This story is based on The Carnival of Thrills. I changed the story line a little. Because of an argument about the General getting into impound, Bo left and stayed at the carnival on Wednesday. He came back on Friday to the farm for a special dinner. That is where Bo and Luke got into a fight at the farm.

When they stepped outside, Bo sucker punched Luke and Luke fell to the ground. Luke grinned at Bo and lunged at him, taking both of them to the ground. They fought for several minutes, both ignoring Daisy and Jesse yelling at them to stop. Jesse went back into the house and grabbed his shotgun. Luke had enough of this fight so he punched Bo with his full strength in his stomach. Just as Jesse fired a shot up in the air to get them to stop, Luke hit Bo hard across the jaw sending Bo to the ground. Luke backed away from Bo, wiping the blood away from his lip. Luke walked past Jesse and Daisy, somewhat ashamed at what had happened. Anytime Bo and him got into a fight, Luke never used his full strength; he loved him too much to really hurt him. Not today; today he had enough of Bo's behavior. Luke got into the General Lee and drove away. Jesse and Daisy knelt down next to Bo, who laid on the ground not moving.

"Bo?" Jesse turned Bo onto his back. "Bo?" Jesse shook his shoulder with no responce from him.

"Should we call Doc?"

"No Daisy, I think he just got knocked out." Jesse stood up and continued. "Well, maybe Luke knocked some sense into him and he won't make that dang fool jump."

"Maybe." Daisy replied.

Luke drove towards the Boar's Nest thinking about what he had done. 'That dang fool. Always picks the wrong woman.' Luke sighed and pulled into the parking lot of The Boar's Nest. He walked in and walked up to the bar.

"Hey, Luke. What can I get for you?"

"Just a bottle to go." Lou gave him a strange look.

"Everything ok?"

"Yup." Lou walked back to the shelf and grabbed a full bottle of whiskey. Luke paid for it and left, not saying a word as he walked back to the General. Lou watched him leave, then picked up the phone.

"Hey, Enos? This is Lou down at The Boar's Nest. You might want to go check on Luke Duke. He was just here and left with a bottle of whiskey."

"Well, Lou. That ain't exactly against the law, now is it?"

"Have you ever known Luke to buy whiskey? I haven't, not since I've known him." Enos thought about that. It wasn't like Luke to buy whiskey; since everyone knew that Bo and Luke would still make their own. Regardless of Jesse's promise to the U.S. of A. government.

"Was Bo with him?"

"No but it looked like he was just in a fight."

"Do you know where he could have gone?"

"Don't know but check out Kissing Cliff. Most people go there for two reasons. Dates or drinkin' alone."

"I'll go check on him."

"Thanks, Enos."

"You're welcome, bye now." The more Enos thought about it, the more he got worried. It wasn't like Luke to go places without Bo. Enos drove up to Kissing Cliff and sure enough, Luke was there, sitting on the hood of the General with his feet on the push bar. Enos got out of the patrol car and slowly approached Luke.

"Hey, Luke. What's going on?" Luke glanced over towards Enos but did not respond.

"Does Bo know you're here?" Luke shrugged his shoulders and took a long sip of whiskey.

"Why don't you come back from the edge, huh?"

"Don't matter none." At this point Enos realized that Luke had been crying.

"Were you and Bo fighting?"


"Is he alright?" Luke took another sip of whiskey before he answered.

"No. Knocked him out." Enos saw tears go down Luke's cheek.

^^^Back at the farm^^^

Bo woke up 10 minutes later with a sore jaw.

"You okay, boy?" Bo looked up at Jesse. Then looked around for Luke.

"What the hell did he hit me with?"

"Nothing. Just his fist." Bo was surprised at that.

"Where is he?"

"Don't know. He took off. I think he felt bad about what he did."

"I guess I shouldn't have sucker punched him in the first place." Bo held up his hand so Jesse could help him to his feet. Bo made his way into the house. "I'm going to lay down." Jesse looked at Daisy and she only shrugged.

Two hours later, Enos pulled into the farm yard with Luke. Luke got out of the patrol car and walked into the barn. Several minutes later, Bo approached Enos.

"He alright?" Bo asked Enos; who was unhooking the General from his patrol car.

"Not sure. Hasn't said a word in almost an hour." Bo looked towards the barn and decided to talk to Luke.

"Thanks, Enos."

