The earth trembled, and the gods of old walked the earth once more. Fearsome, nightmarish beasts emerged from the forest, from giant bears with eight limbs and fangs that dripped venom, to multi-headed tyrannosaurs that breathed fire, to things beyond description or human reckoning. The only real trait they all had in common was their hunger for human flesh, and they poured down the slope and towards the highway, baying for blood.

High above, Izuku continued his desperate aerial dance, only able to growl to himself as several winged horrors lifted off and began to beat their wings in his direction. He could only fire off more air blasts, dodge incoming fire, and then slam his fist into one stubborn opponent, sending them tumbling towards the merciless ground below. Even with his strength, he was being overwhelmed, and those new creatures were going to get to him. He gritted his teeth and prepared to make a last desperate stand.

Then there was a sharp crack, and the air distorted as a projectile snapped past, trailing a gust of wind. One of the creatures, some sort of dragonfly-winged worm that was spitting acid, blew in half. There was a roar of engines, and Mei's brand new mecha flew up towards Izuku, a massive rifle cradled in her arms.


The railgun whined and began to glow, and there was another deafening report as hundreds of marble-sized steel balls shot out at several times the speed of sound. A dozen of their opponents were shredded in an instant, not even magical armor or quirks able to save them from the sheer destructive power of pure, unadulterated, SCIENCE!

"Thanks, Mei! I love you so much right now!" Izuku laughed, launching himself with a kick after the remaining foes.

"I love you too! Did you see my baby, Izuku!? I do not normally like building weapons, but after my success previously I decided I needed some upgrade!" Mei cackled, and fired her gun again.

One of the more disciplined enemy formations moved to engage Izuku, led by a woman with brown hair and eyes, wielding an old-style rifle that glowed with inlaid spell work. As Mei held off the monsters, Izuku charged. One last push, and they'd gain aerial superiority.

When dozens of beasts broke cover and charged their position, the thing that ran through Kazuma's mind as he gripped Aqua's arm and transferred mana into Megumin was "Not again."

"Seriously!? Is this a boss rush or something?! Those guys are totally cheating!" Kazuma ranted.

"Aren't we cheating too?" Aqua asked, shuddering slightly as Kazuma pulled mana out of her.

"I mean, yeah, but we thought of it first. No fair them making a move," Kazuma grumbled. He glanced over at Tokoyami and Darkness, who were bracing themselves to receive the onslaught. "Too bad it's light out right now. Be real handy if things could darken up a bit."

"How much darkness do you need?"

Kazuma glanced up to see that jerk, Subaru smiling at him, a bit of dark magic flickering in his hand.

"Enough that bird brain can go whole hog on the kaiju stampede," Kazuma told him, jerking his head at Tokoyami.

"If you can make it black as midnight, then my soul can run wild, and I shall unleash my inner demon," Tokoyami said, flourishing his cloak. Kazuma was convinced that Megumin had been a bad influence on him.

"One funball of infinite midnight, coming up!" Subaru said, raising his hands over his head. "Satella, your beloved calls for you! Let the curse be made manifest!"

In a wide sphere in front of Subaru, darkness enveloped everything, including Darkness herself. The Crusader, Tokoyami, the vanguard of the onrushing monsters were lost to sight. Various screams, roars, cries of pain, and moans of pleasure escaped. Kazuma wasn't sure about the first few, but he was pretty sure who was getting their freak on in there.

Even as Dark Shadow and Darkness enjoyed themselves, Iris went sailing by with a wordless scream, that jerk Bakugo hot on her heels laughing maniacally.

"Are you crazy!?" Kazuma shouted after them. "You could get killed!"


Before Kazuma could further protest, Uraraka charged in with half their classmates, the other half standing behind them and unleashing waves of destruction and blasts of power and energy.

"You know, I think they might be OK," Aqua mused. Then she glared at Kazuma. "Are you quite done yet? That's cold!"

"I dunno, you topped off yet, sweetie?" Kazuma asked Megumin.

"If you are going to give me a pet name, I demand that it be sufficiently awe inspiring, such as Enemy of All That Live, Mistress of Destruction, or your Dark Goddess!"

"It's a yes or no question," Kazuma sighed.

"I am ready to unleash destruction upon our foes once more!" Megumin cackled, standing up and flourishing her cloak.

