It was the night after they met Zeno. Hak was up as usual to watch guard while the others slept.

He looked at Yun. He might be a coward but he was smart. It was thanks to him that they had survived the fall from the cliff, that they had survived this long and that they found the other dragons.

He was young but he was mature and much smarter than Hak.

Hak left the cave where they were sleeping and went to check on the dragons.

Kija, the white dragon. He was such a pushover when it came to Yona. His entire village was totally nuts over the Crimson Dragon King story. But he was at least capable of defending himself and the others when necessary.

The guy was loud, always competing with him. Hak found it annoying.

Sinha, the Blue Dragon, was quite the opposite. He was a quiet reserved guy, and his village hated the Crimson Dragon story. Poor Sinha was living alone within the village all his life.

The guy had good eyesight and he was pretty capable himself. He was probably Hak's favorite.

And then there was Jaeha. That son of a gun. He had gotten them involved with his pirate gang and made Yona sacrifice her life for it too. If he hadn't agreed to join them Hak probably would've beat the crap out of the guy.

He was a good fighter too, that's what Hak had to admit about all of them. Except for Zeno. He just joined them and they haven't been in a fight together yet.

Finally, Hak made his way back to the cave. He looked at Yona. How far she had come.

She used to be a needy princess who couldn't do anything herself.

Then after Su-won betrayed her by killing her father, she swore to get revenge somehow. Hak and Yona both. Neither of them could believe that their childhood friend would do something like that.

Hak remembered teaching her how to shoot arrows. She even picked up a sword to save his life, something he would've never allowed back then. She chopped off her hair to try and save him, the hair she finally liked.

Now they were ready to go back, face Su-won and the Kohka kingdom's army. It would just be the seven of them, Hak knew that if he told the Wind Clan they'd join in too. But Hak knew better than that. He couldn't risk an all out war. The wind clan would be against the Kohka kingdom and the other four clans.

Then his face appeared in Hak's mind. Su-won. The man that started them on this adventure. Having killed the king and then trying to kill them, saying that the time they spent together was a lie.

Hak knew if Su-won had to be killed, he would have to do it. There was no way she could kill him. She even shouted his name when she was about to be executed.

But then again, Hak smiled. If none of that happened, they would've never met Yun, the oracle or the dragons. Hak admitted this was the first time he met warriors who were equal to him.

The sun rose, and Hak got ready. The time was nearing. The time to find out the truth.