After the defeat of the Chaos Kin, Palutena's Spirit had returned to her body and all seemed to be just fine now. Accept that the vile creature wasn't going to give up easily, decided to go for new pray. Turning it's attention to Pit's alternate copy, Dark Pit, the Chaos Kin's remains went after him and drags him off the floating platform into the abyss...

Dark Pit:"Augh!"

Pit:"Oh no! Pittoo!"

Not wanting anyone else to perish, Pit gave chase and jumped off the platform after them...

Pit:"Viridi, I need to fly!"

Viridi:"You already used to power of flight! Don't you remember? If I enable it again now, your wings will catch fire!"

Pit:"The Chaos Kin is going to destroy Pittoo. Don't you see what's at stake here?! I don't care if my wings catch fire!"

Viridi:"No way! Just forget about it! I'm pulling you out!"

Pit:"No! Stop! If we don't help him right now, we won't have another chance! I'm begging you Viridi! Let me fly! NOW!"

Viridi:"Fine! But whatever happens to you isn't my fault!"

And so, Pit made the ultimate decision as he felt the intense burning sensation of his wings setting ablaze. It was all so that his dark counterpart may still live...

Viridi:"Hang in there, Pit! Stay strong!"

Dark Pit:""

The flames were burning Pit alive, turning his wings into ashes. But he didn't care, he just wanted to see to it that Dark Pit makes it out of this alive. After such agonizing moments, Pit managed to reach Dark Pit in the nick of time. They soon returned to solid ground with the help of Viridi. Dark Pit's life may have been saved, but at the greatest of cost.

Dark Pit:"How's Pit?"

Viridi:"Pit...Pit's in bad shape. He can't fly. He's barely breathing."

Upon seeing her fallen angel, Palutena holds her champion and remembers a few things he once said to her...

Pit:"My wish would be to fly by myself...I'll return to Skyworld victorious!"

Palutena:"...Oh, Pit..."

...They couldn't save him. Out of all the casualties of war, Pit had to have been the one that impacted them all the hardest. But Pit's sacrifice wasn't in vain, for Dark Pit stilled lived and fought in his twin's position. The war would end quicker than anyone had anticipated, as Dark Pit fought without remorse, without mercy and without relent. Dark Pit had destroyed the underworld forces in the most brutal ways imaginable, and he had no one to answer to; not to Palutena or Viridi, everything he did was out of burning rage and vengeance. For without the original, Dark Pit felt like his purpose in this world would be no more. He saw to it to kill as many creatures as possible, hoping to channel his rage, which was to no effect. For his anger was growing with his lust for blood.

Soon enough, even the Lord of the Underworld, Hades was at his non-existent mercy...

Hades:"(straining) Heh. It's not surprise to me that you have it in you to finish me with such brutality, Pittoey. I'm so proud of you."

Dark Pit:"Shut up! (beats Hades up) There's nothing. For you. For anybody. To be proud of! You wanted me as the polar opposite of Pit! Well now, you've got your wish!"

Hades:"Well, that's the spirit! Come on, finish me!"

Dark Pit:"(raises her blade) Don't have to tell me twice, you Goddamn monster!"

The blood of Hades had stained all of the underworld, and the souls of the damned were free from his corruption, finally able to find piece. Dark Pit was looked up to as a new champion and a hero, but he didn't care for the title. After all the monster blood he spilled, after destroying Hades himself, Dark Pit still couldn't find peace. He didn't even know...why he was even still alive. He thought that with Pit's death, he would perish as well. But here he is, walking upon the saved earth, feeling cursed to be alive. And even now, his anger and bloodlust could not be quenched. Dark Pit could now only take his anger out on the least people anyone would blame Pit's death upon...mortals...

Palutena:"Dark Pit! Listen to me! There's no reason for you to take your anger out on the mortals!"

Viridi:"Stop this mindless violence at once! We command you!"

Dark Pit:"You're not the boss of me! No one is! And I. Will. Never. STOP!"

Village to city to country, no one was safe from Dark Pit's destruction. It almost seemed like he was determined to see the human race put to extinction. Even with Palutena and Virdi's desperate actions in hoping to stop him, Dark Pit made it clear that there was nothing he could burst through with endless force. But after what seemed like a life time of endless slaughter, Dark Pit even grew bored of his murderous actions, now finding himself resting by a beach side that was near the outskirts of another village he put to another devastation...

Dark Pit:"...Now what? There's nothing I can do to quench this rage of mine. Nothing except...him...I always asked myself...why am I even still here? Shouldn't I have faded out of existence by now? If he dies, I die...right? How could I even be alive if he's gone?...And why couldn't it have been me? He didn't...he didn't have to do that...I'm not even worth it... Doesn't matter. Without him, I have no purpose either way...and so, there's only one future for me."

As he picked himself up, Dark Pit was about to depart until he felt something clench onto him...

Dark Pit:"What the-?"

Looking down, Dark Pit was surprised to see a little boy, who looked around the age of eight, wearing but a plain tunic and sandals, hugging the angel and not wanting to let go...

Dark Pit:"What are you doing? Get off me!"

But the boy held tightly onto Dark Pit's waist, and as Dark Pit tried to shake him off, he got a good look at the boy's face. What he was...surprising. It was almost like..looking in a mirror...reflecting the past. Dark Pit didn't move; he merely put a hand on the boy's shoulder as he had such strange thoughts enter his mind...

