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Summary: Caroline was building a life for herself, her plans were set and continually derailed by the supernatural world. The next thing to take her off course is the discovery that she is married, to Klaus Mikaelson and a vampire/witch hybrid. With her memories of their life back, she finds herself in New Orleans, ruling beside the big bad himself. Sequel to Sun and Moon, An Immortal Dance.

Chapter Twenty

Caroline could not stop kicking herself for the oversight in front of her face. The one thing that hadn't occurred to her at all when thinking about what the witches would try to do to her, was happening right now. It should have been simple. Since Elijah would removed Hayley away from Genevieve, the red head witch and her harvest girls would come to the church to do a location spell to find her and then capture her. However when they arrived, Caroline would be waiting here for them with the hybrids in the back and out of sight.

An ambush.

Genevieve walked through the doors alone, a bit of worry went through Caroline and that worry turned to fear at the sight of who the witches and harvest girls, minus Davina, had with them. It was her mother. Her mother who should have been back in Mystic Falls away from all of this, her mother would had no way to defend herself against the knife to her throat and the magical grip she was in. Caroline stood tense at the altar while Genevieve walked forward, a guilty look in her eyes that didn't match her expression or tone.

"A shame to see you working against us," Genevieve remarked softly as she stood in front of Caroline. "It seems you have not been paying attention to all of our lessons."

Caroline narrowed her eyes, veins bulging in threat.

Genevieve tsked, "I don't think so. Put those away, or else your mother will not get to meet her grandchild."

Out of the corner of her eye, Caroline could make out her mother's startled expression and questioning eyes. She hadn't told her about Hayley and everything yet. Klaus was going to have to tell her after this all ended. Now wasn't the time to think of that. Instead, she 'put' the bulging veins away. This was no doubt going to put a dent in her plans and Caroline absolutely hated that.

"Call off your wolves in the back," Genevieve said plainly. "Now."

Caroline did her best not to react externally, but internally she was absolutely seething. How could Genevieve have possibly known about the hybrids? Maybe she didn't know they were hybrids, but certainly she shouldn't have known they were here at all. They were well hidden and no one knew about the hybrids except for maybe five people and those five people weren't going to tell her anything. It was unfair.

"You guys can head out," Caroline called, pushing her voice so they could clearly hear her. "I've got everything under control."

With her enhanced hearing she heard them ask if she was sure. And as she looked into the eyes of her mother, she called a yes and whistled to them, the whistle that meant the plan was changing and she had to handle it alone. She would have to figure out a way to get her mother and Hayley out of here without a problem. That was going to be another problem. The plan was for the hybrids to ambush Genevieve and the harvest girls, keep them down and likely just kill them before Hayley and Elijah got here.

This was going to be the place for them to remain hidden and away from everything and now it seemed Caroline was leading them into a trap. Hopefully Hayley heard the whistle and would stay away. If she tried to call out to them, her mother was going to die and she couldn't let that happen. Neither Hayley, Elijah nor the baby were going to die here or at all. If anyone was going to lose their life, it would be at least one of the witches before her followed by another and another until… she swallowed thickly.

"Good girl. Hold out wrists," Genevieve instructed.

Caroline did so, ignoring the protests coming from her mother. Vervain soaked rope was tied around her wrists by Abigail who gave her a guilty and apologetic look. Not that Caroline cared at this moment. It should have concerned her at how ready and how much she wanted to bite into the girl's throat and suck the life out of her. The witch was only fifteen and she was merely doing what she was told, what she was essentially raised to do. It wasn't their fault really. But if they hurt her mother, all bets were off and she would have to make peace with herself for that later.

"Wow, some rope and a hostage, couldn't stand to take me on yourself," Caroline remarked dryly, meeting Genevieve's eyes.

The older witch's gaze was steely. "Don't push it. You cooperate and we don't kill her. You give us any issues, we'll hurt her."

"Caroline, don't worry about me," her mother said to her. "Go, run!"

