A/N: Full author's note at the bottom. And slight warning here, torture scene exists, but not descriptive or anything and more of a reference, but if you're worried just skip of Klaus and Elijah's scene.

Summary: Caroline was building a life for herself, her plans were set and continually derailed by the supernatural world. The next thing to take her off course is the discovery that she is married, to Klaus Mikaelson and a vampire/witch hybrid. With her memories of their life back, she finds herself in New Orleans, ruling beside the big bad himself. Sequel to Sun and Moon, An Immortal Dance.

Chapter Seventeen

Elijah stood off to the side, glass in hand, though he'd hardly had any to drink from it. While he didn't know the Father well, he did respect the man and knew it was a shame that he died, especially since it was the witches who killed him. Caroline mentioned, casually to himself and Cami earlier in the day, that the witches responsible for this seemed to be losing their connection to magic with each passing day.

As if it were draining away and soon they wouldn't feel it at all. For a witch, there was no greater curse than to lose their powers and connection to nature. The word curse stuck out to him as he stared at the glass in his hand. It seemed to be that his family was cursed, the last thousand years of their lives could be a testament to how much that rang true. Though he felt as if a new curse had come to him in the previous days, his nights restless with ghosts, including his father, haunting him in more ways than one. A sigh left him.

"You look how I feel," said the tired voice of Caroline as she came to his side.

Elijah lifted his gaze from the glass a bit lazily, "I'm glad to portray your inner most emotions. Are you alright?"

Caroline met his gaze and he was surprised to find her with red eyes. That sent off any number of alarms in his mind as he straightened himself and set his glass down, she had his full attention now. It took a lot for Caroline not to fix her appearance, to hide away her emotions and ensure that she was picture perfect.

To see her so vulnerable right now, it meant that she was too tired, too pained to hide it. He could remember how thrilled he had been when he Rebekah, how he would do anything for his little sister and how overjoyed he had been to have Caroline join their family. The light she brought to their dark home, the warmth she radiated. Whatever hurt her, would suffer for it.

"What's wrong," he asked her, eyes slightly wide in worry.

Caroline hesitated, "You know how none of us has had a good nights sleep in days but we each pretend like it's fine? Well it's really starting to drive me up the wall considering I am haunted by my second death." At Elijah's questioning look, she clarified. "When my father in law slit my throat. Since I technically was killed by Katherin before that to become a vampire, even if it was in the future too you guys… Either way, that's my nightmare along with stuff he's been saying."

"What has Mikael been saying to you," Elijah questioned.

"Not important. What is however is that I'm ninety percent sure that he's haunting Klaus to," Caroline said, expression defeated. "I feel like the birth of his child has all on edge considering, well, you know."

Elijah did know, but he wasn't sure that was the cause. "Perhaps, but for all three of us to be haunted by my father is not a coincidence."

Caroline frowned, "What do you think it is? You don't think it's actually him."

"Given the nature of our lives, I would not be surprised if my father was actually paying us these unwanted visits. After all, didn't you say that my mother was active in the ancestral plain despite their attempts to block her from you," Elijah said, his gaze focused at the crowd, searching for his brother. "Come on, we need to speak with Klaus.".

It took them only a few minutes to find Klaus speaking with Marcel. If they had concentrated they could have heard what the two men were discussing, but they decided against it. To let the pair of them have a conversation with some relative privacy. After a handful of minutes, Marcel walked away leaving Klaus alone to mull over his thoughts. However he didn't get to stand there in his head for long, not when his wife and brother had something to say about it.

"We need to speak," Elijah said to him straight to the point. "It's about Mikael."

Klaus glanced at Caroline with an annoyed expression before straightening to answer his brother, "I have no interest in that topic."

"You should considering myself and Caroline have been haunted by Mikael these past few nights as well," Elijah said with a false of indifference, yet severity in his tone.

"Seriously that can't be a coincidence," Caroline added looking uncomfortable. "Plus, Genevieve's been acting stranger than usual recently."

Elijah agreed, "Not just her. The witches seem to be up to something."

Klaus rolled his eyes, "Of course they're up to something. Hayley is due soon."

"Doesn't explain the magic in the air or how each of us is haunted by the same demon," Caroline remarked as she folded her arms over her chest. "I think it's deeper than that. We need a plan."

