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~*Yule Ball Dilemmas*~

Chapter 1: This is love!

"OK, lets check this over ONE MORE TIME!" Angelina Johnson told her friends, Alicia Spinet and Katie Bell, while peering over a piece of parchment. It was written at the top Boys who we would not mind going to the Yule Ball with. Right below were about a hundred names all in neat columns. Most of them were crossed off.

"Let's Justin Finch-Fletchey asked anyone yet?" Angelina continued.

"Yep," said Alicia, "I heard him asking Hannah Abbot on the way to potions.

" Fred?" Angelina asked, crossing her fingers under the table.

"Not anyone that I know of," answered Katie. Angelina relaxed.

"I don't think Lee and George have, right?" Angelina questioned.

"Dunno. Angelina, face it! Everyone except for us have dates! Even Nearly Headless Nick has one!" sighed Alicia dramatically.

"REALLY?" squealed Katie and Angelina, "Who?"

"Harry told me that he asked the Grey Lady this morning," Alicia shrugged.

"Why is no one asking us?" said Katie.

"That is the ten million pound question! Come on Katie, I'm sure Lee will ask you soon! And George will ask Leesh, and I'll be all alone." responded Angelina glumly.

"Now Angelina! You and I both know that Fred's going to ask you any day now!" Alicia reassured her friend.

"Yeah Angie, calm down," soothed Katie.

"Katie, don't look now, but Lee is coming!" whispered Alicia.

"Oh Lord! Do I look okay?" fussed Katie. "You look perfect!"

It was true. Katie's shoulder length blond hair was neatly behind her ears. Not one strand was out of place. Her brown eyes were twinkling with anticipation.

"Hey Leesh, Angie, Katie. How are you girls doing?"

"Fine, Lee. Oh dear, look at the time! Leesh, we have to run!" lied Angelina.

"Oh, to where?" inquired Lee.

" . pitch. Yes, I have to show Alicia the new Chaser techniques that I've been working on. But, Kate already learned it," she added hurriedly.

"Okay then." muttered Lee.

"Bye!" Alicia said. She waved and winked at Katie.

"Umm. Katie, can . ask you something?" Lee said quickly.

"Sure Lee. Go ahead," Katie said, holding her breath.

"I was wondering 'd go to the ball with me," Lee closed his eyes as if to block Katie's face from view. When he opened his eyes, she was smiling so broadly that he thought that he should take her to Madame Pomfrey's. Her jaw looked as if it was about to shatter.

"Of course, Lee! I'd love to go with you!" Katie shrieked. And then she swooped down and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

"Really? Wow, great! I'll meet you in the Common Room at seven, okay?" and he kissed her sweetly on the lips. He hurried out of the portrait hole. Katie just sat there and smiled. She finally knew. It hadn't just been a crush, girl, she told herself. This is love.