1 year later

After all the paranoia, doubting and distrusting of all the adults that are there in my life, my life did not go to normal. My strength continued to increase with my training and I my muscles have started becoming toned. And let me tell you that six year old kids with abs do not look cute. I had seen those abnormal kids on YouTube and social media, but having that done to yourself is amazing and a bit freaky. I mean It's getting even harder to hide the changes of my body. I can't even roam shirtless around here. I mean what's the use of those abs if you can't even show it? I'm pretty sure even Sister Violetta would have been impressed! But my inner 'fury' said not to take any risk. So I now spend most of my time outside. But the streets of this city are even better! I actually joined a gang! I mean they are just glorified thieves but they call themselves 'The Spiros' which means basket used to carry seeds. Here the baskets are us children and the seeds are drugs. It's mostly made up of kids with age ranging from ten years to seventeen years. The younger ones do the stealing because most of them are from poor families and the idea of getting more money is a good enough lure for them. Many of the older children are in this stealing business because by now they have gotten used to this and now want to get noticed by the Mafia and the Crime families. Many of them have now started on drug dealing on behalf of them and if successful, then move on to work for them.

I don't have any interest in working with drugs or working for the mafia and the crime families, but I really need money as soon as possible. Now you must be thinking what would a six year old need money for? Isn't the orphanage providing everything to him? And how could an educated man start stealing from people? Do you not know it is morally wrong?

Yeah, the orphanage only provides the basic needs, and that too is getting difficult by the day. I need a lot of resources if I want to have any chance to get stronger. The amount of food I intake is already past the point of disbelief. I also need specialized equipment for training cause lifting chairs and tables is not enough now. And the job prospects for a seven year old orphan are not very favorable these days. And so about the morals part, they probably took a backseat the moment I realized I was different and would probably need to struggle for my life consider the flags that have been rising continuously around me.

So here I am, travelling in a bus right behind a man who is wearing baggy jeans. I really want to say my thanks to those fashionistas who brought it in fashion. Pick-pocketing is now so much easier! Hope fully this guy here has enough money to last a week.

"Next Stop Monastēraki"

'Mission Successful!' With the pick-pocketed money in my pocket, I got down at Monastēraki and decided to walk around a little. After all some amount of relaxation is also necessary you know. After roaming around the street for an hour, I decided to head back and prepare fore the last escapade for today in the bus.

I boarded the bus to return home. It was evening time hence the bus was full and stealing was much easier. All I needed was a target who was distracted enough. And nobody raises their guard against a seven year old, especially a cute one like me ;-)

I now wait for the the bus to reach the stop near my home and I go and stand near my target for this trip. A lady who is hanging her purse by the side and talking to someone in front. Due to height difference, the purse is dangling right in front of me. This so easy. Wasn't it supposed to be exciting and edge of the seat stuff? When just as I am supposed to be taking the money out, the bus suddenly applies brakes and then I lurch forward and then we both fall and I am on top of her. Our eyes meet and we stare at each other and get lost in the depth of each other's eyes. Then suddenly her friend disturbs the passionate moment. She gets flustered and gets back on her feet and we keep stealing glances at each other all the way.

"Next Stop Mitropoleos street"

The shrill voice shattered my fantasy. Holding the stolen bills from that idiotic women I went to the front and waited for my stop. After reaching there, I got down and walked towards the Market while counting my ill gotten gains. 'This much should be enough to last me about two weeks. I can rest it easy for now.

Now you may think Six year old's are easy to be duped, but when you are wearing faded clothes and shorts that are oversized, you naturally evoke sympathy and pity in others. So finding the right target is very important. Does the shopkeeper have a family? Does he have a daughter/son who is of nearly the same age as you? Chances are that this shit will work wonderfully and you now have a dealer who is willing to provide you at slightly lower rates or he may add a couple of freebie here and there.

Now you see I too had a dealer that I found after a lot of difficulties. It was Mr Terzis. A normal looking middle aged man who owned a furniture shop. It took about a month of spying, surveillance and eavesdropping to finally find out that he was married and had twins, a son and a daughter who were about a year older than me. Then it was some drama and performance time as I first started out as a child interested in his shop and I would simply sit outside his shop for a couple of hours and then leave. This continued for about a week. After his employees noticed me he called me up and asked why I hung around his shop everyday. It was easy to feign interest that the tools were very attractive and also subtly slide in that I was poor and looking for scrap wood and metal. A bit of flattery added here and there about how interesting his work is and bam!

The fish has hooked on to the bait. Add on my age which is similar to his children and you got the fish reeled in too.

So now after a month I all that I have to do is to tactfully request him to make some miniature pouches to fill in stuff, some small pointy metals nicked in here and there and voila! You got weight for training and weapons for self defense.

So now after making all the purchases I left for the orphanage with high spirits.

After reaching the orphanage I now had to sneak in again, considering the amount of prohibited items for six year old's I was carrying.

I climbed up the wall near the backyard which was two meters high which was very normal

and then proceeded to jump down which as very normal. I was doing all these stunts while carrying items weighing around five kilograms which again I repeat was very normal.

After sneaking in and depositing the illegal objects in my secret hole in the garden I laid down in bed and started to think about the future.

I will be starting school in a two months and that would mean more sleeping in the day and training at night. The Amount of surveillance is now bound to increase as we will be now attending the '7th Primary School' which means 5 hours of continuous brainwashing in presence of the organization's trained agents. Will they Imperius us children? Or use one of those Millennium keys? Or does the organization have its own Archangel Satellite Network? Or maybe instead of a 'Program: Alice' they will now have a 'Program: Periklis'?

And to think this brainwashing scheme will now go on for the next twelve years. Code named

Primary School

which is for the first six years


which is for the next three years


which is for the last three years

Haaaah! Sigh!

Why is it so hard to survive in this damn world?

For god's sake It's too damn stressful of a life for a six year old man-child ya know!

Well gotta stop moaning about this shitty world and think of some contingency plans to tackle this organization.

And that is to 'Get away from here as soon as possible.'

Now deserting any Organization comes with its own hurdles and issues. Ever seen anyone leaving a secret organization in pleasant terms? Yep, me neither.

I mean what is the probability that I will have a whiskered best friend who will keep pining after me and try to save me from getting a kill order from the organization?

Or having a team leader with his brain made of rubber who will welcome me back even if I steal his ship and all his money?

Yeeeeeah! The chances are probably zero.

So I will definitely have to depend on myself and do all the work alone.

First is Intelligence. For that I am unfortunately totally depended on the church and the training school I will be going to. The only respite I have is that they probably won't expect that there is already a grown ass man inside this cute little child's mind.

As far as my superhuman powers go, while I am a lot stronger than a normal 6 year old, I will still be totally creamed if I get in a fight with an adult. So strength and combat training is paramount. Which means that I still need some more formative years to get physically stronger to at least have a fighting chance against the agents of the Organization.

O great Soteria!

The goddess of Safety and Deliverance!

Don't let any hiccups appear in my plans.