A/N: Wow, I'm blown away by the response to this story and it makes me happy. So thank you to all of you giving this story a chance, here's the second chapter!

Summary: Caroline was building a life for herself, her plans were set and continually derailed by the supernatural world. The next thing to take her off course is the discovery that she is married, to Klaus Mikaelson and a vampire/witch hybrid. With her memories of their life back, she finds herself in New Orleans, ruling beside the big bad himself. Sequel to Sun and Moon, An Immortal Dance

Chapter Two

It was like a switch had gone off, a snap of a rubber band quick. The air was forced out of Caroline's lungs as an onslaught of images rushed across her eyes. Sharply she sat up, taking quick breaths as if she had been jolted awake. She could see Klaus, but he was different and his attire was from out of this time. She saw his siblings, knowing them each by name and what their favorite food was, what they loved to do. She saw a life a thousand years in the past, one where she was happy and married to the man who was lying next to her.

"Oh my God," Caroline whispered to herself, her heart pounding erratically.

Caroline brought her fingers to her temples as a headache hit her hard followed by the briefest waves of nausea. After the memories of a thousand years ago finished their assault on her mind, she was hit with the memory of the night he broke his hybrid curse. How he had been there beside her as she was dealing with the feeling of magic and remembering who he was. She remembered seeing Rebekah and Elijah not as adversaries, but as her own family. She was family to the Mikaelsons.

All the times Klaus had protected her, how Rebekah's insults were never as cross as her own, Elijah's watchful gaze when they were in the same room or even Kol's treatment of her, why she had to tried to save him that day. They each had been watching over her in various ways because they didn't want anything to happen to her, because they knew who she was. Then she remembered the night they said goodbye.

Klaus, a bit nervously, sat up beside Caroline when she didn't say anything. He had expected her to rage, to be angry, for her awakened witch powers to react to her emotions, but all was still. His wife simply sat there, her hands holding her head as she continued to process the new information. When the silence stretched on, he knew he needed to say something to her and get a gage on how she was feeling about it all.

He spoke hesitantly, "Caroline?"

Caroline looked over her shoulder at him, her eyes shined, "Niklaus. It's been awhile."

Klaus grinned with relief, "Far too long if you ask me."

"It worked at least. My ancestors can't touch my memories," Caroline said, then she playfully hit his shoulder, "I can't believe you actually compelled me to forget."

Klaus gave her a bewildered look, "I didn't want to. You were the one who said it was the only way to protect your little head. I believe there is a 'thank you Niklaus for erasing our time together at your request to keep your memories safe' is to be had."

Caroline rolled her eyes, but the smile she wore told him she wasn't bothered, "Why thank you sir Niklaus for erasing our time together at my request to keep my memories safe. Happy now?"

"Ecstatic," Klaus said with that too pleased grin. "Are you certain they won't try to take your memory? Then all this waiting would have been for nothing."

Caroline didn't answer right away. She could feel the annoyance of her past relatives at her game, but she didn't care about them. Now that she could feel her memories were secure in their place, she was confident they would remain.

"They won't be able to, I promise," Caroline replied, her grin turned teasing, "You were relentless in your pursuits. Though for a while there I wasn't sure you would be back."

Klaus spoke smoothly, "I vowed that over time I would get you to like me in this form. My mission was far from over, even with my slight leave of absence. Your hostility and insults could never drive me off."

Caroline didn't say anything to that as she thought over that night, having her memory hidden away so that her ancestors wouldn't take them. The only thing they cared about was having an heir to their bloodline, the family she made in the past was of little consequence as far as any of them were concerned which royally pissed her off. If they wanted to play ball, Caroline would play harder.

The way her ancestors magic worked was still very weird, she didn't quite understand still and she supposed she never really did learn how it operated. It wasn't like her mother or Lexi were explaining anything about it to her. However what she had picked up on that night was whether or not they approved what she did, she could still use their magic. Sure they had access to magic like the regular witch spirits, but once Caroline channeled them they couldn't stop it which she knew would come in handy. However she wanted them on her side as they could be a good ally.

So she had struck a minor deal or really an ultimatum through the form of Klaus. By locking her magic and memory away for all this time, Klaus being the only key, it meant that if they tried to take him from her, they lost their only heir. Caroline would agree to play nice, even if she was the one with the leverage now. Another thought struck her.

"You're a vampire wolf hybrid and I'm a vampire witch hybrid," Caroline said with a sideways grin, "Does this make us the ultimate power couple?"

Klaus laughed heartily at her words. The sound of his laughter made her own smile grow. It was nice to have him here, to love him like she did and like him in both lights. Yet there was some hesitance still in her, she could feel it there however small it might have been. Having gotten to know Klaus a bit more here in his pursuits had been interesting to say the least, but she couldn't deny that he had been the enemy. Maybe not directly hers, but still. Where exactly they would go from here, she was uncertain of that due to the matter of her friends. How would they react? Could she even keep it a secret from them? Would it be possible for her to do such a thing? She probably could hide it for a while, but that wasn't something she wanted.

