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Summary: Caroline was building a life for herself, her plans were set and continually derailed by the supernatural world. The next thing to take her off course is the discovery that she is married, to Klaus Mikaelson and a vampire/witch hybrid. With her memories of their life back, she finds herself in New Orleans, ruling beside the big bad himself. Sequel to Sun and Moon, An Immortal Dance.

Chapter Nineteen

No one in the Mikaelson household got any sleep that night, not with the news beating down on each of them, not with the raging storm outside that Caroline caused and refused to stop. Each of their emotions existed in that storm. And there had been almost some comfort in hearing it scream, in it batter the old house the way each of them wished to react physically, but instead remained expressionless for the most part on the outside.

The night had ticked by, each of them lost in their own thoughts over the matter before Caroline was the one to put them together, her eyes still shining as fiercely as the storm outside these walls. Wordlessly, she brought Klaus away from his blank canvas to where Elijah and Hayley were, not talking, just sitting in the study. Their thoughts practically written on their faces. Elijah with helpless look as he knew there was nothing he could do help Hayley and Hayley with her heartbreaking look and slightly wet cheeks.

There had been many times in her life that her heart been broken. When she killed for the first time, when her parents abandoned her, when she was out on her own with no one, when she was rejected by lovers or friends, when she had killed for her own gains. But not one of them hurt quite like this.

Her eyes lifted from their downward gaze as Caroline walked into the room, her expression cold and hard. Hayley studied her for a moment, wondering what exactly what the blonde was thinking and bitterly angry over the possibility that she was happy over the worst news that she had ever been told. Though she knew that lashing out at Caroline would do nothing. It wasn't her fault and she had lost something too.

"I have a plan," Caroline announced to them, her icy tone matching her expression. "But we need to work fast if it's going to be done correctly."

Elijah watched her curiously, "Have you shut off your emotions?"

Caroline's sharp gaze fell on him and he almost flinched at the murderous expression. "I am severely tempted to, but no, it's called compartmentalizing. My emotions are under control." There was a crack of thunder and flash of lighting in the background to prove her wrong. "I can focus on the task at hand which is now to destroy all the French Quarter witches, get rid of the Correa wolves and keep the Quarter under some semblance of control as we move forward. Are you ready for your part?"

"I'm ready," Hayley said without hesitation. She didn't care what the plan was, she didn't care what she had to do. As long as she got to sink her teeth and claws into the ones responsible for this mess.

"What do you need from us," Elijah asked her softly.

Caroline's smile was blindingly sweet, yet the murderous glint never left her eyes and it reminded Elijah of Klaus in a way. The two of them were always a perfect pair. While Klaus was certainly one to be feared on a bad day, Elijah had a feeling that Caroline was going to so much worse on her bad day. It should have worried him more, but at the moment as he listened to her plan, he found he didn't care. These outside forces had messed with their family in a worse way than he could ever imagine and he had ever desire to do the very same. It was only fair.

Genevieve knew what it was like to be afraid, there had been so many times in her life where she felt true fear reach her, but none quite so much as she did as she continued to work in the greenhouse, muttering her spells. While she had been on the Other side and working with the other ancestors, not even she had been aware of the plan that had been put in place to Caroline Maclynth either in charge of the Quarter witches or to sacrifice her for her magic to fuel them. That wasn't even taking into account the baby.

Some words that Monique had said caused her to question and she had done a spell on Hayley while she had been at Rousseau's to get a better idea. In the end, she had discovered the truth and she knew that it was only a matter of time before Caroline herself discovered the truth along with the Mikaelson's. When that happened, she did not have faith that the ancestors and the witches of the Quarter would be able to withstand such wrath. Which was why she needed to get to work.

Hayley was due to have the child soon, likely they would have to induce labor and immediately take said child with Caroline in tow. The ancestors had told her that Caroline would cooperate because they had the owner of her heart and this whole time Genevieve had assumed it would be Klaus or perhaps a parent. At the time, perhaps they had meant her mother who was currently unconscious in the next room, but now Genevieve believed they were talking about the daughter that the wolf carried. Had they wanted Caroline to learn the truth so that they could force her hand? It wasn't likely in her opinion, but possible regardless.

