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Summary: Caroline was building a life for herself, her plans were set and continually derailed by the supernatural world. The next thing to take her off course is the discovery that she is married, to Klaus Mikaelson and a vampire/witch hybrid. With her memories of their life back, she finds herself in New Orleans, ruling beside the big bad himself. Sequel to Sun and Moon, An Immortal Dance.

Chapter Nine

Exhausted, that was the best way for Caroline to describe how she felt, but she didn't feel like going back to the compound just yet, her mind spinning too much with everything that had happened and how she planned to explain it all to the Mikaelsons. So she ended up getting some blood out in the swamp, though she wouldn't deny how much she was craving human blood, more so than normal. However she held out, she wouldn't drink human blood from the vein and the only places she could get blood bags were back at the Mikaelson house, where she didn't want to go yet and a hospital, she couldn't steal from a hospital.

So she went to the swamp for some hunting when she was found by the she-wolf herself. The sight of Hayley made some pain return to Caroline's mind, of all the people in the world, her husband had to sleep with Hayley when he went on his spree for forgetting her. She was still upset by that, likely would be for awhile, but that was something she'd have to work through on her.

"Rough day," Hayley asked as she took in Caroline's appearance.

The blonde vampire witch gave her a wry smile, "Busy, very busy."

Hayley nodded, she shifted uncomfortably, "You want to talk about it?"

"How long you got," Caroline asked softly.

"Long as you need," Hayley told her.

If someone had told Caroline months ago, weeks ago even, that she would be sitting up at night talking to Hayley about her day, she would have slapped them. She was half vampire and witch, but this was the strange part.

Hayley chuckled, "And to think I'd been spending my day reading in the swamp."

That brought a grin to Caroline's face, but she didn't say anything yet.

The two had found themselves on Hayley's little dock, their legs draping over the side and their feet just barely brushing the water below. The barrier holding Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah would be down soon, so she expected it was only a matter of time before she had to face Klaus again since their new deal, see Rebekah since learning her dark secret and even look at Elijah.

There was so much she would have to tell them, how much had changed in the past twenty four hours. Caroline had intended to wander back to the compound to wait for them when she had gotten a text from Hayley to meet her in the bayou. Took a bit of time, but she made it to this cabin and took a look at the paste Celeste had made. It was supposed to reverse the curse on the Crescent Wolves. Caroline couldn't much of a reading on it, it felt odd so she'd have to look at more closely when she had a better grip on magic.

The two then just sat around talking. It made Caroline miss the fun late night chats she had with Bonnie and Elena. The thought of her best friends made her stomach knot, she still hadn't told them anything about what was going on here. Though she was still talking to them each day, she'd been lying non stop about where she was, who she was with and everything in between. Soon she'd have to tell them the truth, especially when her original plans had changed. Caroline shook the thoughts from her mind and focused back on Hayley.

"Well I'm sure you had your hands full researching the pack and referencing that paste, to make sure it was real and all," Caroline said nodding to the jar.

Hayley sighed, "No kidding. Can't you try to make some magic potion to see if it is real? Or even make your own to lift the curse?"

Caroline scoffed, "I've only been a real witch for like a week, not even a real witch if I'm being honest. I don't know any spells."

"You did the spell to the witches," Hayley pointed out.

Caroline shook her head, "I guess… You don't want to hear all this, but when I got the hang of being a vampire I felt invincible. Like I could do anything. Getting these powers, part of me wondered maybe I would feel stronger, have that same invincible feeling again, but… I don't. Just like I'll mess it all up, do the wrong thing and bam, everyone's in trouble."

Hayley nodded, to show she understood, "Well you're doing a decent job so far. And you're new to the whole witchy spells. Give it some more time. I'm certain you'll get the hang of it one day. You're immortal, so you've got time to figure it out."

Caroline took a long sip of the tea Hayley's friend, Eve, made for them before replying, "Yeah. Maybe in a hundred years. The classes with Genevieve ought to be good."

