Various bags and four backpacks lay scattered about the Midoriya apartment, with clothes everywhere, various mechanical contraptions, and what Izuku was fairly certain were enough tools to arm several brigades of mechanics at the very least.

Sighing, he took out the jar of headache medication and tapped one into his hand. He dry swallowed it, closing his eyes and trying to ignore everything. Then he opened them back up to the chaos.

"What do you mean, I need more than three pairs of underwear? We'll only be gone for a week!" Mei was protesting to Inko as the older women tried to pry what looked like a half disassembled Microwave out of Mei's hands.

"Because no daughter of mine is going to wear her underwear twice on a trip!" Inko was arguing as she wrestled for the microwave one handed. She pointed a finger at one of the suitcases, and levitated out a set of custom wrenches.

"No! My babies!" Mei cried, and dove for the wrenches, which allowed Inko to successfully take the microwave and toss it towards the already overflowing trash can.

Mei was a lot of things, but "organized" wasn't one of them. Nor, it seemed, was she terribly good at actually planning a trip.

"I was trapped in another world with Izuku for months, and I only had the one pair of underwear then!" Mei argued, shoving the wrenches back in the bag.

"What?! That's horrible! What did you DO?!" Inko gasped. Then she blinked. "Especially, you know…"

"No, I don't know! People say that and I never know what you're talking about!" Mei said, throwing her hands up in frustration.

"Aqua washed our clothes," Izuku said, taking out his phone. He was very done with this. "And I'm pretty sure Mei used rags. I didn't pry too much."

"I use rags for all sorts of things! Cleaning grease, tinder, patches, and that's why I need some rags for making my babies!" Mei argued, pointing to several rather stained old towels and torn shirts.

"You don't need to take them to summer camp! You need practical things! Where is your swimsuit!?" Inko demanded, rummaging through Mei's half packed bag of only mostly clean shirts and pants.

"I don't need one. I can just go naked," Mei huffed, turning her head to one side.

"You do too, young lady! Oooh, none of mine would fit you…surely you have a swimsuit somewhere?" Inko said desperately.

Kazuma put the phone to his ear, and waited for it to ring a few times. As he did so, he added "swimsuit for Mei" to a list of items he already had written down.

"Hi Izuku!" Aqua's voice said brightly after a few rings.

"Aqua. I need you to come pick up my mom and Mei. Take them shopping. I have a list," Izuku said, forcing his voice to stay calm and rational.

"Huh? Why? I was packing for our trip tomorrow," Aqua said.

"Yes. I know. And I need to pack, and it's not going to happen with them both here," Izuku explained.

"Well, why should I care about that? I was going to play some Animal Crossing. I'm super happy your world has it!" Aqua said brightly.

Izuku rummaged around in the back of the fridge, and pulled out a bottle. "I'll give you a bottle of…Argentinian Red. I just need them out of the apartment for an hour, I promise."

"Well…I dunno…"

"And I promise to let you baptize my first born child," Izuku threw in on a whim.

"Well, now we're talking! I'll be over in a bit!" Aqua hung up, and Izuku contemplated the bottle for a few moments. Then he popped the cork and poured himself a glass while Inko and Mei continued to argue. He'd had plenty of wine in the other world. It wasn't his favorite, but he saw the appeal right at the moment.

It took only about five minutes for Aqua to arrive, as Yunyun had registered Izuku's apartment as one of her chosen locations.

"Alright ladies, it's time to go shopping!" Aqua said brightly, not even bothering to knock before throwing open the door. She was dressed in her idea of an "incognito" set of clothes. Namely, a white blouse, a monogrammed jean jacket with the Axis Cult Logo on it, ball cap with "AXIS GODDESS" on it, and blue sunglasses.

"Shopping?! But we have to get packed!" Inko said, looking up from her argument with Mei about the appropriate number of socks for a week (Inko argued for 10 pairs, Mei claimed four was plenty. Not pairs. Socks. Izuku loved his wife, but it was a good thing he was in charge of laundry and clothing).

"Yes, Mei and I are missing…toothbrushes," Izuku said, and passed his mother the list.