"Sure thing, Bo." Enos put the tow bar into the trunk, got into the car and left. Bo made his way into the barn and climbed the ladder to the loft. He found Luke sitting on a bale of hay towards the back of the barn, holding a bottle of whiskey. He was looking out the open doorway; that the hay would be hoisted up and brought in.

"Hey, Luke." Luke didn't even acknowledge the fact that he was no longer alone. "Sorry for how I was acting earlier. I had no right to talk to you that way." Bo saw several tears going down Luke's cheek and the fact that Luke didn't try to hide his feelings made Bo feel bad.

"I'm sorry, I hit you." Luke whispered.

"Guess I shouldn't have sucker punched you." Bo knelt down next to him and wiped the tears away. "If it means anything, I didn't sleep with her."

"I know that, Bo. I wasn't expecting you to pick her over me."

"Awe, Luke. Is that what you think?" When Luke didn't answer, Bo felt really bad on how he handled things. Luke laid down onto the hay so Bo joined him. They laid next to each other, both not saying a word for several minutes.

"Bo, I'm worried about you. I don't want you to get hurt."

"I won't get hurt."

"You don't know that. What if someone messes with the General when you're not there?"

"What do you mean?" Bo turned onto his side and looked at Luke.

"I talked to a guy that's investigating the accident. He said that it was not the first time there was an accident at the carnival. Gas line was cut on both cars."

"But why?"

"Don't know that, Bo."

"Go with me so you can keep an eye on the General." Luke nodded then he closed his eyes. They both fell asleep and didn't wake up until the rooster crowed the next morning.

^^^The next day^^^

At the track Luke stayed by the General, while Bo went and got changed. The carnival was going on and the crowd was huge.

"Hey Luke." Carl walked up to Luke. "Bo wanted me to tell you to double check the engine, so everything runs smoothly."

"Okay, I will." Luke waited until Carl walked away. Luke opened the hood and looked at the engine. As soon as Luke's back was turned, Carl hit Luke in the back of the head with a pipe. He picked up Luke and put him in the garage behind some tires. He walked up to the General and looked around. When he noticed that no one was around, he cut the fuel line and closed the hood.

"General, this is you Appomattox." He patted the hood of the General and walked away. 10 minutes later Bo looked around for Luke.


"Hey, Bo! You're on. Get going!" Carl yelled at him. Bo got into the General, started him up and made his way to the start line. Just as he was about to put the gas pedal down to do the jump, he saw Luke in the side mirror stumble out of the garage.

"Luke?" Bo put the General into reverse and drove back to the garage. He turned off the engine and got out of the General.

"Luke?" Bo walked up to Luke and put his hand onto his shoulder. "What happened?"

"Don't know, got bushwhacked. I think it was Carl." Just as Luke had said that Jesse, Daisy, Cooter and Diane walked up to them.

"What's going on?" Diane asked.

"Not sure but I think Carl cut the gas line." Luke answered.

"Why would he do that?"

"Maybe he couldn't handle being replaced by a young hot shot driver." Luke grinned at Bo as he opened the hood. Cooter and Bo looked at the gas line and noticed that it was indeed cut.

"You would have made it to the front of the ramp before you lost power and crashed." Cooter told him. Diane looked around and saw Carl running for his car.

"Stop him!" She yelled at Enos as she pointed at Carl. Enos ran after him, tackled him to the ground and quickly handcuffed him.

"Come on up!" Enos pulled him up and pushed him to his patrol car.

"Awe, I'm going to miss the jump." Enos said in disappointment.

"Come on Enos. You really think that Bo is going to make the jump?" Rosco swatted him on his arm.

"Yeah, I am." Luke smiled at Bo as he turned to face Cooter.

"How fast can you replace the line?"

"Give me about 5 minutes, Bo." Cooter went to his truck and came back with a new gas line and the tools to replace it. As he did that, Bo told the crowd to hang on that the jump was still on. It didn't take long to replace the gas line.

"Ready to go, buddyrue." Cooter told Bo. Bo looked at Luke and Luke smiled. Luke took out the extra helmet that was in the trunk and got into the General. Bo started him up and got ready to make the jump.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the jump you have been waiting for! Bo and Luke Duke in the leap for life!" The crowd went wild as they saw The General. The General hit the ramp at 68 miles an hour and landed safely on the other side. Afterwards everyone went to The Boar's Nest to celebrate. Life went back to normal at the Duke farm. Bo promised everyone that he would try to think things through before he let his pride get the better of him.