It was a sunny day.

A pleasant day, with people from all works going about their job humming to themselves and some tourists taking in the sights around a rapid clicking sound from the camera on their phones.
The city was radiating joy and vitality.

And right in that bright environment was an anomaly. A 34 year old guy was driving his truck in the suburbs grumbling and cursing the gods.
"Why the fuck am I still doing this shit in here. Three months and the bastard doesn't find it humane to give day's worth of holiday"
And right then as if to mock him even more a bird shat right on his windscreen in front of him when he was about to take turn. The driver's vision was blocked and tried to apply the brakes but was too late as his truck collided with a man trying to cross the road right at that instant.

BOOM! The truck was flung right across the street, tumbling more than 4 times as it came to stop. People started crowding around the truck and when some of the tried to get close to rescue the driver the truck exploded and burst into flames.

Next Day's Headlines

A truck driver succumbed to death in the streets of Omonoia under mysterious circumstances.
Eye witnesses say that the truck did not crash into anything and just tumbled on its own. All videos of that accident in the traffic surveillance cameras are indecipherable and only showing static. the police is investigating further into the incident.

Present Time

Walking through the streets, heading towards his home was a five year old boy hand in hand with twenty three year old woman.
"Sister Nasia, did we really have to buy all this stuff? Father rarely comes to the church and sister Violetta is also in St Nektarios. And I really doubt a couple of bratty children can finish all this stuff.

"Mind your language Periklis. And half of this food is because you keep getting hungry every other hour! Hehe Sister Agathi keeps crying to me about it you know. No wonder she prefers calling you Limos."

"Oy oy! The others are more than enough you know, I don't want you to start calling me that too."

"But you should be proud! Your nickname is actually a deity." She giggled.

"And the said deity is a goddess of starvation and famine. And she is a female! My nickname is a female god of starvation and famine. How is that any good?"

"Who told you to keep pestering sister Agathi in the kitchen all the food?"

"But I keep getting hungry! It's not my fault that my metabolism rate is so fast"

"I have no idea from where you keep learning such words Periklis. Are you sure you are not Limos herself reincarnated?" She kept on teasing the boy.
"Why would a female reincarnate in a boy's body. And aren't you supposed to be following Jesus and the Holy Bible, why are we discussing Greek gods here?"

Finally bantering and debating on the way they reached the doors of the orphanage.
The child finally breathed a sigh, glad that the talk about reincarnation was finally over. If only sister Nasia knew how close she was to the truth. After all the said boy is me.

Periklis Kallides a.k.a Pierce Kalish

A former truck driver and supervisor of a goods delivering company currently residing in the body of a 5 year old.

5 years ago

When I first gained consciousness in this life I was being held by man in white, everything was so blurry but I could definitely make out shapes and colors and boy was I freaked out.

There was this giant of a human who was probably leering at me. Maybe it was because I was not of his tribe and just a normal human. I was definitely being carried and passed from one giant to another giant and then finally to a giantess. She was probably cooing? Why would a giantess coo at me? And why am I not able to speak back at her? And what is that language that they are speaking? I am pretty sure there were no giants on earth.

Don't tell me that all those mythological creatures are real! Does that mean I have a chance of meeting a Minotaur? Would calling a Minotaur bull headed be considered an insult? Hmm do Cyclops use eyeliners? Wait a minute! Hey giantess lady! Why on earth are you taking out your breasts? Oh wait, wait! Am I going to go second base with this woman?

Should I be excited or horrified? I wonder how half breeds come out.

And with that I finally tasted what breast milk erotica was all about.

After quelling my hunger and curiosity I finally realized what really happened. I had reincarnated or transmigrated or isekai'd or whatever you want to say. It was a big blow considering that I believed in the Christian God and the Buddha and Hare Krishna etc, I mean whoever helped my truck delivering job get better. So why was I right here in the body of a baby? Was I sent here with my memories so that I could drive my truck better? Isn't that a bit too much!

And coming back to that how did I die? I remember driving around a turn and colliding with that person and then the sparks and explosion and then blackout. Hmmmmmm so does that mean my truck exploded because I had an accident and crashed into a just a lean and thin and weak human! The fuck dammit! Was that some kind of prank from the higher entities?

I-I-I really died. I was reborn. My 34 years of life gone. My truck and my job gone, well maybe that's a good thing. But I am never gonna meet my sister again. My nephew and niece are gone. M-My friends gone. Everything is g-gone. And with that my thoughts died and I finally did what a baby was supposed to do. I cried.

I think I cried for an hour or so. Could be less or could be more. My grasp on the passage of time is not very good right now. I really miss my wrist watch right now. This is really going to suck. And I let out a weary sigh. Though I don't know whether babies can sigh or not.

I have read a lot of reborn and transmigrated novels and fan-fiction. And pretty much all of them say that growing up from toddler to teen is a big ass pain. And how did most of them know which world they are from just by listening to their parent's blabbering?

For me I can't really understand a single word they say. I could hear something like 'mitra', 'krimata' and 'eos'. I really do wonder where I am. Why can't it be that easy for me? I can't understand shit from here. At least speak some keywords like 'Arkley', 'Raccoon city', 'T- Virus', 'Umbrella' and stuff like that. But I do hope it's not that world. Or for that matter any apocalypse world.

Maybe it's the one where modern society mixes with monsters? Like One-Punch Man, or the one with body possessing virus like parasyte the maxim. I think I would probably be fucked ten times over if it is ' I Am Legend' what are the chances of me being in 0.2 percent of unaffected people?

Ugh! Now I hate all those characters who come with inbuilt knowledge about their place of birth and world, with a facial recognition app that tells them directly who they are talking to and which world they are all in. Cause I can't see shit with these eyes of mine as everything is just blurred like an R rated movie on television. I was starting to get a bit too stressed and nearly cried again before stopping my thinking marathon and tried looking for my giantess mother.

Ahh there she is right in front of my face. I tried moving but I couldn't do jackshit. Haa! I let out a sigh again. This is definitely going to take a lot of time to get used to. Not being able to move as you like is going to be a major bum for the next few months. I suddenly feel real respect to all those differently abled people who go on with their live with limited body functionality.

I was suddenly picked up by another woman, who probably stared at me for five minutes and then put me in another crib. Maybe staring back at her for the whole five minutes was a bad idea. Do babies cry at being stared at? I really need to think a lot about these baby scenarios. But this crib is really soft! If only I could turn my body right now it would be best. I wish my truck's driving seat was as comfortable as this.

And with all these thought I finally went to sleep.