"What?! But I could have sworn we had…oh, and a swimsuit for Mei…yes, I suppose we do need to pop out for a bit," Inko fretted, patting at her hair. "I should change…"

"I do not want to go shopping! It is a waste of time!" Mei argued.

"Aw, come on! We can go pick up some doodads for you to experiment on," Aqua pleaded. "Shopping is fun!"

"Well…if we were to get materials for my babies…" Mei hesitated, and glanced at Izuku.

He gave her a smile he hoped didn't look too forced. "You go get those, Mei. I'll take care of the packing."

"Don't leave out my tools! I need them!" Mei urged.

"I'll make sure we have everything we need," Izuku promised. After a few more rounds of assurance and a promise to his mother that she was fine with just a little lipstick, he managed to get them all out of the room.

The first thing Izuku did was go back to his glass and polish it off. Then he looked around the warzone that the Midoriya apartment had become. Finally, he took a deep breath. "One For All. Full Cowling!"

Thanks to tapping into his divinely enhanced superspeed, Izuku was able to not only pack all the suitcases with an appropriate amount of clothing (for the record, it WAS 10 pairs of socks for the week, and eight of underwear. You never knew.) and the various tools that Mei would need. He figured they would have materials at the camp, and that there was no need to bring whatever scraps and junk he and Mei had scavenged.

"Izuku, we're back!" Aqua said happily, barging in and waking Izuku from a nap on the couch. He glanced at the clock, which read "12:46."

"That…that was…" Inko slumped up the stairs, and slumped onto the couch next to her son. "That was exhausting…"

"Don't worry, we're all packed," Izuku assured his mother.

"We brought snacks!" Mei said happily, bouncing into the room carrying what appeared to be the engine to an old electric scooter under one arm, and a bag of take out in the other. "Shopping can be fun, if you can find new materials for babies!"

"Sure thing," Izuku said. He took the take out and put it at the table, where he, Aqua, and Mei inhaled it in short order. After that, Izuku picked his sleeping mother up, and gently laid her on her futon in her room. "Aqua, you can have the couch."

"Huh? Why can't you take me home?" Aqua said, pouting slightly.

"Because I'm tired, and I'm going to a summer camp tomorrow, and I want to spend what's left of the night with my wife," Izuku explained. When Aqua didn't look convinced, he added, "You know. The baptism thing?"

"Oh, right! Well, I'll just have that wine you promised and take a nap," Aqua agreed.

"I was going to try turning this into a baby," Mei mused, tapping the motor with a finger. Then she turned her oddly shaped eyes on Izuku and grinned. "But I like making the other kind too!"

The morning came all too early, but Inko was up with the dawn, making everyone breakfast, for which Izuku was grateful. It took him a couple of trips, but he was able to fly everyone and their luggage to UA, even taking a detour to grab Aqua's.

Even with all that, he, Mei, and Aqua were still at the bus stop before Kazuma arrived with Megumin, Darkness, and Tokoyami.

"Ugh, why does it have to be so early?" Kazuma complained, rubbing at his eyes as he slouched up to the bus stop, wearing only a single backpack.

"That's not much for a whole week, isn't it?" Izuku asked, frowning at Kazuma. Megumin was carrying only a light pack as well, and while Darkness had a much larger pack strapped to her back.

"There's no way this camp lasts a whole week," Kazuma said with a shrug. "So I packed light."

"Huh? What do you mean?" Izuku asked, confused. "This is supposed to be a chance for us all to train, for when…well…the invasion comes…"

"Uh huh. And when was the last time ANYTHING we did went according to plan?" Kazuma demanded, shifting the pack on his back.

"Well, um…" Izuku considered that, wracking his brain. "...I was able to get packed last night?'

"Super. Well, I just brought the essentials. Besides, I'm an experienced Adventurer. I know how to pack light."

"Oh just tell him already," Megumin said, rolling her eyes.

"Tell me what?" Izuku asked, frowning in confusion.

"The bags are enchanted. Kazuma and Yunyun enlarged them to what Uraraka referred to as a 'bag of holding,'" Tokoyami explained.

"They're bigger on the inside!" a tiny little Dark Shadow squawked from his hiding place under Tokoyami's hood.