A witch Caroline recognized as Wilma pushed the knife slightly into her skin, just barely cutting the skin and not causing any blood to appear. While Liz Forbes would have been able to find a way out of the grip of a young woman, it was the magic binds that was making her mind cloudy and her strength faded, like she had been drugged. And in a way, it wasn't too different. Not that it mattered. What did matter to her was for her daughter to leave, to get out of here and leave her. But she knew Caroline wouldn't be able to do it. Genevieve said some words in latin and put her hand over Caroline's mouth, a faint glow appeared as she pulled her hand away.

"And that ought to keep you silent for a little while," Genevieve commented. "Now, you are going to listen very carefully to me if you want your mother to survive this."

The doors to the church opened to reveal Elijah and Hayley, their expression apprehensive and it told Caroline that they did hear her warning and still they came. Had Genevieve not spelled her voice away, she would have cursed at them so fiercely, her mother would have been scandalized. And her mother definitely had a sailor's mouth. But instead, she could only look at them and hope her eyes would explain what her mouth couldn't at this moment.

Hayley and Elijah exchanged a glance with each other, then with Caroline. Neither appreciated the murderous expression she was giving them, but they did understand where it was coming from. It was the only warning it seemed she could give them right now, telling them to run, to leave, to get away before she maimed them. The rest of the plan was going as it should, this seemed to be the only hiccup.

But Hayley had a plan, if they could stall Genevieve, keep her occupied, then Klaus would arrive with his hybrids, the Crescents would be here with him. That part of the plan was going as it should at the very least. Klaus had told them the wolves and vampires were fighting the Correas along with the Correas' surprise friends. He sounded worse for wear, but they knew that it would soon and the Correas would be overrun and their allies would be forced to surrender. That wouldn't take long now, soon they would have back up and Genevieve would be taken down.

Genevieve turned to them with a very sweet smile, "Elijah, Hayley. How nice of you to join us. I suggest to Elijah that if you don't want your mother in law to join your own parents, you walk forward and do as I say."

"You have to go," Liz Forbes shouted at them.

Caroline would have liked to shout the same thing, but her voice was still gone. Even when she opened her mouth to shout, no sound came. Only a breathy, gasping sound which she expected, but she still had to try. Her mind was spinning, there had to be something, anything she could do. Her green eyes met Elijah's and she was begging him to take Hayley and run. To vamp speed her away.

When he understood the message, his hands gripped Hayley's shoulders and he tensed, ready to run, but then let out a cry of pain. He hunched over, grabbing his head in his hands and crying out. Caroline turned to the side to see Abigail casting a spell on him. Though Hayley tried to keep him upright, he fell to the ground and was still, only the rise and fall of his back showing them he was alive.

"Get on your knees please Caroline," Genevieve said next.

Had it not been for the circumstances that clearly said otherwise, Caroline would have thought she could have said no. Without a word, she sank to her knees as Genevieve muttered a spell and a moment later, Caroline saw a circle form around her. It looked like salt and most likely was meant to keep her in this specific spot and definitely would mess with her magic to keep from doing anything. Not that there was anything she could do anyway with a knife at her mother's throat. This situation had gone from bad to terrible and then to God awful when Hayley let out a scream that definitely said she was going into labor.

"I thought we were going to induce her at the cemetery," Monique hissed at the woman at the other end of the church who had cast the spell.

"No, now is the time," Genevieve said as the other witches, three of them, went to Hayley and began to pull her forward though she struggled. Though when she was close enough, the red head added.. "Your baby's coming. Or well, I suppose Caroline and Klaus' baby."

Hayley let out a growl at the woman, ready to go feral on her and was only stopped by a contraction. The pain had been bugging her since they left the Correas, but she had gotten false contractions for a while and stupidly assumed the previous ones were false. The ones she was feeling right now were definitely real. The witches 'guided' her over to the altar, though she tried to fight them off, to tell them to get away from her, she could not see past the pain she was in.

She'd turned into a wolf for many moons, each time painful, but this somehow seemed to hurt just as much if not a bit more. It was too painfully unfair. The witches placed on the sacristy and held her down, but she continued to fight with everything she could, forcing her wolf side to listen to her so she could force them away. But it was no use, her body was too focused on bringing the baby into the world.