"I suppose it would," Klaus remarked, his smile mischievous.

Caroline held his gaze, her expression sobered, "Are we a couple? Like we aren't together really. I know, we're married, but-"

"You feel as if you couldn't fall into the role as the big bad Klaus Mikaelson's wife," Klaus finished for her. "You're in college, building a future for yourself after all."

Caroline released a weak laugh, "Yeah, something like that."

Klaus took her hand into his own, "I want you by my side. I understand if you do not want to be seen in that regard now or if now is not the time for you. I said I intended to be your last love, however long it takes. If you need time, you shall have it."

Caroline nodded, her smile warm. It was definitely something she would have to think over because now she felt that torn up feeling again. The one where she did want him, but was being held back. They would have to take things at a different pace than the one in the past. A brief silence settled over the two of them and in those moments, Caroline called to her magic. That warm and cool feeling that used to make her skin crawl now felt as pleasant as slipping in her favorite outfit. It was her magic, the magic of her ancestors in the Maclynths line, the magic that was different than a typical witch.

Lexi flashed across her mind, followed by something new she hadn't realized until now. However she didn't focus on that, she needed to follow the magic she felt to see if it was true. A witch could not do magic if they were turned into a vampire, but her magic had been locked away by curse instead of an age and wasn't taken by vampirism. Her going back in time to be cursed had given her magic back with vampirism still intact.

Caroline turned her gaze to the trees ahead, she took a breath and closed her eyes. Her supernatural hearing picked up on almost every sound, she let the noise carry her as the feeling of the world around her filled her senses in a way it hadn't in ages. The wind picked up speed, ruffling her already messy hair as she took in the moment. Magic, she could do magic like a witch again.

A laugh escaped her at the feeling, at the memory of it. When she opened her eyes, she looked at Klaus to see he wore a grin of his own. It was a look of pride and content. The sight made her think of her husband in the past, she saw a flicker of him there and wondered if that was all she would see or if she could see more. Her feelings for Niklaus were present, they were strong and her feelings for Klaus seemed amplified with the memories.

"Having fun there love," Klaus asked with a grin.

Caroline smirked, "Only a little bit. Now what's going on in New Orleans that you keep asking me to join you?"

"Besides the fact that it is a rich city that I helped build and you're my wife so I want to show it to you," Klaus remarked with his eyebrows quirked up, "New Orleans does have some universities you could attend and continue building that future you spoke of."

Caroline made an are-you-serious face.

Klaus took a breath, "Alright. One way or another, you will learn of this and I would rather you hear it from me... I am going to be a father. New Orleans was once my home decades ago and I'm trying to rebuild it as a home for the child, for my siblings and for you."

Just like that, Caroline felt it crash down. That joy she felt about having her husband back seemed to turn to sorrow and rage. How was she supposed to react? If he wasn't her husband, if he wasn't once hers, then really she would have no solid reason to be hurt and angry by it all. But he was her husband, while she had forgotten him for the chance that she could come back, he had gone off and done whatever he wanted. The smaller part of her that only saw Klaus as the big bad whispered that of course he had, because he didn't care and did whatever he wanted. No matter who it hurt, no matter the consequences.

Here Klaus had been chasing after her, knew she was his wife and then went off to sleep with someone else who was now pregnant.

Her mind flashed to Tyler, how the two of them had been together. At the time, minutes ago, hours ago, weeks ago, she had no idea she was married and these feelings for another guy who wasn't him. The memories told her now that she was still in love with Klaus, had been since he erased her memories and never knew it. He loved her, he said he would chase through the centuries, how could this happen?

"What," Caroline said quietly, hurt and fury in her eyes.

She couldn't focus, her mind continued to swirl with the words 'child' and 'father.' He had gone off with some other woman. The memory of them together, that version of her was hurt. However the part of her now in the present, she was slightly pained, but she wasn't devastated. Throughout their time together in this time, she had been pushing and hoping he would move along. Maybe it had been his attempt to move on from her and let her go, like she had been pushing him to do. Her pushed were only because she had no idea who he was to her a thousand years ago?

"I need you to know I am so sorry and if I had remembered you, it never would have happened," Klaus told her earnestly, "I had been so angry and frustrated. I lost hope. One of my witches took you- I let them erase you, our time together, all of it."

Caroline didn't say anything.

Klaus took a breath, "For a few weeks, I only knew that I fancied you and wanted to have you, as my advancements were disregarded, in that state I went elsewhere. Things got out of hand, everything was in disarray and then it was a drunken one night stand that meant absolutely nothing."