"Well why didn't anyone tell ME about that?!" Izuku asked in exasperation.

"Yes, then I wouldn't have had to take out the extra underwear for the salvage I found last night," Mei agreed.

"You what?! Your bag didn't feel any heavier!" Izuku said, turning to her.

Mei shrugged. "Your mother seemed very concerned about that. I took out yours instead."

Izuku put his head in his hands and let out a soft groan.

"Meh. You can just fly back and get it," Kazuma said with a shrug. "Or have Yunyun teleport you."

"Yes, but…Mei, don't you find it gross when I rewear underwear?!" Izuku demanded.

"Well, you can borrow some of mine if it bothers you," Mei offered.

Kazuma let out a hoot and doubled over laughing, while Izuku wondered if he could crawl under a bush and die of embarrassment.

"Um, Mei…we need to talk," Megumin said, putting a hand on the other girl's shoulder.

"Why? Kazuma seems to like wearing your underwear. Why else would he take them all the time?" Mei asked, sounding confused.

Despite himself, Izuku let out a snort of laughter. He tried to cover his mouth, but couldn't help it. He started guffawing, even as a sullen Kazuma glared at him.

"Well, only my boyfriend is really a pervert. Izuku is fairly normal as boys go, most of the time," Megumin explained. "But that's not why Kazuma wants…never mind. The point is…Izuku probably doesn't want to wear your underwear."

"Hmm, is it because it would not fit? His is certainly too big for me," Mei mused.

"As fascinating as this line of discussion is, line up and get on the bus," Mr Aizawa interrupted. He was holding a cup of steaming black coffee in one hand. This wasn't that unusual for him, only this time, his mug was bright pink, with a giant smiley face on one side, and a large black "LOL" on the other.

"Nice cup," Aqua said, smiling at Aizawa as she hefted her bag to stow on the recently arrived bus.

For a moment, Aizawa just looked at Aqua, who blithely smiled back at him. Then he sighed. "From anyone else, I would think that was a jab. But you actually think it's a nice cup, don't you?"

"Well, yeah. Why else would I say it?" Aqua said, frowning.

"Your girlfriend buy it for you?" Kazuma sniggered.

Aizawa took a long sip from the cup, then frowned into it. "You know, only the caffeine in this cup is preventing me from acting on my strong desire to kill you, Sato. Because I know perfectly well that if I did, Aqua could just bring you back."

"Hey! Me dying is not a joke!" Kazuma protested.

In response, Aizawa slurped his coffee, loudly.

Grumbling, Kazuma got his bags onto the bus with the rest of them. Most of class 1A was chattering excitedly, with Iris and Momo talking about how excited they were to go on their first camping trip, and Ida talking with Ochako about various potential team ups and their viability in combat.

Izuku, however, was bushed, and ended up falling asleep leaning on Mei's shoulder even before the bus left the campus. She, in turn, worked quietly on her latest baby, her soft humming soothing Izuku's mind.

This was going to be a fun, relaxing break from everything, where they all got to be kids again. Izuku was sure of it.

There were many things about Tomura Shigaraki that Tanya disliked. He was uncouth, unpredictable, and worst of all, extremely unhygienic. If he were a soldier under her command, she would have forced him to undergo a de-lousing spray and a hose down. No one who scratched that much could be properly caring for themselves.

"So. Our little heroes will be coming along this path, like lost little lambs," Shigaraki mused, gazing down at the narrow and winding mountain road from atop the ridgeline their forces were occupying. This was the fourth time he had said something to that effect. As it was an utterly asinine comment coming from an utterly asinine person, Tanya saw no reason to dignify it with a response.

"You're starting to get on my nerves. Either find something meaningful to say, or be silent," Chisaki said, rubbing at his plague doctor's mask.

"Big talk from a jumped up worm," Shigaraki hissed, standing from where he'd been crouching and turning that odd hand he wore over his face towards Chisaki.

Personally, Tanya considered their choices of battle garb to be hideously impractical and a real liability. Obscuring one's vision in such fashion led to blindspots that an aware opponent could easily exploit.