"Sweet. IRIS! Pull back! Chuuni Boom-Boom is ready to go again!" Kazuma shouted. He turned to Megumin. "That's your official pet name."

"What!? I demand a cooler pet name! That makes me sound like a delusional child!" Megumin argued, stomping her foot exactly like said child.

"Don't be silly. I'm not a lolicon," Kazuma said, which earned him a smile from Megumin and a roll of the eyes from Iris. "You're a delusional addict. But you're my delusional explosion addict. Now, what say we make this a tandem performance?"

"Hmph. Fine. But I am still calling you Pervzuma," Megumin grumbled. Then she gave him a lecherous wink. "After all, you are free to do whatever perverted fantasies enter your mind, so long as they are with me."

The line of UA students (and guests) pulled back, even as more beasts came forward. Kazuma and Megumin jumped up on top of one of the buses, and posed back to back.




Tanya watched in mounting fury as Aura's monsters were systematically slaughtered. What was this? Quirk users, even high end ones, were not supposed to be this strong. These were high level monsters, with layers of magical resistances to mundane means of attack, prepared especially for a world such as this with little to no mana. Yes, a few quirk users, All Might being among them, should have been able to take out perhaps one or two, and the gods and their champions could account for a few more, but this? This should be impossible.

"Only a fool denies what is in front of her face," Tanya snarled, shaking her head. She looked up towards the sky, and let out a gasp of horror. Seeing her troops slaughtered was one thing: but now she was seeing Visha in dire peril.

"Aura! Take command!" Tanya barked, and flew off into the air without a moment's hesitation, snapping her rifle to her shoulder. She fired as she flew, aiming for that green streak in the air. That was supposed to be Izuku Midoriya, one of the champions of the gods and a powerful quirk user. He should be eliminated first.

Most of Tanya's rounds went wide: not even she was perfectly accurate against a highly mobile target while she herself was moving at incredible speed, but her focus intensified as she saw her target battling Visha fiercely. Her Lieutenant could only dodge and weave, most of her Gottjager already dead.

At last, Tanya scored a hit, though not a fatal one. One of her magically infused bullets hit Midoriya in his right shoulder. Unlike in the movies, Tanya knew that a shot in the shoulder was crippling, and often fatal in combat. Someone with a damaged arm wouldn't be throwing any punches, nor would they be able to defend themselves. In fact, with her high powered rifle, it was likely she'd hit a major artery, and without treatment, her victim would bleed out in short order. Next, she turned her sights on the quaint little powered armor flying around, and aimed for a vital point.

"ONE FOR ALL! ONE THOUSAND PERCENT!" Izuku roared, and cocked back his…right arm!? That should have been impossible!

Unfortunately for Tanya, she had spent most of her time as a Horror character bullying hapless Comedy victims. This time, she had made the mistake of giving a Shonen Protagonist a Flesh Wound.

Which as everyone (who isn't a soulless office drone) knows, only makes them much more powerful.

The blow Tanya took hit her with the force of a literal hurricane, and sent her spiraling out of control. She lost sight of Visha as she was tossed about like a leaf on the wind. She didn't have time to recover though, as Izuku was right on top of her, body crackling with power, eyes blazing with unmatched fury. It was then that Tanya realized she had just threatened this boy's loved one, and that this might have been a slight miscalculation on her part.

She managed to dodge the next punch, jerking to the side and hastily casting a shield spell followed by a stabilization one then she pulled out her pistol and fired her entire clip into Izuku's side, hoping against hope to do more than piss him off. She was somewhat gratified to see him cry out in pain and tumble from the sky. She smirked to herself, ready to-


Tanya had just enough time to turn about before she was clubbed in the head with the barrel of a rail gun. She had enough time to think about how stupid it was for her opponent to be using a ranged weapon in melee, and then two lasers popped out of the mech's torso.


Down below, most of the horrors had been cleared out by the twin Explosions. Iris, however, was still having a rough time of things, battling against a multi-headed hydra with metallic flesh and corrosive breath. From what she recalled, the proper way to deal with a hydra the size of a Greyhound (the bus, not the dog) was to cut off a head then cauterize it.

Taking a page from Kazuma's book, she decided to skip to the part where she just killed it.

