This is something that I was going to write a years ago. I thought I would try to write it now after reading the latest update for the story 'Legacy of the Light Hawk' by Chrisdz. Though with my story Harry will never the light hawk wings. That's all I'm going to reveal before you read this.

Prologue - Project: Lily

Washu sat in her lab watching the many different monitors that kept track of her experiments. Her eyes coming to rest on one monitor time and again.

That one had very little information. It only showed a heart rate, blood pressure, brain activity, and a name. Lily.

As she sat there she started reminiscing about when the idea had come to her to try the experiment.

Over a thousand years ago Washu had come to a backwater world because she had gotten readings of an unknown energy from it.

As she sat in orbit monitoring the surface she found that the energy readings were scattered all across the planet. Though there did seem to be a concentration of it on a fairly large sized island in it's Northern Hemisphere.

She steered her ship towards the island. Taking her ship lower into the atmosphere and turning on its cloaking device.

As she got closer to the ground and the source of the energy she saw a castle being constructed next to a lake. She also saw that there was a decent sized forest near by and a small village.

When she started to try and get any type of readings from the area she found some unusual results.

There were blips of the energy scattered all throughout the village, but there was a large amount around the castle. She started to concentrate her scans on the castle and the area around it. As she watched the monitors and looked out the window she was surprised when they went dead and the castle disappeared.

Quickly thinking she called upon her higher sense's. What she saw astounded her. The castle was surrounded by an energy field that was warping reality around it. She also saw that the blips of energy were actually people who were using that same energy.

After she dropped her higher sense's she decided that she needed to get a closer look at what was going on. She took and brought her ship down in the lake. She then left her ship by phasing through it and landing on the shore. As she did this she changed her clothes to look like that of the locals. Fortunately she didn't have to change her looks beyond that, because she had the same physical looks as them.

As she wondered around she eventually made her way to the nearby village. She wondered around a bit listening to conversations and concentrating on what looked like the written language. After about twenty minutes she was able to both understand what was spoken as well as read their writing.

She made her way to a building with a sign that said 'Hog's Head'. Shrugging her shoulders she headed for it. Inside she saw a grizzled old man behind the counter and a few patrens scattered at the tables. One though actually stood out to her.

He had hair the color of a red giant star just before it went super nova. He sat at a table in a corner of the room with his back against the corner itself. She saw as his eyes were scanning the room, most likely looking for trouble, when they stopped on her. The man actually blinked before he tilted his head, in a kind of cute way.

"If I'm going to try and figure any of this out I'm going to have to talk to someone. Besides he is kinda handsome, in a warrior way," she thought as she walked towards him.

When she got next to his table he got up and bowed, "Hello my Lady. May I ask if you would give me the pleasure of your company."

"I would love to. Though I would like to know the name of my companion before I sit down," she replied with a slight giggle.

"My name is Godric Gryffindor. One of the best battle wizards in the known world and a founder of 'Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry'," he told her as he stood up and held out a chair for her to sit in.

"I'm Washu Hakubi. Did you say you were a Wizard?" she said as she sat down.

"Yes. I'm guessing that you are a non-Magical," he replied with a frown.

"This is the first time I've ever heard of anyone calling themselves a Wizard out right. You see I come from a far off land where anyone who said that would be considered crazy," she told him with a small quirk of her lips.

"I see. If you want I can show you some proof," he said as he pulled out a stick from one of his pockets.

She looked at the stick and then him before she asked, "Using that stick?"

"It's called a wand and yes with it," he told her with a smile.

The first thing he did was produce a bouquet of flowers, that just happened to be the same color as her hair. Next he shot sparks out of the tip of his wand. Finally he gave her a huge smile before he pointed his wand at one of his empty cups and turned it into a cabbit before changing it back.

She blinked when she saw this because it was the same form as what she made her youngest daughter. "What do you call that creature you made at the end?"

He put his finger against his chin in thought, "I think I will call it a cabbit. A sort of combination of a rabbit and a cat."

"I like this man. I'm going to get to know him better as I pump him for information on this 'Magic'," she thought as she gave him a genuine smile of happiness.

Washu stayed on the planet for a few years. She got so close to Godric that she told him about who and what she was.

He didn't believe her at first, but after she took him into space on her ship he actually asked her to marry him.

She was reluctant at first, but finally agreed to it. They had a secret ceremony with only his fellow founders in attendance.

They actually lived a peaceful life with him teaching his students about what Magic was and how to use it. While Washu continued to try and study the energy that they were tapping into for their spells.

About a year after their marriage tragedy struck. A Dark Lord came and killed Godric along with the other founders.

Washu left the planet then in morning at the loss of her husband and friends.

It was about twenty-five years ago that the love interest of her oldest daughter freed her from the imprisonment forced on her by a former student.

After that she found out that the planet she had visited a thousand years ago was the same one her daughter was currently living on.

In between adventures with her new friends and family she set about seeing if Magic still existed. She got readings around the planet, but there were more of them. She also found more areas that had similar displacements on them that she had observed so long ago.

While she was doing this she started to reminisce about Godric and regretted never having any children with him. She then remembered that she had a tissue sample of his DNA that she could combine with hers to make a child.

It took one try to get their two DNA's to combine and with reluctance she grew her new child in a test tube. She speed up the development process so that the child was ready to be taken out of the tube in a mere month instead of nine.

Washu was over joyed with her new daughter, whom she named Lily. She tried to raise her in secret in her lab, but with people barging in all the time and Lily having bouts of Magic that sorted out her equipment. She knew she wouldn't be able to.

When everyone was asleep one night she took Lily and teleported to the country of England, were she had meet Godric and the others. She left Lily at an orphanage with a pendent.

She had made the pendent especially to be able to monitor Lily. It was designed to block magical energy while transmitting her vitals to Washu's lab.

Over the course of the next twenty years she watched Lily grow through the monitor and her own secret sattilites that she sent up.

With them she was able to get pictures of her on her birthdays, when she married, and a few glimpses of a grandchild.

About sixteen months after her first glimpse of her grandchild through the sattilites she was startled out of her memories by a loud sound.

She looked at the monitor that it was coming from and paled. It was the one for Lily. It showed that her vitals had all ceased.

Without thinking she ran out of her lab and grabbed her second oldest daughter from the floor.

When she got outside she threw her up into the air and said "Ship Now!"

Her daughter floated there for a second before she transformed into a black ball with four spikes pointing up and another four pointing down.

Washu floated up and phased into the ship before it took off and shot off into the sky.

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