With either her mother or her newborn child, Caroline would be forced to sacrifice herself for the baby to live and with her magic fueling the Quarter witches and the ancestors, they would have enough power to keep the vampires and wolves in line as well as destory the Mikaelsons. The timing had to be perfect or else everything would fall apart. At this exact moment the ancestors were a bit occupied fending off the Maclynth coven on the other side. They had gone to fight months ago, a very fierce one in which many of the ancestors were lost to somewhere else, but they managed to win.

Facing off the most feared coven and having something to show for it. However what Genevieve realized the ancestors did not take into account was that Maclynth magic could do things theirs couldn't in the most twisted and unexpected ways. If this plan failed, it was likely that the Maclynth ancestors would destroy them at their cores and corrupt their magic, corrupt their afterlife space, corrupt their living witches. There was so much on the line and as Genevieve continued to work frantically, she was beginning to feel the weight of it all. Part of her wondered if this was right, if this was worth it. Immediately she could feel the ancestors disproval over her questioning and she sent an apology as she kept working. This was worth it, they needed more power if they intended to survive and come out on top.

"I thought you said she was practically sunshine reincarnate," Josh half whispered to Davina despite knowing that Caroline could hear them.

Davina glanced at Caroline with a disproving look, "She usually is. But everyone has a dark side."

Caroline let out a huff as she glanced towards the sun, having cleared up the original store an hour ago since she didn't feel like having to run around in the rain. Though she knew if she didn't get her tasks done effectively and quickly, her mind would think about the news Klaus told her, her mind would wander to Hayley, to the- Caroline shut off the thoughts and could practically hear that vampire humanity switch shouting at her, but she would not give in. For no other reason than because Hayley couldn't shut off her emotions over this, because Klaus and Elijah in their 1000 years never touched the switch. She would not break. Caroline looked back towards where Davina and Josh were standing, Davina in the sunlight while Josh was under in the shade under a balcony on the empty street.

"Today is not a day to push my buttons considering I have to murder a good bit of your pathetic, slimy coven," Caroline ground out and she felt her veins begin to bulge. She swallowed thickly. "I have done many things to protect you Davina and I don't typically ask for repayment. But I'm asking now. And to sweeten the deal, Josh can get this-" she held up a ring "daylight ring and walk freely in the sunlight. Something you've wanted for awhile."

"I still can't you what you want to know," Davina replied, though she didn't sound very regretful. "You've been good to me, but you're basically a traitor witch. Working with vampires, being a vampire."

Caroline raised an eyebrow at that, intrigued by the change. "Never bothered you before considering my coven protected you from yours on the Otherside and I have proved that despite being half vampire, I can do just as good of work and not be such an asshole. What gives?"

Davina folded her arms over her chest, "I'm not telling you anything. What are you going to do? Hurt me or those I care about because I said no."

"The fact that you think so little of me would hurt me on a normal day, but considering today is not a normal day and in fact one of the worst days of my life, I have no choice," Caroline said plainly and her sharp eyes met Davina's.

Davina was a harvest girl and one of the witches with all the power until it could be properly returned to the rest of the coven. Which meant she had to be apart of the ritual where herself or the baby would be sacrificed. All of that was stuff Caroline knew, but she wanted to know the where it was happening, what spells they would use, everything. Her plan was already set and knowing this extra bit of information would more or less confirm her already existing thoughts.

So, she ripped the information from Davina's mind in a matter of seconds.

The teenage girl let out a sharp cry and bent over. Josh moved over to her, but was immediately stopped by the burn of the sun where she was. It only took a few moments for the pain to subside, but the teenage witch lifted her head to look at Caroline with her obvious hurt and maybe some betrayal. That did spark some hurt in Caroline, but she had more important things to do than worry about a sixteen year old girl's feelings after what her coven had done, what she was about to be complicit in doing. Caroline tossed the ring to Josh.

"Leave New Orleans for a little bit," Caroline said slowly. "Things are going to get ugly and despite what you may think, I had thought of you as a friend. But you have made your stance clear to me. If you stand with the French Quarter witches, I promise you I will not hesitate to dispose of you."

Josh was next to Davina then, hands on her shoulders. "And here I thought you were better than the Mikaelsons, than Klaus. But you did marry him, so a match made."