"Bakugo! Detonation on my mark!" Iris barked. "Kill this wretched thing!"

"I LOVE IT WHEN YOU TALK SHOP!" Bakugo cackled, jumping forward and spinning his axe to sever three heads at once.

"MARK! SACRED EXPLODE!" Iris shouted.

"HOWITZER IMPACT!" Bakogo roared at the same time, and together they blew the body of the hydra to smithereens, which was of course the more direct route of taking care of it.

Still though, more horrors came towards them, each seemingly more nightmarish than the last. To Iris's disgust, she recognized several Poison Slimes, though horribly mutated and twisted, from Belzerg's own collection of deadly beasts. They had been extinct before the Tomb had taken over, but it seemed they were back, and with a vengeance.

Behind Iris, the rest of her classmates, and even the other classes, gathered, preparing one final defense. It seemed like with one last push, they would be able to fight off the monsters.

Then, Iris saw people riding on the back of the creatures. Some of them had the odd forms of locals while more, along with the armor and weapons, she recognized as Gottjager. Thankfully, she didn't yet see any high-level enemies from the Tomb, but that could change.

"Those poison slimes are going to be a problem," Iris said, spitting to the side and glaring at the oncoming foes. She didn't even flinch when a few blasts of energy detonated near her. It was all too common now.

"Ah we can just blow those fuckers apart like the rest of them!" Bakugo laughed and tried to hide a wince. It looked like one of his ribs was bruised. When that had happened, Iris didn't know, but it was miraculous that no one on their side had died so far.


Iris glanced back to see Aqua picking up one of the kids from another class and dusting him off. She recalled his name was Sato, just like Kazuma, but beyond that he was utterly forgettable. He seemed to have been gored by a bull-like beast, but the water goddess had just picked him up and restored him to life.

A thought flashed through Iris's mind, and she shouted, "Aqua! Can you purify the slimes?"

"Of course, that's easy for a goddess like me!" Aqua laughed, skipping forward despite the raging battle all around her. She raised her hands and pointed, and the heavens opened up as the waters of the deep raged to the surface. "Sacred Create Water!"

Iris smiled in satisfaction as the poison slimes were instantly wiped out, while the rest of the horde was staggered. Some of the people got washed away in the torrent, and the rest were dazed and stunned.

"NOW IS OUR CHANCE! CHARGE!" Iris put word to action, and spirited forward, swinging her sword with all her might. "FOR BELZERG!"

Tanya was truly on the ropes now. She'd managed to dodge the lasers and had even put a few bullets into the mecha, but that damn Midoriya was back now and stronger than ever it seemed. He moved with such power and speed that even her magically enhanced senses and frame could barely keep up. This was a losing battle now, and Tanya knew it. She couldn't exactly track the battle below, but she could tell things were not going well, even with Aura Bella unleashing her various monstrosities. If the battle for the skies was lost, all was lost.

But she wasn't ready to give in just yet.

Tanya flew as fast as she ever had, using illusion magic, smoke grenades, flash bangs, and burning dangerously fast through her ammo on full auto to keep Midoriya off of her. It was somewhat easier to dodge the bursts of air, and he was clumsy compared to her, propelling himself forward by literally kicking the air so hard he was able to practically swim through it.

She just had to maneuver him just right, to get him into the position of the trap she had full confidence was already baited for her.

After some fancy aerial maneuvers, Tanya had the positioning just right. She flipped over on her back, aiming her rifle and firing off another burst, grinning madly. Despite all these years, this was the only time when she felt truly alive: when she fought for her life on the battlefield, risking it all against a foe that could crush her like a bug, if only they could come to grips with her.

Today, she triumphed again.

"OPEN FIRE!" Visha screamed from across from Tanya, and she and the remaining aerial Gottjager began to fill the air with explosive rounds, flak bursting all around Tanya

Midoriya and his mechanized companion cried out in pain as the shrapnel and magic bit into them. Tanya grinned, and pointed her rifle right at Midoriya's head. One more champion down.

Before she could pull the trigger, something bit into Tanya's back. She gasped in pain, blood spewing out of her mouth. Her muscles went limp, and she felt herself falling. Glancing down at her chest, she saw an…arrow? An arrow was sticking out of her chest, its metal head poking between her ribs. That would be her right lung then. It had probably nicked her heart as well.

