanuts Gang:

Oh give me a home

Where the buffalo roam,

Barney, Barney's friends and Peanuts Gang:

And the deer and the antelope play!

(Give me my pencil)


Where seldom is heard,

A discouraging word,

(Not on your life)

And the skies are not cloudy all day!

(If you don't tell me what you told Lucy, I'm just gonna scream)

Barney, Barney's friends and Peanuts Gang:

Home, home on the range!

(No! Not until you promise not to tell her)

Where the deer and the antelope play!

(What are you trying to do? Stifle my freedom of speech?)

Where seldom is heard

(Give me my pencil!)

A discouraging word,

(No promise, no pencil)

And the skies are not cloudy all day!

(What pencil?)

"Okay, cow folks. Ready to dance?" asked Barney as they smiled. They were ready. "Everybody in. and everybody out."


Now, bow to your partner, boys.

Back to your places now.

Bow to your partner, girls.

Back to your place; get ready to twirl.

Do-si-do, high and low,

Round this prairie we will go.

One more time, now just for fun,

Sad to say our dance is done.

Barney, Barney's friends and Peanuts Gang:

Home, home on the range!

(Boy, that makes me…what a terrible name to call someone. What's an enigma?)

Where the deer and the antelope play!

(What's an enigma?)

(What's an enigma?)

(What's an enigma?)

(Hey, you've still got my pencil!)

Lucy then chased Linus back in the classroom. The rest of the Peanuts Gang and Barney's friends followed suit-except for Charlie Brown, Heather, Schroeder, Snoopy and Woodstock.

Barney, Charlie Brown, Heather and Schroeder:

Where seldom is heard,

A discouraging word,

And the skies are not cloudy all day!