"Save your ire for our foes," Tanya said, maintaining her at-ease stance, hands clasped behind her back, eyes slightly unfocused and constantly moving to detect any movement. It was not entirely necessary: They had radios and scouts, as was only proper. They didn't even have to work particularly hard for it: a few of the League of Villains' people at intervals of between one and five kilometers along the highway from Tokyo was not hard to arrange, nor conspicuous.

"Ma'am, we've got some potential risks entering our zone," one of her gottjager said, coming up and saluting.

"Explain," Tanya said, nodding to the man. He appeared to be some sort of werewolf or beastkin, with fur covering his body and sharp, protruding canines. But in this world, no one glanced at him twice. How fortuitous.

"The human Stain says that pro heroes, known as the Wild Wild Pussycats are entering the target zone. He says they are competent, and powerful. Shall we take them out?"

"Their numbers and strength?" Tanya demanded, not altering her posture.

"They're nothing but rescue heroes," Shigaraki sneered. "Hardly a threat."

"Hmmm, they're experienced pros," Chisaki said, suddenly scratching at himself in a most uncouth manner. "They have a telepath, an earth manipulator, someone with a physical enhancement quirk, and a diviner. They can be dangerous."

"They're nothing but slaves to the establishment, chaff to be swept away. My lowliest peons could kill them with ease. Are you afraid of such, dog?" Shigaraki laughed, tilting his head back and forth in a weird pattern.

"If you underestimate the pros, it will lead to your demise, boy," Chisaki snarled, tugging at the white gloves on his hands as if to remove them.

Strange that the two of them would have such similar quirks in many ways. It was their hands that mattered, and both could kill at a touch. Chisaki at least had the good grace to behave as a gentleman some of the time, disgusting as the criminal was.

"We wait. Factor them into our plans. Take out the telepath first," Tanya ordered. "We have our communications blackout package prepared?"

"The charges are set and ready. Reception in this area is spotty as it is. It will take the authorities some time to respond," her underling replied, curling his lip at the arguing humans.

"Hold position and readjust targeting priorities accordingly," Tanya said with a slight jerk of her chin to indicate dismissal.

Her supposed ally and newest minion continued to bicker, but it was as the yapping of two hounds. Tanya more than half wished them to die quickly in the first wave. They were useful and powerful, but a complete headache to deal with.

To alleviate some of her tension, Tanya unclipped her radio from her belt. "Gleb to Braun. Come in, over."

Visha's voice crackled in a moment later. They were using models from another world: not as good perhaps as even the civilian models here, but encrypted and reliable nonetheless. "This is Braun. What's the latest?"

"Twenty minutes until estimated contact still," Tanya said. Then, she hesitated for a moment. She nearly said the words she feared the most, but instead went with a soldier's platitude. "Stay safe. Don't do anything foolish. I'd hate to lose my most capable subordinate."

"I will, Major," Visha answered.

It sent a pang through Tanya's chest. She very nearly chastised Visha, but instead said, "See that you do, Lieutenant. I expect you to report directly to me for debriefing after the engagement."

"I look forward to debriefing you as always, Major," Visha said, her tone serious to the point of farce. "Though perhaps you would like to debrief me first. I do so enjoy working under you."

It was only thanks to decades of soldierly banter that Tanya was able to keep a blush off her face and her expression stoic. "The pleasure is mine, Lieutenant. Major, out."

Tanya returned the radio to her belt, then looked out over the mountains, the distant gleam of the approaching buses right on time.

She had gods to kill.

And, more importantly, a reason to live.

"So, tell me again, what is an appropriate activity at this 'summer camp.' I have heard from Big Bro that in Japan, these often feature hotsprings. If so, I shall expect you to attempt various pranks, but only upon me, and nothing too indiscreet ," Iris said, trying to sit perfectly still as Yaoyorozu carefully did her hair in a braid as it was draped over the back of the bus seat.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Bakugo demanded, his left eyebrow twitching slightly. "Do you think I'm some sort of pervert like Kazuma?'

"Hey! You do anything perverted to my little sister, and I"ll kick your ass Katsuki!" Kazuma called.

