Chapter Four

The Day of Wendy Carter's Disappearance

Icy cold hands touched her as she was pulled back against the strength of a tall, muscular body. A rough gloved hand settled over her lips, holding back her screams of terror. She tried to get away, twisting in his grip, but he was far too strong. She felt the knife slashing through the flesh of her arm as her blood splattered on the snow. It landed in large crimson droplets upon Warren's grave and stained the adorable stuffed bunny. In the midst of Wendy's struggle against her determined assailant, her diamond necklace had been torn from her neck. It fell soundlessly upon the ground as the man drug her toward a vehicle.

Realizing that the necklace Warren had given her for their first and final anniversary had been ripped from her neck, Wendy became furious. She managed to bite the man's hand and kick him in the leg. In the process, some of the contents of her purse spilled out upon the snow. Despite all her efforts, he was far too powerful. He lifted her struggling body in his steely arms and carried her the rest of the distance to his get-away car, then he unceremoniously tossed her into its interior.

As he slammed the door behind them, Wendy cried out, "No serial killer is going to KILL me! Let me out of this car or I will scratch your eyes out, you big, brutish jerk!"

She reached out for the mask of her assailant, ripping it away from his face. She turned pale, trembling in shock, realizing that her attacker was none other than her own husband. "Warren, no! Not again! You're alive?! Again?" she gasped. "Why do you keep doing this to me?"

"Honey, I had to. I -," Warren attempted to explain, but he didn't get a chance to say another word. Wendy had slapped him promptly across the face, causing his flesh to sting. He had faked his death before, leaving her miserable. She had been mourning him for months when he was really alive - again?!

She looked down at her arm, seeing the blood soaking through her clothing. "You hurt me!" she said in an angry snarl. "But the physical pain is nothing in comparison to the emotional pain you've put me through. How could you do it, Warren... fake your death again? I wanted to die when I lost you!"

"It's just a flesh wound. It will heal," Warren said. "I HAD to do it. Not only did I have to cut you so that the police would find the blood and think that the serial killer had murdered you... but I had to fake my death. There was no other way."

"That's crazy talk!" Wendy said. "Why would you have to do it again?"

"Too much had happened. It was just a matter of time before the police found me hiding in our apartment. Suzi was never going to let me see Jonah. And I knew once I was caught, you'd end up in prison as my accomplice. I did it for you, Wendy... for us. I had to make everyone think I was dead... so I could make arrangements for us... so we can have a future together."

"What's tomorrow going to hold for us, Warren? You can't see your son. And if anyone finds out you are still alive..."

"Listen, Wendy. No one is ever going to find out I am alive. I have passports for the both of us - fake identities. We are leaving Henderson, this shitty, rat-hole of a town and we're never coming back."

"We can't. You have a son!"

"I know, and I want to be with him, but every time I try, I end up behind bars or shot."

"Suzi shot you? Or did you fake that, too?"

"She shot me... but I survived my wounds."

"Who's buried in your grave then?" Wendy asked hysterically as she looked out the window toward the cemetery.

"It's best you don't ask. There are some details I don't think you want to hear."

The car started with both of them in the backseat. Wendy saw a man behind the wheel of the car as the car was backing out of the cemetery. "Who's he?" Wendy asked.


"Ringo?! But- but he's dead."

"Hello, Wendy," she heard Ringo say from the front seat.

"Ringo's alive, too," Wendy said, feeling faint.

Warren reached out to steady her, but she pushed him away. "Don't you dare touch me. I am furious with you!"

"Come on, honey. Aren't you glad to see me?" he asked with a little smirk. "I missed you so much."

"Ohhh Warren," she said as she lost it and her tears began to flow. "I grieved for you. I lost our baby... then I lost you, too."

"But you didn't lose me, sweetheart. I am right here... and I love you."

She melted, staring into his chocolate-colored eyes. "I thought I would never hear you say that again... only in my dreams. I love you, Warren Carter... and I will forgive you, I suppose... eventually."

"Wait till you see the house I have set up for us, Mrs. Cabello. We'll finally have everything we ever wanted... all that I ever promised you. And we can have a baby now, too."

"A baby?" Wendy asked, her voice breaking as her heart leaped in her chest.

"Yeah, it's time we tried again. That is... IF you want to."

"If I want to... ohhh God, that's all I ever wanted. You and a baby to love."

"We lost our son... and we lost little Jonah, but we have a future," he said as tears shone in his eyes. "Just you and me."

"And me," Ringo said from the front seat. He was driving as the snow fell, taking the back roads out of Henderson.

"Is Ringo going live with us?" Wendy asked as she didn't look too happy about it.

Warren laughed. "He is my best friend."

"Don't worry, Wendy... whenever you two want to be alone, I will make myself scarce, just as I always did when you and Warren were getting hot and heavy at the club, back before you were married and Warren was cheating on his wife."

Wendy's eyes got huge. "Shut up, Ringo... or I am going to slap you, too. HARD"

She pulled off her fur coat to take a look at her injured arm. "It hurts," she said to Warren with sadness.

"I promise to kiss it better and more..."

"I think it's going to need more than just a kiss."

"Okay, then I will make love to you until you forget the pain."

Wendy giggled. "Ohhh Warren. I missed you. I missed you so damn much. Quit dying on me."

"No more death. Only life... pleasure and happiness. I promise you, my dear Mrs. Cabello, we'll have so much pleasure."

He leaned toward her, his lips finding hers in a hot, luscious kiss. His lips lingered against hers as she scooted in closer, settling herself in his embrace. "I want to hate you, but I can't. I love you far too much," she stated. "Where are we going?"

"Home, Wendy. We are finally going home."

...When tomorrow comes, what will it bring?
Will it be Winter, will it be Spring?
Will a prayer be answered?
Will the sun rise for you?
Be it pleasure or sorrow, we'll search for tomorrow.

The End