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Chapter 3 – Birthday Party

Over the course of the next eight months life in the Masaki house returned to normal. Well, normal for them.

Everyone took the time to get to know little Harry in their own way. Sasami was the first to interact with him. She helped Washu feed him as well as letting him watch as she made the meals for the family.

Tsunami also interacted with him at this time, because Sasami and her shared a body. It was due to her that they found out about the piece of soul that was stuck in his scar.


Tsunami was looking at a sleeping Harry as she addressed Washu, "Sister, there's some sort of parasitical soul piece in Harry's scar."

Washu quickly turned her head to her, "Please tell me that there's a way to remove it."

Tsunami thinned her lips before answering her, "There is, but we need to prepare a proper receptacle for it."

"How long will that take?" Washu asked her worriedly.

"I'm not sure. I can see about five lines leading from it off into the distance. I am guessing from that that this is only one piece of the soul. It takes someone doing something Extremely Dark and Evil to split their soul like that," she told her in concern.

Washu thought for a second before she said, "I would like you to check something really quick."

Tsunami looked at her but nodded and followed as she led her to a secluded part of the lab. When they got there, Tsunami saw a two-story house with a section of the top story blown away.

"This is my daughter's house. I brought it here to make sure Harry would get everything and to give Lily and her husband a proper burial. There's something I want you to look at in the nursery," Washu told her as they entered the house.

Tsunami could feel the sadness radiating off her sister by just being here. She could also feel some of the same darkness that was coming from Harry's scar. As they entered the nursery, she immediately turned her head to stare at the blackened outline on the wall.

"That's what you wanted me to see isn't it?" she asked her while pointing at it.

Washu nodded, "Does that have anything to do with my grandson's scar?"

Tsunami closed her eyes before turning to her sister with a frown, "I'm afraid it does. It has the same type of Dark Energy that the soul piece in Harry's scar."

"I'm going to use this signature along with the one from Harry's scar after we remove it to track down every last piece of that person and make them pay for harming our family," Washu told her as she tightened her fists to the point that blood started to drip on the floor of the room.

"I will help you sister. What this person has done is an abomination against the natural order of the Universe that we created," Tsunami replied as she guided her from the house.


It was not until Harry's birthday in July that anything else happened.

Just before noon Washu felt three unknown presences with Magical energy enter the barrier around the Masaki residence. She walked to the front door and waited for one of them to knock on the door before she opened it.

There standing on the porch were two women and a huge man. Both women were dressed in older looking clothing. One with dark hair and wearing glasses the other with lighter hair and having a matronly air about her. The man was at least two feet taller than them with wild hair.

"Can I help you folks?" she asked them.

"Yes. I am Minerva McGonagall, this is Poppy Pomfrey and Rubeus Hagrid. Albus said that we could find Harry Potter here," the dark-haired woman answered her.

Washu narrowed her eye's and crossed her arms, "Are you here on your own or because that long-bearded fool told you to come?"

Minerva and Poppy looked surprised when asked this, but Minerva answered, "I'm here because Harry's parents, Lily and James, were both my students at Hogwarts. I just wanted to come and check to make sure he was alright."

Poppy on the other hand told her, "I'm Hogwarts school nurse. Minerva asked me to come along to check and make sure he's healthy."

"I wanted to come and check on him. His parents were good friends of mine while they went to Hogwarts," Hagrid told her with a huge smile on his face.

Washu could tell that the two women were completely sincere in their answers, while Hagrid was purposely leaving something out. She sighed, "Come in."

Washu then lead them into the living room where everybody else was. They all looked up seeing the three newcomers. After she introduced them to the family, they all sat down with Washu picking up Harry and setting him in her lap.

"So, Harry, do you want to open your presents first or eat your birthday cake?" Washu asked him.

Harry tilted his head in thought, causing all the females in the room to smile at how cute he was when he did that.

It took Harry a few minutes to come to a decision, because it was really hard for the two-year-old to decide. When he did, he said, "Pwesent."

Washu nodded, "Who wants to go first?"

"I will," said Ayeka and she handed a small box to him. When he opened it there was a small tree inside. He looked at her a little confused.

"That is one of the Royal trees from Jurai. I asked my father if it would be alright to give you one and he told me that it would be an honor for you to have it," she told him with a smile.

Washu was surprised because the Royal trees of Jurai were meant for the Royal family only. She then leaned down and whispered to Harry, "Tell her thank you Harry."

"Thank you Auntie Ayeka," he told her still not understanding the meaning of the gift. Ayeka groaned when she heard that.

Next to give Harry his present was Mihoshi. What she gave him was a flat piece of technology which just made him even more confused than the tree.

It was Washu who asked, "What is that?"

"It's a complete list of all the Laws that the Galaxy Police enforce. It's also self-updating," she said with a huge grin on her face.

Washu groaned, "You do know that he's just starting to learn to read, besides he's too young to even understand what those laws mean."

Mihoshi blinked before saying in surprise, "Oh."