Caroline's eyes flashed and she had slammed him into the wall with enough force to crack the bricks. The fear was clear in his eyes and she could feel it coming off of him in droves. She didn't like that look on his face, she really didn't. However, her emotions were too all over the place and while she had no reason to justify herself, she felt the need to. Davina moved to her side, helplessly tugging at her hand which was currently around Josh's throat and using a spell that wouldn't work considering Caroline temporarily cut of her magic. When Davina realized that, she froze in her place.

"I am doing whatever is necessary to dispose of the true evil here in this city," Caroline said harshly, her voice almost inhuman. She looked to Davina and she couldn't fight the burning in her ears. "I will not stop until they are gone. They will pay for what they have done."

Davina scowled, "They were trying to bring power back to us. That vampires stole-"

"By stealing my child," Caroline hissed at her, her anger and sorrow shining through so clearly it hurt Davina and Josh. "Literal hours after conception. They took my baby, they plan to sacrifice her! And for all the bad shit I've done, for all the wrongs you've done, even Marcel can agree that a child has no business in such a thing. But you'll defend them for power, yet I'm the monster to you."

Caroline swallowed back her tears, she would not get too emotional, she would not lose control. Not when her baby's life, when the lives of those she cared for hung in the balance. The plan she had would ensure that her baby lived, that Klaus, Elijah, everyone would be okay and the French Quarter witches would be broken beyond repair. But she could not properly execute her plan if she did not remain in control of herself, of her emotions, her actions.

With a heavy breath, she roughly let go of Josh and took a step back as the two teenagers stared at Caroline, each with looks of shock and guilt. Shock from the news, guilty for their judgements. Caroline could feel it was genuine coming from them both, but it shined more in Davina. That was a little surprising to Caroline, she figured by this point that Davina knew it and was actively working with the witches. Perhaps she shouldn't have been too quick to judge, but given her cryptic warnings and then stand offish behavior, she had no other assumption to follow.

"I-I, I didn't know that," Davina said quietly, not meeting the blonde's eye.

Caroline inhaled sharply, she let her eyes turn back to the midnight starry look that Klaus told her was frightening. "Now you know. Get out of the city or help me destroy the stains in it. If I catch you against us, against me… remember my warning. I will take your life if you stop me from protecting hers. So help me. Or stay the fuck out of my way."

Without another word, Caroline flashed away leaving the teenagers to ponder their next move. Despite this incident, Caroline had done things to help each of them behind the scenes and this new information… it cemented some things to each of them. Davina had her own issues with her coven, but they were still hers and she wanted them to have power. However, she didn't like the methods they had used in this case. But did that mean she turn her back on them completely? Maybe that wouldn't be the worst choice. After, they turned on her and Caroline's coven had protected her from. In the back of her mind, she could a voice she heard while on the other side.

You owe us. You owe Caroline.

"We're going to help her aren't we," Josh said at the set look on her face.

Davina nodded, "Yeah. We're going to find a way to help her." Davina shook her head. "I shouldn't have, she'd helped me when no one else would besides Marcel and I repaid her by not returning the favor."

Josh put his hand on her shoulder, "We'll repay her now. Any ideas on how we can help?"

"We'll need to find a Mikaelson," Davina replied softly. "They'll be involved and hopefully they'll let us help."

Caroline stood on the balcony in the Mikaelson compound, on the opposite side away from Hayley's room, away from the baby's, unable to go near the area. After getting her information from Davina, she knew the most important locations would be St. Anne's Church and the cemetery. Those were the places she originally thought would be important, but now she had confirmed which meant she could get the other working parts had only made the plan a few hours ago and in that time, she had run through it enough times to know it would work without a problem.

Unless of course the very unexpected appeared, though she felt confident there was nothing for them to throw at her. Footsteps interrupted her running through the plan once more, the pattern and smell told her it was Klaus. Her husband, the father of her- she stopped the thought there. Now was not the time. He lightly nudged against her mind when she did not turn around to face him and she didn't answer the nudge.

Instead she shut off the parts that Klaus didn't know as she knew he would disagree. But if they were going to win, she had to go through with it and she could not afford him getting in the way. He would fight her so fiercely if he knew what she intended to do, he would rage and scream and honestly, she wouldn't have blamed him. She would have done the same. Though, she also knew he would understand. This baby had already been the most important thing, that hadn't changed. But now, not it was all that mattered to her. More than anything else.