Hayley screamed, "Let me go! Let go of me!"

Caroline snapped the vervain rope off of her at the cries, but when she tried to speed forward, the boundary spell around her forced her back with a gasp cry. Forced back to her knees, she looked up at Hayley struggling and saw her mom out of the corner of her get the knife pressed deeper into her skin, this time blood formed.

No, no. They'd have her choose.

If she tried to get to Hayley, they'd kill her mom. But if she did nothing, what would happen to Hayley and the baby? She couldn't let them die, she couldn't do that. Part of her plan could still work. It just meant Hayley had to give birth now instead of later. That could lead to a number of worrying things, but Caroline was nothing if not prepared and she had enough back up plans to make this work. No one from her family would die today. No one.

Caroline took a deep breath, wincing at Hayley's cry. That one wasn't from pain, but fear and desperation. Sitting in this bind waiting wasn't an option, she would need to push against the restraints, to get magic to do as she commanded. Caroline strained, calling on the warm and cool feeling of her magic with every bit of strength she had left. Much to her surprise and joy, it did answer her call and the ground of St Anne's shook slightly as she felt her voice return to her. A little further.

"Don't do this," Hayley said to them, not begging, but getting there.

Genevieve spoke plainly, "You need to calm down Hayley."

Hayley shook her head, "No, no! You are not taking my baby."

"The baby isn't yours. It will make a fine offering," Monique said without any emotion and a dead expression.

Hayley bared her fangs at her as she growled, "I will kill you all!"

Monique was unbothered and simply, "No, you won't! And neither will Klaus, Caroline or Elijah! When the baby is born, Caroline will offer her up to those who came before us. And we shall have more power than any other coven, even the Maclynths."

It was Liz Forbes who spoke next, "If you think that our coven will allow you to keep the power you stole, you are wrong. They will slaughter every remnant of your coven."

Again, Monique appeared not bothered, but she said nothing in response and instead got to work with what Genevieve needed her to do. Hayley continued to struggle as best she could, crying out at the pain, at the sorrow, at the anger and fear of it all. It was lucky that she was able to hear her own thoughts, let alone the thoughts that came directly from Caroline as she met the blonde's eyes as she rose from her knees to stand tall. There was the faintest white glow outlining Caroline, her hands loosely at her sides that had more light to them.

Everything is going to be okay. You and the baby will make it out of here, I promise. I promise you, it will be alright.

Klaus felt more than pleased with himself and more than proud of Caroline. Their plan had worked perfectly. The Correa wolves took to the moonlight stones and for maybe ten minutes they were able to have full control of their wolf side before the effect faded and his hybrids along with Marcel's vampires and the Crescents subdued them and their outside witch outside allies. A difficult battle despite the shortness of it and many were injured. That was currently what he was doing now, tending to the injured. At least those vampires who were bitten by the wolves. The blood of his hybrids should have worked, however he had decided to remain to help for a short while as well. As Caroline put it, a show of good faith and generosity. That he wasn't as heartless as he made himself out to be.

Klaus walking briskly now through the streets, he had gotten word from Elijah that he needed to get to St Anne's as soon as he possibly could. And to make matters worse, as soon as he got that message from his brother, a dozen of his hybrids that were supposed to be at St Anne's appeared in the streets. They quickly told him what had occurred, so he let them take care of the wounded in the street while he went to the church. Some of the wolves would join him shortly, they would be minutes behind him and if he needed their help, he would call out to them. Though if he kept this pace, they would likely beat him there and he wanted to growl in frustration.

Had it not been for the agonizing pain he had been in earlier, he would have used his vampire speed, but it would not answer his call. Not until all of the pain had faded, so this was as fast as he could go and it made him angry. His wife was there, she was in trouble, as was his brother, his somewhat friend and of course his unborn child. No matter what happened, this day would not end with any of them leaving this world.

