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Chapter 7 :

*The Hero's Day to Shine*

Harry walked alone to his DADA class. No Ron to joke with. No Hermione to study with on the way. No Neville to help out when he dropped his books (which was every time he saw Hannah Abbot. So basically all the time since they walked together to most classes). Harry was plainly alone and bored. He was also very jealous. Ronn and Hermione were happy (though for some reason Ron glared at Ginny often.) He was happy for his best friends, really he was. He just felt like a third wheel. While the two lovebirds studied cozily in "their" Common Room armchair, Harry sat at the Common Room table. Alone.

"Hey, Harry!" called Hermione from behind him, running with Ron at her heels.

"Sorry mate! We had to study for the DADA test today," apologized Ron, slapping Harry on the back. Harry coughed sarcastically and Hermione blushed.

"Harry!" she squeaked. "We really were studying! Honest"

Harry raised an eyebrow.

"Well we studied for a bit. But I got bored and Hermione had to wake me. Very effective her way, really" said Ron thoughtfully.

"I bet," said Harry rolling his eyes. "Just don't expect me to wake you up like that when you're late in the morning". This time Ron blushed.

"Come on you two or we'll be late!" Hermione said tapping her foot impatiently.

They ran off to DADA. The test was easier than Harry had expected it. Question one: How to you get rid of a troll? ("Stick your wand up its nose and have your best mate knock him out" thought Harry laughing inwardly).

After class, Hermione went on and on about the test. "Oh, it was very fair. If you studied, of course. Question 10 was a little vague. I do hope I wrote enough for it. Do you think five paragraphs is enough?" Harry opened his mouth to answer, but Hermione kept on talking until Harry shook her by the shoulders and said, "I'm sure you did fine 'Mione. Now please stuff your mouth with these toffees so you won't have to make us relive the test" Hermione frowned. But just then, Ginny and Draco walked by smiling and holding hands. Ron frowned and walked up to his sister. Hermione ran after him, Harry close behind.

"Hello Ginny," he said, trying to keep his cool.

"Ron, let's go," said Hermione, nudging him. "Let's leave them alone."

"No. I have stuff to say to Malfoy." Said Ron, gritting his teeth.

"It's Draco. Hermione, if my stupid brother hurts Draco I swear I'll kill him. You've been warned. Keep an eye on Ron for me, will you? I have to run off to DADA, but you have Potions with Draco next." She ran off waving.

"Yes, Weasley. What did you want to talk about?" said Draco, cooly.

"You are dating my sister. Don't I have a right to talk to you?" Ron spat out.

"Sure, whatever. Talk all you like. Just know that the only reason I'm talking to you right now is because Gin wants me to be nice to you lot. That includes Granger and Potter," said Draco. He seemed bored.

"It's Hermione and Harry," said Harry, stepping forward.

"Yeah, sure. Anyway, what did you want to say to me, Ron?" asked Draco.

"Do you love my sister or are you just using her? I swear if you EVER hurt her I will rip out your eyes and make you eat them," Ron snarled.

"So violent at such a young age!" scoffed Draco. "But, if you must know Ronald, I love Ginny in a way I have loved none before. I would NEVER hurt her. Ever."

"Ron? Are you satisfied? Now can we leave him alone?" asked Hermione.

"Sure thing 'Mione," Ron said, turning away from Malfoy and taking Hermione's hand in his. But when Hermione wasn't looking, Ron looked back at Malfoy and drew a finger across his throat as if to insinuate death. They walked off to Potions, smiling. Of all things sacred! They're smiling on the way to potions. Next thing I know Malfoy willl ask me if I'm ok.

"You alright Potter?" Draco asked. Someone kill me now. Anyone have the Killing Curse mastered yet? "Your friends, Potter, are sickeningly PDA. Please make them stop before I gag. How Ginny had the misfortune to land that lovey dovey weirdo as a brother..."

"Malfoy, what happened to 'Gin wants me to be nice to you lot'? I'm not sure she would like you insulting her brother," said Harry innocently.

"Whatever you say Potter. Now, I have to get to Potions. You would do well to follow my good example," and with that Draco walked down the hall.

As Harry turned around to follow Malfoy to Potions, BAMMMMMMMMMM! Harry fell flat on top of someone. A girl. A very pretty girl.

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