There was nothing she wouldn't do for that child.

Klaus said nothing as he walked over to her, unsure of what to say. There weren't any words he could find in himself that would help the situation, that would make her feel better, hell that would even make him feel better. When he brought her here, he knew that complications would arise and he knew that his enemies would go to great lengths to destroy him. But this, this was beyond anything he would have ever thought to do.

"Are your hybrids nearby," Carline asked plainly, her eyes on the street below.

Klaus nodded, "Yes. They are poised ready to strike. Do you have a spot they should be?"

"There's going to be almost a hundred vampire wolf hybrids here," Caroline started as still refused to look at him. "You suggested that they patrol the streets. I still like that idea, but I need a dozen of them at St Anne's and another dozen at the cemetery."

"That can be done," Klaus told her softly.

Caroline nodded then, she looked at him, "Good. I got what I needed from Davina, now I need to speak with Lexi and make sure that-"

Klaus interrupted her, "Caroline we need to talk-"

"If you are going to say anything about the baby, I will actually hurt you," Caroline said to him sharply, her eyes flashing.

Klaus met her gaze, "Sweetheart."

Caroline shook her head and let out as strained laugh, "We're not talking about it. No, I, I can't listen to it. I can't do it, I won't do it now. Has Hayley given out all of the moonlight rings?"

Klaus was ready to argue with her, he was ready to push her on the subject of their child, but the look in her eyes and the storm clouds gathering there forced him not to. They needed to talk about this. It was usually Caroline who pushed for chatter on such important things, it was odd and frustrating to be on the other side of it, but he knew where she was coming from. Nothing changed for Klaus in regards to the baby, he had months to come to terms with becoming a father.

And despite the pain he knew it was causing his friend, he had been pleased to know that he and his wife were having a child. That the two of them could have what they discussed centuries ago, that they still had a chance to have the family they wanted. Now wasn't the time to voice such things and he knew that. Caroline was having to come to terms with the fact that the child was hers and that the witches had stolen the infant from her before it could even begin to grow, before it even had a heartbeat of it's own.

So he simply nodded to her, answering her question.

"Great," Caroline said as she tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. "Elijah has the vampires at the ready to march through the streets. Cami has already let the human faction know about Francesca's lies, which means that soon as she finds out, she will strike out of desperation. Genevieve is going to use you for their moonlight rings, you ready for that part? It's going to hurt."

Klaus nodded, "Don't worry love. I can handle anything they throw at me."

Caroline hummed, "Okay. I'll see you later."

She left without a word and Klaus could only stand there, feeling helpless, angry and so very sad to see his wife in such a state. When this day was over, when they won this battle, they would talk properly over everything. There was so much to talk about. But they would have time. They would have time to talk about it.

Klaus enjoyed making people anxious to a bit of an alarming degree to certain company, but at the moment, it didn't matter. Right now as he stood with his bleeding hand over some stones next to Genevieve, he could smell her fear. He was enjoying the feeling. Not to mention, he could tell that Hayley and Elijah were mildly enjoying it from their spots across the table in the compound. The plan as moving along as it was supposed as far as he was considered.

His next part was for Genevieve to use his blood to make the moonlight rings for the wolves, not that Genevieve knew that the Crescents already had their moonlight rings and she didn't need to know that either. No, what she needed to know was that Marcel was going to stir up trouble and the wolves needed to defend themselves. When in reality, Marcel was gearing up his vampires to take out any witches or the Correa wolves themselves. These rings would hopefully be used by the Correa wolves instead and they would be in for a fun surprise.

It had been annoying to wait for all these hours, but he had waited centuries before being able to unlock his wolf side and get his wife back, he could stand to wait for this. His blood poured over the black stones as he stared daggers at Genevieve, the threat very clear that if she tried anything, he would attack. Well Elijah would need to since when the spell was complete and those stones would be in use by the Correas, he would be a bit occupied. Caroline had said there was a way to avoid that, it would just take a bit more time, but he told her now. He could take the pain for a bit and it would not tip off Genevieve if she knew how the spell was supposed to work.