Before consciousness fled from Tanya, she felt someone's arms wrap around her, and she smiled. Visha. Her beloved Lieutenant. Always there.

"Gotcha, bitch," Kazuma grunted, lowering his bow. It had been a one in a million shot to hit that blonde freak, but luckily, Kazuma made those sorts of shots all the time. He turned to Megumin, who was laying flat atop the bus, still limp. "Eh? What did you think of that shot?"

"Ten…points," Megumin gasped.

"WHAT!?" Kazuma pointed up at the sky. "That was literally an impossible shot! No one else could make it! How could you rate it-"

"On a ten point scale," Megumin clarified, giving Kazuma a mischievous grin. "Mere arrows do not deserve the same grand rating that an Explosion does. Speaking of, yours is…fifty points. A novice's effort."

"That's because unlike SOME people, I'm more than a one trick pony," Kazuma grumbled, fitting another arrow to his bowstring and scanning for targets of opportunity.

"That is not what you said last night. Perhaps I should force you to bed down elsewhere this evening," Megumin sniffed.

"Pff, you're too weak to stand, I'll just have my way with you," Kazuma said, aiming at the eye of an oncoming octopoidal bear-thing. He let loose, and the giant creature bellowed in rage, tentacles flailing about as it was blinded.

"Oh, you would molest a helpless young maiden? You truly are Pervzuma," Megumin huffed, though she was blushing furiously. After a pregnant pause, she added, "If you could give me a bit of mana, perhaps I could assist you with ravishing me."

"Sorry, I'm running near empty myself, and someone's gotta watch your backside," Kazuma told her with a wink. "Personally, I rather enjoy it. Your robe fell at a very interesting angle."

"Well then hurry up and win so that we can-"

Megumin was interrupted when Izuku crash landed on top of the bus, coming down with a pained grunt. In his arms, Kazuma caught sight of a bloodied form that had one of his arrows sticking out of her chest.

"Ok, what the hell, Izuku! Why didn't you let blondie die?!" Kazuma demanded. "Is that the Godslayer? Just crush her!"

"No time, incoming!" Izuku grunted, and above Kazuma there was the sound of gunfire.

He looked up in time to see Mei in her mecha fire off her railgun, shredding two of those flying soldiers. Letting out a yip, he dashed forward and touched Izuku's chest, chanting, "Lesser Heal!"

With that, he keeled over, having expended the last of his mana. He managed to lay down next to Megumin, and take her hand. "Well, it looks like we'll have to postpone that ravishing. I'm gassed now too."

"Pity. I am most in the mood after a satisfying Explosion, and seeing you fire off one as well had me in an amorous mood," Megumin said, then shifted just a little to put her head next to Kazuma's shoulder, and immediately fall asleep.

"Dummy. We're in the middle of a war," Kazuma yawned. But then he went to sleep anyway. Might as well not die tired, right?

Jumping back, Iris barely avoided a crushing blow from her opponent, a giant of a creature with a beak like that of a bird, and an exposed brain of all things. It didn't seem to be one of the magical beasts her foes had summoned, but it was powerful indeed, its blows strong enough to injure or even kill her if she was unwary.

"SACRED SWORD TECHNIQUE!" Iris snapped and grinned in vicious satisfaction as she drew blood, her thousand blows piercing the creature's chest.

However, the creature just ignored the flurry of blows, reaching forward with both arms. One clawed hand was sliced away, and an eye was put out, but the thing managed to grab Iris by the arm and rip away her sword, sending her slamming into the ground face first. She spat out dirt and blood as she was lifted into the air again, but refused to be cowed. She pointed one hand down and fired off a burst of energy that blew her foe's head clean off, and sent her tumbling across the ground.

When Iris came to rest, she found herself looking up into the bichromate eyes of a grinning elf girl. Something about that smile triggered every warning bell in Iris's soul, and she fired off a detonation spell that sent her skidding away in the direction she had come. She rolled to a kneeling position, breathing hard, and looked around for her sword.

A whip cracked through the air, and Iris cried out as it bit into her shoulder and sent her to the ground again, bleeding profusely.

"Well, you're that lost heir that had Demiurge all worked up! Guess it's time to fix that little mistake, isn't it?" the elf girl laughed, walking forward with her whip cocked for another blow.