When the church was in his sight, he could hear a terrible cry of pain. Hayley. It was Hayley. His eyes widened, she would only scream like that if… no, no not now. The baby couldn't possibly come now. Klaus ran forward, he had to get to her, he had to get to them, he had to do something. He burst through the doors, the sight before him was enough to make his anger burn brighter than any sun. Caroline was trapped in some witches circle, he spotted his mother in law with a knife to her throat, his older brother unconscious on the ground and there was Hayley, surrounded by the witches, screaming. Klaus sped forward, but was then thrown against the wall by an invisible force.

He screamed in anger, his rage fueling his words as he was suspended against the wall, "I will bring hell to your family! Release us! I will bathe in rivers of your blood!"

Genevieve ignored his shouts, she focused on Hayley, "One last push! Push! The baby's almost here!

"No! No," Hayley shouted, this couldn't be happening, this couldn't be happening. "Stop!"

"I can see the baby," Monique said then.

Genevieve nodded to Hayely, "Push! Gently! Gently!"

Hayley tried to fight it, she couldn't let them take the baby, she couldn't, but she couldn't hold back. This was her worst nightmare come to life and there was nothing, absolutely nothing she could do about it. The physical pain she was in was torment, but knowing that she was helpless to stop them from taking the baby, that hurt even more. Hot tears continued to fall down her cheeks as she shook her head, pleading with whatever higher power would listen to save her, to save them.

Caroline took a deep breath, as deep as she could into her lungs before raising her hands and pushing them against the invisible barrier that kept her here. Magic began to pour from her hands into the barrier with a very giant glow. She gritted her teeth, focusing everything she could on breaking the barrier and getting out of this trap as well as forcing her magic to attack as many witches as she could.

A scream of her own threatened to leave her and she was almost relieved to know that her voice was back. As the windows of the church shattered from the force of her magic, the barrier around her fell and all the witches within twenty feet of her, including the one who had the knife to her mother's throat, fell unconscious. Unfortunately, Genevieve and her entourage were out of reach.

Caroline fell to her knees as Hayley let out another cry before collapsing in exhaustion. Liz was next to Caroline just as the sound of a baby crying filled the air. A high pitched cry, a healthy cry. For a moment, all was silent as four pairs of eyes focused on the infant girl in the red head's arms. A baby, the baby was here.

Caroline felt her heart both swell and break at the same time.

Though Genevieve stood by Hayley, she looked to Klaus and then to Caroline and lastly at Hayley as she said, "A beautiful girl."

All three of them knew the baby was going to be a girl before this, but hearing those words, hearing her cry and seeing was an entirely different thing. Caroline choked out a sob as she forced herself to stand to her feet, gripping her mother's hand as tightly as she could without hurting her. A baby girl, but her baby girl. They would not take her daughter, her daughter would grow up with a mother and father, surrounded by loved ones, in a supernatural city where she would be safe and loved.

Genevieve turned to the witches near her, "We must start the sacrifice as soon as the moon sets with the morning sky-"

"No," Caroline shouted from her spot, eyes starry. "You're going to take me in her place."

"Caroline," her mother whispered harshly to her as she helped her remain standing.

Caroline didn't look at her mother, instead she spoke in a different language than anyone in the room recognized and wind swirled around the room whipping everyone's hair around. There wasn't enough strength in her right now to fight them, to force them away. While she could have tried, there was only spell she needed to work now more than any other. It was the only way to protect her daughter, it was the only way to destroy the corruptness of the French Quarter coven. Everyone would be safe if she did this spell.

It wasn't the most difficult spell to perform, but it certainly took a lot of strength that she didn't feel like she really had. But for her daughter, she would pull out the strength to do it. The infant in Genevieve's arms began to glow a soft golden color before a stream of light lifted from her and towards Caroline. By the time Genevieve realized what she was doing, the glow had left the baby completely and entered Caroline's heart. No one aside from Genevieve and Liz knew what she had done.

"What was that," Abigail asked, looking at Genevieve uncertainly.

"She has no magic now," Caroline said regretfully as tears fell down her cheeks despite herself. "I have all of the power of the Maclynths and they cannot take it from you if I offer it, if I offer myself. Sacrifice me, let them go."

Klaus whispered her name, expression horrified as his voice sounded though she did not see him. She wouldn't look at him, not now. This was always in the plan, she would take the baby's place and she could rest knowing that her daughter would not be in the hands of these witches and she would have two parents to love her. That was the most important thing.