"Call for her, your Bennett witch to see if she knows anything about weird magic in the air, in the meantime Elijah and I will speak to Genevieve," Klaus explained, his smiled turned a little pleased with himself. "She may not tell you anything, but I'm sure Elijah and I can get her to spill her guts."

Caroline didn't like the implications of that, but presently she didn't really care. It was unlikely Klaus or Elijah would actually hurt her considering it would interfere with the treaty they so meticulously put together and spark a war. The Original Vampires were many things, but stupid wasn't one. They wouldn't go spark a war unless they were certain they could win it or turn it to their favor.

Not commenting, Caroline stepped away from and pulled out her cellphone. Hopefully Bonnie would answer her soon. They'd kept in contact since her visit and delivering of a bombshell about who her husband was, along with the baby stuff. Things were tense at first, but they were best friends and worked it out. While some of her friends took more work than others, she was glad that all it took as time.

"Care? What's up?"

"Hey, I have a witchy question for you," Caroline said looking out into the street. "Anything interesting happening with the dead?"

"I'm losing this race," Cami said with a heavy breath as she shook her head. "Francesca is good, she's getting them on their side more and more. I'm losing ground."

Marcel and Hayley exchanged a look with each other, it wasn't what they wanted to hear, but at the same time, it wasn't entirely unexpected. Ever since her arrival, Francesca has managed to worm her way into the human faction and building support that she should become the new leader. Right now, the only thing that was really keeping Cami in the running at all was her connections to three of the four groups that Francesca did not have.

Cami was friends with the werewolf queen, was on the good side of the Mikaelson's and Kieran was popular with the people, so she had her ins there. The witches had gotten her brother killed and her uncle now, she had no care for them and the only reason they left her alone was because of Caroline, there soon to be head witch if they had their way. It was unlikely considering all they had done to mess with her, but the witches weren't stupid and they had a plan.

"Well, we aren't out of the race yet. Is Francesca still bothering you about that key," Marcel asked next, leaning against the bar.

Cami nodded, her expression grave. "Yeah. I went to the place it unlocks and know why she wants it so badly. It contains, a hell of a lot of dangerous stuff that I don't think I can share with you yet."

Hayley frowned at that. "Why not? We not good for it?"

Cami made a face, "We're not in a place for it to be shared. Have a little faith."

"I've never been religious and I'm a hundred years pregnant, I need answers and these supernatural freaks off my back," Hayley replied bitterly, her expression set in a scowl.

It didn't bother Cami, she could understand the woman was under a lot of stress too. "Regardless, what are we going to do now? Have either of you found out new information?"

Marcel shook his head regretfully, "This wont come as a surprise to you I don't think, but whispers of an uprising have been spreading about from my guys among those wolves. They intend to strike likely when the baby is born since I have no doubt the witches will also try something. After all, that will certainly spark a lot of chaos."

"No kidding. And defenses will be down if both groups try something," Hayley remarked with slightly fearful look. She'd be in labor and be completely useless. While she knew that the Mikaelsons, Caroline and Marcel with his vampires, plus Jackson and the pack would protect her, she didn't like the idea that she couldn't protect herself in case their defenses failed. "Think they're coordinating it?"

Marcel hummed over the question, "I can't say for certain. It's possible that they both have their uprising plans, but the common denominator is the baby's birth. Though not even they could predict when your baby will born."

"Maybe not, but with moonlight rings they can strike when it happens and the witches will immediately follow," Cami commented, the words were painful to say.

"I'm going to confront Francesca," Hayley said then. "Maybe she'll give me something, wolf to wolf."

Marcel and Cami wore matching expression of disbelief. It was Marcel who spoke first, "That is the dumbest thing you have suggested."

"I have to agree. Why do you think that's a good idea," Cami questioned, arms crossed over her chest.

Hayley straightened herself, "Francesca's pack has no interest in fighting the Crescents."

"Aren't they try to essentially become top dog, a spot that used to belong to the Crescents," Cami asked next, confused and not following Hayley's thought process.