"And why are you going to do that again," Hayley asked, brow scrunched, "She was involved in the attacks on all of us."

"I know, I know. I don't want to either, but it's… it's so complicated," Caroline said, her frustration clear.

Hayley gave her an unimpressed look. The wolf had her elbow resting on her knee, her hand hanging off as she gestured with it for Caroline to explain.

Caroline looked at the water, her eyes resting on the reflection of lights, "The witches and I have a fragile alliance. The lessons are more for me to keep an eye on Davina, but for me to also learn their ways. They want me to learn about being a witch. Then there's the deal with the rest of vampires to keep them in line and get your pack back into the city."

At those words Caroline could feel a headache coming on, apparently not even vampirism could protect her from stress headaches. With everything going on in this city, everything she wanted to take care of and accomplish, she realized getting home would never work. Deep down she knew that and she hated to admit it. Klaus had been right. Even if their deal didn't sit well with her, she understood why he had pressed it so much when she didn't want to hear it.

Caroline liked to pride herself on being able to do everything. In high school she had her hands in everything and everything had it's hands in her. She had managed just fine, better than fine actually. In the grand scheme of things, she understood that all those achievements were not much compared to the supernatural world, but they were still important and she still had done them.

Now she had a much bigger project than she ever expected would be on her radar. All the plans she had drummed up were sitting at the compound in her room next to Klaus', for part of the night they had come up with a number of strategies on how to take the city. On the one hand it served as a distraction for Klaus and it helped Caroline get her mind together. It was not until the end of their little session as the sun rose did she understand why he suggested they work on the plans.

"You are more than capable of many things sweetheart," Klaus had whispered in her ear. "But even you must realize that your plans here, will not bear fruit if you do not stay. Without you, it will fall apart"

Caroline looked at him then, her gaze hurt by something, "And my plans? Building a future for myself? Odd how I have to sacrifice it for your sake and you sacrificed the past for your own."

It was a cheap shot and she knew it, but she couldn't stop the words or the bitter taste on her tongue because it was truth. The Niklaus she knew and loved was selfless, always willing to make the sacrifices for those he loved so they wouldn't have to sacrifice anything. Yet now it seemed everyone else was sacrificing everything for him and his plans. That wasn't a fair analysis, she knew it wasn't, but she was upset, angry and still so hurt.

Klaus took her hand in his own, "I don't want you to sacrifice your life for me. I've never wanted that. If you truly wish to leave, I will let you out of this deal. But I will say you and I both know that the girl with those dreams is not present."

Caroline turned away, "I wouldn't be certain of that."

"I would be," Klaus said softly, "You were meant for so much more. I only wish to help you realize that. Remain here in New Orleans, go to university here, help build our kingdom. Agree to this and I will adhere to your demands, whatever they may be. No matter how much I may not agree with them, I will yield. It's a win- win situation love."

Caroline took a long sip of the tea, hoping it would calm her growing nerves at the thought of her move here. How was she supposed to tell her friends? How was she going to tell her mom? There were so many ways for either conversation to go wrong and she wasn't looking forward to either of them. Not to mention all the heat she would get for it.

Hayley quirked a brow, "You look upset."

Caroline brought the palm of her hands to her eyes, "God there is so much to do. I won't be able to get back home or school."

Hayley frowned at that, "You're staying now. I thought you wanted to get back. Get to your friends, your mom."

Caroline set her glass down, "I do. But, things changed."

"Care to elaborate," Hayley said sensing a shift in Caroline.

"Not really," Caroline said, she glanced away, "Klaus and I made a deal. I… I'm not leaving New Orleans. We're stuck with each other."

Hayley practically jolted forward in surprise. Her and Caroline had hardly said that many words to each other, but some of those words included Caroline talking about her school, seeing her friends and her mom. A week was already too long she had said, she didn't want her friends to get suspicious about where she was and where she would be going, considering she intended to visit here a lot. Hayley had overheard Caroline talking to Rebekah about it in detail, what her plan was and how exactly it would work out to where everyone was happy. This changed a number of things.