The elf stepped to the side, frowning and hiding behind a giant worm that erupted from the ground, taking Bakugo's attack for her, though she was still buffeted by the blast. "Haven't you heard it's rude to interrupt someone when they're playing? Oh well, at least this should be more fun than standing up there and watching."

Iris scrambled for her sword, diving for it and managing to grab the hilt. She staggered up, raising it to a guard position, gritting her teeth despite the pain.

"Oh? Guess you're tougher than average. Well, I'm not supposed to do anything reckless, so I suppose I'll let my pet handle you," the elf sighed.

Iris blinked, then spun, deflecting a blow that was surely meant for her head. A man in a ragged cloak, a long tongue hanging from his mouth appeared, twin blades snaking for Iris' vitals. Ordinarily, it would have been child's play to deflect them, but as injured as she was, she could barely fight him off.

"The mistress demands you die," her foe, who Iris vaguely recognized as the one they called "Stained" hissed. He gave off the stench of undeath, which explained why he was working with the Tomb.

"You've killed your last hero," Iris growled, and attempted to launch an assault of her own.

Before she could, she noticed something odd. Stain's off hand sword flicked down, to a damp spot where Iris had bled into the ground a little. He brought his sword up to his lips, just as Iris was lunging for him.

Every muscle in her body locked up at once, and Iris crashed into the stranger's blades. One went into her chest, and she tried to gasp in pain. Behind her, she heard Bakugo screaming as he battled the elf, but he was obviously occupied.

"Your body shall serve the Tomb," Stained hissed. "A hero no more, you shall-"

A rocket propelled boot slammed into Stain's cheek so hard Iris heard bone snap. The next thing she knew, she was in the arms of Ida, even as Uraraka slapped her side.

"Get her out of here!" Uraraka ordered, turning to face Stained, who despite what should have been a broken neck by the new angle of his head, was getting back up. "I'll deal with him!"

Iris could only watch, still paralyzed, as Uraraka and Stained faced off. Stained's swords were swift, but as Uraraka could basically fly, he couldn't touch her. The fight ended conclusively only moments later, when Uraraka got off a spell that made the swordsman weightless.

Stained floated up into the air, struggling to get a purchase, but it was too late. Uraraka picked up a fallen tree truck, turning it weightless. She swung it with all her might, slamming it into Stained like a baseball bat. One half of the already dead villain went north, the other south. Uraraka waited until both halves were at a lethal height, then released him. They splattered to the ground, and this time didn't move again.

Then Iris was in Aqua's arms, and healing magic washed over her. She gasped as she was able to move again, and staggered up. "Bakugo!"

"Relax," Aqua told Iris, smiling. "The battle's over."

"What!? That elf, she is of the tomb, and-"

There was a sonic boom, and something slammed into one of the last Kaiju so hard that the creature's body caused a landslide. Then an entire iceberg formed, cutting off half the remaining enemy soldiers.

"FEAR NOT!" All Might bellowed, standing up, his blue eyes burning with fury. "FOR WE ARE HERE!"

"CURSED CRYSTAL PRISON!" Wiz shouted, and another monster was frozen solid.

"Sorry it took us so long," All Might said, flexing as he turned towards his foes. "We were dropping Eri off at school."

"Took you long enough," Bakugo panted, leaning on his axe. "Almost…almost finished up here."

"Huh. Well, guess this one's a bust then," the elf said. She frowned at Wiz. "Your time will come, traitor. To become human? How disgusting. Next time, this is for keeps."

Then she vanished into thin air, causing All Might to blink in confusion. "What…?"

"Camouflage spell, then a teleport item," Wiz said, coming to stand beside All Might. "That was Aura Bella Fiora. One of the Generals of the Tomb. If she is here…"

"Then we do not have much time," All Might agreed. He turned back towards Iris and the other students, his face grim. "I am afraid summer camp is canceled."

"Man," Mineta said, sighing heavily as he sat down, his scalp bleeding. "And here, I wanted to see Ram in a swimsuit…"

Iris closed her eyes, and set down, hard. One battle was won. But these had just been pawns.

She didn't even see as Aqua hurried over, and began healing one of her old friends.

The Godslayer wasn't out yet.

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