"According to Oliver and another packmate Jackie, this new pack that I assume is hers wants to create a union. It isn't uncommon for marriages to be put together between packs to make it stronger," Hayley explained remembering the lesson Jackson gave her on it. "They want our pack to join theirs. They don't care about the baby the way the witches do and likely when they strike, the wolves are merely going after the vampires and any witches who get in the way."

That line of following did make some sense to the human and vampire, but it still had it's holes. Neither was convinced that Hayley should go confront Francesca about the matter, especially considering they were the only ones who knew about her status as a wolf. It was an advantage that they weren't ready to use.

"Still, I don't think confronting her will accomplish what you want it to," Marcel said after a brief pause. "At least wait another day before you go find her claws out. Think over it, see if we can't do this another way without having to lose our own element of surprise."

Hayley wasn't too pleased with that, but she agreed anyway. The Correa wolves weren't a threat to her pack now and wouldn't do anything with her baby according to her sources. However that wasn't a guaranteed thing that could last forever. From what she knew, the wolves would revolt and the witches would strike when the baby was born. The wolves weren't going after her baby because they didn't want to fight the Crescents, but they did intend to go after the vampires. It was the witches who wanted her baby, for what purpose exactly, she couldn't say and it never sat well with her.

Caroline had been doing what she could to find out more, but there was nothing she could do. The witches weren't going to trust her yet knowing that she would go back to her husband and they had their own plans for Caroline as well. After all, that was why she was here.

Hayley absently moved her hands over her extended stomach. When she had gone to Mystic Falls trying to find her pack, she remembered meeting a witch briefly who had remarked on her being useful and that she would find what she was looking for before vanishing without a trace. It had been a brief meeting, but days later she ended up in bed with Klaus which then lead her to her pack, then a child. Finding a family.

She hadn't thought back on it until she remembered why she had gone to Mystic Falls in the first place and how the name Maclynth had been said in passing and not to her. A chill raced up her spine along with the feeling of being watched. She looked around frantic, but saw no one was looking at her. It was probably nothing, just her nerves getting the better of her. However when she glanced out the front window, she spotted vibrant red hair and that chill returned to her. Something wasn't right.

Klaus didn't mind torturing people. Sure in his early days as a vampire, it had been harder for him to stomach, but now he was seasoned. Brilliant at it even. A new art form that he had master, like painting a canvas or sketching in one of his books. Only he used knives and other materials in flesh, the paint being replaced with blood instead.

As Klaus stood before the witch, who was barely conscious in the chair he was tied to, he considered what he or Elijah should do next. Originally, Klaus had been prepared to do this alone, but his brother insisted on joining him and pulling him back should he start to go to far. Though if anyone had been going overboard, Elijah had been flexing his 'torture' muscles so to speak.

"I think our witch here is a masochist," Elijah commented as he glanced at the clock. "After all, we've been here for ages and yet, he hasn't told us anything."

Klaus wore a grin, "You might just be right dear brother. Or perhaps we aren't as good as we thought. Maybe we should get a bit more creative."

Elijah nodded in agreement, "Indeed. Perhaps we should allow some blood into his system, heal the wounds, then kill him."

The witch brought his head up in surprise and fear. There would be no greater torture for a witch who had been cut off from magic. Seeing this reaction brought two gleeful smiles to the Original vampires. Now they were getting somewhere.

"Not a fan of that idea," Klaus mocked with a sneer. He bit into his wrist and soon as blood began to pour, he flashed over to the witch and forced the blood into his mouth. After a few seconds, Klaus removed his wrist and titled the witch's neck to the side and spoke with a dark, almost guttural voice. "Now unless you'd like to become a vampire disconnected from your precious magic, you are going to tell me what you were doing in Mystic Falls."

"I would speak quickly if I were you, my brother is not known for his patience," Elijah remarked casually, a sideways grin on his face. "And considering we are already late to speak to another witch, we really would like to get this moving."

The witch looked fearfully at them, he shut his eyes and whispered, "Okay, okay. Just, just please, don't, don't take my magic."

Klaus released his hold on him and patted his pack harshly, "Was that so difficult?"

Elijah stepped forward, "Start talking. Who sent you and why?"

The witch visibly swallowed, eyes wide with fear and hesitance, but there was no backing out now. And so, he let the words spill from his mouth, explaining everything that had brought him to Mystic Falls, everything he did while there, who sent him and anything he could think of. No detail was spared from the witch's story, each word adding fuel to the growing turmoil and terror inside of Klaus, adding to the sorrow and horror of Elijah.

