She's now five and her father bring her to the basement of the house where she's always curious about because whenever she's try to come his father always scold her but now it's different

Instead it's her father himself who talk and bring her to the basement, Haru feels excited wondering what inside the basement, her father then pull out a key, an unique key, it's shaped star with rainbow beads and Haru thinks it's really a beautiful key


The lock opened up and her father told her to come with him, her father then push the lamp button and after the lamp lightened up the room, Haru awe with how it look

The room have a wood floor and red wallpaper, a lot of book lined up in bookshelf, a painting lined up a storage box, a table with laboratory equipment, and the strangest thing is there an equipment to make a knife or samurai sword she always see on tv but what really attract her is a big chopper pan near the big table, she rush toward it and feels awe with colorful liquid spinning at it

"Papa papa... what is this?"

Haru turn to her father and pointing at big pan, her father smiled at how happy his daughter and she perfectly similar to her mother

"It's called cauldron sweetheart"


"Yes, are you curious about this room?"


"Then let me tell you a story about a girl who try to became the greatest alchemist"

There's a family living in ordinary town and ordinary house but... there's a secret that no one know about this family

The family is actually a lineage of a long lost alchemist that already non-existent in the world but this family still keep continue what they're ancestors left for them

In this family there's a girl, a girl who dreaming she might reviving the alchemy to the world and she will became the best of the best and her family support her with all cost

The girl keep continue and continue study, learning, experiment, even if she failed she keep continue on and on

Once upon a time the girl told her friend about alchemy and all thing related but no one believes her but she still didn't give up and keep telling her friends until they fed up with her and calling her a freak and later no one approaching her anymore

One day a boy interested with her so he approaching her, the girl feels happy and blabbering on about alchemy, the boy amazed with this alchemy but not only that he amazed with how her will so strong so the boy as he want to became a mathematician in the future help the girl

Time passed, the boy turned to a man and the girl turned to a lady. They know each other long enough to love bloomed with them, the man propose the lady and she happily accept it

Even they're married they still keep on the dream they dreamed, the man became a professor mathematician in University and the lady still keep continue her alchemy

Not long they're blessed with a beautiful daughter similar to her mother, they both very happy with a newcomer to their family but the happiness didn't get long

One day, the woman gone... disappearing from the man and their little daughter who still a month, the man feels depressed he still remember his wife in laboratory and didn't go anywhere

He trying to find her by the help of the police and they didn't find any clue, the police feels sorry to the man and since then the man lock the door to her laboratory

"Nee... papa is this woman is Mama?"


Her father smile sadly and Haru actually hate that smile

"Then papa, why are you bringing Haru here?"

"It's because I want you to continue what she's not done and I feel like you will undercover the behind of Mama disappearance"

"Can Haru do that?"

"Of course you are, you're papa and mama daughter"

Her father playfully pinching her nose and it make her giggles

"Haru understand, Haru will do her best to became the greatest alchemist more than mama and Haru definitely will find mama"

"Hahaha, then I shall give you this key. This will be the prove you receive her will"


This is the beginning of her journey to the path of alchemy