Caroline was silent for a few moments longer, not sure of what she should say to that. Memory spells were not the hardest thing to do, her being compelled had taken him away easily enough so this was not that impossible. If what he said were true, when did he remember again?

Klaus watched Caroline with growing nerves, he knew telling her was going to be the worst part of this entire reunion. When he had his own memories removed all that time ago, he thought nothing of the consequences it could bring. And as soon as his own memories returned, he regretted ever trying to forget her.

"When did you remember then," Caroline finally asked, a voice little higher than a whisper.

Klaus answered, his voice somber, "After Silas got in my head. I asked if we would be friends. For a moment, that look in your eyes brought back every memory I had of you. I don't know why that look specifically broke the spell, but I did tell the witch to put in a loophole and that must have been it. But by the point the deed had been done."

Caroline wrapped her arms around her stomach, "Okay. You didn't know we were… were married at the time?"

"I swear it," Klaus said, Caroline could feel the truth coming off of him.

Caroline looked away, "Okay, I believe you. But I'm furious with you." She looked back at him then, the pain and anger in her eyes as the wind chilled, "I had no choice but to get you to make me forget and would have chose to keep them, even if it hurt. Those were my words, but soon as it hurt you, you just got rid of them."

Klaus nodded once, he had the decency to look ashamed, "I had a choice and I chose wrong. I will not defend my actions the way I want to, but the only thing I will say is this… I tried to get your memories before and it didn't work."

That caught Caroline off guard, "You did? When?"

"The ball," Klaus told her softly, he took a deep breath, "I knew it was foolish, risky and selfish, but I didn't care. You fell in love with another man and I hated it. I tried to get you back then and there, but it failed…. My first thought was that your ancestors had taken them away, that our little plan hadn't worked."

Caroline didn't say anything, so he kept talking.

"But I held onto those memories, hoping that I was wrong and that I just needed to try again and be patient. After one of our spats, I let that anger get the better of me and forgot," Klaus told her.

Caroline folded her arms over her chest, wondering how she should respond to that. If she tried to look at it from his perspective, one part of her understood, but the other and larger part was still angry. For a few moments she watched him, debating on how she should play this. Should she scream? Cry? Rage? Honestly she didn't know, so she settled for indifferent.

"Okay," Caroline said, "I believe you… Besides, I mean I had slept around when I didn't remember. Neither of us are exactly innocent."

"You had no choice in giving up your memories. I did and I chose wrong," Klaus told her.

Caroline shook her head, "But I can almost understand where you were coming from. Okay. We didn't have memories or feelings of the past."

"Please don't defend my actions," Klaus asked, frowning at her words.

Caroline said trying to keep her tone light, "Oh no what you did is much worse. I'd be more upset if you had known the whole time. You not knowing, makes me feel better. And it probably wasn't easy for you to watch your wife off with some other guy…. Was all the stuff you put Tyler through a 'get away from my wife' thing?"

Klaus let out a small chuckle, "I will admit I had moments where that was the case, but I did my best to leave him alone for you until he provoked me. I always acted in self defense. Even saved his mother."

"After you nearly killed her," Caroline said pointedly. "But that doesn't matter right now. I need to know something else."

"And what's that," Klaus questioned, head tilted to the side.

Caroline spoke clearly, "Who's the mother?"

Klaus answered, though his tone not as clear, "Hayley Marshall."

Caroline jumped to her feet in fury, "The were-slut! The one who had a thing with Tyler, who snapped my neck! That's who you had sex with and are now having a child with. I, no. Arg! Of course it was her, it couldn't have been some random girl on a freeway, it had to be Hayley."

Klaus thought about making a quip, but the look in her eyes was murderous. Not many looks could get Klaus to falter, Caroline's gaze however was not one he liked being on the receiving end of. So, he decided to keep his mouth closed and allow her the chance to get it all off her chest. After all, he had expected an angrier reaction from her when he said he was going to be a father. This was to be expected, even if the reasoning was different than he thought.

"It had to be her," Caroline said in a low tone, her eyes flashed red and the wind picked up in speed, "Seriously? Of every woman you could have screwed, it was Hayley!"

Klaus winced at her shout, "It was a one night stand, that's all."

"Okay back up, back up. How the hell is she even pregnant? You're dead, vampires can't reproduce," Caroline asked next with clenched fists, her hands were burning.

"One of nature's loopholes as the witches say," Klaus said, though he didn't sound too sure.

Caroline reeled in her anger at the news, letting some different feelings swirl inside her. Fury didn't begin to describe how angry she was that it had been Hayley who was not having a child with her husband, that it had to be her. But as she pulled that anger back, she was surprised at the smallest flicker of… happiness? It wasn't strong, but she felt it there. She had always loved babies and kids, wanted some of her one day.