They had come in contact with their fair share of diabolical people, the horrors that they committed, other witches, wolves and vampires have committed over the centuries. Yet, this seemed to be one of the worst things Elijah had heard, specifically because of what it was doing to his brother, to his sister in law, to his niece, to their whole family.

When the witch had finished his tale, Klaus had charged forward, ready to kill rip his heart out, but Elijah held his brother back. Even though it would have given him great pleasure to allow Klaus to attack him, he knew that he could not let him now.

" You stole my child, you played with my heir! This was your fault," Klaus shouted with such fury, even Elijah flinched. "Now you will pay the ultimate price!"

With a surge of strength, Klaus broke free from his brother's grasp and charged at the witch, ripping his heart, killing him instantly. No vampire blood would heal that now. A cut off head and ripped out/ staked heart, the only real way to kill a vampire. Klaus stood over his dead body, he threw the heart onto the wooden floor and stood here, his breath heavy and unstable. As though at any moment, he would explode. Elijah did not think that was far from the truth.

After hearing everything the witch had to say, it was not surprising that his brother reacted like that. Elijah wasn't certain he would have reacted any differently had their roles been reversed. The witches, he'd always known them to be deceitful, manipulative and cruel, but this… this was something entirely different. They had crossed dozens upon dozens of lines, interfered with his family in the worst possible way.

Klaus inhaled sharply, lifting his head up, but still he did not turn to face his brother. When he was younger, whenever he was frightened, he'd run to his older brother. No matter what, Elijah was always there for him when it truly mattered. It wasn't often that Klaus felt like his child self, but in this moment, he was small and weak. Hot tears fell down his cheeks, both from the burning anger in him and the deep sorrow that this was his fault. He'd made many enemies over the years and because of that, his wife and child were now in the mix in the worst possible way. A stern hand rested on his shoulder, but Klaus couldn't look at his brother yet.

"What do you want to do now that we have this information," Elijah said softly.

Klaus sniffed, "We have to tell Caroline and Hayley. They, they need to know."

Elijah, though he did agree that this information needed to be shared, knew this conversation would not be a pleasant one. In fact, just the opposite. Neither woman would take this news well and he hated to be the one to deliver the news. Even if Klaus were the one to speak the words to them, as it would be better for him to break the news to both of them, he would still be there by his side. And the looks on Caroline and Hayley's face would break him. He knew it.

"Where are they now," Klaus asked wiping his tears away and moving past Elijah to leave the house.

Elijah followed him briskly, "Hayley was at Roussaeu's talking strategy with Marcel and Camille, Caroline I'm not sure."

"Call Hayley and tell her to come to the compound immediately, I'll get Caroline," Klaus said quickly. He let out another breath as he whispered. "I don't know how I'll tell her."

Elijah didn't have anything to say to that. He felt very much the same.

"You two look shitty," Hayley commented as Klaus and Elijah entered the study.

Caroline stood up, her expression worried as she took in their bloodier clothes, "Are you two alright? Has something happened?"

Elijah and Klaus had called them over, saying they were to stop whatever they were doing and immediately come home. No questions, just to do as they said. However they couldn't remain here long, not when Kieran's procession was going to happen soon. Though depending on whatever the vampires needed to tell them would determine how fast or slow they would get there. Over the phone, they both sounded worse for wear.

"We are in one piece," Elijah said softly, there was a somber look in his eyes. "Were either of your meetings eventful?"

Klaus made a face, "Elijah, we cannot put this off-"

"Neither will be in the mood to share the news of their projects after this Niklaus," Elijah interrupted his tone strained. He looked to the women. "Please, if there is any news you have, you must share it now."

Caroline and Hayley exchanged matching looks of concern. That hadn't been what either were expecting. While the two women had similar thoughts about demanding the two vampires just tell them what they rushed over here to tell them, both hesitated. Caroline hesitated because she could feel the anguish and discomfort from Klaus coming off in droves, it was almost enough to know her off her feet.