Bakugo smirked. "Don't hear you denying the accusation. "Besides, you know damn well that we've both-"

"Katsuki, behave," Iris said, her tone calm. "And Big Bro, do not disparage my Prince."

"Well tell the Explosive Asshole here to mind his own damn business!" Kazuma said, turning around in his seat to glare at both Iris and Bakugou.

"Kazuma: I expect you to keep your shenanigans limited to myself," Megumin said, not looking away from the widow she was peering though. Traveling on a bus was still something of a novelty for her, as was being in Japan at all.

"Some lighthearted pranks are expected of youths such as us, and I wish for this to be a relaxing and congenial time," Iris explained.

"Well here I was hoping for something more like a conjugal visit," Bakugo muttered.

Iris blushed faintly, and glanced over her shoulder at Yaoyorozu, who was focusing intently on the braid. "I am certain most of us plan…romantic encounters…in the wild. After all, there are no monsters in Japan, yes?"

"Unless you count freaks like Overhaul, not really," Bakugo said with a shrug. "Not like Belzerg."

Iris nodded. "Well, that is-"


Chris' voice seemed to scream in Iris' ears, and she jerked away from Yaoyorozu, gasping slightly in pain from her hair being pulled. She grabbed for her sword instantly, shouting for the bus to be halted.

To her surprise and somewhat delight though, Bakugo put one arm around her, vaporized the window with the other, then pulled her close and tumbled out of the new hole in the side of the bus onto the pavement below. For a normal person, hitting asphalt at 100 kph would have resulted in serious injury or even death, but for Iris, it was no worse than hitting uneven grass at a brisk jog. It wasn't pleasant, but she had only some mild bruises and scrapes.

Both she and Bakugo rolled into the ditch at the side of the road, bringing weapons up and scanning their surroundings. Behind them, the roof of their bus exploded as Izuku shot up out of the ceiling, and all three of the buses were coming to abrupt stops as their classmates exited, many of them taking Bakugo or Izuku's exit method instead of waiting for the doors to open.

A moment later, Chris appeared beside Iris, daggers drawn. She wasn't in her Eris form today, though Iris knew the goddess could call upon her divine powers at a moment if need be.

"Sorry, didn't get a flash until we were right on top of them. Only warning was that I couldnt see the next five minutes of future, then it all stated to go hazy," Chris panted, looking around. "It's got to be the Tomb."

"You can see the future? Why didn't you tell us that shit before?!" Bakugo demanded.

Chris gave him a dark look. "I'm the goddess of Fortune. Not just luck. I'm not exactly a prophet, but-"

There were explosions up the slope ahead of them, and a roar followed as landslides began.

"Dammit, they're cutting us off!" Iris snarled. "It's an ambush, we're surrounded!"

"Well, that makes things simple," Bakugo laughed, and he raised his palm to send blasts of fire and destruction into the forest. "Shoot in all directions until there's nothin' left!"

"Why are they stopping?" Shigaraki demanded, looking down as the buses careened to a halt, and young heroes began pouring out. He pointed an accusatory figure at Tanya. "You screwed this up!"

"We are dealing with the gods. One of them must be a precognitive. It is common," Tanya said with a shrug. "It matters not. They are within acceptable parameters. Detonate the charges."

While the buses were not caught in the landslide as Tanya had hoped, they were still cut off in front, and her forces were advancing up the highway. Her fliers were already getting into the air, ready to engage and establish aerial superiority, led by Visha. Tanya could have taken to the skies herself, but she planned to lead the ground assault.

Raising her rifle, she grinned, allowing herself to experience the rush and joy of combat once more.


Izuku fought for altitude, kicking his legs as hard as he could to try and get up above the level of the peaks so he could survey the ground and get an idea of what was happening. He heard the explosions and felt the shockwave, and he looked down in horror. Fortunately, the buses had stopped before they would have been caught in the blast, but that didn't mean they were safe.

Something streaked towards Izuku, and he dodged as a burning missile nearly hit him. He continued evasive maneuvers as more and more projecties, some simple bullets, others obviously quirk creations, began to fill the air. A few moments later, he saw a number of forms rise into the air, coming after him.