"Caroline," Klaus said to her, louder than before and this time, she founded herself meeting his gaze.

The broken expression on his face, the anger and sorrow in his eyes reminded her exactly why she hadn't told him this part of the plan. That if things took a dark turn like this, if the baby was born before they could get rid of Genevieve and the coven, she would have to do this. There was really no other way. Yet as she looked at him, she couldn't fight the pain this brought her. Hurting him was never something she wanted to do and she knew this would hurt him, but it had to be done. Anything for their family.

Trust me.

"Give the baby to Hayley, let them leave here," Caroline said, meeting Hayley's gaze then. "All of them will leave New Orleans and the baby will go with them anywhere but here. They'll never set foot in the city again and no one will be strong enough to oppose you with my magic in your veins."

Genevieve exchanged a look with the witches before nodding in acceptance. "The ancestors are fine with that. The baby will not be harmed, but will remain with us should you get any ideas."

Before Caroline could even open her mouth to argue with you, darkness covered her vision and she was whisked away in the blink of an eye with Genevieve, the baby and Abigail. However Monique stayed behind a bit longer. Without a look of remorse or anything, except stoicism, she pulled back Hayley's head and then slit her throat. Another scream was ripped from Klaus's throat at the sight and a moment later, the witches vanished in the blink of an eye.

Klaus fell to the ground harshly, but he struggled to get onto his feet as Hayley sputtered for air, but he made it to her after Liz was there, trying to stop the bleeding. Once close enough without hesitating, he bit into his wrist and forced the blood into Hayley' s mouth. It had to heal her, it had to work. He would not lose her. He would not lose his friend here to those witches, like he would not lose his wife or his child either.

"Come on little wolf," he said desperately when it seemed as though the blood wasn't healing her. "Please, please we have to move."

There was no reaction. Hayley was gone and there was nothing he could do to help her now. Anger was always his first emotion to call on, he expected it to rise inside him, but instead all he felt was hollow. They had won part of this battle, but now it seemed they were going to lose the rest of this war. He could not allow this happen, he could not have failed so miserably. Not when they were so close.

With shagged breaths, he sat there cradling Hayley's head in his lap as he tried to think, to see past the pain and exhaustion, the sorrow, the defeat... But all he felt was empty. His friend lay dead in his arms, his brother useless on the side, his wife held captive and being taken to the slaughter while his daughter was in the hands of the enemy. Never had he been a situation that appeared to broken, in all his years, this was the worst he had ever felt.

His mother in law was kneeling next to him, her hand was squeezing his shoulder tightly to offer her comfort, her support, though she said nothing. There was nothing she could say, nothing she could do to help him now. All she could do was be at his side while he mourned his friend for a few moments. All he needed was a few more moments to get himself together.

"I have to get to her, to Caroline, the baby" Klaus gasped out, he faced Liz with a broken expression. "I have to slaughter them all."

Liz lifted her wrist up to him, "Will this give you any strength?"

Klaus stared at her with a disgusted expression. He did not want to feed on his wife's mother, he knew that neither Caroline nor her mother would like the idea. However it truly didn't matter right now. What did matter was getting to his wife and daughter. No matter what it took. If he intended to fight off every single witch that got in his way, he would.

"I won't feed from you, I can't. But there are witches here, I can feed on them without stopping, it will give me all the strength I need to tear the witches apart," he told her then.

Liz nodded then and got up, she dragged the nearest witch over to him and he drank his fill of blood. When he was finished, he was able to stand on his own and move over to another one sluggishly when he spotted Elijah rise to his feet from the pew. It took a few minutes, but Elijah did finally wake when some blood was put in his mouth. They would both need all of their strength if they intended to take down Genevieve, avenge Hayley and then rescue Caroline, rescue their baby.

Klaus Mikaelson was many things, but he was nothing, if not merciless when on a rampage. The witches had taken someone he cared for, they now had his wife and child hostage across the city and he had drank his fill of blood. A plan was ready in his mind, he would destroy them and ensure they never, ever, knew peace again.