The red haired witch nodded when enough blood was over the stones. He moved away and she continued to mutter her spells, enhancing them while he stood there with Hayley and Elijah. It would have made him feel better if she hadn't been here, but she needed to be the one to take the stones to the bayou as neither himself nor Elijah would be permitted there. While an exception could have been made, it was important not to let up the ruse.

"The stones are finished," Genevieve said softly as she stared at the stones. "I've done my part. Now it's up to you."

Hayley exchanged a look with the Mikaelsons. The tricky part was coming. "Great, I'll get them to the bayou."

A voice sounded from the shadows, "Actually, those stones will be coming with me."

The vampires and wolf turned to look at the one and only Francesca Correa. Right on time, like Caroline had said. And behind the wolf were several men and women dressed in suits, some of them with raised guns. Bullets were more painful for a vampire, but it wasn't hard to believe that there were likely wooden bullets in those guns. That was just great, but no unexpected. Hayley took a quirt breath, this was part of the plan, there would be a fight and the Correas would get their moonlight rings. Though they needed to be convincing.

"No one move you don't want wood to pierce your body," Francesca continued as she strutted towards the table and took a stone from Genevieve.

"What the hell," Hayley snapped at her. "Humans aren't going to be able to do anything."

Francesca merely smiled with the stone in hand. She quickly pulled out a sharp knife and stabbed the nearest person in a suit before doubling over in pain. That was news to Hayley and the Mikaelson brothers, the Correas hadn't triggered their wolf curse yet, however it explained why they didn't have the scent of a wolf any of the vampires could pick up. Likely Caroline had only picked it up due her witch magic amplifying her senses in a different way.

When Francesca looked up, her eyes turning golden and fangs bared, she said, "I'm not human. A wolf, waiting for the moment to strike and the time is now. We're taking back our city."

Hayley would have wanted nothing more than to attack the woman, she even lounged forward, but Elijah had been too quick and had gotten to her, then speeding them away while Klaus cried in out in pain. The side effect of using his blood for the moonlight stones, they fed off his magic and while the Correas used those stones, he would suffer for it.

The pair made it the opposite end of the block where Klaus' pack and some of Hayley's pack were waiting for them, ready to strike at those wolves when they left. A fight would break out in the area, luckily all human personnel had been guided elsewhere courtesy of Cami's intervention with the human council earlier in the afternoon. It was evening now, the moon high and the wolves howl was clear for all to hear. Everything was going according to Caroline's master plan.

"You need to leave," Elijah said to her. "Before things get ugly."

Hayley wanted to argue, she was ready to, but she knew that now wasn't the time for her to fight, especially not here while pregnant with her… while pregnant. It had been twenty four hours since she learned the truth and still didn't hurt any less. Not that she expected it would, but she wished she could stop feeling like she was going to fall apart at any moment. That was wishful thinking and she knew it.

Jackson rested a hand on her shoulder, pulling her from her thoughts for a moment. He knew the truth about the baby, she had told him this morning when she brought the moonlight rings and if they didn't want to help anymore because the baby wasn't… wasn't a Crescent, then she would understand. He had just hugged her and said the pack was going to fight for her and the baby. That they still would claim both of them, no matter what.

It had made her feel better, but then she felt miserable all over again and collapsed in his arms. She must have sobbed for a few hours at least, letting all the tears fall, all the anguish work it's way through her body. At the end she hadn't felt much better and she wasn't sure when or if she ever would.

"We've got this part," Jackson told her with a nod. "It's going to be okay Hayley."

Hayley kept her lips in a flatline as she nodded to him. He lowered his hand from her own and nodded forward, the Crescents then moved with him forward, their eyes flashing lupine gold. Then the hybrids moved with them, but Elijah remained at her side, not wanting her to be alone at all tonight. Though he knew there was a high chance they would need to be separated in order for a different part of Caroline's master plan to work.

"Elijah," Hayley whispered to him softly. "I, I know now isn't the time, but about earlier..."

Elijah met her gaze, he said nothing and that prompted her to continue.

"I don't know what will become of me after all this, I don't know if I, if I can take it," Hayley admitted to him with a pained look.