After that Ryoko handed over a box with a rainbow pattern on it. What Harry pulled out of the box after unwrapping it was a multi-faceted gem the size of a grapefruit in a rainbow of colors.

Washu immediately looked at Ryoko, "Where did you get that?"

She sweat dropped, but answered, "I just found it lying around."

"We'll talk about this later," Washu told her with a sigh.

"Thank you Auntie Ryoko," Harry told Ryoko with a confused look. Ryoko frowned when he called her Auntie, it made her feel really old.

The next person to give her a gift was Ryu-Ohki. What she gave Harry was a carrot. Harry smiled when she gave it to him and patted her on the head.

After that came Sasami, "All I have for your Birthday Harry is the cake I made you."

Harry smiled, "That's alright Sasami. Your food is the best!"

Ayeka leaned into Ryoko and whispered, "Why is it he calls us Aunt and her just by her name?"

"I don't know, but it just feels weird," she whispered back.

Washu then turned Harry's head towards her, "I'll give you your present after we get done talking with our guests. Is that alright?" Harry nodded before he turned his head towards Minerva, Poppy, and Hagrid.

Hagrid smiled as he handed Harry a photo album, "Well I brought this for you." When Harry opened it, he saw a lot of pictures of Harry's parents from their time at Hogwarts as well as some from the time after. As Harry was flipping through it Washu was looking at them over his shoulder with a smile.

After Harry got to the end of it Washu looked at the large man with a smile, "Thank you for this. Not only for Harry, but for myself. I have no pictures of my daughter growing up and this means a lot to me."

When she said this, it surprised the three guests. Poppy asked, "What do you mean by daughter?"

Washu looked at her with a raised eyebrow, "Let me guess. That Gandalf wannabe didn't tell you anything did he."

"All Albus told us was that he had found Harry and placed him in a safe place," Minerva answered confused by her reference.

"Then let me tell you the full story. Lilly was adopted, I am her mother. I am also a scientist. When she was born, I was trying to find a way to protect my lab equipment from being damaged by her bouts of accidental magic. Unfortunately, all I was able to shield at the time was a small necklace that would allow me to keep track of her vitals. I knew it would probably take me some years before I could do anything more. So, with a lot of regret and sorrow I took her to her father's home country to put her up for adoption. I had planned to reveal myself to her when I was done, but by that time she had graduated from Hogwarts and got married. I felt like it would've been harmful to her if I did," she sighed as she told them that.

Poppy then asked, "Who was her father and how do you even know about Hogwarts?"

Washu smiled, "All I'll say about Lily's father is he is a Hogwarts alumnus, which I guess answers why I even know about the school."

"Okay, but did Albus know any of this?" Minerva asked her.

"No. When the necklace I sent with her told me her vitals had flatlined I knew something was wrong. I went to her house in England. That's where I found both her and her husband dead and my grandson in his crib begging for his mother to wake up. After that I just bought him back here so that I could raise him with the rest of his family. When the old fool showed up and demanded that I give him Harry, I told him that wasn't going to happen and then banned him from the property," Washu answered her.

Minerva actually smiled. She thought that it was great that someone finally stood up to him, because she thought that he was beginning to get caught up in his so called greater good. She then reached into her handbag and pulled out a book handing it to Harry, "This is a collection of known and obscure Gaelic stories that I put together. I had it published among the muggles, per Lily's suggestion. This is actually the first copy of the first printing."

Harry looked at the book with a bit of awe and confusion, while Washu asked her, "Why would she tell you to do something like that?"

"Lily found out that I was trying to put this together in her second year. After I told her why I was doing it she told me that it would be better to publish it with the muggles, because they would appreciate this accumulation of stories more than those in the Magical society. I was planning on giving this copy to her when I got it, but due to a lot of delays and other things I wasn't able to get it until recently. I figured that since I wouldn't be able to give it to her, I would give it to Harry instead," she told as a small tear slid down her cheek.

"I'm sure that my daughter would be very grateful for this, just as much as I think Harry will in a few years when he's more able to understand its significance," Washu told her with a smile.

After that everyone turned to Poppy who gave them a slight chuckle, "Unfortunately I didn't bring a gift with me, but I think I can do something." She then pulled out her wand and after a few overly complicated gestures she created a teddy bear with a nurse's cap on its head. Harry had a huge smile on his head as she handed it to him.

Washu then got up while moving Harry to sit in the chair they had been sharing. She smiled at him she reached behind her back before pulling out a large white egg with black splotches on it and handing it to him.

When he took it, it began to crack. In a few seconds what came out of the egg was a cabbit. Though it was not colored the same as Ryu-Ohki. In fact, it looked like it was a negative of her (where Ryu-Ohki was black this one was white). Harry immediately hugged it causing it to meow softly.

Ryoko turned to her mother, "You didn't!"

"No, I didn't. She was made using the same process as Ryu-Ohki, but not the same materials. In fact, you might call her something like his sister," she told her in response.

