DISCLAIMER: I had a dream that I was J.K. Rowling and that I owned all the Harry Potter characters. Unfortunately, it was only a dream. I like to think I own the plot, though.

Author's note: This is dedicated to the members of S.S. Silver Lake (Gabby/Denny). Also, in this fic, Denny's mom is dead, as is Gabby's dad. There will be a sequel just 'cause I like writing these. Yes I know it's short.

~*Summer Love*~

Dear Denny,

How are you? I'm all right. Nothing very interesting is happening here in Monaco. I spend my days on the beach and in the water. Fleur came to visit us a couple days ago. She announced that she has just dumped George Weasley and is now dating Oliver Wood. Maman is very angry with her. She had hopes that Fleur would one day marry Jacques Parmentier. She hopes in vain. Fleur has always hated him.

Enough about Fleur. How is Colin? How is your father? I miss you, Denny. More than you could ever know. I wish I was with you right now, but Maman wants us to stay here with Grandmere. Papa would have let me go back home to see you. I miss him. How I wish I knew how to apparate. It's torture not being with you! Only a month left before I return to my house in Hampshire. Then we can see each other before Hogwarts. I love you, Denny. I wish you were here. No, I take that back. I wish we were together anywhere but here. I'm sick of Maman and Grandmere.

Love Forever and More,



Dear Gabby,

Hey sunshine! I'm fine thanks. Colin and Dad are both fine too. Ginny is staying with us for a couple weeks. Colin is as crazy about her as I am about you. It's sickening to see him moon over her. Then again, he must think the same of me as I talk nonstop about you.

Gabby, I wish you were here. I wish we were together. Anywhere. It doesn't matter where. When are you going to Diagon Alley? Maybe we could see each other there. We could talk while eating ice cream. Chocolate for me, Raspberry for you. I remember how much you love raspberry ice cream. At the picnic we had near the lake, you ate six scoops of it!

God I miss you Gabs! That month will be like an eternity to me. Thank heavens we have Lyra and Howard to make their daily trips from Nice to Hampshire and back. Those two are trusty owls. I wish they were bigger so they could carry me to you.

Love you, miss you, need you,

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