"But you wanted to go home and now you have to stay," Hayley said with a scoff, "You don't have to stay, he's not your boss."

Caroline made a face at that, "It's not like that. I, I mean part of me did want to stay here in New Orleans and all that, but I just wanted to wait a bit longer. Try and figure out everything else before then. It's fine, plans change all the time."

Hayley shook her head, "You have a choice, you don't have to stay if you're not ready and he can't force you-"

"It's already done," Caroline interrupted, "Look, Klaus and I, we have a lot of stuff to figure out that honestly I doubt we could do hundreds of miles apart. The deal we made entails a lot, so long as I do my part, everything else will fall into place including the work I'm doing with the witches, the vampires and eventually you and your wolves. It is so much more than just us. New Orleans... it used to be a big supernatural home right? Well, it could be that again."

Hayley tilted her head, "I understand wanting peace, but why are you so invested in it? I figured you would be helping, but not like this."

Caroline gave Hayley a long look, "Isn't it obvious? You went through all this trouble for wolf pack you barely know because you wanted to find them, to find your family. But you and I both know the other reason you were trying so hard. So your kid would have them and wouldn't grow up wondering about family their whole life."

Hayley didn't say anything.

"You're trying to rebuild this pack because they are the family you lost and now you've got them back. They'll look out for you and they will look out for your kid, she'll have a whole pack watching out for her," Caroline said, her eyes shining with something Hayley didn't know, "She will inherit every enemy of Klaus, Rebekah, Elijah, Kol. Anyone who has ever had a problem with them, will come for her. You know that."

"Of course I do. I worry about it every day," Hayley said, a little sharp.

Caroline nodded, "Yeah. If we can get this city to be allied to the Mikaelsons, or at the very least not against them… imagine every witch, every wolf and every vampire in the city ready to defend her."

Hayley chuckled, "That'd be nice. Do you really think that this city can have peace?"

"I'm not sure," Caroline admitted with a far off look, "But I hope for the best… We have a visitor."

Hayley glanced over her shoulder to see Rebekah standing a little ways away from the house, hands in her pockets and looking unharmed. When Hayley stood, she expected Caroline to follow, but when the blonde vampire did not move, she hesitated. Caroline nodded her head to Rebekah, telling her to go ahead without her. So Hayley walked away from the dock to meet Rebekah at the porch. There was a certain light she saw in Rebekah's eyes, a look she hadn't ever seen before.

"What are you doing here," Hayley asked curious.

Rebekah answered, her expression saddened slightly, "I came to say goodbye to you. I hadn't thought Caroline was here, but perhaps if she'd let me tell her goodbye as well."

Hayley frowned, "Guess us girls sticking together wasn't meant to last."

"Well, Nik and I came to a sort of all-or-nothing arrangement. I leave town for good, and he allows me to. Can't pass that up," Rebekah said, her grin present.

Hayley let out a sad laugh, "A thousand years with Klaus? I guess you deserve a few vacation days."

Rebekah nodded, her expression turned serious, "Listen, my brother is a monster. Do not ever cross him. Caroline can only manage him so far, but even she knows he will not always hold back. But, know that he does want more from life than to just be feared. He's too broken to find it himself, but I do believe there is hope for him in the baby that you carry. And speaking of your child- our family has no shortage of enemies. She will inherit all of them. Please, be careful."

Hayley replied, "I will. And you know, you can always come back and visit. I've been known to keep a secret or two from Klaus."

"I'm certain this will not be the last we see of each other," Rebekah said honestly, "If I can't, you make sure to tell that little girl stories of her crazy Auntie Bex. And let her know, despite my absence, I do love her very much."

Hayley grinned at her and nodded, "I'll give you and Caroline a moment."

