Hello, I come bearing a crossover between FFXV and FFVIIR. Enjoy.

Let There Be Light, And Thus He Landed On His Ass

"Tell me again, just so we're on the same page. How did you end up here?"

Noctis sighed the umpteenth time that day, tongue tired from all the retelling he'd done to support the fact that he, the Crown Prince to the Lucian throne and the fated King of Kings, was not from this world.

Wherever this was.

"I was sleeping at the back of our car—"

"Yes, I understood that part."

The young prince glared at the swordsman before him, clearly disliking being interrupted. "Then, a bright light woke me up and –as you've seen— I fell on my ass."

Cloud stroked his chin, deep in thought. After leaving Midgar, he and the rest of group decided to head to Kalm for the time being to gather their bearings and come up with a plan of action. Their recent run-in with Sephiroth left everyone completely exhausted and their stock of curatives had been all but used up. Only a handful of potions and ethers were left, just enough to heal the surface wounds they've earned during the fight, but even then, it wouldn't be enough for all the members of their rag-tag party. Hence Kalm, to rest and to restock.

On the way to their destination, past the Midgar Wastelands and just before the marshlands where the infamous Midgar Zolom resided, the group was suddenly blinded by a bright light, and when it disappeared, this person person – Noctis, he introduced – ended up standing before them.

Luckily, the group had been momentarily blinded for a few seconds and Noctis was too off his kilter to act, that no hostile encounter occurred on the spot.

Cloud couldn't shake off his suspicions, though. Their fight with Sephiroth was recent, like not even a day ago kind of recent, his senses were still on high alert, and the sudden appearance of a stranger out of nowhere (like Sephiroth) made him tense. It didn't matter that the stranger looked normal and unsuspecting with all the dark clothes.

A gloved hand tapped his shoulders, snapping the young blonde from his internal musings. "Cloud?" Turning his head to the voice, his eyes met Tifa's and he noted the slight crease on her brows.

"You okay?" she asked him. "We lost you again."

Shaking his head, he waved her concern off. "I'm fine. Just thinking what to do with Prince Charming here." He jerked his head to the newcomer.

"Hey." Noctis scowled. "I have ears that can hear. Watch it."

"Hn. Whatever."

Noctis made a show to pull his sleeves up and flexed, "I'll show you whatever—"

"So—" Aerith clapped her hands together loudly, effectively calling the attention of everyone, stalling the manly muscle flexing that would have happened if no one intervened. "Our first priority is shelter. We need a place to rest and the nearest town to Midgar is Kalm –Barret!"

Barret blinked. "What?"

Barret was the leader of AVALANCHE and the eldest in the group, but right now, he was more than content to watch Cloud get his face bashed in. Aerith decided that she might as well step up and make the decisions since no one, not even their most mature member, was taking the initiative. First, she needed the two boys ten feet apart. The Cetra sent Barret her best threatening look she could muster and gestured to the two who were now face-to-face.

Barret grumbled in disappointment.

"Tifa?" She turned to their resident brawler. "Any idea how longer we need to walk to Kalm?"

Tifa looked at the horizon where Midgar disappeared and turned her head to Kalm's general direction. Ever since Zangan brought here to Midgar, she'd been making ends meet as a barmaid that she never found the opportunity to leave the slums. Except for one instance. A year ago, their supplier from Kalm fell severely ill that caused a delay in delivering her goods. Waiting would have been detrimental to Seventh Heaven's business so she opted to travel to Kalm and pick-up the supplies instead.

"A few more hours of walk," Tifa squinted at the sky, "we'll probably reach there before sundown."

"Oh, I was hoping it was nearer."

"Sorry. I just answered based on what I remembered."


"Barret, get off!"

Tifa and Aerith shifted their attention to the two men, who were most definitely ten feet apart, but were now also on the ground. Cloud was lying on his back, his face turning a worrying shade of blue as Barret sat and settled his entire weight on top his stomach. Noctis on the other hand was lying face first, his cheeks pressed up against the dirt, looking completely horrified at Red who was sitting on his back, his tail flicking back and forth to show his mirth.

Tifa crossed her arms and leaned back to appreciate the scene.

Aerith was rightfully distressed.

"I didn't say you should sit on them!"

"Bah!" Barret waved his hands. "We got the job done. They're calm."

Aerith watched as Cloud, still blue in the face, weakly raised his hand and patted the ground in defeat. "I'll behave."

"S-same! Just get this off me."

"I have a name, boy."

Noctis' eyes visibly widened at the talking animal and his gaze fell to the ground in shock. Barret guffawed at the insulted expression on Red's face when the prince grumbled 'Great, the monster talks' under his breath.

As far as Aerith was concerned, they were wasting time. The sun was beginning to lean to the west. "Guys! We need to go. It's past noon now and frankly, I'm in need of a warm shower –which we don't have unless we go to an inn. In Kalm. Which is still far away."

"Ditto." Tifa agreed, then turned to Noctis. "I don't know how we could help you but you're welcome to come with us for the meantime."

Noctis realized an offer when he heard it. "Sure. I've got time to kill."

"Aww, cheeky." She cooed.

At the side, Cloud shoved off Barret.