Though she wanted to comfort him in anyway she could, she found herself fearful of what could have brought on such a reaction from him. It took a lot to get Klaus scared, to get him to feel this much anguish at one time. Whatever had happened must have affected him terribly.

Hayley hesitated because Elijah's suit wasn't put together. In all the time she had known him, no matter how messy things got, his suit was put together. If it had been ruined in a fight, he excused himself for a minute or two, then returned back to normal. Presentation was incredibly important to him. But standing before her now, she could still see traces of blood along the ends of his sleeves, see that his tie wasn't as straight as it should be. Minor things he would have fixed on the way, but he didn't.

"Hayley found out something interesting about the Correa wolves," Caroline said weakly.

Hayley nodded, "Yeah, uh yeah. Marcel told me that there were whispers about an uprising, set to happen whenever the baby is born-" she noticed the wince on Klaus and Elijah's faces "-they want to get moonlight rings to launch it and work with the witches."

"What kind of uprising," Elijah asked her, his expression curious.

Hayley frowned, "Are there multiple kinds? She wants the wolves to take over the quarter, to attack as many vampires as they can and force the witches hands. Not that it will be much of forcing. Even with your treaties, Marcel practically destroyed any relationship between the vampires and witches."

Klaus ran his hand through his hair, he let out a breath, "Well that was something we knew could happen, now we have it confirmed. We can sort out the details tonight when we all return from the procession." Klaus looked to Caroline, his expression heartbroken. "Did you learn anything love?"

Caroline replied with a grave tone, "The three of us being haunted by Mikael isn't coincidence. I spoke with Bonnie and she said that the veil between the living and the dead is really thin. We aren't dreaming of him, he's actually here haunting us."

That was the worst thing for Klaus to hear, "You're joking."

"I wish I was," Caroline said with a mournful look. "Lots of dead supernaturals are haunting those they have issues with. Mikael has issues with us."

Caroline had expected Klaus to yell or scream, maybe even to turn pale with fear that he couldn't completely hide. Some things did scare Klaus from time to time, but the only consistent thing to spark fear into his heart was Mikael. Caroline remembered it well, how awful the man was, how he frightened her and what he did to Klaus. However seeing Klaus' expression not change showed that something else was bothering on a deeper level. Gently, she tried to nudge his mind to offer comfort, to ask and she was hurt to see he had completely blocked her out. What exactly happened to him?

"Anyway to combat him," Elijah questioned with a frown.

"Bonnie was looking into it and there might be a spell, my ancestors said they would block his access as best they could from their end," Caroline told him which offered some relief. But it wouldn't last. "What did you tw-"

"Oh good you guys are ready," Marcel said as he walked in. "The procession is about to start." Four pairs of eyes looked at him, each with uncomfortable glints there. "Am I interrupting?"

Hayley stood up, "No, we have to go. We need to pay our respects to Kieran. We can talk more after."

A silent agreement of that passed between Hayley moved to follow Marcel out and Elijah had a meaningful look with Klaus before leaving to change. Though when Caroline was making her way over, Klaus had yet to move from his spot. When she was right beside him, mid stride, he caught her arm. Caroline looked up at him to see the most frightened eyes she had ever witnessed before. Those usually rich eyes held desperation, anger, sorrow and so much pain, too much pain that she couldn't take away. Lightly, she tried to pry into his feelings, to get more of an understanding of what was going on. He shook his head.

"No, no, please," Klaus whispered to her, his tone desperate and pained. "I won't, I can't…. There's something I need to tell you."

At the party, when she had lost consciousness, she had heard those exact words. At the time, she hadn't realized they were from Klaus, not that it mattered. What mattered was how hurt he sounded when saying them. This was important, she could feel it was important that she knew what he needed to tell her. And while her curiosity was growing, so was her fear on what he could possible say to her. They needed to go. Without a word, she pressed a gentle kiss on his cheek. A reminder that she was here, that she loved him. And the words to leave her mouth, had ones she had heard that night ages ago.

"Tell me after," she whispered to him. "When all this is over, when things have settled. Let's go now."

Reluctance in his eyes, there was also relief on his face. Whatever news he had to share, it was news he also wasn't ready to tell. That only caused her worry to grow. She just squeezed his hand and he squeezed hers back, as if she were the only thing keeping him grounded. And in a way, that was very true.

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