Rebekah flashed her a grateful and worried expression before walking past the house to stand on the little pier. When Rebekah stood beside Caroline, the younger vampire did not look up at her. Marcel had been the one to witness everyone's reactions to the truth, he hadn't said Caroline was angry, but that did little to comfort Rebekah. A thousand years ago Rebekah had looked at Caroline as her sister, constantly teasing her for the crush she had on her older brother, laughing together while they did chores.

Their relationship in Mystic Falls hadn't been grand, mostly banter and snippy insults, but there were a few moments where their old friendship shined through. Where they found themselves acting like old friends only for that to quickly vanish. Caroline's arrival to New Orleans should have made Rebekah happy, but it filled her with dread because she knew her sister was going to be torn. Having to reconcile that the family she married into millennia ago was also responsible for many atrocities, even some that directly affected her. And that the family she knew, was nothing more than a shell or fractured glass.

Rebekah broke the silence, "I know you must think the worst of me-"

"You don't know what I think," Caroline interrupted, she looked at Rebekah, "Like I told you when I first got here. I can't speak on the time I missed, I never expected this from any of you, but things change. You can go find your own adventure now."

Rebekah took an uneasy breath, "I suppose I can. What of you?"

Caroline rose to her feet, she pulled Rebekah into her arms as she answered, "Making a home here, a place you can come back to."

"Perhaps one day I shall," Rebekah said softly, "I'll miss Carol."

Caroline smiled at the old nickname, "I'll miss you too Reba."

As Klaus entered his home he was a little less than annoyed to see that there was a myriad of vampires around. It seems that his day of absence gave them a reprieve and opportunity to push the boundaries. On any other day he would have lashed out in anger and rage, but as he stepped inside he found for once he did not have the strength for it. The long hours spent pouring out emotion after emotion with his siblings had been more taxing than he believed. Part of him wondered if he needed to be bothered with any of them here or if he should just walk past them. Let them try and attack him, it would not get them far and they would all surely regret it.

"Is there a reason why you lot are loitering in my home," Klaus asked them as he made his way to the center.

"I asked them to be here," said Marcel walking in, "You and I need to settle this out in the open."

Klaus was not necessarily surprised to see Marcel here in front of him. He had always known that Marcellus was brave, unafraid to face what danger stood in his way. There was the faintest sense of pride in Klaus as he looked on at the man he once called son, who sometimes in his mind was still his son or at the very least a little brother. Rebekah's words on Marcel did echo in his ears, but he paid them little attention now.

"I thought you would've run off by now," Klaus remarked softly.

"Yeah. Well, this is my town. You may want me to beg forgiveness, but I'm not sorry. I may not be able to beat you, but I came here to face you, to end this in front of my people," Marcel replied walking over to Klaus. "If you're gonna kill me for that, get on with it."

Klaus considered his words. A fight is not something he wanted to be bothered with, an odd thing in it of itself as he does love a good fight. Looking at Marcel now, he wondered if there is something he should say to him or if he should just walk away. During the day he had gotten just about everything off his chest to Rebekah, so he saw no real reason to repeat such a thing with Marcel. Instead he just studied Marcel for a moment.

"No," Klaus said appraising him, "You're free to live. While you may wish to battle in front of the vampires, I have no use for that and neither do you. As you've already stated, you cannot beat me. You have twenty four hours."

"For what," Marcel asked, tone curious and dark.

Klaus did not answer him, he only took a breath and walked away from Marcel, his mind weighed down by too many things. For the night, he just wanted to get lost in something. He barely heard Elijah kicking everyone out of the compound or telling Marcel to not return here. By the time the twenty four hours were up, he would seek out Marcel and explain what waited at the end of the time constraint. It didn't matter that much, but Klaus knew that avoiding the discussion or argument would only last so long. With a slightly shuddering sigh he walked into his bedroom, ready to drown himself in something when his eyes fell on the guest in his bed.

"Caroline," Klaus said, a little surprised to see her here.