?:"Pittoo! Pittoo!"

Dark Pit:"What?! What did you call me?"

?:"Pittoo! That's you!"

Dark Pit:"No one's called me that since..."

Looking at the boy's face once more, seeing tears of joy form in the boy's eyes, Dark Pit came to a great realization that shook his world...

Dark Pit:"...Pit.?"

Pit:"Yay! You remember me!"

Dark Pit:"But...but how?"

Pit:"I don't know, but this is me! I'm alive!...Sorry to keep you waiting."

Hearing that was all Dark Pit needed to know that this was his old twin. And he felt something that he hadn't felt in a long time. He felt...happy. Scooping the kid in his arms, Dark Pit hugged the young human with grace and joy, haven't feeling this happy in forever. But not just that, he also felt...complete once more...

Dark Pit:"I knew something was missing...It's great to see you Pit."

Pit:"It's great to see you too! How is everybody?"

Dark Pit:"Hmm?"

Pit:"Lady Palutena and Viridi. How are they doing?"

Dark Pit:"...You know what? I think it's time we go meet them."

At Skyworld, the temple of Palutena was silent. For the Goddess herself didn't take it so well when her beloved angel was gone, leaving her kingdom shrouded in shadows. But soon enough, Dark Pit arrived and had a surprise for Lady Palutena...

Palutena:"Dark Pit. Have you finally come to your senses and stopped your acts of destruction?"

Dark Pit:"I have. All because I had a visit from an old friend."

Palutena:"Whatever do you mean?"

It was then that Palutena noticed that Dark Pit was carrying a human boy in his arms. At first she was confused, but as she saw the boy's face and how he smiled at her, she too soon realized who it was...


Palutena:"Can it be?...Pit?"

Pit ran from Dark Pit's arms and hugged Palutena's dress. Palutena's eyes were filled with tears as she took the boy up and hugged him. Now she too felt complete...

Palutena:"I don't believe it! Pit, it really is you! I missed you so much."

Pit:"I missed you too! But I prayed to you, every night, hoping that you'd hear me."

Palutena:"I thought I heard a familiar voice somewhere on earth."

Suddenly, the moment was interrupted by Viridi showed up, being carried by vines and with Phosphora and Arlon showing up with her. She didn't seem very happy, as she came with her feet stomping on the ground...

Viridi:"Alright, Palutena! What is so important that you needed me to show up here?!"

Palutena:"I didn't call you."

Dark Pit:"Actually, I did. There was something, well, more like someone, I wanted you to see."

Viridi:"Well, what is it?!"

And with that, Palutena put Pit down and made him face Viridi, and he was joyed to see even her again...


Viridi:"And who's this kid?"

Dark Pit:"Take a good look at him."


As she looked into the eyes of the child, it wasn't long before she realized him to be an old friend. One she missed very much, but could never really confess that. But without warning, Viridi found herself getting hugged by the child, and that caught her by surprise. But instead of kicking him off, she seemed frozen for a short moment...

Arlon:"Excuse me, young sir, but to suddenly hug Mistress Viridi is strictly prohibited."

Phosphora:"Who are you to do something so rude?"

Viridi:"Arlon! Phosphora! It's okay! I know who this is!"


Phosphora:"How could you know who this? I thought you didn't like mortals."

Viridi:"Phosphora, it's Pit!"

Phosphora:"Say what?"

Pit:"Hi, Phosphora!"

Phosphora:"Pit?! But that's...impossible!"

Pit:"I was reborn! I'm human now!"

Viridi:"I'm not gonna lie, I really did miss you, Pit."

Pit:"I missed you too, Viridi. I even prayed to you, in hopes you wouldn't hate humans anymore."

Viridi:"That was you? I always listened to every word you said. But I never thought it'd be you."

Pit just keeps on hugging his old friends as they all feel like everything's good once more...

Pit:"I may not be an angel anymore...but, at least I'm alive."

Palutena:"It was very nice seeing you, Pit. It's felt like forever."

Dark Pit:"Yeah...but he can't stay."


Dark Pit:"He's mortal now. He belongs on the earth."

Having realized that Pit could no longer be with them the way it was before almost broke the fixed cracks they had. But it was for the best, Pit may no longer be part of their world, but he was still their friend...

Palutena:"...I understand."

Viridi:"So do I...take care of yourself."

Pit:"Thanks guys. Watch over me, okay?"

They embraced each other one last time, before Dark Pit had to take Pit back to the earth. There were once more on the beach, and the two stared at each other for a long while...

Dark Pit:"I hope I get to see you again soon, Pit. You made me feel whole again."

Pit:"Yeah, I know the feeling."


The two turned their heads to see a woman calling out for Pit, running towards them. She was full grown woman, dressed in robes and had light brown hair. Her face was also where Pit got his good looks from..

Dark Pit:"Is that-?"

Pit:"Yeah. I gotta go."

Dark Pit:"See you around, Pit."

Pit:"...You too, Pittoo."

As Dark Pit took off, Pit ran over to the woman, who quickly scooped him up and hugged with such care, not wanting anything bad to happen to her own bad...

Woman:"Pit! Are you okay?!"

Pit:"It's okay, mom! I'm fine."

Woman:"Was angel?"

Pit:"Yeah. He was a friend."

Woman:"But, why...why go and talk to it?"

Pit:"Because I just knew...I knew I was missing something."