They had admitted their feelings for each other earlier, even shared a beautiful passionate kiss. All of this after she had come back from the bayou, after telling Elijah that apparently she was betrothed to Jackson, but that she wanted a choice. She wanted him to fight for her, to tell her that she had a choice and his response was to kiss her. To assure her that she always had a choice. Which lead to something else that plagued her mind after that kiss.

She cared about Elijah, he cared about her too and if she was being honest with herself, she wouldn't have minded to start something with him. But that meant staying here. New Orleans, it was her home, where her pack was and where she wanted her daughter, who actually wasn't her daughter, to grow up in. But the baby wasn't hers. All she had been doing here was for a child that didn't belong to her, a child she hadn't known was hers. The baby was due in a matter of days and she just didn't know what she could do when the baby was born.

How was she supposed to stay in the compound? As Klaus and Caroline raised their child? A child she had carried, a child she had grown to love as her own because that's what she had been told. Even knowing the child in her wasn't her own, she still loved her. She loved her so much and would do anything for her. Yet she had to wonder if she could stay. If staying would even be a good idea for her when all she could see was a baby she carried that wasn't hers like she believed.

Her and Caroline were around the friend stage, at least she had started to consider the blonde as a friend, but could they keep that relationship now? It wasn't either of their faults that this happened, but how could they stand to be around each other? How could Hayley stand to look at Caroline as she raised the child she had carried? How could Caroline stand to see her around knowing that she almost got to raise her daughter as her own? Though Hayley hadn't voiced this earlier when she was with Elijah or Klaus or even Caroline, it was haunting her.

"I understand," Elijah whispered to her, his voice as pained as she looked. "You still have a place here, with all of us."

Hayley scoffed at that, "How? When I really am and always have been a glorified incubator."

"That is not true," Elijah argued to her, expression harsh.

"Yes it is," she snapped back at him. "The baby's not… it's true. And when the baby is born, I really have no spot here."

Elijah had his hands on her shoulder, "Regardless of the revelation, all of us still want you here. Want you with this child."

"Why?! Why would it matter that I'm here or not, she's not, she's not," Hayley let out a harsh breath and swallowed back her tears, "I don't think I could handle it."

Elijah held her gaze, he understood that, he truly did. But he wanted her to stay, he knew Klaus and Caroline would want her to remain here with them, with the baby. However he could still understand why Hayley would want to go. ANd it pained him because he wanted to go wherever she was, wherever she went he wanted to follow her. The problem came in with the baby. A baby he wanted to be with, to help raise, to bring his siblings here to see their niece, to watch their family come back together.

Elijah lowered his hands, "We can, we can discuss more on that subject later. When the world is a bit less chaotic. In he meantime, we need to get out the area."

Hayley nodded a bit absent, but before she agree, she stopped. While she couldn't turn into a wolf while pregnant, the pregnancy would allow her access to some of her abilities, especially on a full moon. And right now, her hearing was stronger than normal and she could just barely pick up a whistle. It was a signal from Caroline that she was only reserving for trouble, that something went wrong.

"I hear her too, just barely," Elijah whispered softly, "We need to leave the city now."

"No, we need to get to her," Hayley replied sharply. "That signal, it means she sent the hybrids away because she'd been caught. She has no back up, we can't leave her there."

Elijah looked visibly torn, "Caroline is more than capable of handling herself. The plan was to-"

"I know what the plan was, but clearly something went amiss so we still need to get to St Anne's," Hayley told him, her tone colder.

Elijah shook his head, "If she's been caught, that means St Anne's is the last place we need to go to. The ambush failed, we need to go with the back up plan."

Hayley shook her head, "We aren't leaving her there."

"You think I want to," Elijah snapped at her, his tone desperate. "She's my little sister! I don't want to leave her there, but if she is caught, her warning is to keep us away, not for backup. When you are the next location, I will go to her, I will send Klaus to her."

Hayley let out a frustrated breath, "We don't have time for that! She wouldn't leave us, and you know it. We go there, we get prepared for whatever went wrong. Okay?"

Elijah couldn't agree to this, he couldn't agree to this. But he found himself walking beside Hayley, towards St Anne's and he hoped he wasn't making the worst mistake. If things really did look like they were going from bad to worse when they arrived, he would have to take Hayley away. He swallowed thickly, hating every moment he waited for the worst to come.