Caroline lifted her gaze from whatever she held in her hands to look at him. The softness of her gaze made Klaus want to both tense and relax at once, he felt his fingers twitch at the sight of her slightly disleveled hair and wanting to run his hands through it. This morning she had been a little less than sour with him, the deal they struck not being the most pleasant one he had made with her. It was a large push he knew that, he made it clear he would back down if it truly was something she could not bear. He wondered if this was the moment she tell him as much.

"Hey," she said softly, "Are you alright?"

Klaus pressed his lips together as he came up with a reply, "Just fine love. I heard the witches had you in their grasps. They didn't hurt you did they? Or perhaps offered you an escape from the tyrant vampire?"

Caroline made an unamused face as she slid off the bed, "As if I needed to escape you."

"The deal we struck was not in your favor," Klaus quipped, he grew serious, "Unless you've changed your mind."

Caroline shook her head, "I haven't. I knew what I was getting into when I agreed to it."

Klaus licked his lips, "Are you certain you're alright with it? Can't have you here if you intend to act like a prisoner."

"If anything you're my prisoner," Caroline remarked with a small smile, "I'm here for you Klaus, not because you're forcing my hand or I have some ulterior motive, but because I want to be here… Look at this."

Caroline showed him the object in her hand and he was more than surprised to see it was her wedding ring, the one he carried with him everywhere in her absence, that he carved for her all those years ago. When Caroline had died, he had not been able to bury the ring with her as it was one of the only items he had of hers that he could not part with. Though her bracelets, the book and all the others were buried elsewhere, the ring he had kept. Gingerly he lifted the ring with his fingers, as he held it up he took notice of the thin leather strap around it.

"I found it by accident when I stopped back here," Caroline said softly, "It reminded me of the promises I made to you. That I would stand with you, my partner. As confusing as everything is, the one thing for certain is that I still love you and want to be there."

"Why? You know all I've done, I am not the same man you married," Klaus pointed out to her.

Caroline's hand rested on his chest, over his heart, "I'm not the same woman either. Somethings are different, but your heart is the same. You love the people around you fiercely, filled with passion for whatever you set your mind to, who wants to do the best possible thing. That's my husband. So I'm wearing the ring."

"You've turned it into a necklace," Klaus said softly, "You mean to wear this?"

Caroline nodded, "We're in this together. We'll always be in this together. I go home this weekend to get my stuff and move here. The transferring process is nearly done for school, everything is just fine."

Klaus looked into her eyes, "Caroline, about this deal. I will still uphold my parts, but you do not have to hold that one. If there ever comes a moment you no longer wish to remain, I promise not to stop you." Klaus took a breath, "I should not have pushed that on you. I, I owe you an apology for that. I shouldn't have forced that onto you. I just-"

"You're afraid," Caroline suggested, "You did hold my bloody corpse, watched me, but not really being there..."

"I'm sorry for that too," Klaus whispered to her, his eyes shining, "I'm so sorry Caroline. All I've done is hurt you, Rebekah, Elijah, everyone. All I ever do is sacrifice everyone else for me."

Caroline brought her hands to his face, letting her thumbs slide over his cheeks, "Let's fix that damage then, together. I'm still not over what's happened, I likely won't be over it for awhile, but I am standing by you and I hope that you make it worth it."

Klaus brought his hands over her own, "I swear to you that I will prove to be a better husband, a better friend. I promise to stand by you, that we do this together."

"You better. You're already on some thin ice," Caroline told him, her smile wide.

He gave her a gentle smile of his own. After a moment, she lowered her hands to his shoulders then wrapped her arms around him and he returned her embrace, resting his head on top of her head. Caroline took a deep breath, taking in his scent and focusing on the beat of his heart. There was so much they had to work through, but she felt that it was possible, that things would be okay. The slight twinge of magic in the air gave her pause, she tried to focus on it, but it slipped away like sand. But she felt... happy, hopeful.

A soft hum left Klaus, relief and gratitude pouring out of him as he hugged Caroline closer to him. He would make this right, he would give her everything her heart desired, he would do things right by her. Though there was nothing he could truly do to show how sorry he was, he would spend every single trying to be better. Better for her, for his family.

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