Hagrid looked between the creature that Harry was holding and the one that had given him the carrot, "What are those creatures?"

"They're known as cabbits. They were created by combining rabbits, cats, and something else," Washu told him.

"Are you a Magical Breeder?" he asked her in curiosity.

Washu shook her head, "No. I never even knew about Magic until just before I married my husband."

"Would you be able to tell us who he was?" Minerva enquired.

"Not right now. I don't really know who you three are. Until I get to know you better maybe, but he is a really courageous man," Washu told her.

"Sounds like he may have been in Gryffindor," she somewhat asked trying to figure it out. All Washu did was shrug in response.

"Well, enough with interrogating her. I think it's time that I gave Harry a checkup." Poppy said as she got up and moved to stand in front of Harry.

"What would your checkup involve?" Ayeka asked wondering what a Magical checkup was.

"It's actually simple really. I am just going to cast some general diagnostic spells. They'll show me his heart rate, blood pressure, nutrition intake, any recent injuries, and the current size of his Magical capacity," Poppy answered as she started to cast the spells on Harry. As she was taking in the information she nodded with a smile until she got to the current level of his magical capacity.

"Oh my, that's actually quite unusual," she said while blinking in surprise.

"What's unusual?" asked Washu in concern.

"Well, it's just that his Magical capacity is actually larger than I would expect to see for someone his age. Other than that, everything else is exactly what one would see in a child Harry's age," Poppy told her as she sat back down.

Washu sighed mentally, 'At least he's normal for age except for his Magical capacity. He most likely got that from Godric.'

After that the family along with their guests ate lunch followed by a large mint chocolate cake that Sasami had made.


As Minerva, Poppy, and Hagrid were leaving, Washu continued to watch them. Hagrid in particular.

Harry came up to her and asked with an incredibly sad looking face, "Where's Hedwig?"

Washu looked at him, "Who's Hedwig?"

"She's my sister," he told her with tears starting to form in his eyes.

Washu immediately looked at the three-leaving people realizing who Harry was talking about. She knew that with just their clothing that Minerva and Poppy could not have taken Hedwig. As she looked at Hagrid, she saw that he was holding one of his hands against his side and that his coat was moving in that spot. She immediately teleported in front of him with one hand on her hip and the other held out towards him, "Hand over Hedwig."

Hagrid blinked at her, "Who's Hedwig?"

"The cabbit that I gave Harry for his birthday. He considers her his sister and you stole her from him," she replied while having one of her hidden drones take a complete scan of the man's Magical signature.

Hagrid then stood up straighter, "I have no idea what you're talking about." At that moment there was a loud meow from under his hand inside his coat.

Washu narrowed her eyes, "GIVE HER BACK, NOW!"

Hagrid reached into his coat, pulled out the white cabbit, and handed it over to her. Though he did try to resist the urge to do so he could not stop himself.

After being giving Hedwig, she looked at him, "You can leave now and never come back." When she said that Hagrid disappeared from the property.

Minerva and Poppy had watched the whole exchange with troubled looks on their faces. When Hagrid disappeared Minerva stepped forward, "I'm so sorry for that. He has a penchant for trying to get his hands on the most unusual of creatures. Though I never thought that he would steal one from someone else. Is there any way we can make it up to you and Harry?"

Washu sighed while handing Hedwig back to Harry, "You have nothing to apologize for Minerva. It was all that big oaf's fault. There's also the fact that he may not have been trying to do it for himself."

"What do you mean?" Poppy asked confused.

"The old fool who told you where we are probably sent him with some sort of plan. I mean I did make it so that he would never be able to set foot on this property ever again. He most likely wanted to get more information so that he could take Harry away from us," Washu told them with a frown.

The two women looked at each other, before Minerva spoke, "What makes you think he didn't want us to do the same?"

"I've been around for quite some time. I know how to read people and you two gave off the vibes of someone who was being honest. That man on the other hand was holding back about something," she told her while rolling her eyes.

"I'm glad that you can trust us and in return I would be more than willing to be Harry's personal healer," Poppy replied with a smile.

"That would be great. I can keep him healthy as a muggle, but I have no knowledge of what it takes for someone of a Magical nature," Washu told her while sticking out her hand which Poppy shook.

"I would be more than pleased if you would be willing to let me visit as well. Though that is completely up to you," Minerva said.

"That would be nice. I think my grandson could use that. It would allow him to learn more about your society. Plus, if you can think of anyone who you could trust. Then you are more than welcome to bring them along next time," Washu told her while thinking, 'If they can find someone with children Harry's age it would allow him to at least grow up somewhat normal.'

"Thank you and we'll take into consideration anyone we might bring with us," Minerva replied. The two women then stepped out of the barrier around the Misaki property and disappeared with twin cracks.

Washu then turned to Harry, "So, where did you get Hedwig's name?"

Harry looked up at her and the cabbit in his arms gave a soft meow, "She told me." Washu blinked before she snorted in laughter.


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