Becoming a vampire had ruined that for her. Even when she was human a thousand years ago, she knew having kids wasn't an option. In the past they never actually spoke about children in detail. Caroline has shied away from the topic due her knowing she was on borrowed time and she knew he didn't wanted to push her when she wasn't ready.

But they did have one discussion about it, how Caroline mentioned she wanted multiple children so that the kids would have each other. Niklaus had been afraid of having kids, worried he would hurt them, but Caroline knew he would never hurt his children. He would be the father he never had. Now he would get that chance and even if it killed her on the inside, she was happy he would have the opportunity. Her eyes burned in place of her hands.

Caroline visibly swallowed before speaking with the weakest smile Klaus had ever seen, "Congratulations. It's, it's incredible."

Klaus shook his head, "Caroline-"

"No, I am happy," Caroline interrupted, she tried to make her smile more convincing, "Having a baby is an, it's an amazing thing. And for you, a vampire of a thousand years… it's great. I'm happy for you, even for Hayley. I know she had some hang up on family so, this is a good, a good thing."

Caroline felt so broken down in that moment, but she held herself together and would put on the best front she possibly could. Even if it had some cracks.

Klaus searched her eyes, he could see and feel that her words were sincere, but that sorrow and pain was clearly there. It was staring at him. When he and Caroline married, they never spoke much of kids because she shied away from the topic. He never pushed her, knowing that when she was ready they would discuss it. At the time he had been afraid of having children, but not so much that he didn't desire them. However when he'd been turned into a vampire, the desire and occasion for children was completely lost.

When he had first heard of the news in New Orleans, with Elijah convincing him to stay and build a future for the child, Klaus could only think of building his empire here and of the wife he left behind. The night Elijah fought for him to stay rushed to his mind.

"And what of Caroline," Klaus said, his expression strained and full of hurt, "What am I to tell her of this when the inevitably comes that her memory returns?"

Elijah glanced away, "She will come to understand. I know if she were here with us, she would want you to take this chance."

"I wish it was you," Klaus told her earnestly, "Surely you must know that. If anyone had to carry my child, I wish it was you. That we were having one-"

"It's not me and we can't," Caroline interrupted sharply.

Klaus swallowed his next words, unable to take the pain in her eyes.

Caroline shook her head, "Let's talk about something else. Like what else is going on down there, I imagine there's more to the story."

"I can explain more later, for now I need to know your answer," Klaus said, his tone shifted to something Caroline struggled to place.

"My answer, oh you mean for New Orleans," Caroline said.

Caroline's shoulders sagged as she considered his request. She'd wanted to go to New Orleans before, when he first offered it to her after graduation she had wanted to say yes. Now here she was, the opportunity right in front of her once again and she wanted to say yes. A desire to join him down there was strong. Before it had once been out of intrigue and curiosity, but it was now it was something much stronger, raw and real.

Caroline was uncertain on what she should do, with all the stuff going on here, how could she just leave her friends? How was she even supposed to tell her friends that a thousand years ago she married Klaus Mikaelson? How was she supposed to help him build a home for a child that wasn't hers with a woman she hated? Echoes of their conversations, talking about how they would build a wonderful home that would bring them all the happiness.

As Caroline studied Klaus now, was there a chance for that to still be a possibility? Could they rebuild what they had from lifetimes ago? In all truth, that didn't sound like a horrible thing. Combining her feelings of the past with the current feelings she possessed, it seemed as if her answer was clear. Going with him. Hesitantly, Caroline took his hand into her own much to his surprise.

"I'll take your offer to go to New Orleans," Caroline said with her eyes on their intertwined hands, "But I have some conditions.".

"I'm all ears," Klaus said with a grin.

Caroline held his gaze, "Good. Now I can't move down there or anything, I'm still in college and trying to work towards a future that will not be derailed. But visiting or coming down when necessary, I can manage that. And if you sleep with anymore women, I'm going to end you."

Klaus nodded, his smile was genuine and his eyes bright, "Understood. Can I convince you to journey with me now?"

Caroline glanced over her shoulder in the direction of the Salvatore Estate. Soon she would need to get back and see what was going on with Katherine, not to mention the stuff with the travellers. There was still a lot she had to do here, how could she up and leave so quickly?

"I, I can't," Caroline said, her tone held regret, "There's a lot of craziness still going on here. I can't just go now."

"And if I were to solve the problems in the next few days, would your answer change," Klaus asked, tilting his head to the side.

Caroline sighed, "This isn't really your area, we can handle it."

Klaus pouted, "Doesn't answer my questions."

Caroline replied, "Alright. Sure. If you could fix all these issues here, then I will go to New Orleans with you. I'll ask if we need help."

"Very well," said Klaus with a thoughtful look, "I'll remain nearby for the next two days. Should you need anything or even just a chat, stop by. Hopefully, you'll join me on the journey back."

Before Caroline could say anything in response, Klaus sped away leaving her alone in the forest with her thoughts.