It's already a year ever since her father bringing her to the secret atelier as her father called it, every time she's come back from the school she always immediately run to this place to continue study about alchemy

But... her father still didn't allow her to touch the cauldron that's why she stuck by reading the book her ancestors left, it make her upset because she truly wants to make something not just reading, there's a say 'Practice makes better', she already has the ingredient her mother left in the magic storage she called it because when she takes a look inside the ingredient that already untouched for almost six-year didn't wither at all

Haru closes her book and takes another book to read but she stopped when she looks at a fancy book cover hidden well in the gap of the old book, she pulls out the book and take closely at the book, it has a green cover with a strange symbol in the middle and golden line at the side but when she opened the book it's empty, Haru think it's a journal book

"Haru, it's time for dinner"

"Yes, papa"

Haru put the book on the table and close the atelier door, she didn't notice the book emitting light for a moment

After a week she's almost read all the book in the atelier and finally, she fed up with it

"Moou, Haru can't endure anymore so let's try to make something, let it be if papa angry on Haru"

She opens the cauldron lid and opens the storage

"Hmm... what should Haru make?"

She takes a look at the ingredient inside the storages

"Let's make Berg Medicine, it's easy to make and Haru can bring it anywhere!"

Haru then pick up the ingredient needed for the Berg medicine,

Magic grass x2

Animal fur/ feather x1

Water x1

"Yoss, let's do this"

Haru put the ingredient one by one to the cauldron and stir it, Haru keeps stirring for an hour and put the lid and waiting for a few minutes. When she opened the lid there's five berg medicine inside and it's truly magical because the liquid inside the cauldron gone and got exchanged with five berg medicine and it's already contained!

"Haru did it! Haru will show this to Papa"

Haru runs toward the door and suddenly stopped before the handle

"Hahi, Haru need to write the recipe before she forgets"

She runs back to the table near the cauldron and opens up the fancy green cover book and begin write the 'Berg Medicine' recipe

After that, she closes the book and begins running to the dining room where her father waiting for her. It's unnoticeable again when the book emitting light stronger than before until it's died down

"Papa Papa, look what Haru made"


Haru showing her father the Berg medicine she created, her father pick one of the jars

"Did you make this, Haru?"

"Yes! Haru makes this, how is it?"


"Haru sorry, Haru know Papa forbid Haru to touch the cauldron but Haru curious and want to make something and Haru did it, Papa"

Her father once again look at the jar with cream medicine in there he then turns to her


Haru lowering her head didn't want to see the disappointed face of her father make because she rebels on his word and she know her father loves an obedient child

"You did it!"

Haru shocked when her father picks her up and spinning around, she looks her father really happy


"You're talented, Haru. I feel bad to forbid you to touch the cauldron"


"Haru the reason why I forbid you to touch the cauldron is because of I afraid you might blow up thing"

"B-Blow up!?"

"Hn? you didn't know?"

Haru shakes her head

"Haru if you failed while processing the alchemy it's always blown up and Papa remembers one-time or.. not only one time your mother try to make something the atelier all mess up because of explosion"


"But seeing you success on your first try it means you're talented and you might become a great alchemist"

In the next day right after school she came back to the atelier and found out something different in there, she means when a book flying and talking

"Ah, you're late aren't you?"

"Eh!? Eeeeehhhhhh!?"

"You're too loud so please lower your voice, I can hear you perfectly well"

"No I mean wait no h-how, HOW CAN A BOOK FLYING AND TALKING!?"

"Hn? isn't it natural? since a human can talk so why a book can't?"

Haru mind go blank for a moment, she thinking and might be doubting her sanity for this moment

'What kind of logic is natural for a book to fly and talk, there's no way it can be, right?'

"Ehem, are done you done with your thought young alchemist?"

Haru snapped out from her thoughts and turn to the flying book like it common for it to be flying and talk and to be here, she means exist

"So uhm what's your name?"

"My name is Plachta"

"So... Plachta...san?"

"Plachta is enough"

"Then Plachta, what are you?"

"A book"

"Nononono that's not what I mean I know that's you a book, but how can you flying and talk and exist?"



"I forgot"

"You forgot?"

"Except for my name and alchemy, I didn't recall anything"


"It's okay it's not your fault"

"Nee, Plachta Haru remember you're just a book that didn't fly or talk so how can you be suddenly fly and talk?"

"From what I remember, I'm awake like this ever since you write alchemy recipe to me"

"Heehhh... so you mean Haru writing is triggered you to awake?"

"Yes... this is my speculation but if you keep writing on me I can remember what I lost"

"So you mean if Haru keep writing on Plachta it means Plachta can regain more memory!?"


"Then Haru will help but for that Plachta will teach Haru about alchemy"

"Of course, I shall help you with my utmost ability"