8 years earlier:

Twister was pacing back and forth his room, thoughts were racing through his mind. ' I can't believe what I just saw. Reggie was kissing Lars. I told him yesterday I liked her."

Memories of the past clouded his mind as he held his hand to his head. Four hours earlier.

"Twist she doesn't see you like that. I can tell she doesn't want a relationship just yet. She told the last guy who asked her out that she is just not ready for one." Lars was stroking Twister's back as Twister was holding his head. "You sure Lars? And please don't tell anyone." "I promise little bro."

A couple hours later:

Twister was walking home from mad town where he heard someone giggle. He silently walked to the giggling and hid behind a garbage can. What he saw and the smell of the garbage left him speechless.

"Lars, you are so bad." Reggie said as Lars was kissing her neck. "I know and you can't believe what Maurice told me today." Reggies eyes rolled as she pushed Lars from her neck and brought his face to her face. "What Lars?" she said while he snuck a kiss from her. "It seems my little brother has a crush on you and it seems he was planning to ask you out, but I told him not to, that you were not ready and you just saw him as a friend."

Twister had held his mouth to not to yell, gag at the smell of the garbage and to hold back tears. "You did the right thing Lars. he is my best friend and I don't see him like that, but it's going to be hard to face him now knowing this, and please remember the promise we both made when we started this whatever we call it. We don't tell anyone. My dad will flip his lid and my brother will flip to the point where he will outcast Twister for being related to you and he will try to fight you. When the time is right we will hopefully reveal us to the world but. I do enjoy our alone time." she said with a slight smile from her face but a grim expression but Twister didn't see this as his head was behind the garbage cans hiding from them. They soon walked past the cans holding each other's hands and Reggie's head was on Lars' shoulders. Twister knew that she was happier with Lars, then she would be with him.

As the minutes turned to an hour, Twister finally felt it was safe to walk home. When he arrived he met his parents angrier than he had ever seen them. "Maurice, when have you been?" his father nearly screamed in his face but Twister knew he shouldn't say anything so he just told his first true lie. "I was out skating and I found a sweet spot to skate but I had to wait for the darkness to hide myself so I won't get caught. I'm sorry Mom and Dad please I didn't mean to scare you two." Both of Twister's parents were surprised and they believed the lie. "Maurice you are grounded for the next two weeks, you worried the hell out of us. We would have grounded you for the rest of the year. Your punishment will be light but you will have a curfew till you graduate high school, front his point on." his father said while placing his hand on Twister's back. "Mom, dad I am not hungry tonight I will go to bed." he said while walking towards the stairs. His head slightly looked behind himself. "I'm sorry." Twister left up the stairs before his parents could say another word.

Lars was dumbfounded as he was shoveling more food on his plate.

Later the night.

Twister was walking back and forth with a shiny metallic object in his hands. 'I have to do it. I need distance. If I do this there's no going back.' as Twister walked to his bath room. He slid the object on his wrist.

The next day.

Twister was walking out of his house with the permission from his parents. To talk to the group as they were training for the big hockey game against Lars and his friends. "Bought time Twist where have you been? It feels like hours." Otto said as he was skating towards Twister. Sam was following with Reggie lagging behind. When she caught up with the others Twister let out a sigh. Not any sigh a sad sigh. Twister looked at his friends and when his eyes landed on Reggie who was purposely avoiding his gaze, he knew he had to do this. "Sorry guy but I can't anymore. I can't be second best to an utter wind bag like you Otto. You're so full of yourself I can't be your friend anymore. Sam you're no longer the squid. And Reggie I'm no longer your friend and goodbye you guys." as he finished what he said the group was in disbelief. Otto was running behind Twister as he took a swing, Sam pulled Otto off Twister and Reggie's eyes filled with tears as she fell to the ground crying. Twister walked off. As he got to his house he threw out his skateboard, his roller skates, and all of his sports equipment other than his surfboard and mountain bike. He tossed them on the curb and was putting up a free sign.