Down the road, Izuku could see a number of vehicles approaching, as well as tiny figures spilling out onto the highway from the woods and rocks. This was clearly a well planned ambush, and he swore to himself. This was supposed to be a secret! How had their foes known?

He didn't have time to consider that further, as he turned himself, racing towards the flying figures that were attacking him. One of them appeared to be vaguely draconic, with large black leathery wings, and a dark scaly face. They also appeared to have a fire breathing quirk of some sort, as Izuku had to dodge a gout of flame from them. Additionally, they had a rifle and some grenades they obviously intended to drop on Izuku's friends.

With a pang of regret, Izuku punched the air hard enough to send a mass of air into the wings, which audibly snapped. The dragon-man fell to the earth, howling and spinning. Izuku didn't have time to watch it fall though, as he exchanged more blows with others attacking him. A few bullets bit at him, some drawing blood with magically enhanced penetration or materials, but most simply pinged off his skin or the enhanced suit from Mei he was wearing.

After a brief skirmish, Izuku struck down most of those he could identify as quirk users. They seemed more disorganized and aggressive, and few of them were carrying firearms. The others, however, seemed more alien, and were flying with strange glowing devices on their legs, something about which made Izuku think "Magic" instead of "Quirk." Additionally, these were all armed with firearms of some sort, and were flying in formation and supporting one another instead of attacking randomly.

When Izuku charged them or fired off air blasts, they scattered, looping about him and coming in from all directions. Izuku wasn't really used to aerial combat, and when foes came at him from below or above, it was disorienting. Though their weapons didn't individually injure him much, they were both distracting, and dangerous enough that he was taking minor wounds, and those were adding up, and it was tiring him quickly.

And Izuku wasn't sure how much longer he could keep this up.

Down below, Iris and the others were fighting a desperate battle against a wave of Quirk users. Before they had all spent time in other worlds, the young heroes likely would have been shocked, or hesitated, especially to use their more deadly abilities and risk taking a life. Now, however, none of them had any such qualms. Deadly laser beams, devouring plants, and balls of fire streaked out towards the foe, along with blasts of magic, and of course….


Half the mountain on the right was instantly vaporized, along with nearly all of the enemies there. They had been a mob of quirk users, and Iris had ordered Megumin to simply take out as many of them as possible. With that handled, Iris turned her attention to the other half of the battle.

She and Bakugo moved through the field like twin blades of death, leaving a wake of ash and blood behind. Bakugo used both his quirk and axe freely, severing limbs and heads where his blasts didn't shred his foes, always watching Iris' back. For her part, she used her blade to send out waves of pure destructive force, as well as a melee weapon. Along with their allies, they soon rebuffed the attack, and the survivors of the enemy force fell back in disarray.

"Was that all?" Iris panted, looking around at the battlefield. It didn't seem anyone on their side was seriously injured, and a blubbering Aqua was running around and offering healing to any who needed it.

"That can't be it. That was a goddamn joke," Bakugo growled, spitting to the side.

Unhappily, Iris nodded. "Stay alert! This is not over yet."

Tanya watched dispassionately as the League of Villains was wiped from the face of this world. Most of them died in the massive detonation from that mage that was supposed to serve Aqua. What was her name? Ah yes, Megumin. An annoying brat drunk on her own power who lived for devastation.

Well, she was limited to one such attack a day. So it was clear enough now.

"Heh, even with these quirks, those humans aren't worth much," Aura Bella Fiora laughed. She smirked at Shigaraki, who stood hunched over, watching his followers die. "Does it bother you, to see how worthless that walking waste is?"

"They're nothing but trash. Weaklings fit only to serve as meat for the grinder," Shigaraki hissed.

"Well, that's a commendable attitude to have," Aura said, then took out a lollipop and stuck it in her mouth. "Is it time for us to actually get serious, Tanya?"

Tanya surveyed the battlefield, then nodded. "You may engage. Send in the beasts."

"Cool! I've got some new pets, and they're bored!" Aura took out the lollipop, then stuck her fingers in her still sticky mouth and whistled. "Hey boys! Come out and play!"

In the valley below them, the earth shook, and horrors from beyond human nightmares howled.